Michaelle’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… exposed!

We enjoyed this routine so much, especially Michaelle’s alternate universe self. You’ll find so much to love, so read on!

Name: Michaelle (pronounced like the guy’s name Michael)

Age: 34

City: Whispering Pines, NC

Current Weather: Up and down — today high of 36*F with cold wind & rain all day but then the weekend is forecast for sunny and high 60’s. No humidity. Yet.

Skin: Pale & cool toned with some sun damage spots on forehead and sides of cheeks and some visible redness around nose. After years of battling a really oily complexion and always a blemish somewhere, the switch to green beauty back in ’08 has steadily made a huge difference to now being fairly normal — oily thru t-zone in summer and then sometimes a few dry patches in winter.

Hair: Brown naturally curly, fine textured but a decent amount of it. As of last November, I stopped doing salon color and just did my first at home Henna color about 3 weeks ago.

Favorite star from the past: I’ve never watched too many old movies so I don’t think I have one. (We chose Lauren Bacall!)

First Thing…

I do the warm water and lemon thing and I also fill my tea tumbler with my Bija Body Daily Beauty tea. If any of you have yet to hear of or try this tea, ya need to get on that stat! It was created by Melissa Piccoli, an esthetician, specifically with skin in mind! After that, my routine can vary drastically. I’m a wife and mother of 2 small beautiful boys and the older one goes to preschool during the weekdays. I am not a morning person, so if I’m not going anywhere else after dropping him off then it’s just a quick swipe of Simply Divine Botanicals Gypsy Rose Tea Toner with an organic cotton pad and a quick brush with Periobrite toothpaste on my Sonicare toothbrush before we are all out the door by 8am! Once the little one and I are back home and I’ve finished my liquids, I do my best to follow Kimberly Snyder’s advice about easing your digestion into the day by eating light to heavy. I’ll have some fruit and perhaps a small bit of Purely Elizabeth oatmeal or some Ezekial toast with coconut oil and raw honey. I have an Omega juicer, so most days a green juice is a player as well! (sidenote: I would love for NMDL to request reader’s fav juice recipes! I thrive on inspiration!)

Now, if I do need to be somewhere… Holy Moly! Depending on how long I put off dragging myself out of bed, tea may come before or after I shower. If I have leftover juice or a Suja handy in the fridge, I may take one of those into the bathroom, but it’s always liquids first thing in the morning no matter what. Once or twice a week, I mix up a bit of May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt and gently work that over my face while the shower is warming up. In an alternate universe, I also dry brush my entire body, head to toe and apply a deeply stimulating body mask like Isun’s Himalayan Body Wrap then slowly sip my tea while that dries before gliding into the shower…

In the Shower…

I grab my Sonicare toothbrush and Periobrite and into the shower I go! I also often use EcoDent toothpowder on top of my Periobrite and I go ahead and brush while getting wet. Next I either exfoliate my Clean Dirt off, use my Clarisonic with Tata Harper’s Refreshing cleanser, or I rub some raw Buckwheat honey into my face to wash with. It just depends on my skin or what I feel like using. Then, if I’m shampooing that day, I’ll get a pump or two of my current brand, A’kin rosemary shampoo and work it in, rinse, then A’kin jojoba & lavender conditioner, and rinse. I use Eco Tools exfoliating gloves and The Body Deli Rose Absolute body wash on my body, but this also changes regularly between Osmia’s bar soaps (Zucca Spice & Chamomile Sun), Strange Invisible’s body washes, Red Flower’s Ocean body wash, or whatever else I’ve discovered. If I’m shaving, I use a Preserve razor along with whatever body cleanser and that works great for me. My alternate universe self works that awesome body mask deep into the skin then gives herself a nice long head massage while the conditioner is still on, then delicately combs it through as it detangles her hair. Ahh, that was great.

