My MM: Frances’ Meatless Monday Menu

Name: Frances H

Home: Denver, CO

Dietary Leanings: I’ve been a vegetarian for much of my life, ever since I learned about hamburgers and their close relation to my favorite stuffed animal Moo Moo at the age of 9. I do not currently eat eggs and I keep my dairy/wheat/sugar intake to a minimum, while still allowing myself enough freedom to go out to eat and indulge in a good ice cream now and again.

Favorite vegetable: Toss-up. Avocados steal my heart, but I think they are technically a fruit, so my favorite vegetable is currently beets.

Monday morning…

I came home from yoga parched so I drank a big glass of room-temp water, followed by a shot of apple cider vinegar. I put the teakettle on for my earl grey with a splash of unsweetened almond milk and honey. After a shower, more hydration and a spot of tea, I ate a hunk of toasted Manna bread with a whole avocado spread over it, sprinkled with Finnish Citron sea salt. I also ate a small bowl of super ripe cantaloupe and raspberries.

For lunch…

I had a massive bowl of homemade salad consisting of diced heirloom tomatoes, olives, cucumber, dill, parsley, purple onion, chopped mini power-greens, feta cheese and home-preserved Meyer lemons dressed with red wine vinegar, evoo and black pepper. Then I had a hearty serving of a casserole I made the day before. I’m excited for fall and this dish definitely is off that autumnal spirit. It’s a vegan mac’n’cheese variation using butternut squash, nutritional yeast and cashews to make a creamy orange-colored base for veggies and brown rice pasta. For the full recipe, click here.

For a late afternoon snack…

I ate a bunch of green grapes and a few tasty squares of macrobiotic-inspired vegan almond butter and brown rice crispy treats. These are one of my favorite healthy sweet treats to make at home. So delicious and cane-sugar free. For that recipe, click here.

In the evening, I boiled a pot of water with fresh red raspberry leaf and calendula flowers for a healing and balancing herbal infusion. Throughout the day I drink room-temp filtered water, with an occasional glass of cold bubbly water if it strikes my fancy.

I tend towards a larger early afternoon meal/lunch followed by a lighter snack in the evening, especially on the weekdays. This makes my early morning Ashtanga practice much more enjoyable because I feel more energized and lighter in the morning and I find that I sleep better with an emptier stomach.

Thanks for sharing! What’s delicious foods are you inspired by on this Meatless Monday?

5 Responses to “My MM: Frances’ Meatless Monday Menu”
  1. Annette says:

    Frances, your menu sounds delicious and very much like my way of eating.

    I love this time of year with all the produce available, but I am also looking forward to the butternut squash and sweet potatoes just around the corner.

    PS~ LOVE me some yoga

  2. Kaitie says:

    My absolute go-to is veggie stir fry! It is so simple to make, and so nutritious! I just cut up some of my favorite veggies, like asparagus, celery, carrots, onions, etc. and cook them down until they are just a little bit cooked, add my favorite gluten free/vegan sauce (watered down so I don’t add too much) and pour it all over brown rice! It is sooo delicious!
    Thank you for sharing and keep it sweet and stylish!

  3. Rebecca Bailey says:

    I just had an avocado with citron sea salt yesterday, fabulous! I’m in total agreement about eating light later in the day, better sleep and better morning yoga for me, too.

  4. A says:

    lovely menu and lovely blog! I look forward to scanning through some yoga posts today :)

  5. Frances@Lila says:

    Thanks A and thanks to all you lovely ladies for reading :)

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