Healthy Fats For Healthy Skin

January is back—that time when good intentions for the New Year are at the forefront of our minds. Eat less sugar and processed foods, get more exercise, drink more water—you know the drill. While I want all of those things for myself, it’s something I’m typically working on year round, so I decided to think about my 2016 health goals a little differently during this ceremonious time. Avocados were pretty sexy in 2015 (how much avocado toast did you eat?) and I’m going to carry them with me into the New Year as part of my larger healthy fats initiative. […]

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Product Review: Prescribe 20 from Prescribe Nutrition

Being entirely gluten free, mostly dairy free and mostly sugar free (including alcohol and fruit) usually makes me feel pretty confident in my eating healthy capabilities. Eliminating those food categories practically eliminates my entire ability to make unhealthy choices… right? Maybe. Sometimes. While I have necessary dietary restrictions due to allergies, an auto-immune disease and sensitivities, what I don’t always have is the energy or willpower to continually create new, exciting, healthy meals. I get routinely stuck in a rut and end up eating burrito bowls and tortilla chips every day. And then I get down on myself for being required to […]

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Holy Basil! The Stress Busting Power of Tulsi Tea

Have you ever looked up from your life and wondered at your own resilience? Do you associate certain self-care habits with your ability to thrive in this modern life? This past year was one of the most personally challenging I’ve yet experienced. Looking back, I’m astonished that the stress of it just sort of bounced right off of me, and I credit some of my seemingly innocuous daily habits with playing a big role in my resistance to stress and its nasty affects. I’ve been drinking tea made from the tulsi herb for the last year, and I believe this […]

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My Current Meatless Obsession: Sunflower Seeds

Remember our meatless food obsession series? Sunflower seeds never get old, so we brought this one back from the archives. Dietary leanings: I’m an 80-20 omnivore, the 80 being plant-based. Ingredient: Sunflower seeds, gift of the beautiful sunflower! Known health benefits: Chock-full of vitamin E, the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant, these tasty little seeds are extremely anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E moves through the body neutralizing free radicals, which bodes well for health and beauty. They also contain nerve-and-muscle-calming magnesium and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols. In Ayurveda they’re thought to be balancing for all the doshas. Plus they taste really good. My favorite way to […]

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Rose Water: The Skincare Ingredient You Can Eat

It’s no secret — I love rose. I love the way it smells, looks, and tastes — yes, tastes! I was first introduced to rose water in Lebanese and Indian cuisine, mostly in desserts like rice pudding and baklava. Then I started seeing it pop up on menus in more unusual places. A chance encounter with a lemon and rose water spritzer while in L.A. last summer got me excited enough to add it to my own pantry, and I’ve found endless ways to incorporate rose water into my diet since. Rose water is a byproduct of rose oil production. […]

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