[UPDATED WITH WINNER!] Notice Anything Different? (Also: We Have a Mega Site-Relaunch Giveaway!)


Vogue 1939, Horst P. Horst

You know when you do something to change your looks and you half hope people will notice and say nice things to you, but you also half hope people won’t notice, lest they take you for someone who’s trying too hard?

This isn’t like that. In fact, we hope you notice (and enjoy, and talk about, and share) all the changes you see here! And there are a lot of them.

Regular readers may be familiar with our origin story, which is that Alexandra and I started this site because we’d written a book called No More Dirty Looks and everyone in the book world at the time seemed to think having a blog (remember when people said “blog”?) was a good idea. Before long, we fell in love with this daily endeavor, and over time, the site became far bigger than the book could ever be. We think that’s pretty awesome, actually.

But a lot has changed since then, and we wanted a site to reflect that. For once, we have a real team, and Susannah, Rebecca and Nicolle are truly essential parts of what we do here now—voices you know and trust and hear from often. And since we found them in the comments section, of all places, they are such a natural outgrowth of what NMDL is all about: Community.

Another thing you will see more of are stories about things other than beauty products or beauty rituals. NMDL has always been about a lot more than makeup and products, much as we love both. So you can expect a little more mind-body, a little more sharing, a little more inner-life stuff. Alexandra and I will also be posting more regularly, which excites us both a lot.

And now, just in case the changes are not totally evident, here’s a little rundown.

1. The reviews are easier to find. That little drop-down at the top will make it easier to peruse recent product reviews by category. We have also tagged the hell out of the site, so those should help you navigate things too. (And if neither give you what you’re looking for—we think they will—there’s always search.)

2. There’s more on the homepage. Think of the stories in the carousel at the top of the homepage as a kind of greatest hits from NMDL. These are pieces that have done really well on our site for a very long time and some of which have kind of taken on a life of their own. We hate to see fun stories get lost in the archives, so we will be surfacing some good stuff there.

3. The drop-downs are actually useful. Sorry for how things were before, is all we want to say about this.

4. The word “SHOP” appears in some places. We haven’t opened a shop or anything. But we have linked to some shops that sell some of our favorite products, and when you buy it from that link, this site gets a very small percentage of the sales.

OK, now the fun part. The Holy Grail Product Giveaway!
We’ve been working on an amazing giveaway of some of our all-time favorite, tried-and-true, it-barely-gets-better-than-this beauty products. One extremely lucky reader will get a package with full sizes of all the amazing products listed below. (That extremely lucky reader will also be the envy of all of us—including the people who run this site.) Here’s what’s in the bundle:
The giveaway runs today (Monday, Feb. 16) through Friday, February 20 at midnight EST. Enter below by liking or following us and each brand on social media and we’ll randomly pick a winner, to be announced on our site on Friday.
And let us know what you think about the redesign in the comments—but only if you like it. (Just kidding.)
BIG congrats to Radhika, winner of the MEGA giveaway! Thanks to all you lovelies who entered—we’re still blushing from your excitement and kudos on the new look!

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106 Responses to “[UPDATED WITH WINNER!] Notice Anything Different? (Also: We Have a Mega Site-Relaunch Giveaway!)”
  1. Sarah says:

    Refreshing, sleek and magazine-style!

  2. Jill K says:

    I’m looking forward to having more time to fully scope out the redesigned site. What I’ve seen so far looks great! Congrats!!

  3. Erica J says:

    Just learned about your website from Bee at pollen and wax. already addicted! devouring your content- I’m new to green skin care, so i give the website all my thumbs up, and fist pounds with rannuculus explosions, and a splash of OLO fragrance “violet and leather” because i’m really jiving with that right now. cheers!

  4. Katie says:

    I love that I can grab products through you guys– I use this site a LOT when considering new purchases, and it’s great to know that if I click through from here it will help support you. Good idea!

  5. Matilda says:

    The new site looks great! And I can’t believe I missed this competition (didn’t see it until just after it closed). I literally drool over each of the products you are giving away!

  6. Radhika says:

    YAYYYY!!! Still can’t believe I won this :) :) Thank you so much NMDL for giving me the opportunity to try all these wonderful products that have been on my wish list for so long!!! Can’t wait to try them all! Also, thanks to these lovely companies for being so generous!

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