Lauren’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!



Ever get the feeling like you’ve met your skincare twin when reading these routines? We could literally trade places with Lauren and be riiiighhht at home in her beauty routine. Plus, you’re going to love her approach to self-care. We just know it.

Age:  34

City:  DMV (As Washingtonians like to call our region)

Current Weather:  Unpredictable

Skin: Relatively normal/sensitive.  I took Accutane in my late teens so I don’t experience adult acne (knock on wood).  I tend to have an oily T-zone and I’m prone to blackheads on my nose.  In general, I have pretty happy skin.

Hair:  Long (I only get my haircut twice per year), light brown with a few grey strands in the front and oily at the scalp.  I wash it practically every day to manage my seborrheic dermatitis.  I don’t use many hair products because I focus on my diet for healthy hair.

Favorite Star From the Past:  Linda Rodin is hands down my ultimate beauty/fashion icon -past, present and future.  She is gorgeous, effortlessly chic and has a very basic approach to physical beauty.  She is a woman who is truly comfortable in her own skin.  I don’t color my hair thanks to her.

In the morning…

I am a morning person!  I naturally rise between 4:30-5:00 a.m. This is not a scientific study but I believe a person’s most productive and/or favored time of day correlates with birth time (I was born very early in the morning).  I turn off my alarm clock a few minutes before it goes off and I remove my purple fluorite crystal from underneath my pillow.  My husband already thinks I’m a witch (wink) so he doesn’t need to know I sleep with “rocks”.  Fluorite is wonderfully calming and can be used to dispel bad dreams.  After I get out of bed, I drink a glass of spring water.  If I’m extra parched, I will add a pinch of sea salt for extra minerals.  First thing in the morning, I don’t like feeling overwhelmed by a laundry list of “have-to’s”.  So I don’t force anything.  If I feel like dry brushing, I dry brush.  If I feel like using my infrared heat lamp, I use it.   I listen to my body and trust what it needs and wants.  My body knows best and self-care should be enjoyable.

In the shower…

Can I just tell you a secret?  I hate showering!  I do.  I know, I say this after I just finish sharing that I don’t force anything.  Well, I force this.  But keep this in mind—I’m in and out in like 5 minutes.  It’s like a military operation, folks.  Ok, so back to what I use.   I only use two products 1)  Living Libations’ Seabuckthorn Shampoo and 2)  Unearth Malee bar soap.  I usually shampoo twice.  The first shampooing removes dirt/oil and the second shampooing cleanses the scalp…so I’m told.  This is the only shampoo I use.  I love it so much I have a 1,000 ml refill bottle under my bathroom sink.  I also use the Living Libation’s Shine On conditioner but not in the shower (I much prefer using it as a leave in conditioner cream on the ends of my hair after it is dry).  I have been using Unearth Malee’s soaps for several years now.  I’ve tried pretty much all of their soaps but I particularly love their Cilantro Mint Basil, Himalayan Rose Salt Organic Soap and Jasmine Sticky Rice Mango.  No palm oil is used and the brand is very passionate about saving our rainforests and orangutan population.  On a side note, the soaps are wrapped in paper labels that are embedded with wildflower seeds and are plantable!

Hallelujah, the shower is over!  While my body is still slightly damp, I give myself a quick massage with body oil.  I alternate between Living Libations’ Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn, Living Libations’ Best Skin Ever – Vanilla and ByNieves’ Legs ‘n All.  In the evening, I apply a body lotion or cream like Simply Divine Botanicals’ How Now Brown Cacao after the oil has soaked into my skin.  I have a drawer full of partially used natural deodorants and R.L. Linden’s Close To Me Deodorant Spray is the ONLY one that I will be repurchasing.  It works for me and it doesn’t irritate my underarms because it doesn’t contain baking soda.

