Product Review: Stark Skincare’s New Body Oil

About a year ago, Alexandra raved about Stark Skincare, and when a deal came up last summer, I could not resist. My son and I have been using Stark consistently ever since, and loving it! We are especially fond of the CYPRESS purity + defense oil, and he uses the toner regularly too. I’m particularly impressed with the flexibility of the line—if both I and my adolescent son can use the products, that’s pretty impressive. Plus, it’s gender neutral in terms of packaging and scents. Oh, the scents. Jessica Lafleur, its founder, really knows how to put together some unique combinations, and make all the products compliment each other.

I’ve tried all things Stark, and each product is quite special; they all pop up somewhere in my rotation. So when Jessica asked if I’d like to try a new addition to her line  I was all, “Duh. Yeah!” Here’s the review…

MEADOWFOAM the everybody oil: Until very recently, I wasn’t that into body oils. Since I’ve been dry brushing, I have less need for that sort of product. But I do enjoy a nice oil after a soak in a sea salt bath, so I have been trying a few brands and some DIY. As soon as I tried this one from Stark, it immediately went to the top of my list. I love it on my legs after a bath or shower, rubbed on my belly when I’m feeling crampy, and just a little bit smoothed in my hair.  It’s more substantial than some other body oils, so if you have need of serious moisture this is a great one to try—and yet, it sinks right in and leaves my skin incredibly soft with not even the slightest bit of greasiness. Really!

I had never heard of meadowfoam seed oil but it seems a great addition to skin and hair care (here’s what Mountain Rose Herbs has to say about it). The formula also includes some of my favorite skin care ingredients: sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and shea butter.

So let’s talk about the scent. I often like unscented products because I’m incredibly picky and sensitive, so when I do choose to use a scent it has to be spectacular. Check! It’s quite complex and subtle, with the citrus popping first, then a hint of lavender, and as I rub it in I can catch the chocolate. Later, after it sits on my skin a while, coconut. I really like that the scent is right there for me while I rub the oil in, but then fades so as not to compete with any other fragrances I use that day. The only thing I’m not 100% in love with is the press/flip top. I find those a bit messy, so I’m on the lookout for a pump top that will fit the bottle.

I love the oil so much I purchased another bottle so I’ll be ready when skirt season hits. Come on, spring!  What do you love about Stark?

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  1. fern says:

    I, too, am totally in love with Stark. I use the toner and the Cypress oil every morning, and the clay mask about twice per week. The Cy oil is hydrating without being greasy or too hydrating and it doesn’t make me break out (I’m actually pretty sure it has reduced the amount and duration of my breakouts, too.). I know my skin has been noticeably happier since I started using it. The clay mask does a good job of cleaning out my pores. I have the body oil but I haven’t tried it yet – now I’m excited!!

  2. Greta says:

    I have been SO happy with the Stark products I’ve been using for the past 2 months… I recently started oil cleansing, and while I don’t use Stark’s cleanser (my face doesn’t do well with coconut oil) the Cypress Oil and Toner are a daily must have. I’m thrilled to say that my breakouts have gone from moderate to practically nonexistent – and I haven’t used anything else on my skin. I’ve been curious about the body oil, and am glad that the quality seems to be in line with Stark’s other products. Looking forward to giving it a try soon!

  3. Sarah B. says:

    I actually have a really big problem with this body oil. Jessica, you need to sell it in a gallon size! :)

    Adore the scent. It’s incredibly lush and moisturizing without being greasy at all- it just leaves super soft, lightly scented skin. This will definitely be a repeat purchase, and I almost never do that (except for Yarok and the Stark GF balm!

  4. Katie says:

    This is definitely on my wish list! Maybe a Friday deal? *hint, hint, nudge,nudge* :0)

  5. Pepper says:

    I’m on my third jar of GF balm. I love it so, so very much! It gets off every drop of makeup and leaves my skin so soft & moisturized. The CY oil is also incredible, and I’m about to order my second bottle of it. I have the MF oil too, and it’s beautiful. Jessica has an amazing nose for scents, I wish she’d make a perfume! Her products are just so perfect and they all smell like heaven. If anyone hasn’t tried them yet I highly recommend them, as I’ve tried and loved every single one!