Out of the Shower…

Depending on whether or not I had one of my sweet peas in the shower with me, (hey, some days, if I want a shower, then at least one is coming in with me to ensure no cataclysmic disaster befalls before I get out) I try to rub in a body oil quickly before I’m dry. Right now, I have either May’s The Good Stuff or Osmia’s Stream. Next, I slap a cloth diaper on the youngest because past experience has taught me, unless you wish to be treading in a warm river on your bathroom floor then you best be wrapping that up pronto. Undies and Plum Pretty Sugar robe on, next I’ll spritz with a mist, and oh how I love a good mist! My go to is still Tata’s Hydrating Floral but I’m also rotating thru La Bella Figura’s Jardin de Fleurs, One Love’s Vitamin D, The Body Deli’s Cucumber Elixir or Rose Absolute mist, or a sample of R.L Linden’s Thousand Petal mist. I’ll immediately follow with either One Love’s Morning Glory (am) or La Bella Figura’s Modern Radiance Concentrate (pm). Originally, I used just LBF’s MRC day and night, but I found it to be so effective (like for reals, y’all) in fading my sun spots that I’ve started using it just at night most days to help it last longer since it is a bit pricey (but so, so worth it, I promise you!)

For my eyes, it’s either Simply Divine Botanical’s Pack Your Bags Eye Gel (am) or LBF’s Decouverte (pm). Next, I apply, what has got to be one of my all-time fav products, LBF’s Daily Elements Defense oil. The smell, the ingredients, the consistency — all fantastic! Love it, love it! For my hair, I spritz some Intelligent Nutrients Detangler into my palms and work that into my ends if it’s tangly and comb it out. Then I use IN’s hair gel mixed with a teeny bit of Dr. Bronner’s lavender hair cream and scrunch it in ends to roots (winter) or 2 sprays of IN’s volume spray into my palms with or without a bit of LBF’s Bohemia Verde and scrunch that in ends to roots (summer). I quickly apply Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen. I then get dressed, get the boys fed and dressed, and then back to bathroom to blow-dry with a diffuser. Alternate self is leisurely massaging her body oil, head to toe while sipping her second cup of Bija tea and listening to Adele on her iPhone. I think I hate her just a little.


I apply RMS Uncover Up in 11 to my inner and under eye area, around my nose, and my chin. Next, some Bare Escentuals liner powder that I’ve had for, like ever, to my outer brows. A bit of Alima Pure’s Milkshake eye shadow to my lids, and then I select a blush based on what I’m wearing from either Kjaer Weis Blossoming, RMS Sacred (which I prefer on my cheeks) Vapour multi in Intrigue, or Nvey Eco in 951 — one of the most flattering powder blushes I have ever used—gives a perfect fresh face glow!.  If I have time, I’ll use some liner, either Dr.Hauschka kajal 03 eyeliner (neutral green-gold), Jane Iredale’s Mystikol in Dark Topaz, or Lily Lolo in khaki, all of which work well with my hazel eyes.

Next, the ever illusive, mascara! I use, and have been using Coleur Caramel’s Cils Long Mascara in black for quite some time and sincerely LOVE it! It can have a tendency to transfer at the outer corners, but I’ve mostly found that happens if I’m too oily there, either from too much concealer or face oil. When I remember to dab a bit of Alima’s finishing powder in Keiko there, then I’m good. Also, the positive effect it’s had on my lashes, as in they are thicker and longer the way they were when I was young, just can’t be beat. It has improved the natural state of my lashes. I also have Jane Iredale’s Pure Lash in black ice on hand when I want added drama. And, yes, I have tried Kjaer’s and Ilia’s mascaras and did not like them. At all. I think I’m old school when it comes to the wand.

Last touch is perfume and those pretty much have to take a number, because I love perfume, therefore I own enough to scent the entire British court. Tsi-la’s Saqui or Kesu, LBF’s Barcelona or Positano, Strange Invisible’s Magazine Street or Fire & Cream, Osmia’s Posso, Tata’s Love Potion or Stress, Red Flower’s Ambrette, Persephenie’s Kildren or Datura, In Fiore’s Ambre, Roots Rose Radish rose frankincense & patchouli… yeah, I know. It’s bad. My alternate universe self? Who knows. She’s probably doing trust-falls with her Yoga instructor or still in the bathroom applying self-tanner. I know this reads like a lengthy routine but typically I’m done in under 50 minutes from my fanny leaving the bed to walking out the door with both kids in tow. Also, I was an esthetician before my first son was born, so I’m never going to have a bare bones routine because I love the world of green beauty and all it has to offer!

