Product Review: Juice Beauty CC Cream Stem Cellular Repair

Juice Beauty has a new Stem Cellular Repair collection that has me super excited. They make some pretty big claims about results, like reduction of lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone and luminosity. Yes, I’ll have some of those, please. I chose two of the products to try, and was so thrilled within a few days of use I could hardly believe it. I wanted to be really, really sure the remarkable change was not just random (my skin can be great one day and crummy the next, what with the perimenopause wackiness). I’ve been using the products for a couple of months now, which for me means about 2.5 hormonal cycles. This is key, because I wanted to know how adding these products to my routine would affect my hormonal break-outs. Well, the evidence is in—and, may I just say WOOOO HOOOO! These products are truly great, and I do believe I’m in this for the long haul. Here are the changes I’ve experienced:

  • Reduction in wrinkles, especially those deeper ones between my brows and on my forehead
  • More even tone, with both older damage and recent acne scars much improved*
  • Improved texture, with smaller pores and increased firmness
  • Fewer blackheads
  • Fewer blemishes, less inflammation
  • Accelerated healing of existing blemishes
  • General fabulousness

Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum:  This is a thick, citrusy-smelling gel that goes on smoothly and kind of liquefies as it meets the warmth of skin. It gives me a little tingle, in a pleasant way. The first two times I used it I’d say it was more of a sting, which made me nervous because I tend to be sensitive. This is the first product that goes on my skin after cleansing, morning and night.  It adds a little moisture, but I still use my other products (another serum, hydrosol, oil). The idea is that it boosts what your other products do, and with the overall results I’m getting I’d say it does its job.  I love the the airless pump for keeping the serum stable, but the downside is you can’t tell how much product is left.

Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream: This is Juice Beauty’s answer to BB creams, which I admit I’d never heard of until I heard of CC. I’m all in favor of multitaskers, and I had always wanted to try a tinted moisturizer.  This is that, and so much more.   It has SPF 30 (zinc oxide), so it has become my face and neck sunscreen. The first time I tried it, I thought, “Wow, I wish my skin was in good enough shape to use such a light coverage product.” Then it occurred to me, maybe this would make my skin better—and it did. I now use much less of my mineral foundation to cover flaws, and mostly just for under my eyes. CC is a great base for mineral foundation spot application, takes care of evening my complexion, and leaves my skin with a velvety texture. I use a bit of finishing powder too, and that’s all I feel I need for a work day in front of a crowd. There hasn’t been any blazing sun yet where I am, but so far so good in the SPF department.

I have tried CC several times just on its own as a sunscreen during sweaty running and hiking, and it does the job. Of all the times I’ve done this, only twice I’ve had the tiniest bit of creasing around my eyes, and I put it on pretty thick to test it. I wouldn’t have even noticed the creasing if I hadn’t looked in my magnifying mirror.  I’ve had absolutely no creasing during regular daily activities. Here’s the down side: It only comes in two shades. I use Natural Glow (for fair to medium skin).  Warm Glow is for medium to dark skin tones. I’m thrilled the lighter shade works for my pale olive skin.

Alexandra** and Siobhan*** have both tried it and are just as pleased with the results. We all have different color undertones so that bodes well for versatility.

So is it the stem cells?  Is it the vitamin C?  Or just this particular combination of ingredients?  Whatever.  Thank you, Juice.

Are you intrigued??  Tell us!

*my DIY brightener is the bomb for sun damage, and works well on acne scars over time, but adding the Juice products definitely accelerates results

**Alexandra on the CC: “I love that this feels nothing like sunscreen and looks nothing like makeup. Yet it definitely evens out the skin tone and gives a bit of a dewy glow!”

***Siobhan on the CC: “I know I tend to get really excited about new things, but not often! I’m ga-ga about this product. I agree that it seems to not only wear well (light and not makeuppy or sunscreeny) but it also seems to be improving my skin. It’s become a desert-island must for me. I have the light one and it doesn’t add pigment to my fair skin, though it evens everything out nicely.”

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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m totally intrigued! I LOVE their products but their tinted mineral moisturizer was a total grease-fest on my skin. boo.
    I will definitely be trying this one though – sounds amazing! :)

    Rebecca – was it super hydrating or did you need a moisturizer under it? I currently use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay tinted moisturizer but it’s kind of thick & drying. I’m not feeling any hydration whatsoever…and I have oily skin. Ha.

  2. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Melissa, I’d say the CC cream is somewhat moisturizing for my dry skin. I always use the booster serum and Evan Healy Sea Algae serum underneath. When I feel drier around my eyes and around my mouth I also spot apply an oil (like Evan Healy’s Pomegranate or La Bella Figura’s Barbary Fig) or a cream (Zoe Organics extreme cream) before CC. I would guess the CC on it’s own may be enough, but not too much, if you have normal to oily skin. I experimented to get the right amount of moisture and coverage for my skin.

