Cocovit Coconut Oil and Orange + Basil Lip Balm


I get really excited about high quality single ingredient products. After all, my true entrée into natural skin care was a deep dive into single ingredients with super active profiles like rosehip seed oil (nature’s Retinol!) and tamanu. Coconut oil is such an obvious winner when it comes to single ingredients that pack a punch and do seemingly everything, but not all coconut oils are created equal. As with everything in our diet and skin care routine, the results you get depend entirely on the quality of the ingredient.

Cocovit offers the most premium coconut oil I’ve ever tried, and it will be hard impossible to go back to grocery store coconut oil after this.

Harvested in South India, Cocovit Coconut Oil is 100% pure, raw and organic. How is this different than what you find at the grocery store? Cocovit Coconut Oil is produced using a unique extraction process that preserves the oil’s natural enzymes and nutrients, resulting in a higher concentration of lauric acid—the source of coconut oil’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial goodness. Their process uses no heat, which diminishes coconut oil’s quality. Most coconut oils, even unrefined and cold-pressed, are subjected to heat at some point in the process. (For an interesting breakdown of how these processes differ, check out Cocovit’s FAQ.)

Of course, I’m opting for the most nutrient dense option every time, and Cocovit is the new standard for coconut oil, especially when it comes to skin and hair care.

Cocovit Coconut Oil comes in two sizes, one TSA friendly. You know my brain is constantly on the lookout for skin care tricks and DIYs, and I’ve been using Cocovit for anything and everything I can think of. In particular, I love using Cocovit Coconut Oil as a moisturizing shave balm. After the usual dry brushing, I massage Cocovit onto my legs—just a thin layer. Then I hop in the shower and my legs are ready to shave. The coconut oil acts as a lubricant for the razor and keeps my skin protected from the blade as well as the hot water. The best part is that I don’t have to moisturize my legs once I’m out of the shower. Enough Cocovit remains and does the trick. I also love using a teeny bit of Cocovit on the ends of my hair to condition and give a little texture. It leaves my hair smelling pretty luscious, too. These are just a fraction of the things I actually do with this versatile oil, but you get the picture. (Again, the beauty of a high quality single ingredient product!)

In addition to Cocovit’s signature Coconut Oil, one of my favorite products is their new Orange + Basil Lip Balm. Talk about dreamy and creamy! I love the unexpected but oh so fitting combination of orange and basil essential oils with the coconut oil and shea butter base. It’s bright and summery and 100% delectable. The packaging really gets me—it’s a round jar that’s as big as the palm of my hand, but it’s super slim so it fits into every little pocket and clutch I tuck it into with ease. Can we just take a moment to note how absolutely pretty and feminine the Cocovit packaging is overall? I’ll be putting these empty jars to use promptly. I also plan to add one of these pretty Lip Balms to gifts for the most stylish little upgrade. It’s irresistible.

Have you tried Cocovit? What are you using coconut oil for?

3 Responses to “Cocovit Coconut Oil and Orange + Basil Lip Balm”
  1. Rebecca Bailey says:

    I use Cocovit too – it really is top quality! I’ve been especially loving it as a makeup remover.

  2. Mist says:

    Hi Susannah,

    Just wondering how and/or in what products you use tamanu oil since you mentioned it in your intro above. I just recently bought some from MRH after reading up on its benefits, and have started using it in a homemade oil blend with argan and rosehip seed oil. After searching the NMDL site, I only found it in a few morning routines, and would love more into on how others use it.


  3. Hi Mist—I first bought tamanu to include in a DIY face oil. I love the way it smells. It’s so distinctive and just smells healing to me. I also paired it with rosehip seed oil and probably jojoba. If I remember correctly, I discovered mine at MRH, too! I just love the information they share about their ingredients. Your blend sounds lovely!

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