We love how this mom-to-be is caring for herself with a mix of gorgeous clean products and lovely ingredients you can pull straight out of the kitchen cupboard. Anna’s routine is an inspiration for its simplicity, and her thoughtful preparations have us feeling vicarious anticipation for her little one to arrive. So sweet!

Name: Anna

Age: 24

City: Lynchburg, VA

Current Weather: Late summer humidity still hanging in the air.

Skin: Fair and dry.

Hair:  Growing out chemically dyed blonde

Favorite Star From the Past: Not from the past but I love Drew Barrymore’s spirit.

I am well into my third trimester expecting a little girl! Although my routine has been relatively clean prior to the pregnancy this transitional time has challenged my internal and external beauty routines even further. My hope is that my daughter will love herself for who she is inside and out and that starts with my example!

During this pregnancy I’ve tried to simplify my beauty routine and view it from the inside out. I kick start my day with oil pulling and dry brushing. While I’m still oil pulling I pour myself a huge glass of warm lemon water and start fixing breakfast. Our diet is focused on seasonal whole foods that are organically and locally grown. We subscribe to a CSA share that delivers right to our apartment door on a weekly basis and on Saturdays my husband and I walk to the farmers market together to fill in the gaps from our CSA share. I feel beautiful and energized when I am eating right and staying hydrated. My biggest beauty splurge has been a water filter for our city water. (We went with a Berkey.) I try to drink at least a gallon a day starting with warm lemon water. If I start my day this way my whole day feels more organized and purposed. It already seems like a lot but all of this takes 10-15 min tops!

I moisturize my face and growing belly in the morning with whatever oil strikes my fancy (macadamia nut oil is my favorite!) If I am feeling really indulgent I will use Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum on my face and body. What ever oil I have left over on my hands is then distributed to the ends of my hair. My perfume is also Infinite Love by Lotus Wei. I don’t normally use a deodorant but if I am going to be in an extra sweaty situation Soapwalla does the trick! My makeup routine is my favorite clean beauty switch because it is so simple and I still feel like myself after! Three products and two min. and I am done! I use RMS un-coverup in 11 under my eyes and around my nose for redness (I am still in the same pot after about a year and still have more to use! My color is closer to 00 but RMS didn’t carry that shade when I purchased. Even though 11 is a little dark for me it blends really well and it is not a noticeable difference when it is all blended. Can’t wait to repurchase though!) I follow with RMS living luminizer down the center of my face and RMS lipshine in Bloom on my lips and cheeks. I don’t normally use mascara but when I do I like the RMS lengthening mascara.

During the day I carry around Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pastilles and have some stocked away in the diaper bag already! If I had some extra dough I would repurchase Lotus Wei’s Joy Juice Elixir — it is an AWESOME pick me up!

My night routine is much simpler — I only wash my hair once a week with either clay/ACV or egg whites so in the evening I will just hop in the shower or bath with a shower cap and use Dr. Bronners to wash off the day. (My husband likes the Peppermint and I like the Rose and we have the unscented for baby.) I brush in the evening with Toms of Maine Fluoride Free toothpaste but I am not fully satisfied with their ingredient list. Any suggestions for a cleaner toothpaste? I moisturize with a heavy organic shea butter for my face and body (remember I said I have dry skin!) and head towards bed where I mist with Lotus Wei Quiet Mind (which is my husbands favorite scent!).

​Growing out my chemically blonde hair has been a bummer but I have been tinting the length of my hair with black walnut powder from Mountain Rose Herbs to help darken the light blonde with success! I really wanted to avoid any red tones as I have a very light ash brown naturally and the Black Walnut tint has been wonderful.  This is a once a month treatment as the tint fades over time.

I am also planning on incorporating many of the items from my everyday routine into my (prayerfully) natural hospital birth. These items include: coconut oil (for massage, stretching, and for baby), camomile tea with Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops, and Lotus Wei Quiet mind spray.

Thanks for reading and for the great community here at NMDL! I am always learning and inspired by each one of you.

