How to Drink a Watermelon (and Why You Should)

  Summer is almost over, and I might be panicking just a tiny bit about that. To keep summer going strong, I’ve latched on to that summertime classic—watermelon. Here’s the thing about watermelon, though—I’m the only person who eats it at home, so I’m normally only half way through a melon before it starts to go all mushy and sour. A few weeks ago I decided if I can’t eat, I can drink it, and my new juice obsession was born. Now I’m buying watermelon expressly for the juice, and I’m sharing it with anyone who will have a glass. […]

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What to Look For In A Natural Bug Repellant + Zoe Organics Insect Repellent Review

While sunscreen might be the most sought-after summer skincare, those of us with sensitive skin (or with kiddos whose sensitive skin we’re taking care of!) can’t forget about bug repellant. Most bug sprays sold have all sorts of petroluem-based ingredients and irritants that we should definitely avoid, because those potentially hazardous ingredients have a way of making themselves at home by getting absorbed into our bloodstream. Deet (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide, which you’ve probably heard of, is a good example of this: It’s very harmful, especially for small children—neurological damage, and severe seizures have been reported as side effects of using the blend improperly, […]

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5 Mix-Ins for Dry Face Masks

One of my favorite things about a dry, powdered face mask is its endless potential. While the extra step of blending in a bit of water might turn some people off, to me the blending process is an invitation to explore the possibilities and address different skincare issues that come up throughout the year. Plus, it’s really satisfying—like a miniature cooking session with none of the time or mess involved. With a handful of ingredients you likely have in stock already, you can customize a single face mask and effectively transform it into 4 or 5 different masks. Since many […]

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DIY Herbal Breath Spray

Fresh breath is addictive, especially when the path there involves the taste of real mint. I grew up watching these gum commercials that would try to make you imagine the cool sensation of their minty gum through the television. I chewed those gums on the regular. Now I believe—much like I do with fragrance—that authentic natural flavor is better in quality and experience. Once I began using breath spray made with real peppermint oil and little else, it became hard to consider old school gum very effective anymore. An herbal breath spray made with real distilled mint is such an intense mouth […]

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5 Things Honey Can Do For Your Skin

  Have we talked about honey lately? As one of my top 5 favorite ingredients for skin, it’s one of those rare birds with seemingly endless applications. Honey is one of the most gentle things you can put on your face, yet it’s potent as all get-out. From young, oily and acne-ridden complexions to the dry, maturing types—honey has something for everyone, and you can use it with confidence on the most delicate or troubled skin. 5 Things Honey Can Do For Your Skin 1.  Honey brightens and tones. It’s rich in enzymes that provide mild exfoliation and clear the pores, giving you smooth skin […]

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