Look Who Won A Konjac Sponge!

Whoops, sorry this took so long! Here are the five winners chosen at random to win the Konjac sponge from NuboNau. How did we choose? Eyes closed, finger-on-screen.  If this is your name and comment just email customercare@nubonau.com and claim that Konjac!

Elizabeth: My favorite natural product for the past three years has been local raw honey which I use to wash my face. It works great and I think it would work even better used with a Konjac sponge for additional exfoliation.

Alexa: Going to echo some previous comments here but oh well…
For cleansing, I’ve been alternating between May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt (fantastic stuff!) and a pot of raw honey I picked up from Whole Foods after reading a blog post by La Bella Figura (their FB page and blog are nice to follow even if you don’t buy/use their products). I use La Bella Figura Daily Elements Face Oil for the daytime and I love it so far! Also, I’ve just started dabbling in DIY skin care with the brightening oil that Rebecca B. posted a while back. I made a sample batch and the results look promising so far; I just need to purchase more carrier oil. My charcoal konjac sponge just reached the end of its life, so it’s time for a new one :)

Beatrice: I just got some John Masters blood orange and vanilla body milk (after nubonau sent me a sample with an order, in fact!) It’s a little expensive for me but it smells So. Good.

Moni: Yay! I have yet to be able to take advantage of a Friday Deal (somehow its never in my budget on the weeks that happen :( ) but one day!

I just got some Unyevu Butter from Belle Butters, and I am obsessed; it smells amazing and is so creamy and moisturizing for my extremely dry winter skin. Since spring seems to be taking its sweet time to make it to us here in NYC it’s the perfect remedy.

Pepper: Ha! I’m actually freaking obsessed with my Konjac Sponge (the pink one)! I do really want to get one for my husband, and I’m eyeing the green one for him. I’ve been excited to get up in the morning because I want to wash my face. I’ve been using it with either my Stark balm (old fave!) or the new sensitive face wash from Acure which I very much like and am glad I purchased it! I’m also digging my new Evan Healy Immortelle hydrosol. It smells weird but my skin loves it.

Congrats winners!

4 Responses to “Look Who Won A Konjac Sponge!”
  1. nancy says:

    Congratulations to all winners!
    In truth, we all won as the pic you chose is the best:)

  2. Pepper says:

    THANK YOU!!! :)

  3. Moni says:

    WOW! I never win anything!!! I am so excited!!! Do I need to emalo from the email I use for this account?


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