Caitie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Caitie, a natural beauty blogger who shares our passion for great clean products!

Name: Caitie

Age: 25

Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada

Current Weather: Moody—hot and humid one day, cool the next.

Hair: Curly and very prone to frizz.  I’ve happily found products that keep it under control, but when I deviate, bad, pouffy things happen!

Skin: Pretty normal.  I struggled with acne until about 21, but since then, my skin has been fairly easygoing.  It can be a little sensitive at times, but generally my biggest skin concerns are pores that I wish were less visible, and a couple fine lines on my forehead.

Icon: I’m not sure I have one!  But, let’s go with Amanda Seyfried.  I don’t see it, but ever since Mamma Mia came out, I regularly have strangers come up to me and tell me how much I look like her.  It’s very strange…

The night before…

I take my makeup off with jojoba oil and then double cleanse with some kind of cleanser.  I’ve been looking for a new one and trying out a few different ones in the meantime, but none seem quite right.  I like Pretty’s Black Tea and Raw Cocoa Cleansing Grains and Weleda’s Soothing Almond Cleansing Lotion, but I’m not convinced either of them gets my skin clean enough to use just it, all the time.  After cleansing, I use a homemade witch hazel toner, and follow with KYI’s Argan + Vitamin C Serum, which is a light oil, but still very hydrating.  I’ve actually noticed an improvement in the lines on my forehead in the two months or so I’ve been using it.  I also use Pure + Simple’s Eye Brightening Cream, which is great for dark circles, but not quite as effective for puffiness.

In the morning…

About once a week, I mix up a homemade clay mask and apply that about 10 minutes before jumping in the shower.  When I remember, I’ll also do a quick dry brush.  On days when I don’t do a mask, I like to use a face scrub in the shower – either Devita’s Gentle Aloe Scrub or Sukin’s Revitalizing Facial Scrub (which contains phenoxyethanol but is otherwise very clean).  Next, I wash my hair with Acure’s Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and leave the matching conditioner on until the very end of my shower.  I change body washes all the time, but right now I’m using Nourish’s Almond Vanilla, which is lovely and creamy, and smells like decadent cake batter.  On shaving days, I use Desert Essence’s Fragrance Free Conditioner, which I hated on my hair, but which works surprisingly well as a shaving cream.

Outside of the shower…

If I don’t deal with my hair while it’s very wet, it frizzes up, so after quickly toweling off, the first thing I do is apply Aura Cacia’s Organic Argan Oil, focusing it mainly on my ends.  Then, I scrunch with either Yarok’s Feed Your Roots Mousse or Intelligent Nutrients’ Styling Gel.  Both control frizz and define my curls, without leaving my hair sticky or crunchy.  Both also have mild scents, which I love since scented hair products usually start to drive me crazy midway through the day.  The Intelligent Nutrients gives a little more hold and makes for better second day hair, but either one is fine day to day.

On my face, I use my homemade witch hazel toner again, followed by Skin Essence’s Nourish Serum/Moisturizer and Pure + Simple’s Eye Brightening Cream.  I also moisturize my body with an unscented lotion.  Right now I’m using Seed’s Nourishing Body Lotion, but my favorite is Acure’s Cocoa Butter + CoQ10.

Finishing Touches…

I enjoy playing around with makeup, but my everyday look is pretty neutral.  Eye shadow varies day to day, but it’s usually a light, shimmery beige or gold on the lid and a medium brown or plum in the crease.  My favorite mascara is Zuzu Luxe’s Onyx, and while I don’t wear liner every day, when I do, it’s a pencil from either Honeybee Gardens or Benecos.  Lips are usually pretty subtle.  I like Badger’s lip balms (particularly the cocoa butter ones), Yes to Carrot’s Tinted Colorbalms, Vapour’s lip glosses, and a recent discovery, Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor lipsticks (Tuscany Rose is my favorite).  Most days I wear a powder foundation, either Honeybee Gardens’ Pressed Mineral Foundation or Lucy Minerals’ Lucy Light Foundation.  For a cream/liquid product, I’m a big fan of The All Natural Face’s Cream Foundation.  I also use Une’s Skin Glow Pencil and Silk Naturals’ Sleep in a Jar Concealer under my eyes.  My blush is usually from one of my homemade pressed palettes, which I made a couple months ago when I was feeling especially adventurous.  I top everything off with Lucy Minerals’ Light Finishing Powder, which blurs fine lines and imperfections and helps my makeup last longer.

Whew, sounds like a lot when you write it all out!  Overall, I’m pretty happy with my routine, but I’m still searching for a perfect cleanser and eye cream.  Any suggestions are very welcome!

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  1. Argh! The settings on this post got jacked up, so if you were trying to leave a comment earlier, it should be good to go now.