Thank you for sharing Anna! Wishing you and your new bundle health and happiness!


Today is Pratima’s 75th birthday! This woman is a true pioneer of Ayurvedic beauty. Her eponymous natural skincare line, NYC spa, and book Absolute Beauty are not to be missed. Anyone who appreciates the healing powers of herbs, wholesome botanical ingredients, and soothing self care practices could benefit from a dose of Pratima. In honor of her 75th birthday, we’re celebrating Pratima with this special Morning Routine feature. Enjoy!

Name: Pratima Raichur

Age: 75

City: NYC

Current Weather: We’re at the end of Pitta season heading into Vata, low 70’s a bit cooler and hazy.

Skin: Oily & smooth but now that I am a bit older its more combination

Hair: black and wavy

Favorite Star From the Past: Sophia Loren, she’s timeless. (Note: We love Sophia, too, but featured a photo of the beautiful Pratima instead!)

First thing in the morning upon waking…

I look at my hands, say thanks, and ask that whatever will be done through my hands on this day will only go towards helping and serving whomever comes into my life. I learned this from my mother and I’ve been doing it for 60 years. I finish my morning prayers by sending love to my children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, my entire staff, everyone I have known and have yet to meet. I send my unconditional love. loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

Next step in my morning is to clean all the 5 senses.

Mouth: Rinsing and washing mouth, I use Tates Organic Toothpaste and Healthy Gums powder.

Eyes: Splashing cold water at least 21 times with eyes open, this stimulates the optic nerve.

Nose: Neti pot (with warm water and a pinch of salt) I was recently introduced to this beautiful line from Pursoma, which has a great solution for this, sea spray nasal rinse.

Skin: Cleanse with fresh herbs & massage with oil. I use my Vata herbal cleanser and Vata Essential Oil, Age Delay Serum and Amla Collagen Cream.

Sound: I already cleansed by saying the mantras when I woke up.

Then I have black tea with a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom to awaken me.

Next, I perform breathing exercises. I start with kapalbhati for about 10 minutes. I have additional kriyas that I do. Then I always finish with alternate nostril breathing for about 10 minutes. I do about 5 sun salutations, then walk around my house gently singing my mantras. I walk and chant until I am ready to move on. If I have a really busy day and with not as much morning time, I sit on my favorite chair and do the alternate nostril breathing for 5 minutes, this helps to ground me so my mind remains strong and balanced throughout the day.  I never am hard on myself if the proper time doesn’t allow, I give myself the time I need. A lot of these things can also be performed throughout the day with just a few moments of alone time. Even closing the bathroom door in your office and breathing deeply for a few minutes can make a positive difference.

Then I take a shower and use my Organic Herbal Body Cleanser. After I step out of the shower I massage by entire body with Vata Rejuvenating Body Oil and add additional oils on my neck and décolletage for strength and nourishment. I love Shiva Rose’s Rose Face Oil for this, the smell of rose is so delicious on my pulse points in combination with my stress oil.  Its a lovely natural fragrance.

We’re so lucky now, when I was growing up and at the age to start wearing makeup, there were hardly any natural makeup companies. I actually have DIY makeup recipes that have been passed down to me from my grandmother that create natural pigment from herbs and roots. It has been wonderful to see such beautiful and innovative lines come into the market to give women small tools to help them look their best. I support all of them and am excited how the natural beauty industry has come alive especially in the past few years. My staff brings me different ones to try a lot from ABC Home, one of my favorite stores. Some of the brands I am using now and wear most days are, RMS Un-Coverup, in 44 to conceal. W3ll People Creamy Crimson Universalist and Bronzed Rose, such pretty colors! I love playing up the lips, so I use Ilia Lip Conditioner in Lust for Life and Vapour Bold, their Siren Lipsticks have such great pigment. For the eyes I use RMS mascara and just discovered W3ll People Hypnotist Eye Liner, which is beautiful.

I drink warm water and tea throughout the day to help with digestion, detoxify the body, and keep everything in a state of flow. I have fruits and nuts in afternoon for an energy boost.