43 Responses to “Michaelle’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… exposed!”
  1. Mercedes says:

    OMG how I LOVE a product-heavy routine. THANK YOU! I’m bookmarking this for when I decide to make a LBF order, and I’m going to give that mascara a go <3

  2. Rebecca Bailey says:

    Fun post! Love that Bija Body Daily Beauty Tea. I drink it every day. May L’s and Osmia’s body oils are wonderful. Lots more of my fave brands here – OLO, LBF, RMS…

  3. Charissa says:

    oh i have so much to discuss with Michaelle… I am the same age, have 2 young kids (older boy in preschool and younger girl just turned 1), have similar skin type and LOVE La bella’s Daily elements oil and MRC. i also prefer RMS’s sacred on my cheeks. really!

    i dont mean to turn this into a mummy blog, but please may i just ask: how do you get so much done with the 2 kids?? juicing (what’s suja?), shower (with hairwash), super nice skin routine AND makeup?? your entire life is like my alternate universe!! please share some tips!

    having said that, i also own many of the products listed above – i just dont really use them regularly :P May’s Clean Dirt is def the best exfoliater Ive ever used… and your mist collection is a dream :) i would love to splurge on Tata Harper’s floral water but for now im still using my tiny sample and loving it.

    in fact, i love this routine so much i think ive developed great trust for Michaelle and whatever she uses. I shall slowly go down the list of products and try them all!!

    thanks, Michaelle!!

  4. Lauren says:

    Nice to see a fellow North Carolinian (I’m in Greenville)! Love the routine, and amen to the “liquids first thing”. Have to have my water and tea before anything else or else my stomach doth protests!

  5. Abby C says:

    Haha, love it! I think we can ALL relate to the ‘alternate universe’ self. My alternate universe self wakes up dutifully at 530 AM instead of hitting snooze to do yoga, does weekly face masks with her Juice Beauty and May Lindstrom products, always remembers to use her neti pot and drink warm water first thing, and does self-oil massage before she showers :o) Some day the two Abbys will meet!

  6. Kim says:

    Hi, I am curious where you purchase the mascara in the states? A quick Google search renders high shipping costs. Thanks!

  7. jodi says:

    I love these posts. So great to see what other people are using and having success with.

    My alternate universe self dry brushes too! Ah, every morning my regular universe self just looks guiltily at the brush hanging there.

    I’m a curly girl and still looking for the perfect shampoo. I have now added A’kin to my list to try next! I am having a hard time finding one that isn’t too drying.

  8. Michaelle says:

    OMGosh, thank you ladies! I seriously had some delayed embarrassment after sending this off the other day and considered sending in an edited version sans the alternate self. I’m thrilled to hear there was some enjoyment to be had out there!

  9. Michaelle says:

    @Mercedes and Kim- the Couleur Caramel mascara can be found at thenatureofbeauty.com and I believe their min ship free is only $75. Be forewarned, it sells out A LOT! I usually but atleast 2 tubes. I did just order the new RMS mascara bc I saw that it has a traditional brush which is what I prefer.

  10. Dana lavoie says:

    Yes! I am trying to include dry brushing more often… With a drop of doterra rosemary essential oil or living libations lymph+tonic. I find sappho organics liquid foundation is a favorite whether I’m using it all over or just as a concealer, because the coverage is great and it stays on ALL DAY ( I don’t usually have time for touch ups). And as a curly girl myself I am thrilled to have found organic matter hair care. They have something for everyone, but their level 3 is perfect for curls -a total no-poo non sudsing experience. You can browse and find tons of info on these products on our webstore (living libations products will be online soon, they are in our shop now). Peace everyone! Dana lavoie of Balancebeautyandhealth.com

  11. Michaelle says:

    @Rebecca- I love to hear of other gals who share my love for Bija! Last night, I mixed some of the cooled, steeped tea with some rhassoul clay for a mask and it did an amazing job on my skin! Tightened ( without drying it out), redness was gone, along with these weird little white bumps I’ve been getting on my nose!

