What’s In My Makeup Bag: Tata Harper’s Makeup Monday

Take a peek into this simple and elegant makeup collection from a natural beauty all-star, Tata Harper. Her emphasis on glow mirrors the very product line she’s created. We would never judge, but we’re tickled that Tata’s makeup choices are as clean as the ingredients in her own line.

Name: Tata Harper

Age: 38

Where I Live: Shoreham, Vermont

My relationship with makeup: I am a huge beauty lover and always have been, but ironically not a huge makeup user. For me it has always been about starting with amazing skin (which is where my skincare line comes in), and then using makeup to add colorful accents, and to make my skin look extra glowy. In terms of makeup categories, I don’t own anything powdery — all of my makeup is creamy and enhances the skin’s natural luster and highlights. That said, I love bold, bright colors (for example, I never wear black), and my makeup selections definitely reflect that.

Foundation: While I usually don’t wear foundation, if it’s a special occasion or we’re filming video, I even things out by adding a bit of Vapour foundation to my Repairative Moisturizer as a dewy base.

Eyes: I prefer lighter mascara; the kind I have been using lately is by Ilia and it’s very dark brown. For eyeliner, I like to use something shiny and bright rather than dark, to give a little sparkle. I love RMS’ cream eyeshadow in Solar and usually apply it with a really thin brush just along the edge of my lashes.

Cheeks: On my cheeks I love a pop of red or pink right on the apple. I’ve been using my own Be Adored lip treatment lately, which has a really rich raspberry color that you can massage right in to the cheeks with your finger for a little natural blush color. I also love Vapour’s blush stick in Courtesan and Spark.

Lips: Every day, I use my Be Adored lip treatment. It’s all-natural of course, with a rich raspberry color, and has anti-aging ingredients that help boost volume and fight lip lines while hydrating. It’s a color that pretty much goes with everything. I also love Ilia’s lipsticks for occasions that call for a little extra color; I love their Wild Child and Bang Bang colors.

Glow: To me, gorgeous, striking skin has an irresistible glow that looks healthy and happy. I love to promote that look in my own skin with our Replenishing Nutrient Complex, a multivitamin facial oil serum that blends right in, but it’s amazing because if softens the skin, smooths it out, and absorbs quickly to leave a healthy glow. I also love RMS’ Living Luminizer, to put right on the cheekbones and under the eyebrows for a beautiful shine.

Thanks for sharing, Tata! Hey y’all, send your makeup bag write-up and photo to us! nomoredirtylooks@gmail.com

8 Responses to “What’s In My Makeup Bag: Tata Harper’s Makeup Monday”
  1. Tegan says:

    I love love love Tata Harper’s sense of beauty and style – must have watched the Vogue’s interview of her on YouTube a thousand times! So thrilled to read this :) Although her products are a little too rich for my skin type, I just purchased her Be Adored Lip Treatment and the Aromatic Irritability Treatment – both serious LOVES. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a bottle of the Love Potion but it’s so hard to ship it to where I live due to import restrictions!!! Argh! And If only she would do a style/fashion interview too!!

  2. Annette says:

    I’ve seen pictures of Tata and what comes through is clear skin, bright cheeks and soft colorful lips. Now I know exactly where all that comes from!!

  3. Daniella Renee says:

    LOVE this. Would so love to see more of these “founder” make-up bags (or morning routines). And I second @Tegan on the request for Tata to do a style/fashion interview!

  4. Really nice interview!
    I have recently tried a couple of Vapour organic products and have to say that i was quite impressed :-)

  5. Tammy says:

    This is great, a little strange that I have all the products that Tata is talking about… love the idea of using be adored on the cheeks, off to experiment since I already have it..

  6. danielle says:

    I love this make up bag. Thank you Tata for sharing. I totally agree with her approach-skin care first then makeup for accents. My routine is very minimal and it works great for me. I feel as though if I add in to many products my skin acts up and I don’t know which is causing it. I stick to my old standby’s and my skin is happy. My make up bag probably consists of these few products and I am content. Thanks Tata and I LOVE the Love potion perfume.

  7. Erin says:

    I LOVE this post! Tata Harper is such a beautiful person inside and out! I’ve loved everything I’ve ever tried she makes and the nutrient complex mentioned in her post is particularly effective and amazing <3 Would definitely like to see more founder posts, like Suzanne LeRoux of One Love Organics or Jessica from Stark!!

  8. Dana LaVoie says:

    I also love Vapour Aura Multi Use in Courtesan and Spark… their siren lipstick on coquette (cool undertone) and tempest (warm undertone) are also favorite brights for spring! (Pinup is great too – a light coral similar to spark but a bit more moisturizing for lips) we have samples of all these available.

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