Say good morning to Jenny from New Mexico! You’ll love her routine for the great variety of clean and green goodies, and the scenery is standout, too. We love the way this very feminine routine ends. Hint: there’s a little zoo at the end of the rainbow. Read on!

Name: Jenny

Age: 28

City: Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Weather: Perfect days and cool nights.  The cottonwood trees are starting to change so it finally feels like fall.

Hair: Medium length, honey brown.

Skin: Pretty oily and prone to breakouts if I don’t take good care of it.

Star: Olivia de Haviland

My mornings start at about 7:00am when the sun starts to come up and the dogs decide it’s time we all get up.  The night before I have already showered with Alaffia Shea & Honey Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner and used Alaffia Liquid African Black Soap on my body.  I comb through my hair and style with hot rollers then Schmidt’s Deodorant in lavender and sage is next.

For my skincare, I wash my face with Wedderspoon Manuka honey.  Ever since I started using this in combination with my other products I never get breakouts. I like to leave the honey on as a morning mask while I brush my teeth with Tom’s Sea Fresh Toothpaste and floss.  Next I wash the honey off and spray May Lindstrom’s Jasmine Garden mist all over my face.  While my face is still damp I take one pump of Osmia Organics Luz Brightening Face Serum.  While I haven’t been using this serum long enough to tell whether it actually brightens, I love the way it wears under makeup and the smell is something I look forward to every morning.  I alternate that with May Lindstrom’s The Youth Dew, especially on a day when I feel like I may be breaking out.  When I’m done with my skincare routine I remove my hot rollers and spray my hair with Alba Botanica medium hold hairspray to hold my loose curls all day.

I follow with Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Crème Foundation in Cool No. 10.  It has a SPF of 28 so it also doubles as a sunscreen and the ingredients read like skincare.  Next I cover up any dark circles with RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up in shade 00 and dust some of Kari Gran’s Mineral Powder in shade 7 to set my face makeup.  I apply Tata Harper’s Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Charming to my lips and cheeks.  This is the perfect natural and fresh pink color for my cool, fair toned skin.  On top of the cheek tint I layer Kari Gran’s Mineral Blush which helps set the cheek color for the day.  Finally, I apply Kari Gran’s Eyeshadow, Honeybee Gardens’ eye liner in Belgian chocolate and Honeybee Garden’s Mascara in black magic.

Before putting my clothes on for the day I take the time to use Udder Delight’s Goat Milk Lotion in Apple Blossom.  This is a local New Mexico company which has lots of beautiful smelling products. Then it’s time to feed our zoo of cats, horses and dogs and head out the door to make it to work on time feeling fresh and ready to go!

Cottonwoods and horses. Love that Western vibe. What do you have in common with Jenny’s routine?

If this morning routine looks really professional, that’s because it’s written by another clean beauty expert! Terri is co-founder of Integrity Botanicals. We’re bringing you a special Friday Deal this week from Integrity Botanicals, so we thought you’d like to know a little bit about Terri and her sweet family.

Name:Terri Hall

Age: 34

City: The Woodlands (just outside of Houston), Texas

Current Weather: Warm and humid; just starting to get a little chilly in the   morning.

Skin: Fair, dry and sensitive; starting to show fine lines and sun damage.

Hair: Blonde, naturally wavy, dry, long and fine but a lot of it!

Favorite Star From the Past: Madonna, I own every CD and have been inspired by the evolution of her personal style.

So there I was lounging on a pristine white sand beach, listening to gentle waves lap against the shore when I get kneed right in the stomach. The tropics fade away, replaced by our two-year-old son, Jackson, jumping up and down on our bed (and me!) screaming. As I rub my eyes, the first rays of sunlight stream into our bedroom. Another day begins at the Hall residence. After cuddling for a few minutes with the little guy, I make myself a cup of chai tea latte. I love this warm in the colder months and cold in the warmer months. It gives me just the right amount of caffeine to get going without being wired. While my husband makes our son breakfast, I start to prep myself for the day in the bathroom. I mix May Lindstom The Clean Dirt with 4-5 pumps of African Botanics Marula Cleansing Oil and apply to my face using circular motions to gently exfoliate. The Clean Dirt doesn’t foam like it does with water. The combination of May’s dry spices and vanilla scent of the African Botanics oil is so relaxing and the smell is divine! (I do this every other day. The other days, I only use the Cleansing Oil.) I then let the product sit and do its work on my skin while I brush my teeth with Theodent Classic Whitening Mint Toothpaste. Then I rinse and apply Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator to relieve any tightness.