For me, the most important beauty ritual is talking to people, listening to them, and trying to make a change in their life. Just knowing that I am still able to help people, the joy I get from that is the most important thing for beauty. A lot of people become very sad and stressed because they are unhappy at work; I am lucky that this is not my situation. I am very fulfilled at work, it gives me energy, which comes from joy. That’s what I am able to offer, I receive the grateful energy from other people and I give it right back. It rejuvenates me. It’s the purpose of my life. Before I know it, the day flies by.

In the evening…

I revisit the 5 senses ritual. First thing, I wash my face, cleanse with herbs, and massage my face with Rejuvenating Essential Oil, then apply my Rejuvenating Pearl Cream. I use organic castor oil almost nightly. It is an amazing eye treatment and really hydrates the eye area. I also apply it to my lashes, it helps them grow and become stronger. I then take my Vata Rejuvenating Body Oil and massage my feet, ears and hands. I also massage my scalp with Brahmi Oil to nourish my hair and calm my mind. Before I go to sleep, I boil some organic milk (about ¼ cup) and strain out the fat which is hard to digest and add ½  tsp of organic ghee (you can also substitute almond milk), and a pinch of cardamom powder. This beauty tonic is great for overall digestion, nourishment of the tissues and cells, helps calm the mind to promote deeper and reparative sleep.

When I get into bed, I take some time massaging the bottom of my feet with herbal oil which I keep next to the side of my bed,  which nurtures all the nerves in the body, gets rid of toxins, improves circulation, and is good for brain cells. This also helps me feel peaceful and sleep much better. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. You can do this with any natural body oil you have at home.

Looking at my hands again, I say thank you and give gratitude. I try and let go of any worries in my mind as it is best not to carry burden with you at nightime. Sleeping is a sacred time for whole body rejuvenation — the more peaceful and calm you are, the better your body can repair itself. This is the most important step in true rejuvenation, take advantage of this precious time and give yourself the gift of self care.

These are all simple rituals that everyone can follow, in the beginning start with what resonates with you most and what your time allows.  As you start to implement and see positive changes both inside and out,  you will actually end up having more time as other pieces in your life start to shift and open.

Happy birthday Pratima, and thank you for your contributions to natural beauty and wellness!

Say hello to Lydia and her lovely routine. Yesterday we talked about self-care rituals, and we see some great examples of that here. Magic herbal elixirs? Yes please!

Name: Lydia

Age: 24

City: Brooklyn, NY

Current Weather: Summer. Weirdly mild and pleasant!

Skin: Fair, sensitive. Way less temperamental since going clean!

Hair: Dark, thick, wavy, growing out a short pixie cut.

Favorite Star From the Past: Isabella Rosselini

I am a dance artist and writer with a wonderful day job supporting artists in New York. Some days I feel like I’ve cracked the artist-survival code and some days I want to hide under the bed. All days I am thankful for having found a non-toxic, gentle, pleasurable self-care routine, thanks in large part to the wonderful ladies of (and contributors to) NMDL!

In The Shower…

I am a dedicated lifelong night shower-er. I like going to bed clean and waking up still clean! I oil-cleanse nightly with No Evil, which is pure olive squalene, aka magic oil. It really sinks in and nourishes without ever feeling greasy. I rub it onto a dry, dirty face, leave it on while in the shower to let it sink in / protect my face from shampoo residue, then wipe it off with a warm washcloth. Getting used to cleansing without surfectants was an adjustment, but I’ve finally learned to trust that oil-cleansed skin is as clean as my skin needs to be! I shampoo about twice a week with Avalon Organics Tea Tree Shampoo and just rinse on the in-between days; this keeps my dry scalp happy and un-flaky. As body wash I use exclusively Dr. Bronners Shikakai soap in lavender. It is just the greatest daily non-drying cleanser I have found and can also be used as hand soap and shampoo in a pinch or while traveling! I love a good multitasker.