  3. chloe says:

    I’ve been interested in trying both of these. I’ve tried various JB products with varying results. The tinted moisturizer and foundation were too sticky for me, and I did not like the color options. The green apple peel I love, and the lip balm is yummy. I also recall that there was some drama a while back with JB not being completely clear about the ingredients they were using, some of which were not clean? I don’t remember the details but I approach this company with some caution.

  4. Naomi says:

    I recently bought this and really like it! I worry it doesn’t provide enough coverage, and it is fairly light coverage, but it seems to be enough most days. (I use RMS unconcealer where required.) I love the skin care + light coverage + SPF idea, soooooo much easier and time eficient to get it all in one shot!

    It has definitely whetted my appetite for more Juice beauty products, so it’s great to see a review of the stem cellular repair serum, thanks! I have tried a sample of the blemish clearing serum – this was a bit of a long shot for me since I have rosacea and thought anything for acne would be too harsh, but when I read the ingredients and description I thought the salicylic acid would do well for the dry, scaly patches and the pitch is to heal the skin so I thought “why not?” Turns out it is a great addition to my skin care routine and keeps the rosacea flare ups at bay.

    Looking forward to exploring more of the branc!

  5. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @chloe, since that controversy a while ago, Juice updated their website to include all the ingredients for each product. They have been reformulating some older products that had phenoxyethanol, which was what was keeping me from using their products. There are still products that have phenoxy, so check ingredients carefully if that is an issue for you. All their newer products are made without phenoxyethanol and are what I would consider clean. I’ve got some other Juice products I’m loving too, and I’ll review soon!

  6. india says:

    I had a really bad experience with Juice Beauty customer service which really turned me off to the company. I had purchased a bunch of products online, and was a regular customer for them. I got a bottle of foundation and the pump was not working. When I emailed them to request a new pump, I had to go through the Inquisition, and answer a bunch of emails about why the pump was not working. Then the customer service rep concluded that it was not possible for the pump to not work, and she refused to send me a new one. Wtf?! Mind you, I was not asking for a new bottle of foundation, just the pump. I tried pouring the foundation out without the pump but it made a mess, and I ended up tossing the whole bottle. I think a small company should treat their customers better, and should stand by their products. This whole exchange left me so frustrated that I will not order from them again.

  7. Amy says:

    I’m just wondering why you go to bed with sunscreen and something tinted on your face??!! I wouldn’t feel clean!!

  8. Charlotte says:

    Juice Beauty have a tinted, mineral sunscreen in their range. It comes in three shades and the ingredients are almost identical to the CC Cream. So if the two shades of the CC Cream do not work, maybe the shades of the mineral tinted cream work.
    I find both rather rich and thick. Ideal for dry skin, but maybe not for an oily skin.

  9. Lindsay says:

    I just got this stuff about a week ago and I’m LOVING it. Running outdoors in the cold has done a number on my cheeks. Red and DRY! I put kahina argan oil on my face and then this CC cream. I like to use Lauren Luke’s foundation brush to get even distribution. Great stuff. I’ll likely skip the argan oil once things warm up. Great that there’s SPF.

  10. Audreiana says:

    This review has definitely peaked my interest! I’ve never really been that inclined to try their products until now. It’s also pretty cool that a lot of their products are easily accessible if you have an Ulta nearby. I’m really eyeing the stem cellular repair serum the most since it doesn’t look they have my shade in their version of the BB cream. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

  11. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Amy, I use the booster serum am & pm, the CC cream (which has the sunscreen) only during the day.

  12. Jenna says:

    This does sound awesome! Thanks for the information on the product.

    Since it is still in the pricey range for me, can you provide your DIY skin brightener recipe?! I’m very interested in that!


  13. Meredith says:

    @ India, I can’t tell you how many Juice Beauty products I’ve bought that have had broken pumps.

    I do like some of their line, but my skin doesn’t like certain products/formulations. The tinted moisturizer gets extremely greasy on my face, however I use their setting powder every day.

    I’m curious about the booster serum, but would be hesitant to purchase until I read reviews from people with similar skin to my own.

    And Rebecca, I’d love to read about your DIY brightener.

  14. Casey says:

    Has anyone tried Andalou Natural’s tinted BB cream? The Juice Beauty CC cream sounds great, but seems a little bit expensive for me at the moment! The Andalou is quite a bit cheaper and available at Whole Foods, but I can’t find too many opinions about it on the internet, and that makes me nervous!