In the Shower…

I alternate with washing my hair with Rahua Classic Shampoo and Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Shampoo and condition lately with Briogeo Curl Charisma Conditioner. I love this combination for letting my hair air-dry, which has been the norm since having a baby. For my body, I use Soapwalla Organic Body Wash in Citrus Mint (such an invigorating, cheerful scent) and use this in combination with St. John’s Natural Whole Sea Wool Sponge… it helps the body wash lather so well and a little product goes a long way when using the wash with the sponge. 

Outside the Shower…

The first product I prep my face with is Aster + Bay Brightening Toner. Then I follow up with Kahina Brightening Serum. I also use any excess serum on the tops of my hands. While this all soaks in, I moisturize my entire body while my skin is still damp with One Love Organics Neroli Body Serum (another cheerful scent to help me start my day!) I then unravel my towel tied hair and spritz Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner and comb through with my Widu brush.  Next, I apply Aster + Bay Hair Oil with Argan and Ylang Ylang. Then I take a walk to our refrigerator and reach for Aster + Bay Eye Serum and apply this under my eyes. This product is packaged with a rollerball applicator, which I love… and the coolness feels so refreshing on tired eyes. Then I get dressed while the eye serum absorbs (it’s very fast absorbing and doesn’t leave any greasy after feel).

Back to the bathroom sink! I apply Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream, which I also love and it seems to help reduce puffiness and the fine lines around my eyes. It also doesn’t irritate my sensitive eye area. (I have a problem with my eyes tearing from some products.) Then I rub MUN No. 1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum on my face and neck and rub any excess oil into the tops of my hands again.

Back to hair… I comb through my hair and apply Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Cream. These days I don’t have time to blow dry my hair so I just pull it back in a pretty headband and wrap the ends of my hair in a bun to help bring out my naturally curly hair once I let it down. I used to never be able to let my hair air-dry without it looking frizzy or having a funky, ugly wave. The combination of hair products I now use inside and outside of the shower has solved all of this! Finally, I apply Soapwalla Deodorant Cream and wash my hands with Cleanwell Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap in Lavender.


I have been loving and religiously using W3LL People Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick for at least a year now. I apply this under my eyes, sides of my nose and blemishes with the W3LL People Basic Foundation Brush. It gives me medium coverage by evening out my skin tone and helps maintain a dewy look. The brush is also excellent for blending. I use 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow in Champagne, then Antonym Blush in Peach (which is really more of a peachy-pink). I blend and reduce excess shine with 100% Pure Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder. All the other makeup tools I use in my makeup routine are with BdelliumTools – they are vegan and super soft. I’ve had no trouble with hairs breaking off either. I’ve been alternating lately between 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Cream Stick in Naked Pink and Antonym Lipstick Pencil in Koral (a shimmery coral). I love them both – they are wider than a lip pencil. I apply them to outline and fill in my lips. I recently started using W3LL People Bio Brightener Powder as my finishing product which I LOVE! It helps reduce excess shine but also leaves my face with a subtle glow.  Finally, I brush my brows into place with Bdellium Tools Comb/Brow Brush and use W3LL People Bio Extreme Mascara. I love this mascara because it’s buildable. It can be more natural looking or more extreme with how you use the wand. One last touch to lips…I’ve been rotating between Kari Gran Lip Whip in Radiant (best lip treatment for dry, cracked lips btw!) and W3LL People Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in Sparkling Grapefruit. Both pair well over either lip crayon I use.

Can’t forget our little guy…

While I’m doing my makeup routine above, my husband gets our little guy in the tub.  Armed with his trusty natural sea wool sponge and Babo Botanicals Oatmilk-Calendula Shampoo & Wash, Jackson gets a thorough head to toe scrubbing.  We like to use the Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash on his hair. Since it is thick and doesn’t lather, it is really easy to use in his hair and rinses out without getting in his eyes, plus it leaves his hair really soft and smelling great. Immediately out of the tub, he gets a rub down with either the Babo Botanicals Oatmeal-Calendula Lotion or the Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion, both of which smell so delicious that I can hardly resist eating him up!

Next we brush his teeth with Theodent Kids Toothpaste, which tastes like chocolate. Jackson actually likes it so much that he has tried to steal it off the counter to eat it! (By the way, completely safe and non-toxic- SLS free and fluoride free.) Next we work on styling his trademark faux-hawk by first applying Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse to his damp hair. Then we shape it with the blow dryer and finish the look with Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream. Now he’s ready to break all those two-year-old girls hearts at pre-school.