Outside the shower…

Night, continued: Every few days I follow up the oil cleansing with Sow Your Wild Oats, a powdered oats/milk cleanser, which dissolves as it gently removes dead skin. Sometimes I mix the powdered cleanser with honey and leave it on for awhile for extra antibacterial/humectant power. About once a week (on a different day) I’ll moisten a powdered charcoal/clay mixture, add one drop of essential oil (lavender or geranium) and rub it onto areas prone to inflammation as a mask (keeping it away from more delicate cheek, nose, temple areas). I moisturize with Nourish & Replenish oil (a blend of olive squalene, grapeseed, rosehips, jojoba, sesame, neem, carrot seed oils) mixed with spritzes of Holy Cow Mineral Mist which is holy basil-infused and full of dissolved minerals which can be absorbed through the skin, so it’s skincare+supplement!

I started working with herbalist Emma Graves (of Brooklyn Herborium) in the winter after experiencing some weird patchy rashy-ness, and all of my face stuff comes from her line Between You and the Moon. The things she makes are simple, carefully sourced, and lovingly handmade, but even more than beautiful products she has passed on invaluable knowledge of body systems, ancient and traditional healing methods, and herbal wisdom; she taught me to use few products (daily cleansing oil, moisturizing oil, and mist + occasional exfoliator and mask) and to be patient and consistent. She also gently broke the news to me that my strict and years-long veganism was not right for my constitution, and after reluctantly adding (ethically sourced) eggs, butter, and full-fat yogurt to my diet and committing to regular acupuncture appointments my health (and rashy-ness) experienced a serious transformation. My mindset about food and lifestyle became much more holistic and my understanding of body / energy systems deepened considerably. I cannot speak highly enough of herbalism and acupuncture for healing!

Back to the fun stuff:

I brush my teeth with Tom’s Botanically Bright toothpaste which is SLS and fluoride free (with all of the conflicting information I’m not sure how to feel about fluoride; does anyone have any knowledge to share?). If I’ve shampooed I’ll run a few drops of the same squalene through my hair and onto my scalp (in lieu of in-shower conditioning), and if I haven’t shampooed I’ll do absolutely nothing to my hair before crawling into bed. My nighttime routine takes about 7-10 minutes, tops.

In the morning, I simply splash my face and hair with water, moisturize again with the oil blend+mist, slick on some Tom’s Long Lasting Wild Lavender Deodorant (the only kind I’ve found that works and doesn’t irritate!), stick some combo of bobby pins into my growing-out hair to de-cockatoo it, and make breakfast. I am very attached to my sliced green apple + oatmeal routine, and make a hot lemon + tumeric + ginger concoction and a cup of green tea to go with it. I eat and sip while reading and listing to NPR.

Nightly, I’ll drink a glass of Red Clover infusion and a glass of Red Raspberry / Nettle infusion, which my boyfriend calls “magic elixirs” — I tend to agree. Delicious and easy-to-absorb minerals!


I am not really a makeup lady… I have very prominent eyes and lips and dark brows and lashes, and have never felt like my face takes makeup particularly well, so I stick with what works for me. Alima Pure Satin Matte Mineral Foundation in Beige 2 applied just on uneven spots with an Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush, combed-up brows, and a sheer layer of Fresh Sugar Balm in Cherry on lips and cheeks is my daily go-to. Occasionally I’ll go with Josie Maran Color Stick in Spice instead, or Alima Pure Mascara in Black, but these days are rare. I’ve never been particularly drawn to “statement” makeup versus makeup used just to feel more polished, but as I’ve moved from early to mid-twenties have started to understand the appeal of blush for looking awake.

Love it, Lydia! Hey NMDL readers, follow Lydia’s lead and send us your Morning Skin and Hair Routine. We want to know how you go about your business. Send to nomoredirtylooks@gmail.com

You may recognize Carol from the NMDL community. Her sweet and positive vibe in the comments section reminds us why we love doing what we do. Carol has some serious green beauty wisdom to share, so grab a cup of herbal tea and settle in for a lovely routine.