  2. Alix says:

    Do you have a link to Caitie’s natural beauty blog?

  3. Misha says:

    Caitie, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while. Nice to see your routine here!

  4. Hephzibah says:

    Hey Alix

    Her blog is at :)

    Loved reading this – always sends me on a surf-spree to look at all the products people use.

    H x

  5. Im a reader of her blog and i always find her usefull and a sunny girl :)
    Its a dream to appaer over you site ^_^
    I admire you too :)
    Thanks for this interview.


  6. Sofie says:

    Very interesting, fun to see you here too, Caitie :)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hi Caitie! Love reading about your routine…and all of the NMDL morning routines! I rarely send in comments, and especially not my advice, but I feel strongly about a recommendation for a cleanser for you! And believe me, I have tried them ALL: Kahina, Tata, Dr. Alkaitis, Suki, Haushka, Evan Healy…etc. And each of these is really special in its own way. But, as a fellow Weleda lover- especially their Almond Cleanser – and as someone with sensitive skin – I strongly recommend you try Pai cleanser! I just started using it and it is SO awesome! It is similar in a way to the Weleda cleanser in that it is a milky lotion, but the formula is awesome and using the muslin cloth that comes with it to remove makeup and all residue – it leaves me feeling cleaner than any other cleanser I have tried – and NOT at all stripped. And a little goes a long way and it also doubles as an eye makeup remover! I love, love love this cleanser!!!

  8. fern says:

    I have been using Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Cleansing Oil followed by the One Love Organics Brand New Day (the face scrub – it’s super gentle) and they’re my favorite. I love the cleansing oil because it gets rid of makeup without drying my skin and without needing a cloth to wipe off the oil. Amazing.

    Kahina Eye Serum has actually, really, reduced my undereye circles. I bought it after reading a review on Pemberly Jones. It is really as good as she says.

  9. Sally says:

    Hi Caitie! I totally agree with Stephanie: try Pai’s Camellia & Rose cleanser. It’s one of the loveliest, gentlest cleansers out there. And Fern is right, too – the Kahina eye serum is great, as is One Love Organics x Elizabeth Dehn’s Vitamin E eye balm.

    Good luck in your search :)


  10. I love Caitie’s blog, and it’s great to see all her secrets rolled out onto one page. Will I be stealing a few products out of it? Probably :) The make-up routine is full of wonderous things I have yet to try – I’ve seen Caitie write about Lucy Minerals before and am super intrigued!

    Mayah x

  11. Michele says:

    I second the Pai muslin face cloths. They really help to do a more thorough cleansing. By adding these to your routine you may find you already have the perfect cleanser (o:

  12. kimberlyloc says:

    Great post, Caitie! I love your blog and am thrilled to get a deep dive into your routine.

    As for eye creams, my favorites are from Absolution and 100% Pure for tightening // de-puffing and Cocoon Apothecary for plumped-up moisture in the winter. I also like La Bella Figura’s eye serum, though I don’t use it every night.

    As for cleansers, I like Juice Beauty’s cream cleanser, but I only use it in my morning shower; nights are for oil cleansing!

  13. tranquil says:

    I never dreamed the perfect cleanser actually existed until I met Oha Bioactive Skincare’s Cleansing Milk. I really love the Weleda almond cleansing lotion in the morning or on days when I’m not wearing makeup. Otherwise my favorite cleanser of all time for my sensitive/very reactive breakout prone skin is Oha’s Cleansing Milk. It is a super slippery cleansing milk and a little goes a long way, I only have to use a dime sized amount to take off all of my mineral makeup and mascara. It rinses totally clean without leaving a residue like a lot of other cleansing milks do, and even though it removes all makeup it doesn’t strip my skin. My skin is so much happier and balanced since I started using this, I would love to see others reviewing and being turned onto their products. It’s a super great natural line. I am in love with their Intensive Nutrient Complex, Night Cream (smells SO good!) and eye cream.

  14. Geeta says:

    I would reccomend for Caitie So Pure Nourishing Balm Cleanser, to address both sensitivity and breakouts, and So Pure Rejuvenating Eye Serum. Thanks

  15. Silvy says:

    Hi, Caitie! I find my skin is best when I oil cleanse where I’m wearing make up, or if none at all, I just do a warm compress with Dr. Hauschka’s Lemon Bath and a wash cloth. In the morning I usually just splash with rose water, and I find my skin has been much better balanced since I’ve stopped using a designated cleanser twice a day. I also really like Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream as an occasional exfoliant and recently used a sample of Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser for this too, which was really great.