  12. Michaelle says:

    @Charissa- Would you like to be my friend? Haha! But seriously, if you ( or any of the other ladies on here would ever want to connect on social media my email is: advngrgrl19@yahoo.com or on Insta: michaelleannadms. Suja is a brand of raw cold-pressed juice that can be found at most Whole Foods nationwide! I use them to fill in the gaps on days when I don’t have time to juice! I rec signing up for their emails bc they send out coupons and do contests for free cleanses on FB! Also, with the particular juicer that we own, I can make up a big bottle at once and store in the fridge for up to 3 days. Must be airtight and no air gaps at top of bottle!
    @Lauren- Again, same goes for you if you’d like to connect and love the Shakespeare reference! ;-)

  13. Michaelle says:

    @Abby- Word, Girlfriend. Till they meet indeed!

    @Jodi- I think you might like that particular shampoo. I do not find it drying at all and I don’t shampoo everyday so that makes a difference. Also, leaving the salon color behind has drastically reduced my dry crunchy hair days.

  14. Michaelle says:

    Oh, and btw, I realized I left out deodorant, which I promise, I do use! I’ve used the Crystal sprays, which irritated my skin and Weleda, which was ok. Soapwalla was good, perhaps a tad oily on me, and I love Meow Meow Tweet and a sample of Osmia’s I received. I just opened a jar of Schmidt’s and so far it works well, but the initial task of getting it out of the jar and rubbed into my underarms is a little tougher than others I’ve tried.

  15. Chris says:

    @ Kim:
    Although I’ve never tried it, Nature of Beauty in MN carries Couleur Caramel mascara. I shop at the store (for RMS and Blissoma) so can’t speak to shipping costs. Just thought you might check them out — they are the only place I know that carries that brand. hth

  16. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Michaelle, what a brilliant use for the tea! I will have to try that.

  17. nan says:

    These morning routines are the best! It is always nice to know which products others use and work for them.
    Very nice collection of yours! No wonder your alternate self spends hours pampering herself! Lucky her!

    I’m also an user (and lover) of CC mascara (which I’m able to find at an “all natural hair salon” in the area) and have repurchased it several times (favor their burgundy color in long cils )

    Love your tip of mixing clay & steeped tea… definitely trying that one!

    Hope you continue to find time to comment on future posts so we can all benefit of your suggestions and ideas!

    Best, always

  18. Nice post!!!!! Lovely routine….but curious as well, How do you have time to do that all :-)))?x

  19. M says:

    Lots of inspiration Michaelle! I’m also a mother of one extremely busy little boy. Time is always a challenge but I love how you make sure you pamper yoursel amidst the chaos. I can totally relate! You have listed some amazing products. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Victoria says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and glamorous routine! This is inspiring me. I don’t have little ones, not even a pet or a plant in my home and if a busy Mom can do it, then heck I plan on taking a little more time for myself. Life is too short to be caught in a top knot 80% of the time.

    Thank you for including so many LBF products in your daily routine Michaelle. It still is the most flattering thing in the world to us when we meet women that not only use our products, love it and do so with great results and recommendations to others. Makes us want to make more beautiful products. We love being included with all of these fantastic brands. I am going to have to agree big time with you that Magazine Street by Strange Invisibles is one heck of a beauty. I think their entire line is sophisticated, complex and artistic. You may also want to try perfumes by Mandy Aftel and Lurk. It’s so much fun that clean perfume is developing into an old fashioned elegant affair. The way old perfumers used to do it. Scent should make you feel happy, inspired, sexy…not sick or scent adverse. It’s all coming around full circle.

    Like everyone commenting, would love to keep updated on all of your incredible finds. A great routine all around!

  21. Stephanie says:

    LOVE this routine and the alternate self! A bright spot in my day! So have you answered this yet: \How DO you do it?!\ Fit in shower and juicing?! Fellow moms need your insight!!! You have so many great products listed and I just really enjoyed reading this! What brand and color henna do you use? I have been considering this as my first greys are sprouting and becoming more noticeable. Was it messy/time-consuming? Tips please on how you fit all that in with two little ones, and tips on henna! You are an inspiration for taking some time for yourself -even with little ones!!

