Red My Lips (And Yours) With Mahalo

I know you. You like pretty lipstick, and you don’t like rape culture. combats sexual violence and victim-blaming with red lipstick, and one of my newest and greatest green beauty loves, Mahalo Skin Care, brings non-toxic beauty to the battle with this gorg plumping lip color.  It’s refillable, vegan, and comes with a vegan brush.  I like to line my lips with the brush and then tap on more color with a finger.   The color and texture are beautiful, and the scent is very light.  This highly pigmented product will suit a variety of skin tones, and is intense in a good way, with a modern matte finish that lasts.  I’m impressed!

I love what the Mahalo brand stands for, and its products.  Other faves include The Petal mask, Vitality Elixir, and Rare Indigo balm (reviewed here).  The lip tint launched just in time for April (sexual assault awareness month in the US), and though the month is over, the education must continue.

20% of all sale proceeds of the Red My Lips tint, including sales beyond the April campaign, will be donated to
I have many personal feelings about rape culture, and there is one specific thing that I feel is my main duty as a human in this context. As the mom of a teen cis straight white boy, I am a key part of the dismantling-the-patriarchy crew. It is not hard for me to talk about sex or sexual violence in an age-appropriate way, but a few years back (when he was about 11 or 12) I did struggle talking with my son about negotiating consent. Nobody was talking about this when I was coming of age, so I had no useful experience to draw on, and the language I suggested to my son drew reactions such as, “nobody says that, I can’t say that to a girl,” and the like. I’m glad that now consent is as easy as explaining a cup of tea. It’s brilliant – a simple and elegant message about a challenging topic, presented with humor and charm. My son is 15 now, and he agrees with me.  Follow this link to the 3 minute video, and don’t forget to check out all the other super helpful info at

You can share your red-lipped photos on Instagram (tag with #RedMyLips and #ok2share), and @redmylipsorg would love to see them!  I admire the strength and solidarity conveyed in the photos of people of all genders and ages in red lipstick.  It really makes one want to hear more about the message on those lips.

Have you participated in the Red My Lips campaign? Have you tried Mahalo products?  Let us know in the comments.

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