Kathleen’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!


Do you wake up and start your self-care routine right away? Kathleen does, and it sounds pretty attainable even for the sleepiest of beauties. Here’s a fresh morning routine straight outta Brooklyn.

Name: Kathleen

Age: 33

City: Brooklyn

Skin: Dry

Hair: Short, straight and fine

Favorite star from the past: Rell Sun

The first thing I do when I wake up is use a tongue scraper and drink a class of warm water and lemon. I dry brush when I remember and do 20 squats while I wait for the shower to get warm. In the shower I either use baking soda or Avalon Organics Lavender shampoo—I’m not crazy about it but I can’t say I’ve ever had a shampoo that excited me or was worth paying $18 for; it does the trick and I like the subtle lavender scent. I haven’t been using conditioner since I cut my hair short because my fine hair doesn’t need the moisture these days. I adore Lush bar soaps – they smell incredible and are a joy to use all over. If I shave my legs I use Avalon Organics or Whole Foods brand Lavender conditioner because it’s cheaper than shaving cream and doesn’t dry out my skin like shaving with soap does. Every couple days I use Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream to wash my face while in the shower.

Out of the shower, I spritz some Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel on my face and neck and moisturize with either almond oil or another oil – I recently bought some Badger Sea buckthorn Face Oil when I was in Vancouver and it smells divine. When I’m being responsible I use MD Solar Sciences sunscreen lotion but it doesn’t absorb that well in some places so I wouldn’t buy it again. I use Skin Trip Coconut lotion on my body, which I love because the scent reminds me of the beach. For make-up I’m minimal and just use RMS Living Luminzer along my cheekbones and some RMS Lip to Cheek on my cheeks and lips. I either use Weleda Wild Rose deodorant spray or a recent find: LaVanila Laboratories Pure Vanilla, which both work well and smell lovely. For my short hair, I’ll spritz with a homemade sea salt spray while it’s wet and use some Kevin Murphy UnDressed pomade—which I don’t think is clean—but I was sold at the salon when my hairdresser worked her styling magic (that I’ve since been unable to recreate) I let my hair air dry on my commute to work. Lastly, I use either Chanel No. 5 or Tata Harpers’ Aromatic Irritability Treatment for fragrance and my absolute favorite lip gloss ever Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips.

Don’t we all wish we could recreate our hair stylist’s magic on our own? Have you tried any of Kathleen’s favorites? Share in the comments!

4 Responses to “Kathleen’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!”
  1. Lindsay says:

    I love this routine. I have been oogling the Skin Trip at my local whole foods and I think I might have to get it now.

    And I am totally borrowing that idea to do squats waiting for the water to warm up!!

  2. Carrie says:

    Once I started putting vanilla in my homemade deodorant, I stopped smelling B.O. Haven’t tried the LaVanile you mentioned, but even plain Vanilla extract seems to be magical in armpits!

    Also, good for you with the squatting in the morning!

  3. Jessica says:

    I love this! Nice and simple. I totally relate to not enjoying spending $18 for a shampoo. Every time, I try and splurge and get all excited about a new one that I think is going to change my life…then it just doesn’t, and I end up hoping I use it up fast.

  4. beth says:

    I love everything about your routine – simple and minimal but quality! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you chose Rell Sun as your icon. She is the epitome of gorgeousness on the inside and out!

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