Guys! FASHION, which is the best (and just generally super-chic) fashion magazine from Canada, has named us a National Treasure in their November issue!

We’re in great company. The list, as you can see, also includes our beloved Rose-Marie Swift, the ladies of Revolution Organics, and others. We’re over the moon.

Also, and this part is insane: This marks the first time a women’s fashion and beauty magazine has covered No More Dirty Looks. Literally the first. Ever! Don’t get us wrong, we’re super grateful for all the love the book and the site has gotten in TIME, in New York Magazine, on Vogue‘s website and many, many other places. But this is especially meaningful to us. Because it’s a magazine for women, and it’s on our home turf.

Thanks to FASHION and especially their clever, witty and lovely beauty director Lesa Hannah, who we met and fell in love with on the internet (isn’t Twitter amazing?) and look forward to one day meeting in person.

We’re totally drinking champagne tonight.