  6. Megan says:

    I was interested in trying some of Stark’s products and I signed up for the newsletters. I was so turned off by the tone of the newsletters I never ordered any products. The tone was too cutesy, sounded like a high school girl with a dash of hippie thrown in. I’m a professional businesswoman and this lost all appeal for me.

  7. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Megan, I suggest unsubscribing from the newsletters and just purchasing the products – even if you wouldn’t be best buds with the founder, the Stark products are great! I do understand what you mean about the tone of a company’s communication. There’s a different company, unrelated to Stark, whose products I ADORE but whose email drives me NUTS. I just don’t read the emails but scan for promo codes ; )

  8. Sabah says:

    I love Stark and Jessica, just seems like the loveliest person ever, bless her. I plan to try the body oil and all of the products as I only have the cleansing balm at the moment. Thank you for the great review, I can actually smell the oil just via description :)

  9. Sabah says:

    @Megan, that is actually what I love about Stark, kind, fun, personable, cute, adorable but you know different strokes for different folks :)

  10. Sarah says:

    @Megan You should definitely still try her products. I think she’s just trying really hard to build her company and connect with people, even if it comes off a little cutesy at times. Even if she wasn’t completely lovely to deal with, the products would still be worth it. :)

  11. jessica says:

    You guys! Thanks for all the love, and thanks Rebecca for this great review!
    I’m so happy that you’re all enjoying your products, and thank you so much @Pepper for the encouragement about making perfume… I’ve always wanted to be a “nose” (even if it were just to have that under my name on a business card).

    @Fern and Sarah, so happy to have amazing customers like you guys….you’ll also be happy to know that WB is back from its “winter vacation”!

    @Sabah, thank you for that Tweet today! :) I had been in touch with them before, so we shall see… but that would be great, wouldn’t it!?

    @Megan, that’s totally valid. You know what they say though; life’s too short for boring copy! PLUS I got to create this business from scratch, and I wanted it to reflect my sense of humour and view on life (not so easy when it comes to skincare), I know not everyone will love me or the way I write, but perhaps I should tone it down at times, and remember that my audience is varied. Anyhow, I too am a business woman (and do take my business seriously), and I respect your opinion.

    Anyhow, much love to you all! And send some baby-birthing vibes my way! Due on Friday, and I don’t think it’s going to happen…

  12. eva says:

    I love the GF balm, the toner and I recently sprang for the Cypress Oil. I think all products have greatly helped calm down my temperamental post-partum skin. I’m about to run out of the GF balm, and I actually found myself annoyed that I’d stumbled upon the one product I’d re-purchase because that takes out the fun of the chase, no?
    However, as a new mom, the oil cleansing method is a bit time-consuming for me, so maybe I’ll try to hunt for a new cleanser for dry yet occasionally pimply skin that can be used in the shower – any suggestions? That will free up my budget for the body oil which sounds wonderful!
    Jessica really is the best, I too wish she’d make a perfume!

  13. Susannah says:

    Gah. I was just about to submit a snarky comment to Megan about how unnecessary her comment was… and then I saw Jessica’s response, which was so full of grace. I heart Jessica and Stark.

  14. Carla says:

    I think Megan is entitled to her opinions. It’s not her opinion that concerns me, but rather that her comment was posted. If it was constructive then that would be great, but it was full of snark. I’ve noticed this happening on a lot of posts lately. I personally feel if a company is being featured, these sort of comments should be filtered. This also happened with May Lindstrom (and I disagree with posting peoples DIY recipes that directly relate to the product they’re trying to sell & promote…that should be for a different kind of post/segment). This takes the shine away from such great posts.

  15. chloe says:

    The comments are once again starting to feel like an anti-feminist backlash. Women can have opinions, and can voice them. Women can even vote now! While I’m not familiar with Stark products, I have for sure been turned off (or on) by a company by the way it’s marketed. Stark herself was even able to hear the feedback and respond positively, so why do people have to be snarky and cause drama?

  16. Katy says:

    @ Rebecca, I have an empty Tata cleanser bottle I use to decant oil into. Those bottles are prefect for oil (truthfully perfect all around, I’m disappointed she seems to have changed her packaging).

  17. I love the stark skin oil. I have been using it for some time now.

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