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KYPRIS is one of those special brands – the sort that keeps me wondering what will come next. The new offerings, launched this summer, quickly made their way into my daily routine. I’ve gone minimalist recently, rarely wearing makeup and not buying many new products…

 …but the new KYPRIS Cleanser and “Pot of Shade” are not to be resisted.

Cleanser Concentrate: At first try, I thought this would be a winter cleanser for me – its substantial, creamy texture is yummy and will be wonderful in the cold, dry months. But, then I found myself reaching for it every night this summer. A little goes a long way, and it effectively cleans off makeup and sunscreen without drying or leaving me squeaky. I was recommended to try it when I was playing on this site My skin feels like, well, skin! My favorite way to use it is to spritz a bit of hydrosol on my face, scoop a bit of cleanser, massage in, and rinse off. It rinses cleanly and is a perfect one-step cleanse for those like me who grumble at the need for a two-step process. If you love the feel of oil cleansing but struggle with the rinse phase, this is a perfect blend of the oil and gel/liquid cleansing methods. It has a few essential oils, but the scent is very light and doesn’t stick around – critical for us scent-sensitive folks.  I’m on my second jar, and I just ordered a backup.

Heliotropic SPF 30: This broad spectrum protection gets the job done with non-nano zinc oxide, and is one of very few sunblocks that I don’t scramble to wash off immediately after sundown. It feels great on, and leaves skin looking luminous. It won’t bother the rest of your routine – go ahead and wear makeup, or not. There are no essential oils, and virtually no scent at all, so sensitive sorts may feel free to partake. I’ve been into mixing products these last few months, and my top fave combination is Heliotropic mixed with a tiny scoop of Haut Cosmetics Colorless Matte powder. It seems to impart a water-resistant quality as well as a perfect lasts-all-day, fresh and fabulous finish. BAM. For more coverage, I like to mix with my favorite mineral foundation. But this Pot of Shade works as a primer too, so makeup on top is likewise divine.

KYPRIS already had me at 1000 Roses and Moonlight Catalyst, but with these new products, I’m more smitten than ever. What do you love from this brand?

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  1. Silvy says:

    I love the Moonlight Catalyst as well, and now sampling the Antioxidant Dew. Love it all. Heliotropic is right up my ally!!

  2. Naomi says:

    I LOVE the Antioxidant Dew and it is a daily staple. Moonlight Catalyst did not really agree with my skin, but I desperately wanted it to work :(

  3. Martine says:

    I just ordered the Antioxidant Dew for the first time and after all the positive reviews I read I cann’t wait to give it a try!

  4. Chase Polan says:

    @Silvy, Thank you so much for your kind words. I do not know how I missed these comments. I kept checking back but perhaps my browser wasn’t refreshing. I apologize for the delayed response. I am so happy to hear you’re loving the Moonlight Catalyst and hopefully now the Antioxidant Dew. For even more beautiful results, try combining each with a few drops of your favorite Beauty Elixir. <3 Kindly, Chase

  5. Chase Polan says:

    @ Naomi, I am so sorry for the delayed reply.

    I am so happy to hear you’re enjoying our Antioxidant Dew. Let’s talk about the Moonlight Catalyst – Some people – myself included – when I first started using this product anything and everything hiding in my skin came out… with jazz hands. If that is the experience you’re having, as opposed to an irritation, I would encourage you to continue using it consistently. After a few days or weeks depending on your level of congestion, you’ll see much happier, clearer skin.

    If you want more support or information, please reach out to We would love to help you refine your self care rituals. <3 Chase

  6. Chase Polan says:

    @Martine Thank you for your order! I hope you are loving the Antioxidant Dew. As we approach Fall, consider requesting a sample of Beauty Elixir(s) to add a few drops to your routine. You’ll love the extra nourishing glow the combination offers. Thank you again! <3 Chase

  7. Naomi says:

    @Chase Thanks for your response! At the time I tried the Moonlight Catalyst I had some issues I thought would be addressed by this product but I am happy to say that right now my skin is in pretty awesome shape! I think I have found a great routine that works well and your Antioxidant serum is a key part of that. The Moonlight Catalyst did, in fact, cause irritation (I have very “angry” skin that reacts with intensity, unfortunately) but I can tell you that my sister was the grateful beneficiary of my almost full bottle of MC and she enjoys it very much.

  8. Food says:

    This broad spectrum protection gets the job done with non-nano zinc oxide, and is one of very few sunblocks that I don’t scramble to wash off immediately after sundown.

  9. Rose says:

    NMDL NM?

  10. Maria says:

    Where ARE you, NMDL? Come back!

  11. danielle says:

    Where art thou No More Dirty Looks?? Miss the routines, meatless Monday’s and whats in my makeup up bag. You started it all and now your fading away-so sad :(

  12. Jess says:

    Kypris is so innovative!

    But…where are you NMDL? We all need a September fix! :)

  13. Julia says:

    No More Dirty Looks, where art thou???

  14. Julia says:

    No More Dirty Looks, where art thou?

  15. Martine says:

    I’m also wondering where you are NMDL?
    Hope to see you soon!

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