  22. Catherine says:

    Absolutely love your post! So many great recommendations I now want to try! I am wondering how you like the
    LBF’s Decouverte and if you find it helps with dark circles? I have been wanting to try it and would love to hear what you think of it!
    Catherine :)

  23. Danielle says:

    I think Michaelle is my sister from another mother! Love her exquisite taste in products and can’t wait to try a few new ones she suggested. I love my olo and LBf!! Thanks Michaelle!
    I’m a veterinarian but if I hadn’t gotten into vet school, I would have pursued esthetcian school bc I LOVE skincare! Instead I’m a poor perpetual student. I’m currently finishing up an internship at NC state and will be starting the first ever integrative medicine fellowship for veterinarians at UT this summer. Thank goodness for NMDL deals or this poor perpetual student wouldn’t be able to afford her beauty addiction ;)

  24. Michaelle says:

    @Dana- I hadn’t considered the idea of using an EO along with dry brushing! Great idea- I will definitely pass that tip along to AU Michaelle ;-) LOL!

    @nan- I agree. I look forward to reading these morning routines so much that I get a little giddy when I see a new one posted! And you have now made me curious to try the burgundy shade in our mascara; I don’t even think I noticed that they had one! Thanks! Also, supremely flattered that you think my suggestions are beneficial! I will definitely try to put in my two cents whenever I can! xo

  25. Michaelle says:

    Ok, now to what seems to be the universal query of the day- How do I make time for all this? I’m not sure what is the best answer to this. I want to make very clear, that this does NOT happen everyday, ladies. On average, 3-4 days out of the week I don’t even leave the house outside of running the older one to school, grabbing a few things from the grocery on the way back home and then perhaps going for a walk or something. Then later in the day, usually when the little one is napping ( or again I just take him in with me and he loves it!) that’s when I will get that shower! Maybe I just have really great kids, but I will make juice while he plays on the floor in the kitchen or I put him in his room to play on his own for a bit. He is 20 months and I think that’s ok. We have a gate at the doorway so he can still see out and hear me but it’s good for children to learn to entertain themselves and play on their own for periods of time. Some days he does better than others, but we work at making it part of our routine. ( It works best right after breakfast so he’s full and freshly changed and not yet ready for a nap. It won’t work well with a child who’s fussy or hungry.) So when I do have something that solicits real lady clothes, hair and makeup, you can be sure I’m going to make that happen! I look forward to it! It’s such a treat, really, so yes I work in a lot of products. That’s what they’re for, right? To use and to enjoy! Tips? This makes me a bit uncomfortable, because the last thing I want to do is to come off sounding like an expert. I am so not. I’m just a mom with a ridiculous amount green beauty products. I do keep a very well organized bathroom and closet. That would be my first suggestion.

  26. Michaelle says:

    If you want to have a routine that flows quickly and smoothly, then organize your products down to the letter. I keep my items in specific areas of my bathroom and in the order that I use them. Products I don’t use regularly like masks, scrubs, extra mists, oils and perfumes I store on a shelf in my closet which is directly off our bathroom. I have sturdy baskets from Target that keep them orderly but still easily accessible and visible. I regularly use up or clear out old product. I don’t tolerate clutter. Also, when I have somewhere to be, I lay out my outfit- head to toe, jewelry and all- the night before. I know, it sounds very middle schoolish, but it works for me and helps me feel put together the next day. When I shop for clothes, I tend to shop in outfits, which I think makes the task of planning my outfit much easier. Heck, sometimes I even pull out the blush and eye shadow I think will go best. It’s all about the approach, I guess. And being prepared. I worked for a few years as a stylist at a major clothing retailer before we moved to NC and I definitely picked up a few things there. Also, I worked as a Clinique consultant, ( before kids and the switch to a clean lifestyle), a certified esthetician, and at a Sephora. Skincare is, and always has been, very natural to me. It’s a true passion and perhaps that is another thing helps my routine work like second nature to me.

  27. Kerri says:

    Love it!! I so enjoyed reading a routine from another mama with loads of product like myself! I’m regretting not taking advantage of the LBF Friday deal even more now after reading this. I can totally relate to your hectic mornings. I have to get 3 kids, age 7 and under, out the door by 7:45am. My dear husband is usually long gone by then, so my routine varies drastically depending upon how early I can drag myself out of bed and whether or not I have to be somewhere after dropping the older two at school. I usually end up doing my makeup and finishing touches after the school run. To the readers asking about Couleur Caramel mascara, it is also available through Isabella/Chinaberry catalogs and website. I also agree with RMS Sacred worn on the cheeks. It has a little more sheen than the lip2cheek. I always get compliments that I’m looking glowy when I wear it on my cheeks. Thanks for the peek into your awesome routine!

