Product Review: La Flora Barbary Fig Seed Oil with Rare Cactus Flower



For those of you who don’t know, Barbary fig seed oil is one of my holy grail, can’t-live-without-it skincare essentials (I’ll get to the reasons why shortly). La Bella Figura offers the finest and purest I know of, and they just recently launched a special version called La Flora—a Barbary fig seed oil with rare cactus flower—and it’s absolutely to die for.

Named after Flora, the Roman goddess of blossoming flowers, renewal and spring, this new LBF release will help your skin transition to spring and beyond with a radiant, healthy glow.

La Bella Figura’s founders travel all over the world for product inspiration, and La Flora is no different. It was in Florence where LBF co-founder Victoria was introduced to the wonderfully rare cactus flower essential oil from Sicily. Naturally, she thought the soft and nuanced floral scent would pair well with the Barbary fig seed oil, which is also derived from a cactus plant. The cactus flower essential oil offers a beautiful, delicate scent plus an added boost of amino acids to the organic Barbary fig seed oil base. It’s a really special combination, and I think I prefer La Flora to the original.

Over the last few years Barbary fig seed oil has become an essential part of my skincare kit. I always have it on hand, and while I’m often testing new products I make sure to get in my BFSO fix because it does amazing and sometimes miraculous things for my skin. Simply put—it calms, heals and plumps my skin like no other.

Rich in essential fatty acids, active minerals, amino acids and powerful antioxidants like betalains, Barbary fig seed oil is lightweight and absorbs readily but performs like heavy hitter. This oil is packed with antioxidants and contains some of the highest levels of vitamin E you’ll find—much more than argan oil—so it conditions while combating free radicals like a boss. Barbary fig seed oil also contains significant amounts of linoleic acid, which helps to soften and heal skin. Studies have found that acne prone skin is deficient in linoleic acid, so yes — Barbary fig seed oil benefits the acne prone as much as the person who wants to benefit from its anti-aging prowess.

I’m using the new La Flora just as I do the regular BFSO from La Bella Figura. In warmer weather, I use the Barbary fig seed oil alone. In cooler weather or during times when my skin needs more hydration, I add Barbary fig seed oil as a booster to something heavier. If my skin is freaking out—breakouts, imbalances, and inflammation—I drop everything and use Barbary fig seed oil alone until it’s better, which is usually within a day or two. It’s truly a skin saver.

This spring, my favorite combination is La Flora and La Crema Supernova Vitamin C Day Cream. I’m pretty obsessed with both of these products individually, but together it’s an unbeatable combination. I add two drops of La Flora to one pump of La Crema, blend together and press into my face and neck—pure heaven! The scent is bright, uplifting and floral but very soft. The finish is perfect for this time of year when you need a lightweight but hydrating fix that will keep skin clear, bright and youthful.

Have you had the chance to experience La Flora? Do you love regular Barbary fig seed oil as much as I do?

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  1. Alyse says:

    I’m also on the BFSO street team and have become totally enamored with La Flora. I use it in so many ways but one of my favorite tricks is to add a drop of La Flora to my liquid makeup products. It’s got a beautiful velvet finish that enhances the look of liquid makeup (like Vapour’s Soft Focus formulas) and it gives my dry skin an extra kick of moisture.

    And, like Susannah, I’ve found that there is nothing like BFSO for calming down a stress-, weather-, or hormone-related skin freak-out. La Flora is great for this because it’s still super calming and gentle but I also get to experience the lovely ritual of pressing a gorgeously scented product into my skin. <3 LBF

  2. Sarah says:

    Just curious–can anyone speak to the difference between the Kahina and LBF barbary fig oils? (The only time I’ve tried it was in the MUN serum but I am lately into single or few ingredient oils and keep wanting to try one/can’t decide what to buy/can’t commit to the price.)

  3. You’ll totally sold it to me Susannah! I’m completely the same with Barbary Fig Seed Oil, it’s definitely in a league of it’s own and I find it’s amazing at clearing up any post-breakout marks. So curious to try this now :)

    Mayah x

  4. Ruth says:

    No, I haven’t had the chance to try out Flora and I certainly won’t. I find this product disturbingly over-priced. “Infused with….” means that a few drops of floral cactus-EO have been added to the barbery fig oil, which is very expensive. But not THAT expensive. If you buy organic barbery fig seed oil B2C from a DIY-retailer you will be paying around 30 $ for 30 ml. This product sells for 115 $ for 30 ml. Just do the maths on the margin.

  5. danielle says:

    I have tried MUN, La Flora barbery fig seed oil and Kahina. Kahina was by far the best-I am sticking with this oil.

  6. Anniken says:

    I’ m wondering about the same as Sarah, is there a difference and if, what? Another question I have is about the combination of a serum under the Barbary fig oil, what would you recommend for dry skin with som breakouts (hormonal fuzzy/menopause pimples)?

  7. Victoria says:

    Hi Anniken and Sarah,

    Our Barbary Fig Seed Oil is sourced from the country of Tunisia. We have been working with the same producer for five years who hand-collect the seeds to cold press the rich oil. This process is important because many producers process the entire fruit (pulp and skin) into machines creating a macerated version and less pure oil than the oil extracted solely from seeds. Our oil is EcoCert certified and pressed to our order for the most fresh, potent and highest quality yield. This makes all the difference in the world in effectiveness.

    If you are trying to reduce breakouts and balance skin you may want to check out our Crema Virtuosa, which is an incredible investment in your skin’s health. A key ingredient in this cream is Sangre de Drago, known to heal and treat problem skin with compounded antioxidants. It is pretty amazing for peri-menopausal and menopausal skin types who variate from day to day with their skin concerns. I’d recommend layering this cream with our Barbary Fig Seed Oil or La Flora on top. I hope this is helpful information.

    La Bella Figura

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