Most Women Still Feel Ugly Without Makeup—Do You?

*We first asked this question a few years ago, and we’re curious how things have evolved—especially given the no-makeup look that seems to be all the rage on runways recently. Here’s the throwback post for this week… chime in! It’s been well over a year ago now since we held the No-Makeup Challenge, and got these inspiring results from readers who dared to go barefaced in public and snap a pic for us. The point of the challenge was never to get down on makeup—we’re both huge fans of the transformative power of lipsticks, eye liners, concealers and blushes—but to call […]

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Have You Used Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Hair?

*We first published this in the early days of the site, and guess what? We still love ACV as much as ever. How about you? Every time someone new comes over, I wonder if they’ll be alarmed by the magnum of apple cider vinegar that sits next to my tub. The salad-dressing staple, most of us know, is amazing for use on our hair, in part because its pH is similar to that of most conditioners—making it an easy nontoxic way to get smooth strands without forking over the big bucks for a fancy conditioner. (Not that I don’t love […]

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Get Happier: Wish for Five Nice Things

*This post first appeared back in 2012, and we brought it back because it’s a fun way to start the week! The other night over dinner with friends, I invented a new game. As we tore into our appetizers of fennel salad, roasted cauliflower and Cabernet (yes, wine counts), we played a round of something I’ll call Wish for Five Nice Things. Our friends are good sports, and they know me well enough to just roll with this kind of cheesy forced-participation dinnertime activity when inspiration strikes. The three of us have played Say Five Nice Things together several times […]

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Warm Your Body With A Turmeric Tonic

Just as the cold air drifted in this past weekend, turmeric popped into my mind. Turmeric is a warming spice that I associate with fall weather and a soothed belly. It’s part of the ginger family and good for digestion. Personal question: are you fighting a pumpkin spiced latte habit or know someone who is? I’ve got a nice substitute that will beat the pang for a PSL while introducing more turmeric into your life. Plus it costs a lot less than the Starbucks superstar. You probably have a lot of the ingredients already. But first, let me give you some […]

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I’m An Eye Serum Convert

  Years ago, I thought I didn’t need or want a specific product for my eyes.  I just used whichever face product I liked (I’m so sensitive I’d rarely put anything on my face that couldn’t be near my eyes). I admit I still am not an eye cream fan, but a nice light serum can be very pleasant and helpful. When people talk eye products, they often want something that alleviates dark circles. I want to say right up front that I personally have never experienced any product that helped in that area. The only thing that ever helped with my […]

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