Happy Friday Deal From Prescribe Nutrition!


Katie, Megan, Tanya and Anna from the Prescribe Nutrition team


We believe that healthy skin, hair and everything else in between depends just as much (ok, way more) on what you eat than the products you use in your routine. We know from first hand experience how certain foods can trigger acne or inflammation, but sometimes cleaning up your diet can feel way more overwhelming than cleaning up your skin care routine. Busy days and nights put us in that grab and go mentality or keep us hopped up on sugar, and boom—just like that we’re off track when we want to be mindful and purposeful about nutrition. Sound familiar? Then don’t wait another moment to grab your spot in the next Prescribe 20 program, the perfect way to kick off healthy habits for spring and summer.

Prescribe Nutrition is offering you 20% off the next Prescribe 20 program. Just enter the code NMDL to join. You’ve got until April 2 to get your discount and shake things up in a healthy way. Let’s do this!

Join the Prescribe Nutrition team as they demystify nutrition in a way that’s sustainable, fun and most importantly attainable. We love PN because they’re all about nutrition for real life. They work to teach people to listen to their bodies and uncover what works for them. Big exhale. Prescribe 20 is a 20-day online, interactive program that helps you eliminate common inflammatory foods from your diet and understand why it matters. Prescribe 20 is packed with recipes, interactive discussion boards, helpful material…and more. You can learn more about Prescribe 20 and watch a short video here, or check out Nicolle’s review of the program.

Will you be joining the next session of Prescribe 20? Let us know!

2 Responses to “Happy Friday Deal From Prescribe Nutrition!”
  1. Michelle says:

    What good timing, I was just thinking I needed something like this. My diet habits are horrible and sugar cravings are out of control. My life has been so incredibly busy, I am so guilty of the grab and go bad diet plan. I want to start meal planning but often get overwhelmed especially because I only have to cook for one! For sure going to check this out, thanks NMDL!

  2. Michelle says:

    I did Prescribe 20 back when Nicolle did her review and you offered a discount. I loved it! I make complete, healthy meals most days, but had horrendous snacking habits. Like no problem demolishing an entire bag of chips after work kind of snacking issue. This not only helped my find healthier snacks, but also helped me realize the importance of planning ahead so I’m not tempted because nothing’s made, and that eating healthy, whole foods doesn’t have to be complicated. Not only that, but the community aspect helps keep you accountable while also being really understanding when life gets in the way and you go a little off track. I’m wanting to try Prescribe Balance next!

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