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Kahina Giving Beauty (a house favorite around NMDL) was one of the first brands to bring a level of sophistication and luxury to green beauty, and over the years they’ve continued to innovate and add to their beautiful collection of botanical based products. Kahina recently launched two new products that you must know about—the Beldi Soap and the Essaouira Perfume Oil. Both are a total delight to the senses, and they bring something entirely new to the clean beauty landscape.

Rooted in Moroccan bathing rituals, the Beldi Soap is a gel-like cleanser made from saponified olive oil and eucalyptus oil. Here’s what makes it special…

Beldi Soap is simple, softening and purifying. There are only two ingredients—saponified olive oil and eucalyptus oil, yet the experience of washing with Beldi Soap is strange and fantastic. You just pinch off a piece of the gel-like soap and it adheres to your fingers a bit and molds to the shape of your hand, making it easy to glide over your body. As you rub the soap on, the gel begins to melt into your skin. It even produces some suds, if that’s your thing.

Naturally rich in vitamin E, the Beldi Soap has a robust eucalyptus scent that really energizes and stimulates your senses in a therapeutic way, but this ingredient adds more than simple aromatherapy. Eucalyptus oil is clarifying plus antibacterial and antifungal, too. It should help keep breakouts from occurring and keep skin healthy and resilient. This is a unisex soap that both men and women will love. There’s also a fun mit you can use to enhance the experience and exfoliate well.

Essaouira is Kahina’s latest perfume oil, and it’s a must-try, sophisticated botanical blend.

Essaouira is uplifting and light—perfect for spring and summer. It smells clean, a little floral and a little herbal with just a hint of citrus. While Essaouira has light rosey and woodsy undertones, the herbal pleasures of lavender and geranium are notably present. Ethereal and well balanced, the rose and sandalwood add a touch of complexity and heart to the scent while petitgrain lifts the blend with its noble citrus aroma. Essaouira is what I imagine the most serene spa in the world smells like, or perhaps an airy coastal village town in Morocco, which is where the perfume takes its name. Essaouira smells almost identical to the Kahina Night Cream, a scent I’m obsessed with as noted in this past review. I’m thrilled that I can now wear this gorgeous scent all over. I love rolling it onto my neck and wrists, and I even like to rub a little onto the ends of my hair.

Have you tried either the Beldi Soap or the Essaouira Perfume Oil? What do you think? Check back with us tomorrow for a special Friday Deal with Kahina!

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