Annette’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Thank you thank you! After last week’s post, we got a bunch of submissions from a variety of wonderful women. Don’t forget to send yours if you haven’t yet! Today meet Annette: She hates to shower, which kind of makes us love her. Enjoy her awesome routine!

Name:  Annette

Age:  49

Hometown:  Manteca, CA

Current weather:  Sunny, cold (for CA)

Hair: Chin length, colored, fine and wavy

Skin:  Fair, freckled, “mature”

Favorite celebrity:  Lauren Hutton.  She just gets more badass the older she gets.

In the shower…

Full disclosure. I hate to shower. It takes too much time out of the morning; time I would rather be doing other things before I have to get to work. The warm water makes me itchy and my face gets flushed.  I don’t sweat much and I’m not very hairy (thanks to getting rid of toxic products, I believe).  Instead, I do what my mom calls a “bird bath.”  I clean the pits, bits, and feet, dry brush the rest and apply oil.  It’s Diva Wash on the bits and Whole Foods olive oil soap for the pits and feet. I use Tom’s deodorant.  I will hop in the shower on the weekend or if I don’t have to work so as not to freak out the hubby.

I wash my hair a couple times a week with Rahua volumizing shampoo.  I condition every day with Yarok Feed Your Volume conditioner.  I just recently switched to the Yarok and I’m happy with it.  I’ve gotten second-day hair a few times, something that didn’t happen with what I was using before.

Outside the shower…

Whether I’ve showered or just dry brushed, I massage in argan oil.  I’ve tried lots of lotions and other oils and the argan provides lasting moisture but is not at all greasy. It’s more expensive than other oils, but it’s so multi-purpose I feel like I cut down on multiple products.  Kahina makes the best, but Mountain Rose Herbs has a good version for a lot less money.

I wash my face at night.  I oil up my face, neck and chest with argan oil, using it around my eyes to remove my eye makeup.  While the oil sits I use a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel to remove the oil from around my eyes and some warm water and a washcloth to remove my mascara.  I use a Pai muslin cloth and nice warm water to massage the makeup/oil off my face.

I use a splash of witch hazel and a drop of carrot seed oil as toner.  While my skin is still damp I rub in one squirt of the Kahina Brightening Serum and a couple drops of argan oil.

In the morning I put some raw, organic honey on my chin, jawline and temples and let it sit while I get ready to wet my hair.  I tend to get bumpy through those areas and the honey helps keep them clear. After I have washed and/or conditioned my hair I repeat the toner/serum/argan oil mixture from my night routine.  This sets the stage for my SPF/foundation combination.  I comb out my hair to let it air dry while I put on my makeup, making sure the insane cowlick at the crown of my head is covered and behaving itself.

Finishing touches…

I mix one squirt of John Masters SPF 30 Sunscreen and the same size dollop of Jane Iredale Dream Tint.  I love the Dream Tint. There’s no mica so it isn’t at all shiny. I really dislike being shiny.

I use a small angle brush to apply Jane Iredale PureMatte powder on my eyelids, under my eyes and around my nostrils.  I plump up my brows with Jane Iredale Purebrow.  I still need a little filling in so I use Cover Girl eyebrow pencil.  I chose this one because it’s a nice taupe.  Even though I have dark hair I don’t want a dark eyebrow pencil.  It’s too severe.

I line my upper lids and the outer half of the lower lids with Nuance by Salma Hayak in brown.  On my lids I use Universalist 2 (from my Quarterly package).  I’m surprised how much I like it.  I didn’t like the RMS Living Luminizer all that much.  In the crease it’s 100% Pure’s “Toffee.”  I finish off the eyes with Nuance by Salma Hayak Ultra-Defining Mascara in black.

I would LOVE to let my hair air dry but it’s too fine.  It really needs some love from the blow dryer to help with volume. I also have to tame a few spots with a curling iron.  It sounds like a lot but it’s really very fast.  Once it’s dry I hit it with a few sprays of Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Hairspray.

That’s it.  Pretty simple really.  So much more simple than when I was “dirty.”

Thanks to Siobhan and Alexandra for this venue and to everyone who shares her wisdom.  I have benefitted greatly from what I have learned here.  I look forward to learning so much more!

Thank you too! And everyone who participates here. x

10 Responses to “Annette’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!”
  1. Audreiana says:

    Nice routine you got there. I’ve heard of the diva wash but never got around to trying it. And also honey on the skin works wonders, I must get back into the habit of using it on my skin inthe areas you have mentioned as well. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

  2. Nina says:

    Can someone explain dry brushing, please? Thanks!

  3. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Nina, there will be a post coming up very soon on dry brushing!

  4. danielle says:

    First I have to say I love Lauren Hutton. I have a space between my 2 front teeth likes hers that I have never fixed and I am 44 yrs old. ( But maybe it never needed fixing, although the dentist said otherwise) I hear you on the face flushing but darn, I love hot showers and baths. Trying to work on that. I love your simple routine and also use Kahina Brightening Serum. I am anxious to try 100% Pure brightening balm though as mentioned by Rebecca B. This Central NY weather is killing me this year; my skin is so dry-or maybe it is dryer as I age? I recently started using a beauty balm by Green Pasture called fermented cod liver oil beauty balm, it has done wonders. Love this post, nice to see someone in my age group.

  5. Beth says:

    I am not quite sure how to articulate this thought but here goes… I find it really comforting when I read posts from women who are older than me (I’m 33) as it really helps me understand that as we age we don’t loose the desire to be our best selves and that we don’t somehow diminish in coolness or attractiveness (I really liked reading Frankie’s post too).It makes me feel confident about getting older which, in this day and age, is a really refreshing feeling.

    Thank you Annette.

  6. therese says:

    Thanks for the more mature skin post. I can relate a little easier to these since that is where I am. I love all the other morning routines but just a quick shout out for us older beauties. I wish I could give up my showers but it is the only thing that wakes me up in the morning.

  7. Lauren says:

    I have acne in exactly those places and I can’t wait to try out raw honey! Thanks for the great tip

  8. Valerie says:

    Annette what is the brand of honey you use for the Honey mask

  9. Anna says:

    I LOVE this routine! For some reason it’s very refreshing.

    I love taking long, hot baths (I take a bath almost every morning) and enjoy showers as well, but with my bathroom being so cold in the winter, I have mastered the “bird bath” as well.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful morning routine!

  10. Leah says:

    love this routine! looking forward to trying Kahina’s brightening serum soon and although I love Kahina’s argan oil, great to hear about Mountain Rose’s! Yay for someone in their 40’s with a clean routine! i’m working on it.

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