My MM: Nancy’s Meatless Monday Menu

Meet Nancy. She’s pregnant, she’s mostly vegan, and she’s a hydrating machine. Enjoy her awesome menu!

Name: Nancy Lili

Home: I’d call Austin home, but I currently live in Odessa, Texas

Dietary Leanings: Two years ago, due to an extreme bout of food poisoning where I almost lost my large intestine and appendix, I became a “selective omnivore,” (read Eating Animals). Then I saw a video of a pig slaughter—and though I’d seen videos of animal slaughter and had been brought to tears by them before, this one hit me in a different way. I’m now 100% vegetarian with vegan tendencies.

My favorite vegetable: I love a perfectly in-season avocado and I love beans. All beans. Black. Pinto. Chickpea. Navy. Northern. Canned. Fresh. Beans, beans, beans.

Monday morning I…

Began the day with 20 ounces of lemon-water (the trick to drinking two liters of water a day is to find a large jug you like, carry it absolutely everywhere, and re-fill as necessary). I then also had 8 ounces of Yogi’s Mother-to-Be tea (am nine months pregnant), and a bowl of cereal. The cereal is a combination of Central Market’s Raisin Bran, a muesli, and a mix of chia, hempseeds, and flax. I use Silk’s Unsweeted Original Almond Milk.

A few hours later…

I ate two and a half brazil nuts. (My dog always begs for whatever I’m eating, so I’ll give her the last half of the third nut.)

In the blender, I added ice and an organic banana to Vega One’s nutritional shake in vanilla chai to water, and ta-da. That keeps me satiated for awhile.

Then for lunch…

One slice of Rudi’s Honey Sweet Whole Wheat toast with organic omega-3 mayonnaise with flax oil (by Spectrum) and with Central Markets’ red pepper hummus with a black bean pattie on top (usually by Amy’s), and a few slices of organic pickles on the side.

At least another 20 ounces of water, too.

For a mid-afternoon snack…

I juiced a cucumber, green pepper, cilantro, pink lady apple, sliver of ginger (all organic)—just the extra veggies I had lying around. Again, I make sure to drink another 20 ounces of water before dinner.

Then for dinner…

I roasted eggplants, portabello mushrooms, and zucchinnis in the oven with olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, and pepper, and top those with a mix of grape tomatoes, basil, and Amish gorgonzola cheese (an easy dinner to make, inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s I also made organic brown rice and served that alongside this, drizzled with yet more olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, and pepper. With dinner, I drink coconut water, about ten ounces.

For dessert…

I had frozen grapes and frozen mango chunks, and I go ahead and eat about 20 ounces of crushed ice too. (I know it’s bad for my teeth, but I crave it!)

By the end of the day, too, I’ve anywhere from 60-100 ounces of water, not including other beverages.

55 Responses to “My MM: Nancy’s Meatless Monday Menu”
  1. lynne says:

    To Alexandra- I had legitimate questions for you! That is not bullying.
    Rebecca, you repeat in multiple posts the same thing. Is that bullying? Yes?

    Thinspo and pro-Ana blogs have been brought up before in comparison. If you don’t know these are about at least educate yourselves. Otherwise how can you have an opinion?

  2. Jess says:

    From using this site for about a year now my interpretation is that it is a source of information (a very good source), like any source of information you take from it what you want – it’s not there to guide your life and as individuals we interpret information in different ways. I think what’s important is that we take this into account when reading the comments as everyone has different ways of interpreting posts – I for one have never thought about a menu being unhealthy as I look at the foods in it rather than portions and amounts. It seems like within this post there’s a lot of negativity and with this site being so positive its upsetting. If you disagree with something then that’s your opinion, which is fine as everyone is entitled to one but they do not need to be voiced in such harsh comments – it’s sucking all positiveness out of this blog and so instead of criticizing each other and the blog lets get back to what draws us all to the blog in the first place :)

  3. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @lynne, there was a question mark at the end of the sentences, but they read like accusations to me. You mentioned that all caps looks like someone being angry and hateful. It seems like you, among many others, want the conversation to be more civilized. Negativity is more than shouting (and shouting isn’t always negative), so maybe many of us commenting can make a point of expressing ourselves with care on sensitive topics.

    I would not say repeating myself is bullying. If it was you that made the comparison with these other blogs before, then is repeating that point bullying? I don’t think repetition itself is bullying. Not everyone reads every comment, and new people come here all the time, so if I think a point is important I will repeat it. Also, I don’t need to read a blog about weight to know that this blog is not about weight. There are probably a lot of things on the internet I don’t want to see, and I’m not really interested in anyone promoting anything unhealthy. If there is something in particular that you think I should see as a comparison, leave a link and maybe I can brace myself and take a look.

  4. Ali says:

    I love the idea of a weekend recap and a healthy dose of gratitude on Mondays! What a perfect way to start each week.

    I think NMDL’s original goal here was to demonstrate that you can be vegetarian and still have a healthful diet all day, and that eating healthy is good for your skin, too. So we can come up with some less controversial ways of demonstrating that. What about posting veg. recipes of food that readers believe helps their skin too? Or just healthy veg. recipes the readers can cook up and report back on?

    This post makes me think about just how hard it is to be a woman. We spend so much time mindlessly ruminating about all the things wrong with our selves and our bodies and our diets and we spend just as much time, effort and money trying to fix them. While I’m sure many of you are more enlightened than me, I think it would be so nice to have a reminder to just ‘be’ for a while. To stop hunting for the perfect product to ‘fix’ whatever it is we seem to think is imperfect about our natural selves, and to momentarily just let it be okay that I am what I am.

    Which is why a gratitude post and/or weekend fun recap would be a healthy and fabulous reminder to be kind and gentle to ourselves and others. :) Now, what could be better for your skin than that?

    And to @Amy, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with ED, I can only imagine what it is like to go through that. I wanted to tell you from your posts it sounds like you are doing amazingly and you know just what is right for your own body. Congrats on finding your healthy self!

  5. Kristine says:

    I totally just bought Vega One’s nutritional shake in vanilla chai for the first time yesterday at Whole Foods. Haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely might try your way of adding a banana and ice to it. Thanks for sharing! :)

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