I also want to add that out of the 4 years of testing out products, one product has really stood out for me and I have continued to go back to it. It’s the Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator. I use the AEE at least 1x/ week and let is sit for 45 minutes to work its magic.

So that’s my basic routine. I do tend to rotate in and out a lot of new products as I am evaluating new product lines, but these products are my latest bathroom counter staples.  Thanks so much for letting me share!

Stay tuned for an irresistable Friday Deal and giveaway from Integrity Botanicals!

We love hearing from new moms! This routine comes from a reader in Canada who has this whole clean skincare thing down to an art. She has even managed to get her husband hooked on one of our favorite masks. Impressive!

Name: April 

Age: 27 

City: Peterborough, ON, Canada

Weather: It was cool and overcast over the last week, but summer has graced us with a comeback so I’m scrambling to pull back out some mild weather outfits to get me through these last blessed days of warmth. Looks like I get one more swim in the lake before winter.

Hair: Long, brown/blonde (I’ve been growing out my hair for two years, so it’s naturally ombre. Another few months and there will be no semblance of the blonde I used to be).

Skin: Sensitive with a normal consistency (not terribly dry, not terribly oily).

Star: Emma Watson

I’m currently on maternity, which means my morning skin care regiment has the pleasure of being an all-day event if I want it to. I wake up at 6:00 when my husband gets up to go to work, and make myself a green smoothie (lemon, greens, flax seeds and psyllium husk). I’ve done this every day for the last 3 years, so that is one thing that has stayed consistent. I wash my hair 1 or 2 times a week, when my mom can sit in and watch the baby, so I usually take my hair out of it’s high-bun and fluff it with a little Lulu Organics dry shampoo (I’ve tried making my own dry shampoo a few times, and even opted for straight up baby powder, but nothing comes close to Lulu). I use Lanvalin deodorant every other day (it’s supposed to last 72 hours, but I take my dog out for a good run at least 5x a week so 48 seems to be the limit). I sometimes mix it up with Crawford Street Lemon Deodorant cream which works well for me as well.

For my face, I use May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud with warm water, followed by splashing my skin with cool water. The Honey mud is expensive, but seems to keep my skin moisturized all day. If I’ve seen any flare ups coming the night before, I’m usually wiping off May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver Mask which I dab on the spots to heal overnight. The stuff is incredible (I use it as a mask once a week — even my husband is addicted to it.)  I follow with a spritz of Graydon Face Food Toner which is fresh and light and locks in the Honey mud moisture in really well (Graydon is a local luxe skincare company that I can’t rave enough about. I also use it as soon as I get in from my runs to keep the sweat at bay.) Then I follow with Morning Glory Serum from One Love Organics mixed with a drop or two of Pai Rosehip Seed Oil. I oil cleanse at night with the oil, so it feels good to keep it going in the morning as well. The Morning Glory Serum plumps up my skin and gives it a nice glow, even through my makeup.

I use Suntegrity’s Tinted Sunscreen and follow with Iilia Beauty’s Finishing Powder and another spritz of Graydon Face Food Toner to lock it in. I’m obsessed with the Kjaer Weis Highlighter for my cheeks and nose, along with Eminence Organics Pressed powder bronzer to highlight my cheek bones. I use an eyelash curler (heated with a lighter) and no mascara is necessary. When it comes to makeup, I like to keep it minimal. A swipe of Studio 78’s “Let’s get married” Liquid Lipstick in “Rose” and I’m ready to go for the day.

I’m an avid dry brush user. During my pregnancy I dry brushed every day, followed by Pai’s Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System and can happily vouch that I didn’t get a single stretch mark from my first pregnancy. Now I use Extra Virgin coconut oil daily after brushing.

The rest of my morning is a flurry of feedings, diaper changes and getting my hubby out the door — and to be honest, I rarely leave the house. But this routine is what makes me feel refreshed and alive.

Want to share your morning routine? Send it to us at!

Aileen keeps it real in this routine, and we love that. Who doesn’t need to hit the snooze button sometimes? Once she gets going, though, her morning routine is stacked! Need some makeup recommendations? Aileen has you covered! How about meditation motivation? Ditto.

Name: Aileen
Age: 29
City: Minneapolis, MN
Weather: Autumn, so starting to get cooler and crisper. My favorite season — sweaters, scarves, and Thanksgiving!!
Hair: Chin length, wavy/curly, brown
Skin: VERY acne prone, with hyperpigmentation scars, but normal, not oily
Star: Sandra Bullock. I think she’s just lovely.