Name:  Carol
Age:  49
City:  Indian Wells, CA
Current weather:  Sunny & dry, dry, dry!  Around 110 degrees daily with a/c running 24/7 (summer in the desert!)
Skin: Dry, Aging, Sensitive
Hair: Dry, Wavy/Curly, Shoulder-Length, Color my grey (with as chemical-free color as I can find)
Favorite Star From The Past:  tie between Leslie Caron & Jaclyn Smith during her “Charlie’s Angels” era

How I start each day…

I start each day with equal measures of love & hydration.  The love part is a generous misting of Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist as soon as my eyes open, a big hug from my lovely daughter who runs in to greet me each morning, followed by giving our sweet golden retriever his morning Ark Natural dog treat — he gets SO excited about it (not realizing it’s really to clean his teeth) that it melts my heart, and I make my dear husband a big mug of coffee. The hydration part is brewing 2 cups of Organic India Tulsi Tea.  (I have those big over-sized Fiestaware mugs in assorted cheerful colors to wake up to).  I rotate between their Tulsi Vanilla (my favorite one) or Tulsi Cinnamon Rose or Tulsi Guta Kola and I make sure to let it seep for at least 10 minutes, all of which I learned from the lovely Susannah on NMDL. I also add 5 drops of Lotus Wei Joy Juice Elixer to my morning tea to help with being cheerful.

The hydration continues while I’m waiting for my Tulsi tea to brew, I hold a warm washcloth to my face and then follow with a generous mist of Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic in the rose scent (it’s so fresh, like sticking my face into a bouquet of fresh-cut roses from the garden) and I follow that with several pumps of her ah-mazing Serum which has this luscious ylang-ylang scent. I also hydrate my lips with Kari Gran cinnamon lip whip (shout out to Alexandra for mentioning this on NMDL — that’s how I discovered it).  Back to the love part, I also swish my mouth with Tom’s of Maine natural mouth-wash and follow with a spritz of Lotus Wei Infinite Love perfume on my hair, wrists, and my heart (as Katie from Lotus Wei suggests) so that I smell nice for my family as we are preparing breakfast. While I drink my tea, I sit quietly for 20 minutes or so and read my favorite blogs, starting with NMDL.

After tea is finished, we always make healthy breakfast smoothies — sometimes green smoothies (lots of coconut water, baby spinach, frozen berries) and sometimes tropical (unsweetened coconut milk, fresh pineapple chunks, frozen banana, splash of orange juice). If anyone is being cranky, I keep a bottle of Lotus Wei Joy Juice Mist on the kitchen counter and mist it around to keep us cheerful (neither myself or my daughter are morning folk). I then fill a large glass with half Zico coconut water and half Perrier water. I find the straight coconut water a little hard to take, but I also desperately need the hydration while I exercise and feel so much better sipping coconut water throughout the day here in the desert. I add 5 more drops of Joy Juice Elixer to my water glass and walk for 30 minutes on my treadmill. I like to mist my face again with my Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic just before I step on the treadmill, it feels so refreshing.

In the Shower…

Right before I step in, I roll Tata Harper Automatic Stress all over my hands and do 8-10 slow deep breaths. The amazing combo of scents really calms me down. Then I wash my hair with Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner — the regular one. I much prefer the scent of their Volumizing shampoo & conditioner, but they make my scalp itch and dry out my hair too much. The regular Rahua combo makes me have perfect hair days so I hang in there with the scent. I know a lot of people love the Palo Santo scent, so I feel badly saying I don’t care for it, but I’m a fruity, floral or citrus gal. For body wash & shaving my legs I use John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla & Blood Orange body wash — it smells so fabulous. I exfoliate with an Osmia coffee & mint soap bar that I keep in the shower on their ingenious little soap saver stand. I step out of the shower and leave my skin dripping wet (as I learned from reading the Osmia blog) and slather my legs & arms with Osmia Body Oil in Sunset. I also wrap my hair up in an old t-shirt so it won’t drip down my back.

