Kayla’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Kayla—she’s always been a product enthusiast, only now she’s gone clean. Lucky for us, because she has a TON of great recs here including some makeup application tips. Enjoy!

Name: Kayla

Age: 25

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Current Weather: Sunny and cool.

Hair: Long, wavy, thick — I was a chronic hair-dyer but its mostly my natural color now.

Skin: I started getting acne in my early 20s, which was extremely frustrating after being blemish-free in my teen years, when I was expecting it! Guess I’m a late bloomer… Now I’m mostly clear with the occasional blemish or two, thanks to my mostly-clean beauty routine and avoidance of sugar.

Favorite star: Gwen Stefani

In the Shower…

In regards to my face, I’ve tried a few different products — including Proactiv which was DISASTROUS as one use made my face puff up like a blow fish. That was that! Now I use Dr. Alkaitis’ line of products – the cleanser, toner, soothing gel, nourishing treatment oil, and universal mask. The products are fantastic and my skin is much happier, but since the line is quite pricey I sometimes sub in plain ol’ Trader Joe’s tea tree cleanser, which seems to be working for me. On my body, I simply use Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap (especially the mint or rose scents, yum!) and a nice scrub brush to exfoliate. I love how soft my skin feels from the brush and how sudsy Dr. B’s gets.  For my hair, I try not to wash it too often, but I exercise and get sweaty almost every day, so every-other-day washing is the least I can do. It’s softest with the Acure argan shampoo and conditioner, but the waves form the best with Rahua’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner, so I go back and forth with those. I shave with Trader Joe’s shaving cream (again, it offsets the price of my Dr. Alkaitis loves, plus I it makes the razor glide smooth, but itsn’t too thick like some other shaving creams). Finally, I use a pumice stone to attack my feet. I’m a long-distance runner, so that skin can get extremely rough if not tended to!

Outside the Shower…

I moisturize my body with plain coconut oil, which has been affordable, great on my skin, and I LOVE the tropical scent (as does my boyfriend). Like I said, I Dr. Alkaitis’ toner, gel, and a TINY drop of the nourishing oil on my face. I use the Dr. Alkaitis eye cream as well (even though I’m only 25, I think about wrinkles a lot and am taking precautions). After the shower and throughout the day, I use Weleda’s pomegranite hand moisturizer – also delicious smelling. And finally, a spritz of Honoré de Pres perfume — either Love Coconut or Vamp à NY, if I’m feelin’ sexy.

Finishing Touches…

I LOVE makeup. Putting it on is one of my favorite parts of the day, and I never run out of products I want to try. I’ve always been a product whore, but now I try my best to be a natural product whore ;). I usually wear makeup every day, so I try to keep the products as clean as possible. One of my favorite beauty looks is strong eyebrows — unfortunately, I was gifted with naturally sparse eyebrows. So I fill them in with a medium-brown powder eyeshadow from Alima Pure. For some reason, my eyelids can get VERY oily. I never put oil around my eyes, and the rest of my face will be fine throughout the day, but my eyelids….ugh. I’ve tried applying powder before eyeshadow, I’ve tried a natural oil-fighting white tea gel, I’ve tried just about every primer out there… the ONLY thing that’s worked for me at all is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. So I use that, and then either the Blonde shade of eyeshadow from Alima Pure, which is my “no-makeup” looking eyeshadow, or Onyx from Kjaer Weiss, which applied gently is a nice light grey, applied more heavily creates a sulty, smokey eye. I have an array of other shadows as well from Alima, Kjaer, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Urban Decay…but those are the ones I use most frequently. I like Elizabeth Arden’s powder eyeliner, which I apply with small slanted brush. It goes on extremely black, and the powder stays on my eyes. With the brush, I can make the perfect kitten eye (like a cat eye, but less dramatic). I still use a dirty mascara… Cover Girl Lash Blast. I’ve tried many a natural mascara, but my eyelashes are about as sparse as my eyebrows, and I love a thick row of femme fatale lashes. For my face, I adore RMS un-cover up. It melts into the skin, and covers up red areas around my nose, small blemishes around my chin, and dark shades under my eyes wonderfully. However, if I get a REALLY scary blemish, which unfortunately does happen now and again….like when I visit my family for the holidays, of course…I use a tiny dab of Makeup Forever’s full cover concealer. After spot-correcting with concealer, I lightly buff on Alima Pure’s loose powder foundation. It evens out skin really well, but doesn’t have that I’m-wearing-foundation look and lets my freckles show. On my cheeks, I use either a tiny bit of Revolution Organic’s bright pink freedom glow beauty balm or RMS lip-to-cheek in smile. Then, on top of that, I might do a light dusting of Alima’s shimmering pink blush — but that’s only if I’m having a big night out, or if I know I’m going to have pictures taken of me, since powder blush is better for pictures than cream. Finally, I usually just use some natural balm on my lips, but every once in a while I’ll be feeling a Old Hollywood-style red lip. For that, I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s lip tar in NSFW. It’s a great, neutral red that really stands out and stays put — but you have to use a TINY dab with a lip brush, otherwise it will bleed. Trust me, a little goes a long way. And I might do one more final touch – RMS living luminizer on the top of my cheeks, under the brow bone, and on my ‘cupid’s bow.’

For my hair, I again use Dr. Alkaitis’ nourishing oil – one little pump is enough to smooth and soften my abundant, long hair. Then, after years of fighting them with a straightening iron, I’ve fallen in love with my natural waves, so I lightly spritz on Josie Maran’s Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist for the perfect beach-y texture. I dry my roots with the diffuser on the blow dryer to keep my waves in tact while giving my hair a little lift. The rest of my hair air dries. I think letting my hair air dry, along with the bit of natural oil I use, has been the biggest difference in transforming my formerly dyed, dry, overprocessed hair into the soft, healthy hair I have now. My hair dresser is very impressed! (Seriously, between the bleaching and the straight iron, sections of my hair were downright CRISPY a few years ago). I pretty much try to touch my hair as little as possible: no dying, minimal products, minimal drying, and then I don’t brush it or really try to touch it at all during the day — which helps keep the waves nice.