  28. Michaelle says:

    I want to end this Mommy post by saying there are plenty of mornings when then body oil is forsaken, the blush forgotten, and the sweet peas are more like stink pots fussing and carrying on all over the place. It happens but I try to keep that from taking over and becoming the norm. I just do my best to do what I can to retain a bit of me in all of it and enjoy the things I love whenever possible. This was just a snapshot out of my everyday. Life is wonderful, but wholly unpredictable so I am doing my best to be prepared as best I can. xo

  29. Michaelle says:

    @Victoria- Victoria, you honor me by commenting on my routine! Thank you! And I wholeheartedly agree about the power of scent. It has the ability to transform and transport. It is very personal. And I think so very important. The art of real perfumery has definitely gone thru a revival, a reawakening to the way things used to be done. Much like organic farming and gardening; going back to the way things used to be done. I have sampled Lurk and loved them and have now added Mandy Aftel to my list to try!

    @Stephanie- Thank you! And sometimes, I make the juice of an evening whilst also cooking dinner and store for the following morning. I can be quite the multi-tasker when I set my mind to it. The henna I used was Surya Brasil in the cream form. Not messy at all and so, so easy. I ordered several colors off Luckyvitamin.com after reading a boat load of reviews and then did it on a day when I knew I didn’t need to be anywhere special the next couple days. I did Red first which was too cool for my cool complexion, so the next day I applied the Copper ( which is warmer and works better for my skin) and voila! My advice, stick to shades in your general natural hair color. It doesn’t last near as long as salon color, but trading out the chemicals not to mention a much better price point than Aveda makes it worth it for me. Also, I really think it has improved my hair’s natural curl structure.

    @Catherine- Yes! Decouverte absolutely has an effect on dark circles! And I believe its their best-selling product for that very reason. Also, dark circles can be a sign of dehydration, which is an issue for nearly everyone at one point or another. Also, make sure you are getting plenty of zinc and magnesium.

  30. Kerri says:

    Sorry, never mind the suggestion for the mascara. It looks like it is no longer available at Isabella/Chinaberry.

  31. Kali says:

    Love it, great routine! I especially love all the food mentions as they are quite familiar to me :)

  32. Michelle says:

    what a fun routine, thank you Michaelle!
    I’m really excited by the Bija tea! Where do you buy it, if you don’t mind me asking? And are there multiple kinds? (sorry if these are really dumb questions, but a quick google search didn’t come up with anything particularly clear!) thanks!

  33. Stephanie says:

    Michaelle- THANK YOU for the advice on the henna… sounds awesome and I am so grateful to you. One more question – I see that you said your hair is “brown” – so is mine. Is yours dark or light, and also what shade brown was it at the time you put the copper henna on your hair? I have fair skin and medium/dark brown hair with natural red tones in it ,and wonder if the copper would work for me. Do you think it looked good because it mixed well with the red henna used previously, or that the copper would work well on its own? Thank you! ALSO… since you clearly know your way around products and have excellent taste – I would like to get your thoughts on Tata’s refreshing cleanser? Do you find it to be at all drying? Does it help to keep your pores pretty clear? Remove makeup? And you said you like the toner too – I would love to get more input – especially on the cleanser. Again, you are an inspiration to fellow moms – and women in general – and I love your post!!! Thanks for taking time to answer my questions!!!

  34. Michaelle says:

    @Michelle- thank you! And so not a dumb question! I’m happy you asked because as you can see, I love to share ;-) I get the tea directly from her website, bijabody.com. She makes a Daily Beauty tea, a Nightly Beauty tea, an Hebal one, a Baby Momma one, and one for the man in your life as well! Plus, she makes one heck of a body care line as well! The site is lovely and such I pleasure to shop- very feminine. I suggest you take your time and explore the entire online store and be sure to order one of the beautiful glass tumblers for steeping and drinking your tea! Enjoy! Xo

  35. Natasha says:

    Great routine Michaelle! :)

    I’m definitely going to try the Bija Tea…. (fyi @Michelle http://www.bijabody.com is the website for the tea, and yes there are 3 different kinds)… I’m super happy that they’re GF and they ship to Canada, woot woot! :)

    Your routine definitely inspired me, as it appears to have inspired many other ladies!