Out of the Shower…

For deodorant, I am now using and loving In Love With Body Care deodorant in unscented (I have my husband using their Morocco scent — spearmint) that I discovered thanks to the samples sent to me by the exceedingly kind Terri at Integrity Botanicals. Just upgraded to a full-size tube of it and love it so much more than my former deodorant — Nourish Organic — which worked but was scratchy feeling going on. This deodorant has coconut oil in it, so it is very creamy and feels very gentle on my skin. Love it! I mist my face with my Kari Gran rose mist again, followed by her glorious serum (side note: most normal people don’t have to apply Kari Gran mist & serum several times a day, but my skin is crazy dry with the desert air and a/c going so I do a mid-day hydration too). I brush my teeth with The Honest Company toothpaste in mint — it’s SLS & fluoride-free and the only mint toothpaste that doesn’t sting my tongue when I use it. I floss my teeth with Reach woven soft floss in mint.  Now I unwrap my hair from the t-shirt and scrunch it all over with Rahua hair wax. This is a life-changing product that keeps my dry hair curly and not frizzy and has completely replaced my previous “cocktail” of multiple other products that drove me crazy.


Most days at home, I just opt for 3 things: combing my eyebrows with Jane Iredale clear brow gel, my Kjaer Weiss mascara & Osmia lip gloss in Whisper.  If I’m headed into the California sunshine, I put John Masters Organics SPF 30 sunscreen all over my face & neck and top it off with RMS lip to cheek in Demure on the apples of my cheeks. I’ve read so much praise for the Josh Rosebrook SPF 30 day cream that I’ve gotten some samples and am considering the switch, the skin on my face is very dry and sensitive and the John Masters sunblock works well but tends to dry out my skin even more. I use Hurraw SPF 15 lip balm (love the tangerine/vanilla scent and it goes on clear!) then put my Osmia lip gloss over the top. On my arms & hands I slather on Erbaviva SPF 30 which smells so nice…. light lavender scent.

Throughout the Day…

Every time after washing my hands, I love putting on my Osmia Linden Rose Hand Cream (shout-out to Rebecca on NMDL for recommending) mixed with a few drops of Lotus Wei Infinite Love for a nice boost of rose and positive energy. I also try at least twice a day to take a mini-break by closing my eyes for 2 minutes and letting a Wei of Chocolate dark chocolate melt in my mouth. Heaven.

Bedtime note…

Just wanted to share that the ultimate de-stresser is taking a warm bath with Zoe Organic’s Mama’s Ritual Bath Salts. Even if you aren’t a mom, we all need to find healthy ways to relax and there is something magical in this mix that is so calming I almost pass out in the bathtub — it’s that relaxing. If I don’t have time for a bath, I agree 100% with a post on NMDL a few months ago that Susannah wrote about how the warm cloth & facial oil cleansing ritual (using Kari Gran cleansing oil) is as relaxing as a bath. The combo of the warm cloth and the lavender scent is an ultra-relaxing way to end the day. I also like rolling on Tsi-La Fleur Sauvage and breathing it in right after I finish caring for my face at bedtime. Tata Harper’s Bedtime aromatherapy and a big mug of Organic India Rose tea is a lovely way to end my day.

After writing all this out, I kinda feel like I use a lot of products (high-maintenance?) but I’ve come to learn that little bits of self-care scattered throughout the day culminates in feeling so much better and more calmer about life…

We want to hear from you! Leave comments below and send us your routine. nomoredirtylooks@gmail.com

Haut Cosmetics is a new discovery for some of us at No More Dirty Looks. Did you catch Rebecca’s review of the line last week? How about Susannah’s review of the BB Cream? The founder of Haut is sharing her makeup bag, and it’s full of fun tips.