  15. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Meredith and Jenna, my DIY brightener is posted in the comments here: That recipe gets results, but I’ve been working on something that’s a little less gritty (no green tea extract) and replaces the arbutin with kojic acid. I’m still testing recipes, but in the meantime I totally stand by that older recipe. I’ve also started calling it “brightener” as opposed to “lightener” because sometimes people interpret the latter term in a negative way. This formula will decrease or eliminate the blotchy appearance of sun damage and eventually other hyperpigmentation, but it will not change your natural skin tone or get rid of freckles.

  16. Celesta says:

    I use the Juice Beauty CC cream every day, and I LOVE IT. But I’m sort of a Juice Beauty junkie. Can’t get enough of any of it.

  17. Silvy says:

    I really liked the JB tinted moisturizer until they reformulated it; now I don’t buy anymore. I do like the foundation, though the pumps are crap. Very poor design on the pumps.

  18. Annette says:

    @Rebecca B I’m curious if you have replaced the Intelligent Nutrients stem cell serum with the JB stem cell serum in your arsenal.

  19. Melissa says:

    @Meredith – i JUST picked up the Andalou Naturals Un-tinted BB Cream from Whole Body today! The girl who worked there said it’s been selling well & people seem to like it, so I’ll keep you posted! I originally went to get the Juice Beauty CC Cream but they didn’t have it yet. I did get a sample though. :)

  20. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Annette, sort of. I stopped using the IN over the winter. I didn’t purposely stop using it, I just needed much more moisturizing products with the cold/dry weather. I didn’t want to add more steps to my process though, and it kind of got dropped when I reached the end of a bottle. I like it a lot, and I’ll end up at least using the last of what I have stocked up at some point. I expect that over the long term I’ll be sticking with the JB – it’s not cheap but much less expensive than IN with as good and maybe better performance. It’s also easier to use with the thicker gel texture (the IN is like water).

  21. Anna says:

    I’d love to try the CC cream but phenethyl alcohol is listed as an ingredient. Sounds like it could be a similar compound to phenoxyethanol… anybody know anything about it?

  22. Catherine says:

    I have yet to find a BB cream that I like, so when I received a little sample tube of this in last month’s Birchbox, I wasn’t expecting much. But it’s amazing. I LOVE the smell, texture, everything about it-and 20% zinc oxide!! I’m not sure how it will wear on an extremely hot summer day (although nothing really lasts on days like that) but I put it on before a race last week and it stayed put.

  23. nancy says:

    Great post.. and great review (always very through)

    Based on it I stopped at a neighboring Ulta yesterday afternoon and got a sample of both colors . Tried the darker shade first and so far, so good. I have combination skin and use an oil everyday, so I just did what I usually do, applying the cc cream afterwards and my un-powder on the t-zone. Let’s see how it stands until the end of the day.
    I’m glad you covered their serum too.. I’ve been using IN and running low on my stock of it so I may try this one instead.

    As for anyone still wondering if Rebecca’s DIY brightener (or lightener ) works, please stop wondering and start using it. It works beautifully!

  24. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Anna, it’s not the same chemical. Skin Deep (I know it’s not the final answer to anything but a good place to start) rates phenethyl alcohol a 1, with fair amount of data. Phenoxyethanol is rated 4 with limited data. I react to any product containing phenoxyethanol but have had no problem with CC. I input the CC info into the Skin Deep database, and overall the preliminary rating is a 2 (zinc oxide itself rates a 2!). I’m calling these particular Juice products clean, by my standards.

  25. Rebecca Bailey says:

    I know everybody has a different threshold for what “expensive” means, but just wanted to comment on the cost of CC – $39 for 1.7oz. I am just now reaching the end of my original tube, and I’ve used it every single day since receiving, which is about 65 cents per day. That’s a little more than the cost of my other favorite face screen (John Masters) but with the multiple functions and great results, I think it’s very worth it. It’s that darn booster serum that’s expensive (for me)!

  26. Sarah C says:


    Do you use any retinoid or retinol products? I was interested in the JB Serum Booster and if you would apply this product prior to using a rentinol containing product? I have a rentinol serum I’m using now and didn’t know if I could use them together? What do you recommend?

    I too love the IN serum but I typically can only purchase it when it goes on sale at a really good price. I’m out of it at the moment but I have an Ulta near by (I’ve never been but I may check it out!) and was thinking about getting a sample of the Booster Serum or simply purchasing it to try since you’ve said you like it and its similar to the IN serum.

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Sarah C, I haven’t used any retinol products in a while. I have used Pai’s Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil in the past, and only at night (I believe Pai recommends that). It’s a good oil (love the smell), but it’s not a miracle worker for me. I don’t really know a ton about retinoids, other than that they can work well for the skin but also make you more photosensitive. I always like to see what Bubble & Bee says, check this out for an opinion on the high score (meaning bad) retinol receives from Skin Deep: I don’t know of any reason not to use the Booster along with retinol, I think you would want to apply the booster first, and I would stick with nighttime application of any retinol product.

