Rachel’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Rachel and her eclectic routine that mixes DIY with off-the-shelf, and a lot of clean with a little dirty. She also blogs about clean beauty! Woot. (PS you guys, it’s supposed to be stars from the distant past, but these Canadian twins are pretty adorable so we’re letting it slide… :)

Name: Rachel

Age: 31

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Weather: Winter. It’s mostly been below zero, but we’ve had a few warmer days. Mother Nature can’t make up her mind!

Hair: Shoulder length, henna-ed, limp and fine

Skin: Mostly clear, thanks to an 8-month round of low-dose Accutane I did about a year and a half ago (I know, I know… I hope you can trust me when I say I had previously tried everything and nothing helped. It truly was a last resort). After Accutane, my dermatologist put me on a prescription anti-acne topical cream to keep things clear. I stopped using it a few weeks ago, and I recently switched from the pill to a copper IUD, so I do have a few blemishes right now. Nothing serious. I do have some scarring and general sensitivity, and I blush easily (oh, the joys of being a fair-skinned redhead).

Favorite star: Tegan and Sara (sorry, I had to pick both, they’re kind of a package deal…)

In the shower…

I start out with a DIY sugar/argan oil/honey scrub and I tackle my face, pits, knees and elbows. I shampoo and condition with Acure (the mint version for fine/limp hair). While the conditioner works its magic, I exfoliate the rest of my body with a Shoba exfoliating cloth. I only use bar soap on my pits, feet, and nethers (right now it’s Shea Moisture Frankincense and Myrrh but I switch soaps after each bar). For shaving my pits, there’s usually enough oil leftover from the scrub for a smooth shave. Everywhere else, I just use soap.

I usually only shower every other day. On my off-days, I cleanse my pits and nethers with a hot washcloth, rinse my face with warm water, and use Acure dry shampoo in my hair. I really can’t get away with washing my hair less than every other day. It’s just too fine and it starts to look pretty greasy, especially in the bang area.

Outside the shower…

I moisturize my entire body with whatever carrier oil I’m in the mood for (I tend to rotate between grapeseed, apricot kernel, and just this week I started using coconut oil, which I LOVE). I make sure to moisturize my pits, either with coconut oil or a DIY cream I whipped up (made of shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and essential oils). Using one of these each morning seems to boost the effectiveness of deodorant. I use Soapwalla cream deodorant most days, and on shaving days I use one of those salt crystals you wet down. On my face, I use Pangea Organics Rose/White tea eye cream and 3 drops of argan oil all over my face. I do need to start incorporating sunscreen into my daily routine; I’m not getting any younger, and besides, I burn pretty easily. That will be my next project!

Finishing touches…

This is where my routine takes a turn for the dirty. I can’t seem to give up perfume or make-up. I enjoy them too much! I have switched some of my make-up products to slightly cleaner brands, but I know I can probably do better.

I use Tarte for most of my make-up products (undereye concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, eyelid primer, eyeshadow, and mascara). For eyeliner, I tend to alternate between Physician’s Formula, Urban Decay (both pencil), and Eyeko (liquid). To fill in my brows I use Alima Pure loose eyeshadow. I use S.W. Basics of Brooklyn (formerly Sprout) lip balm like it’s going out of style — it is hands-down the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

I don’t put any other product in my hair, I just blow it dry and go. On days/nights when I plan on going out or looking fancier, I use a bit of hairspray and gentle teasing to try and boost volume at the roots.

At night I remove my make-up with S.W. Basics make-up remover and a cotton ball and I wash with local raw organic honey. I just started mixing coconut oil with the honey before applying it to my face (it smells so good!) and I find that is a very nice touch for winter. Then I use eye cream and argan oil and I call it a night.

There you have it!

13 Responses to “Rachel’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!”
  1. Caitie says:

    Great routine! I don’t use sunscreen daily either, mostly because I work indoors and barely see the sun most days, but I’ve been thinking I should start incorporating one into my routine, at least on days off!

    On another note, I sent in my routine several months back – just wondering if you’re working through a backlog of routines or if it got lost in the abyss somewhere? I’ve actually changed a couple things since then, so I’m happy to resubmit it :)

  2. Beth says:

    I wouldn’t use the sugar scrub on your face so often if you have sensitive skin. Maybe just once or twice a week. The good thing about sugar is, it can be used a scrub, or it can chemically exfoliate while it sits on your face because of the glycol (no rubbing required!).

    I use the same Accure shampoo and I really like it too! I’ll have to check out their dry shampoo!

  3. Rebecca Bailey says:

    Loving all the DIY, and coconut oil & honey – yum! Also love the start pic, it’s good to see some indie/alt chicks in the mix : )

  4. Amanda says:

    EEK! Love it, and I think I might just start following Rachel’s blog! AND she is from St. Paul, me too! I am going to have to give that deodorant cream a try…

  5. Rachel S. says:

    You guys! Thanks for the comments!
    @Beth – Good point. I actually stopped using sugar on my face in the last week or so (I just read the NMDL book, which advised against that)

  6. Becca says:

    Rachel! thanks for the routine, i just checked out your blog and I’m about to move to a fresh new apartmemt so Im especially eager to try out your DIY cleaners.
    If I can ask you /other readers: What clean products did you use while on your isotretinoin course? I’m starting this coming month, like you it’s been everything, naturopathic and conventional, less extreme with no results. I obviously have a lot of mixed feelings but I want to be as clean as possible in every other way. Any product recs or experiences would be really really appreciated. Especially as far as clean moisturizer and as I’m sure I’ll be soaking up quite a bit.

  7. Charlotte says:

    tegan & sara, my queens! <3_<3

  8. fern says:

    Rachel!!! I love your routine! It’s especially nice to hear from someone else in Minnesota! I felt a bit like I was reading about my own routine when I was reading yours – I have followed a similar course from accutane to IUD to my new found love of Tegan and Sara’s new album. :)

    @Becca: I was on accutane a few years ago and I used Keys Soap SolarRx (depending on whether I wanted sunscreen or not – their Luminos lotion is great, too, but without the sunscreen). I never had a problem with dryness when I used that lotion. I also used Bubble & Bee lip balm – you’ll need a really, really good lip balm, too. I have been on accutane twice and I still have cystic acne, but it turns out mine is due to food allergies and a hormonal imbalance my body can’t seem to figure out after going off the pill. My sister has beautiful skin after accutane, though. Good luck!!

  9. Rachel S. says:

    Thanks, Becca! During my Accutane course, I mostly used argan oil on my face, though I think I did experiment with a few creamier moisturizers. I remember liking Weleda’s pomegranate night cream the best. I used apricot kernel oil on my body and sometimes Whole Foods 365 unscented lotion with a few essential oils mixed in. I know it’s not clean, but I used a LOT of Aquaphor during that time as well. My lips and hands were always insanely dry. Good luck to you. It’s not the most pleasant of experiences, but hopefully you will do well!

  10. Rachel S. says:

    Thanks, Fern! So many similarities – love it! Thanks for the rec on SolarRx. I actually just picked up a travel-size bottle today. Can’t wait to try it!

  11. Michelle says:

    Great routine and post. I have been washing my face for several months now with raw honey followed by a Young Living Essential Oil moisturizer. My face is so smooth and people who have know me for years are asking what I am doing differently.

  12. I use tea tree oil in a mixture of warm water and put a small hand towel or face cleaning pad in it and massage my face with it. It works great.

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