Gretta’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Name: Gretta

Age: 21

City: Glen Rose, Tx

Current Weather: Cool, overcast, rain. Our weather is sadly, inconsistent. One day, bone chilling – another, sunny and warm!

Skin: Normal, with tendencies to being dry and sensitive.

Hair: Long, dark and wavy. Periodically, I color my hair Henna, switching from redder shades to richer, darker colors…

Favorite star from the past: Audrey Hepburn

First thing…

When I’m not dashing out the door to be at work bright and early, I like to ease into my day with a cup of organic coffee or a loose leaf tea. I am certainly not a morning person, so it’s a perfect pick-me-up to get me going. Lately, I’ve been drinking The Tao of Tea rose petal black and Rishi cinnamon plum.

In the shower…

If I’m feeling rather ambitious, I dry brush before my bath (I prefer baths when time allows). I add to my bath water Woodland Moss Organic Bath Salts from Angel Face Botanicals. It has a beautiful earthy/floral scent! Next, I use a basic bar of homemade soap to cleanse, and if it’s a shaving day, I lather coconut oil and soap on my legs. I’m still exploring natural shampoos. I currently use John Masters Evening Primrose Shampoo for dry hair as well as my DIY Shampoo soap bar and ACV rinse. So far it’s been working great! Once in a while, if my hair looks a little dull I treat it with coconut oil applying it to my hair while it is still dry before shampooing and rinsing. I find the process works very well, and gives my hair lots of shine and body.

Outside the shower…

While my skin is still damp I moisturize my body with either argan or coconut oil. I apply Thai Crystal Deodorant and brush my teeth with either TheraNeem tooth and gum powder (cinnamon) or Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Neem and Pomegranate toothpaste. Next, I begin cleansing my face with Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. As much I love this product, I will likely switch back to her Refreshing Cleanser as it’s more gentle on my skin. If my skin needs a little extra help, I apply raw honey and a bit of baking soda on areas of redness. To moisturize my face, I use Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex and Repairative Moisturizer. I’ll often alternate that with argan or coconut oil as well.

Finishing touches…

‘Simple and unadulterated’ is my mantra when it comes to makeup. Whenever I can, I try to wear as little makeup as possible. But sometimes a little enhancement is beneficial! I start with applying RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up over my dark circles and any areas of redness. Next, I lightly powder my face and upper neck with Faerie Organic Artisan Cosmetics Mineral Foundation and Bronzer (if I’m needing a little more color). For my cheeks I use RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in ModestRMS Beauty Living Luminizer for highlighting — by far, a top favorite of mine! Its pearlescent sheen gives a healthy, natural glow to my skin. For my eyes RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Solar, Jane Iredale Basic Black eye pencil and Dr. Hauschka Black Mascara. For lips I often stick to a variety of tinted lip balms, my current favorite being Simply Natural Summer Crush tinted lip balm.

Some Extras…

Lastly, on to fragrances, I have fallen in LOVE with Tata Harper Irritability Treatment as well as her new product Love Potion. I cannot rave enough over her aromatherapy! Lotus Wei is yet another favorite. However, choosing one favorite is nearly impossible so I’ll stick to my top 3: Quiet MindInner Peace and Infinite Love.

14 Responses to “Gretta’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!”
  1. Katy says:

    Oh my, those bath salts look like heaven!

  2. Ani says:

    Thank you for mentioning deodorant! I have been thinking about e-mailing a question in since I don’t really know where to even start in cleaning up that particular area. It’s also nice to see someone else who is a bit more minimalist with the make-up :)

  3. Impi says:

    Ladies – I have a question.

    RMS uncover makeup can be applied better with the help of an applicator . I forget what is it called. It was discussed on this blog in the past. Does nayone know what I am talking about?

  4. Nice post! Rms products seem really to be stars among green bloggers. Can anyone tell me if they give that matte finish or not? I am quite skeptical in getting the Un cover-up for that reason…..

  5. Erica says:

    I have a recent deodorant discovery as every thing else has been too much for my sensitive skin:
    This has been a lifesaver when I workout and in my daily routine. Plus, it’s a stick and all I have to do is just reapply it a couple times in a day. I ended up finding it at my local grocery store by chance. I know some Whole Foods locations carry it also.