    I did the same thing and stocked up on IN during sales. It really works, but I prefer the JB, both on price and performance. If you love IN, I think you’ll likely be very happy with a JB booster serum purchase. Good luck and I’d love to hear how it goes!

  28. Marni says:

    Rebecca – what is your DIY skin brightener recipe? I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

  29. Karen Behnke says:

    Hi everyone: I LOVE this website and LOVE all the comments! We work so hard at Juice Beauty to have the highest performance products that are authentically organic. Thank you for supporting us! The CC Cream is one of my favorites because it’s so multi-tasking. After cleansing with our Green Apple Cleansing Gel or our Cleansing Milk, I use the CC Cream in the morning and either let my skin glow, glow, glow or I matte it with our Refining Finishing Powder. I know some of our customers like to \bronze\ it a bit with the Refining Finishing powder tan but I use Sand. Just an fyi on the questions regarding Phenoxy as a preservative, over 80% of our products are phenoxy free and we use a sage derived source which is the same as what you eat in natural food bars. This preservative is approved by one of our very strict retailers guidelines, Whole Foods. Juice Beauty’s website always has the latest ingredient listings. Anyway, we hear you and we are always working to hit the cutting edge with product development.

    Thanks for the comments and we’ll keep working hard here to bring powerful results products that are authentically organic. Did I mention one of our main manufacturers is solar powered?? Happy almost Earth Day! Karen Behnke, Founding Partner

  30. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Marni – take a look at my response to Meredith and Jenna above.

  31. therese says:

    FYI is having a sale on juice beauty plus a site sale. The free shipping minimum is $35.00 so if you were thinking of trying it check them out. I get all my vitamins from them. They have great prices. I am thinking of trying the serum.

  32. Miriam says:

    Word of caution for sensitive skin gals. I bought this product when it first came out but had to stop using it after a week. At first use, I loved it and it DID even out my skin and provide a dewy look. However, after a week, my skin (especially my cheeks) started drying out and getting flaky, and I got little red bumps on my face. I hadn’t changed anything else in my skin care or make-up routine and believe CC to be the culprit. Had to go a week sans-make-up to get my skin to calm down and return to normal. Though I love the look, will never use this again. Sorry to give a bad review but I’m happy to hear others have had better luck!

  33. Annie says:

    I got this in my beautyfix box this month and was excited to try it. I liked it enough to buy the full size, thinking it’s something good for my skin. However, I seem to be getting a lot of clogged pores and white heads because of it. I did start using a new serum – Jurlique recovery gel, underneath this cream. I will cut that out and keep using this cream to see which one is the culprit, but overall I’m a little disappointed.

  34. Tara R. says:

    Can anyone tell me how this CC cream differs from the Suntegrity 5 in 1 facial sunscreen? I also have read rave reviews about the Suntegrity one (bb cream) and am on the fence between these 2 items.

  35. shannon says:

    wanted to love it so much but it had the weirdest smell… :(

  36. krissy says:

    I just returned the cc cream after trying it for a week. It was horrible in my opinion! I have normal to oily skin, and the cc cream sat on my skin like a grease pit. I remained shiny for the day, and the sheer tint offered no coverage.
    @Rebecca, do you have dry skin? If so you should specify when reviewing products, because I would not recommend this cc cream to anyone with normal to oily skin types.

  37. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @krissy, sorry that one didn’t work out for you, glad you were able to return it. I try to remember to mention my skin tone/type, but I do it so often it slips sometimes – but I know not everyone reads every post. Thanks for the reminder. I do tend toward dry, and I still need more moisture than CC provides, so I layer with other products. Siobhan and Alexandra both love CC too, though, and they are much younger than me, and I expect less dry.

  38. krissy says:

    @ Rebecca, you can’t assume a person’s skin type based on their age. I am in my 50’s with normal to oily skin, and in my 20’s and 30’s I had dry skin!

  39. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @krissy, agreed there are no absolutes. It seems most people I know have been dealing with drier skin as they’ve aged, but I’m sure there are many exceptions.

  40. michelle says:

    @krissy, i use and swear by Tilth beauty supplies they are a natural organic skin care supplement company with amazing anti-aging and moisturizer products. Their firming cream is highly recommended as well. Me and my family swears by it you should give it a look : Tilth Beauty

  41. Katya says:

    I tried it not in my color and thus was a bit disappointed, but I really love the consistency of this product. It really makes your skin glow! Also, I like the fact that Juice Beauty uses only organic ingredients. With nowadays ecologic situation, picking natural skin care products is the least you can do for your health.

    I’ve actually tried all of the products from Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular line. If you are interested, you can check it out here:

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