Marci’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!


Sometimes it takes something drastic like the sudden onset of perioral dermatitis to come to grips with what’s actually in our products, but on the bright side that can lead to healthy changes that are super satisfying. Read Marci’s routine to find out more about her journey with PD and how she’s managing it. 

Name: Marci

Age: 38

City: Austin, TX

Hair: Lots of fine, wavy, brunette hair that’s been bleached by the sun on the ends

Favorite Star From the Past: Jane Birkin – what style! and hair!!

I started going green with my beauty routine when I suddenly developed perioral dermatitis at age 31, ugh!!  After several years of frustrating appointments with doctors, steroid creams and antibiotics, I decided to figure it out myself. I have seriously tried almost every green brand of face products out there and have finally found a routine that keeps my PD under control and my skin happy and glowing!

In the Morning…

In order to not irritate and inflame my skin, I just splash cool water on my face in the morning and skip any kind of cleanser.  I then apply a large pea size amount of Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream all over.  I have just recently started adding 2 drops of Osmia’s new product Nectar — and I have to say I am in love.  It helps balance my skin and address the itchy, dry spots the PD causes. It does not seem to irritate the PD at all.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup daily.  Usually I just apply RMS concealer under the eyes, RMS bronzer or blush and Luminizer.  If I am in the mood I will fill in my eyebrows with 100% pure eyebrow wax.  BEST eyebrow product I have found.  It is easy to apply, stays in place and, again, does not irritate the PD.  I use RMS lip shine when I want some color but usually just have on Osmia Lip Doctor.

Mascara…ugh!  I have super straight lashes so have always had to curl them and apply mascara.  I must have weird shaped eyes because if I do not use waterproof mascara it is smudged under my eyes within the hour.  I have tried every, literally, green and non-green brand possible.  I found that DiorShow worked well and had some pretty good luck with Pacifica’s and W3ll People’s.  But…they all really irritated the PD around my eyes.  So I just recently, like a week ago, got eyelash extensions.  I had been hesitant to for a long time but finally decided to try it.  Luckily I had no reaction to the adhesive and it has made a world of difference in the amount of PD visible around my eyes since I no longer need mascara.  Plus, I kinda love the way my eyelashes look!!

In the Shower…

I always shower at night because I get up at 5:00am and there is no way I am getting a shower in at that hour.  I have a rotation of soap bars in the shower: Meow Meow Tweet’s cinnamon coffee or bergamot salt, or any kind from Osmia.  Once or twice a week I will use a salt or sugar scrub — my favorites are also by Meow Meow Tweet and Osmia.  I am a complete devotee to Rahua’s Voluminous shampoo and conditioner.  It keeps my scalp from getting too oily but does not weigh down my mass of fine hair.  I also use Rahua Cream Wax on my wet hair to help keep the waves in place.  I never dry my hair if I can help it.  So I let it air dry and let the waves set — once it is dry I gently toss it to release the wax.  While my body is still wet I apply body oil that I make, which is a combo of jojoba, borage, rose hip, pumpkin seed and whatever essential oils I throw in.  If my skin is feeling particularly dry I will use Osmia body mousse or Organic Bath Co body butter.

At Night…

I wash my face with Osmia’s Black Clay Soap to remove any make-up. Then I apply a raw manuka honey mask.  I leave that on for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes I shower and let it kind of steam into my face and sometimes I just wear it around the house as I am doing other things. After I rinse that off by massaging it with warm water, I apply the same thing I do in the morning — Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream with 2 drops of Nectar.  I apply Osmia honey-myrrh lip repair before bed so my lips are soft and plump when I wake up in the morning!

As you can see I am HUGE Osmia fan.  Sarah Villafranco has an amazing collection of products specifically tailored to angry, perioral dermatitis skin.  She has PD and has a ton of information on the Osmia blog about dealing with it. Thankfully I have finally found a routine that keeps my PD controlled and my skin healthy!!

Boom. Nontoxic products and PD in check? Can’t ask for much more than that. Do you suffer from PD? How do you manage it?

8 Responses to “Marci’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!”
  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, I am suddenly hearing about Osmia everywhere! I am really looking forward to trying their Super 16 serum and now your routine has given me a few more must-tries. I love how simple your routine is, too!

  2. Carrie says:

    This sounds like a great routine; glad your PD is under control! I really should put on my honey mask a bit before the shower and just like it ‘steam in’ . . .luxurious!

  3. Silvy says:

    Love Osmia! And the simplicity of this gorgeous routine. I’ve been wanting to try the Osmia face cream but am hesitant as I don’t know if it’ll be enough for my dry skin. I know PD means dry spots, but is your skin dry overall as well??

  4. Kadie says:

    I don’t have PD but I have insanely reactive and sensitive skin and Osmia has been the answer to it all as well!!! I love the rose clay bar followed by the calibration serum!! Great stuff!

  5. Carissa says:

    Hi Marci!

    So I’ve recently realized that what causes the mascara raccoon eyes is the RMS concealer. I use it under my eyes too and every mascara doesn’t stick except for waterproof! I think what happens is that the coconut oil in the concealer acts as a makeup remover, causing the mascara to rub off.

  6. Marci says:

    Hey Silvy, I have fairly normal skin aside from the PD. I don’t know that the face cream would be enough for you by itself. The Nectar drops mixed in might it though. The restorative serum is really nice too!

  7. Renata says:

    Hi Marci, loving your routine! And I am taking out from it a note to myself to try Osmia products! I too suffer from dermatitis, which I managed to keep in control using only natural products, here’s the link if you are interested:
    (I am not out of the woods yet as l do get breakouts if l get glutened without knowing it, but l am symptoms free if l stay away from it)

    Hope it helps you or anyone else suffering from the same :)

    All the best,

  8. Steph says:

    Hey Marci!

    I used to adore the Dior mascara as well- in fact it was the very last thing to go in my product range, I couldn’t give it up because it worked so well and all other mascaras I had tried did not. I’ve found a new favourite now to finally replace my beloved Dior- Pure Anada, have you heard of it? It doesn’t flake or irritate my eyes at all and I highly recommend!
    I do agree with the RMS uncover up as well though, I used to find myself having the makeup rub off but I haven’t found this as yet with this mascara.

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