DIY Beauty: Claire’s Rose-Aloe Lifesaving Mist (for Hair and Everywhere!)

We think Claire might be a genius. Aloe, rosewater and argan oil? Yes please. Between the calming effects of rose and the hydrating power of aloe and argan, I’m feeling sold on this recipe. Have any of you made a DIY mist before? Who’s gonna now?

Name: Claire

Current hometown: Cambridge, MA

Product name that I made up: Rose-Aloe Lifesaving Mist

Ingredients list: Pure Aloe Vera, Rosewater (& Glycerin –this time), Argan Oil, Rosewater concentrate

How I made It: about 2/3 aloe, 1/3 rosewater; a couple drops of rosewater concentrate and several of argan oil — in a 2 oz spray bottle (shake well before using)

How it smelled, felt, worked…

I started making variations on this concoction about a year ago when I realized that aloe was the solution to my “plane hair” issues — I travel a lot and air travel dries my hair out in a wierd way that can make it kooky and unmanagable for several days.  The  rosewater dilutes the aloe vera gel enough to spray easily (and smells nice) and the argan oil adds a little bit of extra moisture and weightiness.  Once I started carrying it with me, I realized that it’s also a wonderful refreshing face mist during the journey itself.  On my most recent research trip to South Africa, it also came in handy as a full body spray — particularly soothing on days when I was sticky and had been out in the sun a lot.

Why I will or won’t do this again…

As I said above, this mixture is great for my hair, and generally a nice all-around spray, so it’s a definite keeper. I’ll probably keep playing with the exact combinations (sometimes I add some tea tree oil, or different amounts of argan oil, and would like to play with some new essential oils), but now I can’t imagine going without it — particularly when I travel!

*From our archives. First posted in June 2012.

14 Responses to “DIY Beauty: Claire’s Rose-Aloe Lifesaving Mist (for Hair and Everywhere!)”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Great idea Claire!

    I mix a sea salt spray with 1tbs fine sea salt in 2 cups water, put it in a spray bottle and save the extra in the fridge in a mason jar. It is an excellent curl rejuvenator and also gives texture to straight hair. You know, the beachy hair thing. I like it plain but you could add essential oils. I used to add argan to this but I found it clogged my spray nozzle.

    I also used this spray on my new piercings when I was too lazy to do the obligatory salt water soak. Works great.

  2. Frances F. says:

    NIce! I love DIY mists etc…so easy to make and much cheaper than John Masters Organics (which I still “try” every time I walk through Whole Foods, although I know very well exactly what it is!). I actually made a similar rose spray with argan oil –

    I like Claire’s addition of the aloe. Aloe is very good for calming pitta-aggravated skin.
    A great resource for hydrosols to make other DIY beauty products is Mountain Rose Organics….based in Oregon, I buy a lot of herbs, oils etc., from them online.

  3. Rachel G says:

    I do something similar for my hair, half aloe vera gel and half distilled water in a spray bottle. It helps put the curl back in my fine hair between washes. And it makes my hair super shiney! I also found it to be handy on mild sunburns.

  4. elem says:

    Im so trying this.

    I love this blog :))))

  5. comagirl says:

    Definitely going to try this one. Sounds intriguing.

  6. Mouse says:

    I’m excited to try this DIY! Hydrosols are so spendy. Thanks to this website I’ve tried hydrosols for the first time (John Masters and an Evan Healy). Would love to try the Duchess Marden rose but…$$ :(

  7. Emma says:

    Nice! I do the same thing, only using DIY rose water (you can find plenty of tutorials on youtube if you search for rose hydrosol – or hydrosol in general). The rose waters available in the market are usually synthetic (meaning they contain water and a rose essence). I also find that glycerin makes my skin a bit slippery in an uncomfortable way, and clogges my pores.

    Just make sure to refrigerate and use within 2 weeks. Any product that has water in it, when it comes in contact with air, it risks developing bacteria, which are not easy to see until they become like “mold” in the liquid. And you will then create more problems to your skin that the ones you are trying to solve!

  8. Annette says:

    My new favorite thing is a toner that I make. I use it at night to make sure my face is good and clean and I splash it on in the morning to wake up my skin before applying sunscreen. It is 4 oz. witch hazel, 15 drops carrot seed oil and 5 drops rose oil. Combine in a glass jar. Shake before each use. It’s very calming and supposedly good for “mature” skin.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I use Aloe Vera Juice with water and olive oil, for both my skin and hair. I originally purchased it from (honey water and juices and berries). I later decided to DIY. Oyin does scents very well, I can’t duplicate the smell but the effects of their products are great if you want to give them a try at home or you could buy them.

  10. Krystal says:

    I tried this recipe out this weekend and I really like it! I think it may be a touch too moisturizing for me, so for the next batch, I might need to try making the aloe/rosewater more of a 50/50.

  11. Peony says:

    Does anyone else’s skin not like rosewater? It irritates mine and makes it feel a bit itchy.

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