    Pai Echium Eye Cream is FABULOUS. (Actually, all of their products are! You should give them a go if you’re going to try out the cleanser anyhow. :)) Ruth Crilly on AModelRecommends has also reviewed it, if you want more info.

    Thanks for sharing your routine! Lots of new, exciting products to try!

  16. Nicole says:

    Hi Ladies, specifically those that commented on, and love, the Pai Cleanser. Based on your recommendations, I started in on a couple of samples last night. I’m going through a HUGE sensitive skin, and crazy break-out-prone period right now, and am at my wits end. I’ve only used the Pai cleanser twice now, but am wondering if you use the Sensitive Skin cream from Pai as well, or what you’re using that doesn’t exacerbate breakouts. Any ideas would be so helpful and very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Caitie says:

    So exciting to see my routine on NMDL, there may have been a happy dance yesterday morning :)

    Like Hephzibah said, my blog can be found at

    For those of you who’ve tried the Pai cleanser, does it smell very strongly of roses? I think I’m the only person ever who is not a fan of rose scents! I’ve enjoyed other products from them in the past, but that’s what’s always held me back from the cleanser.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!! I’m off to have a browse of them all now :)

  18. How lovely to read Caitie’s routine on NMDL! NaturallaBeauty is such a great green beauty read!

    Caitie, I suggest you try Pai’s cleanser and eye cream. They are both very gentle, yet very effective. I have been using them for quite a while, and they are still my favorites!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Nicole – I was going through a crazy time with my skin too – breakouts and super sensitive as well. I have just been using the Pai system a few days and there is huge improvement in my skin. Yes, I also use the Pai toner and moisturizer for combination skin in addition to the cleanser. I love all three products and on their web site, you can buy a starter set (full sizes) and it saves you some money! They also offer a sample pack to try the different products/moisturizers…maybe an option for you.

    Caitie – I don’t think of the cleanser as having a strong rose smell – just a very fresh scent and nothing that overpowers or lingers.

    Lilly!!!! It is thanks to YOU that I finally gave Pai a try! I love your blog and because of your reviews of Pai, and my super sensitive skin, decided to give it a try. Many thanks to you – I am so grateful to finally find something that works for my sensitive skin!!! THANK YOU!

  20. cristina says:

    wow what a beauty! love her haul of information!

  21. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much Stephanie! I absolutely adore this forum and the women who are so thoughtful and caring, and take the time to offer such thoughtful advice. I’m loving the cleanser, Stephanie (it’s made such a big difference in only three days!!!), so I’ll try the toner and moisturizer as well. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. And… thanks to Lily for turning you onto Pai :)

  22. Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Nicole! I am glad you responded to let me know you saw my comment! I love this forum too and am always impressed by the compassion we can share with one another! I am soooo happy to hear your skin is already calming down! I hope it continues to clear quickly and wish you the very best! Before starting Pai, I really realized it is true what I have heard so many times on this site: less is more. I was making my skin angry by stripping it (even with natural products!) to treat the acne, but making it overreactive! Another tip that has been working to treat those pesky zits – and is not appearing to be too harsh — I believe I learned from Rebecca Bailey (much love!). If it wasn’t Rebecca and was someone else, sorry for the mistake, but think it was Rebecca – layer a dot of lavender essential oil on the dot, and then put a dot of clay on top of that and sleep in it. That too has been helping me. So of course has diet – it is hard at first, but over the past couple of years, I have eliminated all grains and dairy and especially sugar and have focused on upping my veggie and protein intake – it really has made a difference, as many on this forum have attested to…sending you healing wishes, Nicole!!!

  23. Stepheni says:

    Love the routine Caitie! I searched for a clean cleanser that I loved for years, and found some that I liked, but never one that I loved (I either felt not clean enough or my skin was tight and itchy afterwards- no good!) But then I stared oil cleansing, and I fell in love with it. It really makes my skin feel wonderful, and absolutely gets rid of makeup, plus the all dirt from cleaning my chicken coop and working in the gardens all day (I live on a small farm)- I highly recommend it! It is very simple, but sometimes it takes a little bit of experimenting to find what oils work for your skin- I use 50% organic castor oil to 50% olive oil, but my good girlfriend uses just 100% avocado oil because the castor oil was too much for her skin (it pulls out the gunk in your pores, and some find it drying). If you like DIY stuff, you should give it a try. I blog as well, about natural living and such, and have a post on oil cleansing, as do many other great websites (I think NMDL has done and oil cleansing post) … mine is: I really encourage you to give oil cleansing a try, it really is great. Cheers!

  24. V says:

    Nice routine!
    Are there any awesome moisturizer you would recommend for oily/acne prone skin without spf?

  25. Jo says:

    What a beauty! Thanks for sharing Caitie’s daily routine, I find this kind of info really helpful! :)

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