I didn’t want to send in my routine for a while because I felt like it was still such a work in progress and changed frequently. I finally feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m really happy with the products and their performance; my skin is finally calming down and I feel more confident about it. So, here goes!

In the morning I wake up to my alarm and hit snooze a couple of times. I am trying to break myself of that habit, but it just feels like the right decision in the morning, even though I’m pretty sure it makes me more groggy. Once I get out of bed, I shower. I wet or wash my hair, depending on how greasy it is. I try to wash it every third day, but sometimes my scalp gets too oily, flaky, and/or itchy. I’m trying out some Chagrin Valley shampoo bars and the One Love Organics Dry Shampoo to hopefully find a solution (any suggestions?). I’m really liking the dry shampoo for the third day hair, but I haven’t found the shampoo bar yet that washes away enough oil to deal with my scalp, but doesn’t dry out my curls. After shampooing or wetting my hair, I massage an ACV solution (1-2 tbsp ACV in ~1/2c of warm water) into my scalp. The ACV also helps a lot with frizz and manageability of my hair. I then use Jessicurl Gelebration Spray, Confident Coils, and Spiralicious as styling products in the shower when my hair is wet, then put my hair up in an old t-shirt to help it dry for about ten minutes while I get ready. The styling products and t-shirt help to enhance my curls and keep frizz down. I don’t heat style or dry my hair because it’s just too much work.

In the shower, I wash my face with Wedderspoon Manuka Honey. Out of the shower, I use a body oil all over on damp skin, my current favorites are Osmia’s Forest Body Oil and Kahina’s Fez Body Oil. Then, I look at my face and thank goodness for Marie Veronique. I use the whole acne line at night, and it has literally transformed my skin from having breakouts almost constantly to only a few occasional spots from hormonal fluctuations. It evens makes a difference overnight — if I see some spots that have started to form during the day, they are reduced or eliminated overnight. To me, this is nothing short of amazing. I’ve had acne since I was about 13, went through 2 rounds of Accutane, and still had cystic acne until a few months ago. Definitely my HG line.

Then, my skin gets some SW Basics toner, Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel, Dr. Alkaitis Eye Cream, and I mix Blissoma A+ Perfecting Lotion and Dr. Alkaitis Treatment Oil and press the mixture into my skin. It goes so well under makeup and keeps my skin happy all day. I top it off with Marie Veronique Everyday Sheer Coverage. I’ve tried lots of tinted face sunscreens, and I always come back to this one. I just love it. I use Soapwalla deodorant and have for a few years — it works really great for me.

While the oils soak into my skin, I take 10-20 minutes and meditate. This is a new thing for me, but I love how calming it is and how it trains my mind to quiet from its constant chatter.

Then, it’s time for makeup! I loooove makeup. I think I’m so attached to it because I’ve had bad skin for so long. I feel pretty when I wear it. I use the Alima Pure Color Balancing Powder in Pistachio to help tone down the redness in my skin, then I use the Haut Cosmetics pink brightener on my under eye circles, then the Haut beige brightener on any spots. I line my eyes with Alima Pure eyeliner pencil and powder eyeliner in Espresso. Lately I’ve been using Alima Pure’s Horizon Collection eye shadows and I love how subtle but brightening they are. I also like using just RMS Eye Cream in Magnetic or Lunar (separately). I also line my lower waterline with the Benecos white eye pencil.

My current foundation love is Haut HDD Cream and Haut Bio-mineral Foundation. I’ve noticed less breakouts since using these two products. They last all day and make my skin look smooth and even-toned, but not overdone, and feel weightless. I also like Kjaer Weis foundation if I want more coverage, but the better my skin behaves, the less I need full coverage. On lower maintenance days, I use Alima Pure foundation, applied in a couple of layers so I get the coverage I want, but my skin still feels like I don’t have any makeup on, or Sappho foundation, which also offers good coverage and feels great.

Then I use an Alima Pure blush or bronzer or an RMS lip2cheek – the color depends on my mood and the time of year, but lately it’s Alima Pure blush in Carnation or bronzer in Maracaibo, or RMS Buruti bronzer or lip2cheek in Smile. I use Alima Pure Sombra contouring powder under my cheekbones and at the top of my forehead. Then, I fill my brows with Alima Pure eyeshadow in Java. I set everything with RMS Unpowder (it’s the best!!) and use RMS Living Luminizer or Alima Pure Lumina as a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes and on top of my cheekbones. Lastly, I spray my face with Heritage Store rosewater — it smells so good and is very refreshing!