    Thanks for sharing with us and making our day a little bit brighter! :)

  36. Charissa says:

    Michaelle, I would LOVE to be your friend!!! “talk” to you soon!! :)

  37. Natasha says:

    **amendment** more than 3 different kinds! :p

  38. mangomadness says:

    Michaelle: How do you like Eco-dent tooth powder? I am curious about the regular ones and the whitening one.

    Also, ave you tried Nature’s Answer Periowash Mouthwash. The ‘Cool Mint’ variety is a staple of mine.

  39. Well, we are ridiculously honored to be a part of people’s daily rituals! It’s the very core of why we do what we do. Michaela, knowing that our Beauty Tea fits beautifully into your life gives me butterflies. I love seeing this. Thank you for sharing. It means the world to us, and keeps us excited to work as hard as we do creating products worthy of your rituals, your home and the world. xo, Melissa Picoli esthetician/founder BijaBody

  40. eeewww. I hate that I spelled your name wrong. Michaelle, I’m sorry. Our name, BijaBody is one word two capitals and every time I see Bija Body it hurts me just a little. xo, melissa

  41. Michaelle says:

    @Stephanie- I would also say my hair is med/ dark brown naturally and at the time I put on my first henna application I had a good 1-2 inches of regrowth of I colored hair and then the rest had left over faded highlights of lighter reddish golden brown. The Copper was a great choice for me bc of my cool skin tone( ie: look at the veins on the insides of your wrists. If they are clearly blue or purplish then u are cool. If they’re more greenish, then you are warm.) Warm tones compliment cool skin better and cool tones, like the Red I originally tried, works better with warm skin. I have since applied the Copper again by itself and its looked great. The shades can be customized by mixing. Since U have some red naturally ( I do as well, but only in the summer) I would experiment with Red, Copper, and maybe a couple blondes mixed in. That’s what I’m going do do next; I’m still waiting on a dark golden blonde shade that is back ordered with Luckyvitamin.com. On Tata’s Refreshing cleanser, I do love it- not drying at all, leaves my skin very soft and the scent is very bright ( bergamot, citrus with neroli maybe) and makes it a pleasure to use in the am. It’s not perfect at washing all of my eye makeup off ( for pm cleansing I have been using OLO vit b oil ) but when I have used it at night I just went back a bit of my decouverte or any other eye treatment and used it do dab up and remove any remaining smudges. It does a pretty good job of keeping my pores clean when I use it with the Clarisonic, but I do have some VERY stubborn ones around my nose and in the dip of my chin that just never seem to be completely clear except for just after doing a serious mask like May’s Problem Solver or some clay I’ve mixed up on my own. Doing a facial steam beforehand ( which I just recently tried) really seem to make a difference at loosening up the clogged pores so the mask could pull it out. I think an oil cleanser would be better if u really want one cleanser that does it all- removes makeup and cleans out pores better. I have also tried and used Kari Gran’s oil cleanser- Wonderful! And I recc you look at the line Pollen & Wax- the have an oil cleanser as well one called Apollo that look very promising. ( seedtoserum.com has given that line a glowing review) It’s my next line that I plan to explore ;-) Email me anytime- advngrgrl19@yahoo.com

  42. Michaelle says:

    * regrowth of uncolored hair!

  43. Michaelle says:

    @mangomadness- I really do love the Eco-Dent powder. It makes such a difference on how clean my mouth feels afterward. It leaves my teeth with that wonderful sparkling polished feel that you get from a cleaning at the dentist office. When I use it regularly, my teeth look whiter to me ( I use the regular one, never tried the whitening one). I sprinkle it on top my toothpaste or use by itself if I just need a quick freshen-up after a meal. I have and use the Periowash Cool mint and love it as well! I bought the Cinnamint by mistake once and did not care for it. Felt like my mouth was literally on fire. Yikes!

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