Soft Skin Starts With a Good Scrub

Whether it’s dry brushing, throwing on some Clean Dirt, or mixing up my own salt scrub, I crave that brisk stimulating feeling you get during a good scrub and the silky smooth skin that emerges after clearing away rough patches of dead skin cells. I’m one to exfoliate in some fashion every single day. My skin can handle it, and it just feels so good. Recently, I’ve made a few new friends in the name of good exfoliation, and I’ve just gotta share. Don’t know about you, but the number of times I’ve tried a new scrub only to be disappointed by the […]

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Ingredient Love: Mango Butter

As a dry-skinned gal by nature, I love body butters.  Sometimes DIY is the way to go since I’m sensitive and picky about scent.  I usually work with shea, which I still love, but picked up some mango butter a while ago on a whim.  And that turned out to be a fabulous idea. Don’t dismay if you aren’t into DIY.  You can use mango butter straight, and it’s pretty easy to find a jar online or in your local spot for healthy skin products.  The butter comes from the seed of the mango, and seems to vary in consistency, […]

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Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Two Ways

You’ve seen it pop up in some of your favorite serums and treatments — and with good reason. Sea buckthorn oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids. I burned through a small bottle of sea buckthorn oil this past winter, adding a few drops to other serums and oil blends. It’s a lovely orange and viscous oil with a musky smell, and it brightened my skin tone considerably. There are two distinct types of oils that come from sea buckthorn—the seed oil and the berry oil. This summer, I’m trying out sea buckthorn berry oil. Both the oils can […]

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New Products From One Love Organics!

Remember when we told you that One Love Organics was in the process of getting their organic certification from ECOCERT and launching new products? It seemed like we’d have to wait forever for their new goodies when we brought that story to you back in November, but here were are—finally—with some gorgeous new One Love Organics products, just in time for summer. The new babes on the block include the Vitamin C Body Polish, the Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum and the Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion. I’m calling this new lineup the ultimate summer skin trio. It’s […]

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Alternative Deodorants That Make You Smell Incredible

  A strange thing happened a few years ago when I stopped using deodorant for the most part. I stopped sweating as much. I didn’t make a conscious choice to ditch deodorant, but when I started detoxing my personal care routine and experimenting with truly non-toxic deodorants, I discovered that nearly all of them come in a little pot rather than a stick and require finger application. A handful of these are really good, like review-worthy good, but for whatever reason that itsy bitsy lack of convenience just pushed me away from the practice of using deodorant on a daily […]

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