Winter Is Coming, And KYPRIS Has You Covered

KYPRIS collage for postAs the cold weather approaches, I like to get my winter gear out and make sure I’m prepared. I want to be certain I have a cozy coat that will work on any day or night, one that layers well and makes me feel fabulous. Not too heavy, not too light, just right. That’s what KYPRIS makes for your face –perfect versatile layering pieces (super clean and well-sourced, too). I’ve posted about my KYPRIS favorites here before, but a few products have been reformulated. Now that I’ve been using the new formulas a few months, it’s  time for an update!

When I first started in green beauty, I was drawn to formulations with few ingredients, but I have come to appreciate the thoughtful and powerful way that KYPRIS products bring together mighty ingredients to gently love your skin.  And the formulas are designed to work together for even more spectacular results.  Layer them or mix a microemulsion in your hand just before applying.

Moonlight Catalyst: I loved the first version so much, I was nervous to hear of the formula change. Is it possible this one is even better? Yes, it is. If your skin needs some gentle but reliable exfoliation and brightening (pumpkin enzymes!), this nighttime miracle worker is going to give you some super smooth and glowing skin. The new additions to this formula include skin-renewing Biomimetic Epidermal Growth Factor and hydrating peach extract. With a very light neroli scent, and gel-like texture, it mixes beautifully with an oil – and I highly recommend choosing the KYPRIS Elixir that suits your skin type best.

Antioxidant Dew: I didn’t really give the original a fair try, because I was nervous about an ingredient. But this newer formula is gluten free, and it is genius. This packs more moisturizing and hydrating power than I thought possible in such a light formula. It’s perfect night or day. The Dew makes a great pre-makeup layer on its own, or mix with an Elixir for super powers of glow and protection. I’m a sucker for Vitamin C, Superoxide Dismutase, Ferulic Acid and Tamanu oil. Huh? Oh, those are fabulous brighteners and protect your skin like nobody’s business. One or two drops make all the difference, but add more as you like – you won’t get greasy. It’s great for the scent-sensitive among us, as it has no essential oils and barely any scent at all.

Beauty Elixir I, 1000 Roses: This bottle of perfection is the same formula as it always was, though now you can get it in a beautiful little Mini, too. Unlike candy bars that are called “fun size” but are just tricking you into having less fun, this Mini is going to last you months and months. I’ve been using this Elixir over a year, and have gone through a Mini and most of a full-size bottle. Definitely need to replenish this for winter. I’ve loved it in all seasons, but the colder weather definitely calls for it. It really has changed my skin, and it hardly seems right to say I have dry skin anymore. Use it morning and night, on its own or with the aforementioned products for some spectacular results on your stressed, overexposed and/or aging skin.

So much to love from KYPRIS. What are your favorites?

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  1. Lisa says:

    Antioxidant Dew for winter, yes but Moonlight Catalyst? That serum made my otherwise oily skin dry (flakes, dry patches that stood out with foundation) in the middle of a humid New York summer. I can’t see how it will work out for Winter unless your skin is just super tough. The Beauty Elixirs all make me break out like mad, like clockwork each time, if I put it on, I will get new breakouts and if I keep applying they will keep popping up. So frustrating!

  2. I’ve also been getting a lot of mileage out of my Antioxidant Dew lately, but it’s the old formula! I’m a big fan of the Moonlight Catalyst (again, old formula) and so curious about this “Biomimetic Epidermal Growth Factor and hydrating peach extract”. Say more! I’d love to see all of these formulas in a bottle with a pump top so that I don’t spill their precious contents and air isn’t getting to the formula with each use.

    @Lisa, wonder if the coconut oil in the elixirs is breaking you out. Coconut oil often makes me break out.

