Cocovit Coconut Oil and Orange + Basil Lip Balm

I get really excited about high quality single ingredient products. After all, my true entrée into natural skin care was a deep dive into single ingredients with super active profiles like rosehip seed oil (nature’s Retinol!) and tamanu. Coconut oil is such an obvious winner when it comes to single ingredients that pack a punch and do seemingly everything, but not all coconut oils are created equal. As with everything in our diet and skin care routine, the results you get depend entirely on the quality of the ingredient. Cocovit offers the most premium coconut oil I’ve ever tried, and […]

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Patchy, Dry Skin? Try A Little Exfoliation.

Do you exfoliate regularly? People often tell me their skin is dry, and no doubt it can be hard to keep certain complexions hydrated, but my first follow-up question is always, “are you exfoliating?” Here’s the thing—dry skin is often accompanied by visibly clogged pores and a buildup of dead skin cells that aren’t being properly sloughed off. This can prevent your moisturizer and other treatments from absorbing properly. If you feel like you just can’t slake your skin’s thirst for moisture, and it’s accompanied by dry patches and rough, uneven skin texture, consider exfoliating more regularly—that goes for your face and body. If […]

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UPDATED WITH WINNERS: Get Glam for the Holidays with a GIVEAWAY from W3LL PEOPLE!

The holidays are on their way, friends! And with them comes the busy season, right? Busy with family, busy with events, busy with no time to figure out the best way to pump up your holiday makeup look before all those parties and outings that end up on your schedule. Never fear! W3LL PEOPLE is here to rescue you with an incredible giveaway: three of their Fall/Winter Natural Beauty Essentials Kit and brand new cosmetic bag! Healthy, natural, flawless skin is always in style, but no more so than right now–it’s ALL W3LL PEOPLE saw on the runways this fall. So […]

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Masks That Add Moisture? Try Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery!

  We got the following question from a reader named Carly and just had to weigh in… I’m wondering if you have some recommendations for face masks that emphasize adding moisture to the skin. I find that most of the lovely green masks on the market focus on detoxing (which I love), but I’m hoping to beat the dryness associated with the upcoming change in seasons. I would so appreciate any of your suggestions. Why yes, Carly, we do! Masks are often pegged as the kind of treatment you turn to when blemishes erupt or skin gets congested—and oh boy do […]

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Tata Harper’s New Honey Blossom Mask + Birthday Bash

  The Resurfacing Mask is one of my favorite Tata Harper products, so I always look forward to the limited edition versions. They often feature delicious, local and seasonal ingredients like apricot or plum that bring even more juicy goodness to the original formula. The new Limited Edition Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask has just been released, and this is my favorite one to date. To say we love honey around NMDL would be an understatement. We worship honey for its humectant, antibacterial and healing properties. A little background on the Resurfacing Mask for the uninitiated… this is a gentle beta-hydroxy mask […]

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