    I usually apply my RMS uncover with my fingers, but I’ve found that a concealer brush I have from MAC has been helpful when I need more detail work to cover my undereyes and red areas on the cheeks. I think ecotools has a good concealer brush also. Hope this helps!

  6. Lexie says:

    @mademoiselle Nature I got a sample of the RMS un cover-up and used it under my eyes. Loved the coverage and longevity however it made my millia (little bumps under my eyes) way worse and it didn’t leave a matte finish on my skin. However some people love it. Spirit Beauty Lounge does samples that are a GREAT option if you want to try before you buy!!

  7. Sydney says:

    @Impi I’ve heard of using a Beauty Blender with the RMS Un-Cover Up. I can imagine that it would go on more even & smooth with the blender versus using your fingers.

  8. Gretta says:

    Ani, Thank you!
    While I have been very pleased with the salt crystal, I’m still exploring…
    There are some other brands out there that I am eager to try. Schmidt’s Handcrafted Organic Deodorant, Soapwalla, and Nourish seem to be well favored in the natural body-care community.

    Impi, I believe you might be thinking of a Smudge Applicator. I’ve just used my finger tip for application and it works well for me. :)

    Mademoiselle Nature,
    I definitely wouldn’t consider RMS a matte. However, it is very lightweight. The product is very hydrating and absorbs into my skin very well, so it doesn’t leave an oily finish…and applying a little mineral powder over it removes any remaining sheen.
    Hope that’s helpful!

  9. Natasha says:

    @Ani I’m currently using Schmidts Handcrafted Organic Deodorant that @Gretta mentioned, the one I have right now is the bergamot and lime. I love, love, love, love, love, looooove the smell of it. So far it seems to work alright. Unfortunately, I’ve only had it for two months and it’s winter so I can’t really tell you how well it works during times of heavy perspiration. But, it smells amazing. Also, I’m not particularly sensitive, so if you are, that might be something you need to consider.

    @Gretta Nice post! :) And again, for the deodorant you mentioned (Schmidts), if you try it I highly recommend the bergamot and lime scent, if you like citrus/lime :) Also, I really want to try tata harper’s love potion but I’m afraid to commit 45 bucks for something that I’m not even sure I’m going to like. I’m not a huge fan of ylang ylang fragrance which I know is one of the notes. I wish I could get samples for it somewhere that ships to Canada :(

  10. Ani says:

    @Natasha and @Erica, thanks! I am going to try to make it into civilization soon and hopefully will be able to find some of these!

  11. Erica says:

    @Natasha I ended up liking my tata harper love potion, but I love love love the aromatic irritability treatment. I only use a little bit of each. Hopefully you find someone that carries it. I would eventually like to try the Schmidts deo so I’m going to have to check that out next.

    @Gretta I loved hearing about your routine and I’m going to have to simplify my routine a bit more in the morning. I’m not a morning person either :) I was wondering how the Dr. Hauschka mascara holds up for you in warmer weather. I live in the midwest and I have found mascara tends to be something I avoid in the summer months.

  12. Gretta says:

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your suggestion — I LOVE the smell of bergamot, so I’ll will definitely look into to giving it a try. :) You might be pleasantly surprised with the Love Potion. The Ylang Ylang is hardly noticeable to me, the Rose, Sandalwood, Cedarwood Atlas, and Jasmine are the most prominent in the blend (that I can tell).
    Overall, it has a very pleasing aroma that’s warm, but not overbearing. Her blends are also highly concentrated, so a little goes a looong way. :)

  13. Gretta says:

    Erica, thank you! :)
    I just recently added Dr.Hauschka into my routine, so unfortunately, I don’t know how well it would fare for warm temps. However, I wouldn’t consider it very water-proof. When I remove my makeup, a little warm water on a washcloth and it comes off effortlessly. But during the day, it stays in place with no smudging — and isn’t clumpy either!

  14. Impi says:

    @sydney: Thanks! A Beauty Blender is what I am looking for.

    @Erica and @Gretta: Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely look into those.

    I use my finger right now but I have heard excellent things about the Beauty Blender.

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