This is my favorite part.  Depending on my skin’s temperament, how I’m feeling, time of year, time of day, etc. I will use certain products.  My favorite cleanser is Essential Apothecary Alchemist’s LUSTER.  I remove my makeup (at night) using an oil cleanser and then I do a second cleanse with LUSTER.  I have never been blown away by a cleanser, but this gets me excited about cleansing my face. After I have a clean face, I spritz my face, neck and décolletage with Essential Apothecary Alchemist’s HYDRATE.  I’m obsessed!  It smells herbal and slightly like fresh linen.  I also use it in my hair.  Next, I apply a serum.  I’ve been alternating between La Bella Figura’s (LBF) La Flora mixed with a few drops of LBF’s Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil or Maya Chia’s The Super Couple.

Eye product application usually happens before or after serum application…I’m not picky.  The two eye products I have in rotation are Ella’s Starlight Eye Nectar and LBF’s Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum.  Pause.  I give my face oil(s) time to do their thing before I apply a lotion/cream.   I’ve been loving LBF’s Crema Supernova and at night I use Mahalo’s Balm.  I also use Mahalo’s Vitality Elixir at night.  I have to mention, the Vitality Elixir is the only natural serum/oil that gives my skin a slight skin tightening/firming effect after application (not in a bad way).  I need this.

The final step to my routine is an antioxidant rich product such as ISUN’s Sapphire Facial Oil or LBF’s Daily Elements Defense Oil to boost my skin’s natural UV protection.  If I’m going to be out in the sun, I either use Colorscience’s Mineral Sunscreen or Devita’s Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30.  I usually reserve face masking for night time.  My favorite mask is Gressa’s Dirty Pretty Things.  I pour a teaspoon amount in my palm and add several sprays of a hydrosol (I have many from Evan Healy).  I leave it on for 15-30 minutes and I get a physical exfoliation when I wash it off.  It leaves my skin complexion even, bright and plump.  It also smells like ginger spice cookies.

Let’s be honest, makeup has never been my thing.  With that being said, I have a small arsenal of products that I use to create a fresh look for work and/or a night out.  Gressa’s MINIMALIST Corrective Serum Foundation in shade #3.  Where has this been all my life?!  I only use 2 drops (less is more) and blend using the Gressa foundation brush.  I then apply a bronzer just above the hollows of my cheeks and along my hairline (I have a long oval face and this works best for me).  W3ll People’s Bio Bronzer stick is fool proof.  It blends beautifully and leaves the skin looking “healthy” and not overly contoured.  Then I apply a little cream blush (I have a few in rotation).  I’m finishing up a Tata Harper’s cheek tint sample pot in the color Charming.  I like a plum/mauve lip color.  I’ve been blending Gressa’s Lip Boost colors in Bare and Dahlia together for the perfect shade.  Any leftover product on my finger gets lightly applied to the apples of my cheeks if I haven’t already applied blush.

I use W3ll People’s Expressionist mascara.  I only mess with eye shadow/liner if I’m going out for a special occasion.  I recently received a sample pot of W3ll People’s Bio Brightener stick and it’s my favorite highlighter product to date.   It is great for daytime use.  On the weekend, I apply Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF30 to my face and call it a day.  I finish my routine with perfume.  Quite frankly, most of my body oils take the place of perfume but when I need a little extra pretty factor, I reach for PriyaMeansLove’s bourbon vanilla + vintage Mysore sandalwood (close range perfume), Living Libations’ Moccasin Flower or LBF’s Paris perfume.  I favor musky, deep and sensual scents.

Oh yeah… that was a good one. Have something to add? Share in the comments!



18 Responses to “Lauren’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!”
  1. Jessica says:

    I was born around 6am and I am totally a morning person, too!

  2. RobinW says:

    Beautiful routine! I’m really dying to try the Living Libations shampoos.