  3. Mary says:

    I wish companies would stick to the old formulas sometimes. I’m pretty sure the MC already had peach extract (it had a subtle peach scent) but the addition of the bitter orange water will make it a no-no. I also found it a little strong for my super sensitive skin

  4. fern says:

    I’ve totally fallen in love with Kypris, thanks to Rebecca! :) I have the old Moonlight Catalyst, and I can’t use it every night (every other or every third), but it has slowly been improving my skin without making it worse in any way (sometimes, brightening products would work, but then cause breakouts – not good – but MC does not do that for me). I just started using the Antioxidant Dew and it has definitely helped with moisture retention. I recently switched to Elixir I and I’ve been loving it – moisturizing without irritating anything, and making my skin glow! Nothing has ever really made my skin glow before…

    Not to say that it isn’t true for some people, but I used to think coconut oil broke me out, but it turns out it’s something different – as soon as I started treating my skin as very sensitive, it basically stopped breaking out. I used Blissoma (the yellow box line) to get my skin to calm down and it’s never been more clear (well, since I was about 13). I still use Blissoma (Pure) if something gets irritated (like from a mask or a day outside in the cold air in winter), but Kypris has actually worked to make my skin better. So maybe I should just follow all of Rebecca’s suggestions! :) (Thanks, Rebecca!!)

  5. Jaime says:

    I don’t think this line is for me. I purchased the dew, catalyst, and a serum and I hate to say it, but was a big waste of money. The catalyst makes my skin red and flakey, even when used once a week. The dew does nothing. The serum I have seen zero effect with.
    Is this just the wrong line for me? Am I doing something wrong?
    I wish smaller sizes were available of each product when I originally placed my order (I think they may be now) as it just didn’t work for me. So sad :(

  6. brooke says:

    I just tried moonlight catalyst and elixir 3. I am IN LOVE. I am crazy about the smell of the moonlight catalyst and look forward to putting it on before bed every night. And when I wake up my skin feels softened and renewed. When I put the oil on, I feel like my skin just drinks it in immediately, it doesn’t feel oily, just gentle and replenishing. These products just feel so much more pure and natural then anything I have found so far. I am grateful that this beautiful line exists.

  7. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Lisa and @Jaime, it sounds like you are maybe reacting to ingredients in the products. Even the purest ingredients aren’t for everyone. I’m very sensitive and reactive to a variety of things, but the chemical exfoliation of the MC is great for me any time of year. Sorry what you’ve tried hasn’t worked out for you : (

    @Mary it’s a new version of the peach extract that’s designed to be more hydrating. If you can get hold of a sample you might not be bothered by the bitter orange – that’s a tough scent for me sometimes, and difficult to mix with other scents, but this is very light and pleasant.

    @fern and @brooke, so glad you love the products! : )

    @Susannah, I agree about the pump tops – I tend to prefer those to dropper bottles. On the down side, it’s hard to get every last drop with a pump, and more plastic. Does the delivery method of my dreams even exist??

  8. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love KYPRIS! I have become devoted to an am/pm ritual of Antioxidant Dew followed by beauty Elixir III. I just recently starting using the Moonlight Catalyst for my pm ritual.

    *Hint, hint* It would be wonderful to see a Friday deal from KYPRIS unfold in the future, and the possibility of purchasing multiple items or a “set” at a discounted rate. ;-)

  9. Donna says:

    Honestly, I used avocado oil on my skin last winter (note, I run outside in Toronto’s winters) and it kept it protected. I like to put it on while my face is still damp and just put a couple drops in my hands, rub them together and pat my face with my palms. I have skin that is sensitive and prone to clogging but avocado oil has been great. It also fades marks. I’ve been telling all my friends to try it. I doubt even bother buying moisturizer anymore. Coconut oil on the other hand, doesn’t agree with my face. I only use it on my bod. I’ve purchased many expensive serums in the past and none of them moisturized as well as avocado oil.