I eat oatmeal for breakfast because it’s delicious and fills me up. I gave up coffee for a while because I didn’t like how I got a headache when I drank it too late in the morning, so I’m drinking tea now. I’ll probably go back to coffee in a few weeks, though, honestly… I love coffee.

I know I have kind of a long morning routine, but it’s one of my favorite parts of my day. I find the process of getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed at night to be very relaxing. My husband thinks makeup and such is silly, but he likes things like tools, so I get something, too. Thank you for having this series! I really like to read how other people start their days.


We love how this mom-to-be is caring for herself with a mix of gorgeous clean products and lovely ingredients you can pull straight out of the kitchen cupboard. Anna’s routine is an inspiration for its simplicity, and her thoughtful preparations have us feeling vicarious anticipation for her little one to arrive. So sweet!

Name: Anna

Age: 24

City: Lynchburg, VA

Current Weather: Late summer humidity still hanging in the air.

Skin: Fair and dry.

Hair:  Growing out chemically dyed blonde

Favorite Star From the Past: Not from the past but I love Drew Barrymore’s spirit.

I am well into my third trimester expecting a little girl! Although my routine has been relatively clean prior to the pregnancy this transitional time has challenged my internal and external beauty routines even further. My hope is that my daughter will love herself for who she is inside and out and that starts with my example!

During this pregnancy I’ve tried to simplify my beauty routine and view it from the inside out. I kick start my day with oil pulling and dry brushing. While I’m still oil pulling I pour myself a huge glass of warm lemon water and start fixing breakfast. Our diet is focused on seasonal whole foods that are organically and locally grown. We subscribe to a CSA share that delivers right to our apartment door on a weekly basis and on Saturdays my husband and I walk to the farmers market together to fill in the gaps from our CSA share. I feel beautiful and energized when I am eating right and staying hydrated. My biggest beauty splurge has been a water filter for our city water. (We went with a Berkey.) I try to drink at least a gallon a day starting with warm lemon water. If I start my day this way my whole day feels more organized and purposed. It already seems like a lot but all of this takes 10-15 min tops!

I moisturize my face and growing belly in the morning with whatever oil strikes my fancy (macadamia nut oil is my favorite!) If I am feeling really indulgent I will use Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum on my face and body. What ever oil I have left over on my hands is then distributed to the ends of my hair. My perfume is also Infinite Love by Lotus Wei. I don’t normally use a deodorant but if I am going to be in an extra sweaty situation Soapwalla does the trick! My makeup routine is my favorite clean beauty switch because it is so simple and I still feel like myself after! Three products and two min. and I am done! I use RMS un-coverup in 11 under my eyes and around my nose for redness (I am still in the same pot after about a year and still have more to use! My color is closer to 00 but RMS didn’t carry that shade when I purchased. Even though 11 is a little dark for me it blends really well and it is not a noticeable difference when it is all blended. Can’t wait to repurchase though!) I follow with RMS living luminizer down the center of my face and RMS lipshine in Bloom on my lips and cheeks. I don’t normally use mascara but when I do I like the RMS lengthening mascara.

During the day I carry around Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pastilles and have some stocked away in the diaper bag already! If I had some extra dough I would repurchase Lotus Wei’s Joy Juice Elixir — it is an AWESOME pick me up!

My night routine is much simpler — I only wash my hair once a week with either clay/ACV or egg whites so in the evening I will just hop in the shower or bath with a shower cap and use Dr. Bronners to wash off the day. (My husband likes the Peppermint and I like the Rose and we have the unscented for baby.) I brush in the evening with Toms of Maine Fluoride Free toothpaste but I am not fully satisfied with their ingredient list. Any suggestions for a cleaner toothpaste? I moisturize with a heavy organic shea butter for my face and body (remember I said I have dry skin!) and head towards bed where I mist with Lotus Wei Quiet Mind (which is my husbands favorite scent!).

​Growing out my chemically blonde hair has been a bummer but I have been tinting the length of my hair with black walnut powder from Mountain Rose Herbs to help darken the light blonde with success! I really wanted to avoid any red tones as I have a very light ash brown naturally and the Black Walnut tint has been wonderful.  This is a once a month treatment as the tint fades over time.

I am also planning on incorporating many of the items from my everyday routine into my (prayerfully) natural hospital birth. These items include: coconut oil (for massage, stretching, and for baby), camomile tea with Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops, and Lotus Wei Quiet mind spray.

Thanks for reading and for the great community here at NMDL! I am always learning and inspired by each one of you.

Thank you for sharing Anna! Wishing you and your new bundle health and happiness!