Name: Joanne Lepp

Age: 39

Where I live: White Rock, BC

“Beauty is the dance of life, which every creature is doing. I am communicating that energy to open up people’s hearts and nature is an important message. What it is saying to me is that we need to be in harmony with the planet and protect it and save it. One of the ways is through beauty. Beauty is nature’s operating instructions. It will tell you exactly how to live your life. It motivates you to make the right choices by seducing you through color and taste and smell to do the right things. We are hardwired to protect what we fall in love with. I feel like that is our job as artists is to help people see things that perhaps we do not see on the surface ”

~Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg

My relationship with makeup: I try to be a little creative every morning. I have found that a subtle pop of color goes a long way as I get older! Doing my makeup on the run is painful. It is my morning meditation and a chance to start the day on a colorful note.


HAUT COSMETICS: Purifying Primer –In the summer I love starting out with this product before applying anything else. It tightens up pores and the Hyaluronic Acid plumps up the skin beautifully. In our BC winter climate I switch to the Coconut Cream.

HAUT COSMETICS: A Fresh Start Brush & Almond BB Cream – I need this product in the morning. It seems to bring skin back to life in the morning. I also love the feeling of a luxury vegan makeup brush on my skin.

HAUT COSMETICS: Brighteners mixed with my new Rasberry Elixir – I love RRSO for its natural SPF of 29-50.  I use the White and Beige Brighteners around my eyes and the Yellow around my nose and mouth.

HAUT COSMETICS: I apply Almond HDD Cream with the Smooth Things Over Brush where extra coverage is needed (sun spots, blemishes etc) followed by a gently pressed application of Almond Bio-foundation to my face and neck.

HAUT COSMETICS: Vintage and Wildflower on eyes –I like to use the Vintage Aloe Cream Tint and Vintage  or Marble Loose Tint together for more intense color and longevity.

SUNCOAT: Sugar Mascara – This mascara is vegan and squeaky-clean! Also, I love and am currently hording three Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers. I warm my curler up with Chi Elite hair dryer (always test it), curl my lashes and follow with a coat of Clear Bio-cocoa Balm or SUNCOAT mascara.

HAUT COSMETICS: Mauve Magic and He’s The One Aloe Cream Tint – On the upper cheeks the Mauve Magic creates a higher, fuller looking cheek bone and then I follow with a little He’s The One right on the apple of my cheeks for color.

HAUT COSMETICS: Illuminating Loose Tint with Work It Out Brushapplied all around the perimeter of my face, blended well, and then anywhere the sun naturally hits my face for a naturally sun-kissed look.

HAUT COSMETICS: Hide Nothing Lip Glossthis gloss goes on smooth with a nice shine.  With my collection of balms and creams I can create any custom color on lips and then make it glossy color if the mood strikes!


HAUT COSMETICS: DHA-Free Caramel Tan – I like to apply this once or twice a week to my face and body for some color.  It also has anti-aging ingredients that give skin a really ‘soft-focus’ glow to go with the healthy color.

Lavanila Laboratories Natural Deodorant—love the light fresh scent but even more that this product actually works.

 HAUT COSMETICS Argan Elixir – If I ever forget this product on a trip I am heartbroken. This multi-purpose oil can be used for everything from a makeup remover to a hair gloss, body oil, makeup cleanser and massage oil. I find the orange citrus scent is a pick-me-up. Sometimes I use this product under my Purifying or Coconut Cream Primer in the morning if I need extra hydration in the Winter time.


ANDALOU Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Cleanser in Mandarin Orange Vanilla (addicted to orange).

HAUT COSMETICS Balancing Mist – I use this rosewater mist to refresh my hair and to smooth it if it is going back in a ponytail. My scalp seems to react to everything these days.

WATUKO HEADGEAR –I love how soft these versatile hair pieces are. They are made of Bamboo, Beechwood and Eucalyptus and can be worn like a bandana and a variety of other ways.

Other Necessities….

PACIFICA Indian Coconut Nectar candle and natural perfume smells so yummy and candles relax me.

JOY OF THE MOUNTAINS Oil Of Oregano + Vitamin A – I like to use a drop or two when I do my morning oil pulling or if I feel a cold coming on.

I carry all my makeup brushes with me and the inner makeup artist tells me I need to carry around some makeup balms and tint shades that I do not normally wear myself so that I am always prepared to do someone’s makeup if I get the chance!