…I think that’s it!

15 Responses to “Kayla’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!”
  1. fern says:

    Kayla, this is an awesome routine!! It was like reading my own, actually. :) I, too, have found Dr. Alkaitis products to be the best ever for cystic acne-prone skin. I also use RMS Un coverup and layer Alima Pure over it. Such great coverage without looking cakey! I love Vapour’s cream blushes. I also religiously use a product called Curactin to wash my face morning and night and as a mask every other night. It has sulfur in it and has completely cleared up my skin. Small blemishes don’t get large and most stay away completely. Initially, I used Curactin as a mask every night for two weeks to get rid of my existing blemishes (there were a lot of them – cyctic acne is not subtle), but I’m trying to get down to 2-3 times per week as a mask without having too many new blemishes. I’m totally going to try the Dr. Alkaitis oil on my hair!

  2. Britta says:

    I agree with the previous reviewer that I felt like I was reading my own as far as the hair! I have learned to embrace my naturally curly/wavy hair over the past few years. Before, I was flat ironing it every day and it was bleached and it was extremely damaged, and now my hair is healthier than ever! I am also a huge product whore!

  3. I love makeup too, so I adore this routine! Also, I too exercise almost every day so my hair needs to be washed more often than I would like to. I have never heard of the Josie Maran Hair Mist, but it sounds like something I would love too. I was actually thinking about buying the John Masters Organics Sea Salt Spray, but I will compare the two and see which one to try first. I love beach-y waves! Thank you for this routine, it was really nice!

  4. Tammy says:

    Great routine. I also use Acure shampoo. I alternate between that and Ctonics, but now that Ctonics is no more will have to find something else when my bottle runs out.

  5. opheliazen says:

    Love the routines but really wish you would post an actual photo of the person.

  6. Dylan says:

    I so appreciate a hardcore make up routine! I love make up too so when I see all these routines where they are like “I hardly ever wear make up” I kind of feel bad about myself :( Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Jade says:

    Yes! Love the Dr. Alkaitis line! While I’m not blemish-free, Dr. Alkaitis is so gentle and keeps my face in line. And also love the Acure shampoos and RMS ‘un’ cover-up. Hope you’ll give organic mascaras another go–Ilia just released one, Kjaer Weis has one coming out in May, and RMS is also working on one.

  8. Silvy says:

    oo i love this! it’s nice to see a routine with more make up. i do love skin care and don’t wear much make up but it’s great to see some awesome tips for when i do!

    incidentally, i dropped my rms uncover up last week and need to buy a new one… anyone know where i can get it and not have to pay for shipping? it’s such a tiny little bugger, anyhow..

  9. Stephanie says:

    Kayla, LOVED reading your routine and I TOO felt so many similarities to my own hair routine! I loved all of your product details! Quick question: I know you mentioned using another brand cleanser, but do you also use the Dr. Alkaitis cleanser? How often, and do you ever find it to be drying? Also the soothing gel – do you find it to be drying if used alone or do you always layer a bit of the oil over it? Thank you!!!

  10. Kayla says:

    Hey Lily: I like John Masters too, they’re pretty much the same for me. So go for it!

    Wavy hair girls unite!

  11. Marion says:

    Kayla, you might want to try the Fresh mascara for a clean mascara that works well! It’s the best mascara I have ever used, clean or not, and it is also the only mascara I have ever experienced to actually curl my lashes. According to the Fresh website, most people really like it, so it might be worth a try!

  12. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Marion, I was intrigued by your comment on the mascara, so I checked it out. Fresh mascara has phenoxyethanol AND five different parabens listed as ingredients. It certainly does get good reviews on the site, but it isn’t what I would call clean.

  13. minnow says:

    great routine, kayla! i too turn to the make up for ever concealer when i need something to really stay and cover well…but i’m hopeful i can find a natural substitute for it. most days i use everyday minerals \sunlight\ color corrector under my mineral powder to lessen redness…it works really well for my light skin with yellow / brown undertones.

    i am also a HUGE fan of cover girl lash blast and have tried soooo many clean mascaras but nothing has come close…until recently! super happy to report that the newest \organic lash\ by physician’s formula (in the bright pink tube) is AWESOME. it builds lashes that are thick at the root but not too spiky at the tips (similar to lash blast) and it lasts SO much better than any other natural mascara i’ve tried…and i’ve tried tons. hardly smudges at all. i hope it works for you!

  14. Kayla says:

    Stephanie: yes, I do use the Dr. Alkaitis cleanser and the gel, and they’re not drying for me because I do use a teeny tiny bit of the Dr. A oil with it.

    Thanks so much for your mascara recommendations everyone!

  15. Anna says:

    Kayla, I love your routine! I also adore make up, so I love reading about what other make up lovin’ ladies use. :) I agree with you about air drying being a key step towards healthier hair. I also have a head of thick, long, wavy hair and letting it air dry I think is what keeps it so healthy (along with clean products, of course). I own Josie Maran’s Bohemian Wave Mist as well, but honestly I think it smells awful.

    I was a Lancome Hypnose mascara and XL Primer devotee for about 7 years, and it was SO hard to part with them, because I could not find any other conventional mascara that would make me as happy, let alone a clean one. But, recently I began using Jane Iredale’s PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara, and I love them! I’ve ditched the Lancome. I actually notice after a few weeks of use that my lashes look a little thicker and longer, and I feel better about getting rid of the last “dirty” make up item I was still using!

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