New From Kahina Giving Beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty (a house favorite around NMDL) was one of the first brands to bring a level of sophistication and luxury to green beauty, and over the years they’ve continued to innovate and add to their beautiful collection of botanical based products. Kahina recently launched two new products that you must know about—the Beldi Soap and the Essaouira Perfume Oil. Both are a total delight to the senses, and they bring something entirely new to the clean beauty landscape. Rooted in Moroccan bathing rituals, the Beldi Soap is a gel-like cleanser made from saponified olive oil and eucalyptus oil. Here’s what […]

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Obsessed: de Mamiel Altitude Oil

  I have this thing with essential oil blends. I want them all. I want to smell every single iteration and combination of botanical aromatics out there. It’s an obsession, a passion—and for good reason. Aromatherapy does more to shift my mood, mindset and physical wellbeing than almost anything I know, and it does it in a few heartbeats. Not many treatments can boast such instantaneous results. There’s a reason that aromatherapy affects us so quickly, and it ain’t hocus pocus. When inhaled, essential oil molecules are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs, and by the olfactory nerves […]

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5 Things To Love About Rose Geranium Oil

Rose geranium oil is one of the most pleasing and useful essential oils on record—according to moi—but I think you’ll agree when you experience it, too. It has a cooling and uplifting scent that typically evokes a rosy, slightly citrus vibe, often with a faint mint undertone. It’s sweet, floral and a little herbaceous. Rose geranium has a truly feminine scent—rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe was a fan—and it has properties that make it specifically helpful for women. There are many varieties of geranium oil, but rose geranium the most floral and feminine. Even though it does wonders for a perfume […]

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Alternative Deodorants That Make You Smell Incredible

  A strange thing happened a few years ago when I stopped using deodorant for the most part. I stopped sweating as much. I didn’t make a conscious choice to ditch deodorant, but when I started detoxing my personal care routine and experimenting with truly non-toxic deodorants, I discovered that nearly all of them come in a little pot rather than a stick and require finger application. A handful of these are really good, like review-worthy good, but for whatever reason that itsy bitsy lack of convenience just pushed me away from the practice of using deodorant on a daily […]

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How to Make a DIY Skin-Firming Body Oil

While I can’t claim to be in the mature skin club (yet), I have noticed a difference in my skin’s elasticity in the last year or two. I know some of it has to do with my transition from teaching dance to a slower, more stretching and soothing focused yoga regime, but I also think that getting older has something to do with it. Since I began noticing a little slack on my upper thighs and underarms, I’ve been employing some extra self-care techniques, such as dry brushing and a more routine body oil application (plant-based oils are killer at […]

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