  3. Peony says:

    What a fabulous read! I’m going to look up some of your favorites. I was just thinking about getting a sample of LBF Crema Supernova and this cinched the deal. So glad to hear the recommendation for Priya Means Love, their clay hair wash is an amazing option for those who want to ditch shampoo. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Lauren says:

    Awe, thank you for commenting Peony, RobinW and Jessica! <3

  5. NOLAStephanie says:

    I’m excited to try Living Libations’ Seabuckthorn Shampoo. I have the same scalp issue and love Aubrey Organics’ Lemongrass Shampoo, but I’m willing to have a backup.

  6. Neha says:

    Probably my favorite routine to date! I feel like this you are my beauty soulmate!!

  7. Lauren says:

    Hi to my beauty soulmate, Neha! Thank you for the love. <3

    NOLAStephanie, thank you for sharing what works for you. It is definitely a condition that we have to manage. I have to keep my scalp clean, an apple cider vinegar rinse a few times a month, and special attention to my diet works for me.

  8. Natalie says:

    Lauren- thanks for sharing your routine! I also have seb. dermatitis and was wondering what you do through diet that you feel has helped. I also have some IBS issues and am gluten, dairy and sugar free.

  9. Lyndye says:

    Just curious what diet changes you have made to help with your scalp. I have tried many different shampoos that sometimes work a little but overall I need to do something else. Thanks!

  10. Victoria says:

    This is indeed a glamorous routine and Linda Rodin is the ultimate icon! Thank you for including so many of our LBF products. I thought I was the only woman I knew that got a few haircuts a year. I like to trim my own and always ask my stylist for good layers that last. She doesn’t complain because I make up for it by sending her referrals. :)

  11. Lauren says:

    Hi Natalie and Lyndye – I personally avoid gluten, dairy and limit sugar and coffee. I avoid eating processed foods, fried foods and food additives. I also found out that I have a food sensitivity to eggs so I do not eat them – anything to reduce inflammation in the body. I also take a good quality probiotic, fish oil and digestive enzyme supplement. Keep your scalp clean especially if you workout. Apple cider vinegar rinses are also very helpful. Hang in there ladies!

  12. Lauren says:

    Victoria, I’m honored that you took the time to leave a comment. I am a huge fan of yours and LBF. XO

  13. Mercedes says:

    Lauren!! We share so many product loves. This was a JOY to read <3 <3 <3

  14. Erica says:

    Lauren, I loved this routine and want to try the Gressa makeup next and Living Libations shampoo. I haven’t used Crema Supernova yet but I can’t wait to try it. I’m a fan of LBF and Victoria too. Thank you for sharing your routine and I’m going to be adding a little mineral salt to my water. I never thought of that before.

  15. Josephine says:

    This was an interesting read, and even though it contains many products that are quite expensive, it sounds like Lauren has put a lot of thought and experimentation into how her products work together, and which companies work for which concerns (which always makes me a bit more willing to pay attention to things out of my regular price range).

    Please consider this my SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC vote for a Living Libations Friday Deal, if that’s ever even remotely possible.

  16. Bianca says:

    Ohh I loved reading this routine! Wonderful products! One quick question,do you have any tips on how to get into crystals? It’s alwasy so fascinating when I hesr about all their diffrent uses!!

  17. Lauren says:

    Mercedes, I know you! :) XO

    Thank you for the lovely comment, Erica!

    Josephine, you make a great point. I do have a few favorite mid-lower price range products that I would love to share with you. I’ve been using ByNieves “C” Perfect Skin as my summer vitamin c serum and Simply Divine Botanicals Skincredible face lotion after. Both are in the $30 range and I always seem to go back to them.

    Bianca – I am by no means a crystal expert but first trust your own intuition when purchasing and selecting crystals. What crystals are you immediately attracted/drawn to? You can’t go wrong with rose quartz to start with. Also, ask questions and read. The companies that I purchase my crystals from always share information about the crystals healing benefits and variety of uses.

  18. Josephine says:

    Thanks, Lauren! (And I actually really appreciate that the routine you shared seemed so well-considered, even if it was expensive.)

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