  10. Hi Lisa! Our new Moonlight Catalyst is very nourishing especially when used in combination with one of our Beauty Elixirs. There are so many reasons skin can break out from a product starting with it’s just not a love match. That said, we have so few unhappy customers, I would hate to think you’re one of them. If you’re interested, you are welcome to email us at for a full skin care consult. I hope this helps! Kindly, Chase

  11. Susannah – Please let me / us know if you’d like the updated formulas.

    The Biomimetic EGF – basically, this is a peptide that comes from green chemistry that synthesizes a yeast and bacteria to yield a peptide that is fabulously nourishing and conditioning to skin. It’s a beautiful ingredient from S. Korea and to me epitomizes what is so unique about their skin technology community. Oh yeah, and it’s like $300k per kg. It’s very pricey and very studied. I love this stuff!

    The peach extract is a hydrating one. We were using two different ones before. One of the suppliers was planning to change some things that I didn’t like and the other just didn’t have the same hydrating properties of this new one.

    The only difference between the old formula and the new is that we added the EGF, swapped out the two peach extracts for the one new one, and added the neroli flower water extract. I wanted it to be more nourishing. :-)

  12. @ Mary – Hi there! I can completely understand your concern. This was absolutely kept in heart when we were creating the new formula. The scent is very subtle. Maybe even more subtle than the original. Also, I found that I could use the old formula of Moonlight Catalyst for months, but then need to take a break because my skin would become almost immune to its benefits. This was one of the reasons for shifting the formula. So, from an active renewal perspective the formula is the same, however because we now have this hydrating peach extract and conditioning peptide, there is an even greater consistent benefit to skin. I hope this assuages your concerns. Kindly, Chase

  13. @ Fern – I am thrilled to hear this. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am grateful. There is no greater endorsement than from a happy patron. <3 Any requests for what kinds of products you'd like to see next? :-)

  14. @ Jaime – Hi Jaime, It sounds like there could be something going on with how you’re using the products. Would you email us at The only time we’ve ever seen flakey patches or redness from the Moonlight Cataylst is when customers are not washing their faces in the AM with a proper cleanser. This is an enzymatically driven product so when you increase the temperature by a measly 10 degrees you double the rate of reaction. In your cool, dark bedroom your skin will be happy. In the irradiating sunlight, not so much. Email us. Tell us all your gripes. How you’re using everything. And we will get you a very clear regimen with very clear directions. I hope this helps! Kindly, Chase

  15. @brooke Thank you for this gorgeous reflection. So happy to hear you’re so happy. Any special requests for upcoming product launches? :-) xo Chase

  16. @ Rebecca – Thank you for this gorgeous review and for responding to the comments. I so appreciate your insight as I know you’re very well versed in both the science / chemistry of the products as well as the experience of them. Kindly, Chase

  17. @ Jennifer – Tell me, do you charge for your psychic services? :-D You’re close, my dear. Very very close! In addition to the sets and a NMDL Friday Deal…. Any other product requests? Would love to know what you’d like from the line. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Kindly, Chase

  18. @ Donna – So happy to see you’ve found something you love. It just makes the days better. Should you ever tire of your beloved Avocado, I hope you’ll consider our potions. Kindly, Chase

  19. Jaime says:

    @Chase Thanks! Will do.

  20. Kelly says:

    Tempted by the antioxidant dew since the formula looks better, I like that ferulic acid has been added. Product launch wish list is a sunscreen.

  21. @ Kelly – Thank you!! I am really thrilled with this formula. Getting that encapsulated ferulic acid felt like a win. Question. Would you prefer the SPF be just a plain ole SPF … OR, would you prefer it be say a moisturizer with SPF? Thank you bunches! xo Chase

  22. Kelly says:

    Chase, I would love it to be like a light SPF moisturizer. To feel like your not wearing a sunscreen. It would be nice if it smelled good too, so it doesn’t feel like a chore putting it on.

  23. I am about to purchase the antioxidant dew, and I am so excited! I have heard such amazing things about it for so long.
    The Grass Skirt

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