Desiree’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!



Oh Desiree… we love your routine, especially the real life moments we can all identify with. This one is bound to make you crack a smile, so read on dear friends!

Name: Desiree

Age: 31

City: Toronto, Ontario

Current Weather:  Brisk fall days and chilly nights

Skin: Combination, sensitive, with occasional acne flare-ups brought on by hormones and sugar binges

Hair: Thick wavy lobb

Favorite Star From the Past: Winona Rider in the early 90’s…before she went a little cray cray 

In the morning…

It’s hard to pin point exactly when my day starts because my 22 month old STILL wakes up through the night but I usually give up on putting her back to sleep by 6am and then we jump on the bed for a good 15 minutes before starting our day. My husband takes her downstairs to get mommy her much needed cup of STRONG coffee while I get myself together. I start things off with a good dousing of my homemade dry shampoo to freshen up my locks and texturize my waves. I rinse my face with warm water and put a tiny bit of One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Serum or One Love Organics Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm all over while my face is still damp. OLO is going to put me into bankruptcy but I swear to god it’s stopped the aging process.


I apply Jane Iredale BB cream and Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder all over my face to start things off. I am a loyal Jane user and have been since day one of my switch to green. It’s pricey but it lasts me a long time and the more I use it the better my skin looks and the less makeup I actually need! I use Ilia Lip Moisturizer in Crimson and Clover on my cheeks and on my lips, which I have also been using religiously for years. It’s better than any lipstick I’ve ever tried including all the dirty ones and it’s a great cream blush as well. My brows are looking much better these days but sadly the 90’s really did a number on them so I fear I’m stuck filling them in for life. I use a spooly brush to get them looking proper and then I use Jane Iredale Eye Pencil in Taupe to fill them in and give them some definition. With an angled brush I dab a tiny bit of RMS uncover up on the arch of my brows to make them pop and I’ll put some on any blemishes I might have but since going clean I barely get any zits. Rejoice! I finish things off with some W3LL People Mascara but honestly, like many of you, green mascara is one of those things that hasn’t really impressed me but I don’t loose any sleep over it. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll use some Jane Iredale Liquid Liner but it’s not an everyday thing. I spritz with Thayers Rose Toner  to set my makeup and then my masterpiece is complete! I use some Giovanna Styling Foam and Andalou Hairspray that I picked up from my local health food store to give my hair a lift but it’s not blowing any minds. The dry shampoo and my straightener for making more waves on my naturally wavy hair is all I really need.

So by this time I’m already late for work so I throw on some clothes, chug some caffeine, scarf an english muffin with peanut butter and honey, maybe remember to take a multi vitamin, cuddle the crap out of my baby girl before jumping on my bike and GUNNING it to work! I keep a jar of Meow Meow Tweet Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant in my purse for when I arrive after a sweaty ride. I find it a lot less irritating than other organic brands I’ve tried and it smells really good.

Before I go to bed…

I rotate between baths and showers in the evenings because there is no way I have time for it in the mornings and I like to take my time in my newly renovated bathroom because it’s my own tiny piece of heaven. All I need is 20 minutes, a candle, some essential oils, a glass of wine, my iPhone cranked with tranquil beats and I come out of there a new woman! It’s like a mini vacation…

To wash my face I massage One Love Organics Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm on my dry face, drape it with a really warm wet Pai Muslin Cloth for a minute or two before wiping off the balm along with all the grime from my day. I follow up with a quick rinse of cold water and a couple drops of One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Serum all over my damp face and neck.  I’ll also do a clay mask a couple times a week in between the balm and serum. I use Morrocan Rhassoul Clay, which is also the key ingredient in my DIY dry shampoo. This stuff is a secret weapon for sure! I’d also like to give a shout out to Stark’s Grapefruit Balm, which is also a major fav of mine and a really awesome Canadian Company.

