What Natural Products Categories Are You Still Not Satisfied With?

Friday is a fun day to crowdsource. It gives everyone something to think about, when they’re pretty much over thinking about work or whatever they’ve been plugging away at all week.

Of course, shopping is fun too and you may have noticed that we haven’t done any Friday Deals in a while. In all honesty, this wasn’t really planned. We just got so busy, and to keep the deals fresh and exciting there’s a fair amount of back-and-forth required  between us and the brands. We’re kind of purists with this stuff, so if something starts feeling a little watered down we usually just skip it (even if it’s to our own detriment!). Anyways, maybe every week was feeling like too much? But at the same time, regularity is important…

So, question number 1: Do you miss the deals? What would your ideal scenario be? A deal a week, or maybe one blowout deal a month? All suggestions are welcome!

Part dos of what we want to talk about today is natural products. Surprise! While there’s been an influx of great new products in the last few months even, we like to periodically check in with you and ask…

Question number 2: What natural categories are you still not fully satisfied with? We have a couple.

From day one we’ve said that the hardest products to replace were deodorant, mascara, and perfume. And if we’re being really really honest, those are still the areas where we see a lack.

We’ve talked a ton about deodorant on this site, and many of us have found ways to keep the stink at bay—from Soapwalla to great DIY recipes. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish there was another stick deodorant on the market, more like Lavanila, but without the twenty dollar price tag (and some possibly questionable ingredients). These days I use Soapwalla, but sometimes I’m just not into the whole finger application, and a couple of times if it’s right after I’ve shaved my pits do get a little stingy…

I’ll skip mascara, because I kind of gave up the fight on that one a long time ago, which is totally unfair since I’ve heard raves about certain naturals. Alas, we pick our battles! Do you use clean mascara?

Siobhan and I, on the other hand, still talk A LOT about perfume. Natural smells are by far the best smells and brands like Tsi-La, Lotus Wei, and Honore des Pres have made our lives so much better. And yet… we still see a pretty big hole in the naturals perfume market. Trust me, it’s not for lack of looking either.

So, what categories are you not satisfied with?

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  1. Ana says:

    I recently tried lush after using soapwalla, the crystal, and every other natural deodorant out there. The coconut deodorant powder smells amazing is affordable and last forever! also I use it in combination with the Aromaco deodorant bar from lush which smells incredible and some how magically works after barely swiping on. AMAZING.
    I am still surprised after years of smelling slightly musty and having so many different products just fail on me.

  2. Hey ladies!

    I’m still using quite a few dirty things. I aim for vegan cosmetics and bodycare products, and beeswax is outrageously popular among “clean” companies. Every time you suggest a lipstick or something, I get my hopes up and follow the link… but no, it’s all got beeswax. Alas, alack.

    I’m always interested in inexpensive and/or multitasking products. Dirty stuff is so often much more affordable. I understand the importance of luxury and well-made goods, but sometimes this blog feels like reading a woman’s magazine— so much pretty and aspirational stuff, but so little I can ever have.

    To be fair, you’ve mentioned some great cheap and multipurpose things here and in your book— I’ve read it at least three times!

  3. Jette says:

    @ Lisa: That’s sth I really don’t like about Skin Deep – quite a few organic skin products score pretty high simply because the database doesn’t distinguish between fragrance from natural essential oils (certified as organic) and any synthetic, toxic fragrance that’s in conventional beauty products. It makes me angry that my beloved Weleda lotion gets the same score as a shampoo by John Frieda.
    Skin Deep is a very useful database, but in my experience, just looking for the overall score of a product is quite dissatisfying. It is a great tool for digging deeper (searching for the individual ingredients), but you still have to make up your own mind about the info you get. It’s a major flaw (because the site pretends to be so specific), and I’m often surprised how little it is mentioned in the natural beauty world.

  4. Liz says:

    The one category that stands out above all others is affordability, especially in makeup. The wealth of clean luxury beauty products on the market is encouraging and enticing, but most simply won’t fit into my budget, unless maybe as a once a year splurge. Skin care is a bit easier to DIY, but for makeup, my choices are usually go dirty or go without. Anybody have good leads on clean brands at drugstore prices – a girl can dream, no? :)

  5. Rebecca Bailey says:

    hey @Rebekah, thanks for mentioning the vegan thing! Look forward to some posts in the coming weeks on vegan products…I do use bee ingredients myself (no carmine, silk, etc.), but I try to make a point of doing some more strictly vegan product reviews and distinguish the vegan vs. vegetarian products. While the vegan thing isn’t everybody’s issue, I think it’s important to represent those options here.

  6. Ann says:

    @Liz, a brand that has good makeup as it seems and at affordable prices is Silk Naturals. Here’s the site: http://www.silknaturals.com/creb/ Good luck with the hunt!

  7. Lisa says:

    @ Jette: I agree! I’m lucky in that my local clean makeup store (an independent natural food store) has staff that do their own research and are really knowledgeable about the products they carry. It helps to have places and people you can trust – like this site! – to curate choices because doing all the research is not easy for any of us. I get frustrated too :) Thanks for the commiseration!

  8. OtherLiz says:

    @Ann, I’m not the Liz who asked, but thank you for the Silk Naturals tip – I just ordered myself some samples and I can’t wait! They have vegan options, cheap samples, AND they’re from my home turf in upstate NY so I feel great about supporting them. Thanks!

  9. Amberlyn says:

    Would love to see a review of Sibu Beauty sea buckthorn based vegan skin care products.

  10. Liz says:

    @ Ann, Thanks for the Silk Naturals tip! I started looking at the makeup and wandered into skincare… kid in a candy store…

  11. Ann says:

    @Liz I felt the same way! kid in a candy store…

  12. Virginia says:

    For years I was not satisfied with any of the all-natural deodorants I could find. Then I discovered Weleda non-aerosal spray deodorant. Wild Rose is the only scent I have tried, although they make several other ones such as citrus and sage. I find it quite pleasant. I have even been able to convince my daughters to use it and they like it , too. No grease, no mess, and best of all – no underarm odor! The 3.4 ounce size costs about $12., but it lasts quite a long time. They also make a small travel size, as well

  13. Nicole says:

    Whoever mentioned “Deodomom” in this post (sorry, can’t find your name in the 112 comments… love this site and it’s commenters!), is SO right!!! It is the ONLY thing that has worked for me, and trust me, I’ve tried everything under the sun… Nuxe, Lavanilla, Roche, making my own, Soapwalla, and the list goes on and on. Deodomom is the only one that doesn’t leave me the least bit stinky at the end of a day. Thanks to whomever mentioned it!!!!

  14. Phyllis says:

    A brand that I would highly recommend, which I have not seen brought up here, is Lavilin: http://www.lavilin.com/products/deodorant/

    I’ve use the cream and the roll-on, but the roll-on is much better. All in all, great product!

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