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  1. cara says:

    I’m also from Ontario. I’ve always had issues with my skin and have tried tons of different cleansers for my face. In early 20’s was acne and now early 30’s hormones! Last year I ordered a konjac sponge form freshfaced! It is the most amazing thing! I ‘ve only ordered the red clay one but will try another one next time. If you use cleanser it lathers amazing, but you can also use it alone which I’ve been doing! So since ditching the cleanser all together and using only the sponge my face is doing sooo much better! My texture and colour are better and it lasts 2 to 3 months if you take care of it and I use it twice a day! I ordered my mom one and she loves it too. I will continue using it as long as I can order it! If I wear makeup I usually use an oil to remove prior to washing, and I use a homemade lotion afterwards. I use a green clay mask once a week as well lately. If you are having a hard time finding a cleanser I urge you to try this, it’s like $10. There is also a good youtube video of a girl from the UK reviewing and demonstrating it! Hope this helps!

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