When I wash my hair, which is as little as possible, I use Prairie Naturals Avalanche Therapeutic Shampoo, which I read about from another reader’s morning routine and it absolutely saved me from my painful search for a dandruff shampoo that would deliver! Highly recommend this one. I let the shampoo sit for a minute while I put whatever natural conditioner I’ve got going on my ends and then I rinse it all out together. A quick shave if my husband is lucky and I’m done! I moisturise my legs and arms with sweet almond oil and grab my sexy sweats. I rough blow-dry my bangs to keep them from going wonky and I let the rest air-dry.

Honorable mentions…

Water. It’s a miracle worker. I try and drink as much of it as I can because my body seriously thanks me when I do. When I was pregnant I became so insanely thirsty that I got into a real habit of drinking A LOT of water and thankfully that habit has stuck with me. My husband bought me the trendy BKR glass water bottle so now I drink in style.

Perfume. I’ve just finished a Province Apothecary roll on perfume that was really lovely and I’m also a big fan of Lotus Wei’s Infinite Love but I have such a hard time forking out big bucks for scents because they seem to fade so fast on me! I’ve tried making my own perfume but it didn’t work out. I think I might start mixing up essential oils to make a scent. Has anyone had any luck making a good DIY perfume oil?

Let’s hear your thoughts! Anyone out there making DIY perfume? Maybe while wearing your sexy sweats?

7 Responses to “Desiree’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!”
  1. Milka says:

    What a cool routine, I am dying to try One Love Organics, it seems to be beloved by many. I am also a huge fan of Infinite Love but I find the perfume only lasts me a month of daily use and so I am trying to find a scent equally mesmerizing but more fitted to a tight budget. I tried just applying a few drops of a pure essential oil but realized it needs to be diluted in a carrier oil before applying to skin. I could make my own blend but to get a few different EOs of a good quality plus a carrier oil would end up pretty pricey.So I looked on Etsy and found this cool store AphrodisiacEOs that makes beautiful blends from high quality oils and the owner is really sweet and adds samples. I just ordered a Sensual Harmony and Jasmine Delight and can’t wait for them to arrive!

  2. Annette says:

    What a fun read! I love the fast and furious morning coupled with the more pampering night routine. We have to do what works, especially with a toddler waking us up at all hours.

    Thanks for submitting Desiree.

  3. Renata says:

    Wow, this a routine I can relate to! Being woken up by a toddler, needing strong coffee and hastily applying make up while being late :) This is the real morning routine people! I recently watched some Youtube couple’s morning routine, and that included morning affirmations, dual workout, meditation followed by yoga, and then wife went on to shower and apply make up all while dancing; and in the meantime hubby cooked a roasted breakfast! I mean, who are those people? are they real?
    And to answer your question, yes, l tried to DIY perfume with sandalwood and vanilla EOs, but just like you, l kinda failed at it – even after a month of “marinating” it l didn’t get the gorgeous smell l imagined, so l kinda halted my perfumer’s career, ha! It is not so easy as it seems.
    @Milka, thanks for the rec, going to check the etsy shop right now :)

  4. winnie says:

    Can anyone suggest a retailer in the U.S. that carries the Prairie Naturals Avalanche Therapeutic shampoo? I’ve been super curious about this shampoo but am unable to find it here in the states. I’ve tried so many different kinds of natural shampoo to get rid of dry flakes but have failed miserably.

  5. Desiree, it is an amazing honor to hear that you love OLO! I developed both Skin Savior Balm and Love Springs Eternal Serum after the birth of my second child. I had a 19 month old toddler and a new born baby and I needed something multi-tasking and effective for my new routine. Those baby boys are now 8 and 10 so it is great to hear that these two products are still helping new moms when they most need it! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  6. Emily says:

    Winnie – the only place I’ve found it online that doesn’t charge ridiculous amounts for shipping to the US is a website called

  7. winnie says:

    Emily – Thank you so much for the recommendation. I just purchased from the site. Hopefully this is the magic bullet that I’ve been looking for!

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