Charissa’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We could play in this reader’s makeup bag and skincare collection all day long. So many fantastic choices. Enjoy! Name: Charissa Age: 35 Hometown: Singapore Weather: Summer all year round, very humid and these days, hazy and muggy too… Hair: Naturally straight but permed once a year, black, fine and long Skin:  Combination, with dehydration lines from use of harsh acne treatment in the past, tends toward congestion and dullness but... Read More

Ingrid’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Lucky Ingrid founded one of our favorite kind of businesses… a natural beauty boutique! We love indie shops like hers. Ever wondered what someone with the best products at her fingertips would choose to use? Look no further than this routine. Name: Ingrid Doucet Age: 45 City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Current Weather: Cold, Freezing, Chilly, Cold, etc. Make it stop! Skin: Good when it’s good but very sensitive and reactive. Hair: Fine and... Read More

Michaelle’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… exposed!

We enjoyed this routine so much, especially Michaelle’s alternate universe self. You’ll find so much to love, so read on! Name: Michaelle (pronounced like the guy’s name Michael) Age: 34 City: Whispering Pines, NC Current Weather: Up and down — today high of 36*F with cold wind & rain all day but then the weekend is forecast for sunny and high 60’s. No humidity. Yet. Skin: Pale & cool toned with some sun... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Tata Harper’s Makeup Monday

Take a peek into this simple and elegant makeup collection from a natural beauty all-star, Tata Harper. Her emphasis on glow mirrors the very product line she’s created. We would never judge, but we’re tickled that Tata’s makeup choices are as clean as the ingredients in her own line. Name: Tata Harper Age: 38 Where I Live: Shoreham, Vermont My relationship with makeup: I am a huge beauty lover and always have been, but ironically not... Read More

Gretta’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Name: Gretta Age: 21 City: Glen Rose, Tx Current Weather: Cool, overcast, rain. Our weather is sadly, inconsistent. One day, bone chilling – another, sunny and warm! Skin: Normal, with tendencies to being dry and sensitive. Hair: Long, dark and wavy. Periodically, I color my hair Henna, switching from redder shades to richer, darker colors… Favorite star from the past: Audrey Hepburn First thing… When I’m not dashing out the... Read More

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