GIVEAWAY: Tata Harper Limited Edition Soothing Apricot Resurfacing Mask

Whether I’m heading to out for an evening with friends or an important business meeting, I inevitably reach for the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask as part of my preparation. This beta-hydroxy mask is like a reset button for my skin, but it is gentle and calming, so I don’t need any down time between removing the mask and walking out the door. It isn’t the least bit messy, so I can wear it while donning nice clothes or styling my hair. The unique... Read More

Product Review: Tata Harper Love Potion

Early last fall Siobhan and I went to an event hosted by Tata Harper. At some point Siobhan turned to Tata and whispered, “Is it true that you’ve developed a love potion?”. My heart skipped a beat and all the other chatter faded away as I learned that come February, my pulse points would revel in a new Tata Harper blend. The creation story behind the Love Potion is quite sweet. As told by Tata that evening in November, the Love Potion was inspired... Read More

Product Review: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask & Limited Edition Wild Plum Resurfacing Mask

I’ve become a true mask enthusiast over the last few years. I love the variations you find in natural skincare and the range of purposes they serve. Most of the masks I use are a blend of clays, spices, and herbs that give me the classic mud-mask look. (Think Osmia or May Lindstrom.) Let’s just say I don’t walk out of the house to get the mail in one of these masks. Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask, which dries to a clear paper-thin finish,... Read More

Tata Harper Hosts an Expert Panel Pow-Wow

We have to hand it to Tata Harper and the wonderful people who work with her. Not only are they putting out an exceptional, clean product, but they’re doing everything they can to raise awareness and further the conversation around chemical exposure. Case in point: Last night Tata hosted an intimate event at the Gold-LEED-certified Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Yes, it was chic and tastefully fabulous, but not a whole lot of time was spent... Read More

In Good Hands: My Facial with Tata Harper

This is not the first time we talk about Tata Harper and her clean line by the same name, nor will it be the last. Last month Siobhan raved about her new favorite cleanser, and this past Friday I got a facial from the lady herself while she was visiting L.A. I’m feeling pretty lucky about it too. Harper (who is seen above making lab glasses look chic) is the picture of an exciting entrepreneur. Sure, it helps that she’s jaw-drop beautiful... Read More

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