It’s September. Are Your Beauty Habits in Flux, Too?

It’s September and the seasonal shift is upon us in the Mid-Atlantic. Crisp sunny mornings and pleasantly warm afternoons with unusually blue skies—I die for this weather. Yet as I try to stay in the moment and savor this transition, my body and mind are instinctively having one of those oh god winter is coming and the Almanac says it’s gonna be bad freak-outs. In response, I’m doing some simple things that are pleasing to my senses and will help me be more resilient and healthy overall. Here’s what I’ve noticed is changing… 1. I am putting more and more […]

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Holy Basil! The Stress Busting Power of Tulsi Tea

Have you ever looked up from your life and wondered at your own resilience? Do you associate certain self-care habits with your ability to thrive in this modern life? This past year was one of the most personally challenging I’ve yet experienced. Looking back, I’m astonished that the stress of it just sort of bounced right off of me, and I credit some of my seemingly innocuous daily habits with playing a big role in my resistance to stress and its nasty affects. I’ve been drinking tea made from the tulsi herb for the last year, and I believe this […]

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Help! A Reader’s Healing Journey Post-Miscarriage

One of our readers is looking to hear from the NMDL community on a health and skincare issue related to her recent miscarriage. Our hearts go out to Jennifer, and we are especially touched that she feels this community is supportive and loving enough to put herself out there in this vulnerable way. These are issues that don’t get talked about a lot, and we are always striving to create a safe space for such discussion. Here’s what Jennifer has to say… “You ladies have come through for me in the past in a major way, so I thought I’d […]

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5 Things To Love About Rose Geranium Oil

Rose geranium oil is one of the most pleasing and useful essential oils on record—according to moi—but I think you’ll agree when you experience it, too. It has a cooling and uplifting scent that typically evokes a rosy, slightly citrus vibe, often with a faint mint undertone. It’s sweet, floral and a little herbaceous. Rose geranium has a truly feminine scent—rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe was a fan—and it has properties that make it specifically helpful for women. There are many varieties of geranium oil, but rose geranium the most floral and feminine. Even though it does wonders for a perfume […]

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Happy Friday Deal from Lotus Wei!

Happy very exciting Friday, everyone! It’s Lotus Wei’s day, and they have some new goodies. Longtime readers of the site—and certainly anyone who knows me personally—knows I’m a flower essence junkie. I have mists on my desk at the office. I carry perfume and elixirs in my handbag at all times. Next to the bed there’s always a spray and an oil. I’ve often said that the world would be a better place if we all took Infinite Love every day, and I’m even concocting a scheme to sneak Joy Juice drops into people’s drinking water at my wedding in […]

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