9 Amazing All-Natural Perfumes (via Well+Good NYC)

We’ve done a lot of complaining about the lack of good—nay, great—natural perfumes out there. But truth be told, there are a few on this list from Well+Good that we haven’t tried yet! Which of these have you tested out? And what’s your absolute favorite I’ll-never-stop-wearing-it perfume, natural or otherwise?

Perfume should be a pleasurable experience both for the wearer and those around her, not a toxic one. Which is why we’ve rounded up the best new natural ones.

Our perfume picks are mostly handcrafted in small batches with plant extracts, distilled flower essences, and essential oils. So giving or getting one feels luxurious and special. Here are our 9 favorites of the season…

1. A Perfume Organic Mejica

Perfumer Amanda Walker’s small batch, botanical blends are super desirable, and “Mejica,” might be the sexiest of her five USDA certified-organic scents. It’s a delicious blend of three vanillas, rare resins, and spices. The petite bottle is actually a roll-on and, extra charming, the flower seed-embedded box can be planted.

$65, www.spiritbeautylounge.com

2. Red Flower Ambrette Roll-On Oil

Aside from making exquisite natural candles, Red Flower creates masterful fragrances, like “Ambrette.” It’s the name of a seed used in Indian culture to perfume the hair and burned as an offering. When blended here with patchouli, orange, and black pepper (all certified USDA organic), it’s both alluring and restoring. Wear it to yoga to lift stress-related fatigue or anoint your pulse points with it as an aphrodisiac.

$48, www.redflower.com

3. Strange Invisible Perfumes Black Rosette

Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis is all about luxury craftsmanship. Her forte is creating scents with certified organic, wildcrafted, and biodynamic ingredients that focus on “aroma profile, evocative narratives, and the beauty of scent.” Black Rosette eau de parfum, for example, tells a subtle story of seduction with roses, black tea, and spearmint with a hint of bad-boy leather.

$220, www.spiritbeautylounge.com

4. Lurk RSW005 Fragrance

This carefully crafted new fragrance line oozes cool factor. Lurk is the brainchild of New Yorkers Anne Sanford and Kristi Head, who met at Red Flower and created packaging and beauty products for Anthropologie and other top brands before collaborating on a fragrance collection of their own. We’re smitten with RSW005, an androgynous essential-oil-based scent with warm sandalwood, earthy rose, and a crisp citrus finish. And since the line launched just last year, you won’t be wearing (or gifting) a scent that everyone else has. Yet.

$50, www.lurkmade.com

5. Tsi La Fiori D’Arancio Organic Eau de Parfum

Tsi La is a little obsessed with fun, organic freshness—and natural decadence. The collection is crafted in artisan-size batches using essential oils, active plant botanicals, and rich exotic butters. Best-selling Fiori d’Arancio is a USDA-certified mist that’s like bottled sunshine—on vacation in Italy. Its notes of orange, tangerine, and neroli flowers mixed with vanilla orchids and honey give it a playful, mischievous appeal.

$95, www.tsilaorganics.com

6. Honoré Des Prés Nu Green Verrine Eau de Toilette

Olivia Giacobetti is a legendary perfumer, who designed fragrances for prestigious houses like Diptyque and Guerlain, before creating Honoré Des Prés. It’s the first luxury certified-organic French fragrance brand. Nu Green conjures up the feel of a fresh spring morning with green mint leaves, dewy grass, Indian botanical musk, tarragon and cedar wood. And if it’s got Giacobetti’s signature on it, you know it has to be good.

$84, www.spiritbeautylounge.com

7. Tallulah Jane Aiyana Eau de Parfum

Aiyana is a feminine (okay, super girly, super heart-warming) fragrance that mixes pure Moroccan rose with vanilla and a hint of Italian lemon that gives it a boost of happy effervescence. Like all of Tallulah Jane’s perfumes, it’s made with organic and wildcrafted oils, and based on the centuries-old tradition of Bourbon perfumeries.

$48, www.shop.tallulahjanenyc.com

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20 Responses to “9 Amazing All-Natural Perfumes (via Well+Good NYC)”
  1. Meredith says:

    Lately I’ve been wearing Soap and Paper Factory solid perfume in Bella. It absorbs nicely and the scent actually lasts most of the day. The packaging is gorgeous and the little pots are $18, so not a huge commitment.

    Seriously, look at these perfumes. They are little works of art! http://www.soapandpaperfactory.com/product/153/

    The company also makes lotions, eau de parfum, soaps, etc.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ve been pretty faithful to Alkemia Perfumes since I discovered them on Etsy a few years ago. They’re alcohol, pthalate & paraben free and “contain no fillers, chemical by-products, or other nastiness.” I’ve plowed through like 4 bottles of their Vanille Patchouli. Sooooo good. (I also have about 7 other scents of theirs as well. LOVE!)


  3. nancy says:

    All new for me.

    I’ve settled on E.O.V and love it, really love it. And by the number of compliments I get and people that actually ask me what I’m wearing I’d say it pleases everyone around, which is a bonus, right?

  4. Jennifer K. says:

    I love my old perfumes, especially Angel by Thierry Mugler and Perles de Lalique by Lalique. I can’t find a natural that quite compares with either one. However, they have both run out and I am resisting the urge to replenish. A couple of the perfumes in this post sound great, but some are pretty pricey.

  5. Jan says:

    I tried a sampler of the Honore Des Pres perfumes and didn’t find them to my liking. The very best natural scent I’ve found, that smells lovely, is not costly and lasts all day is a bottle of Aura Cacia Jasmin essential oil. I rub a drop on my wrists in the morning, and it offers a bit of scent all day. And the bottle only cost approximately $10. This has been a wonderful solution to trying to find a natural perfume, and it’s economical also.

  6. Josephine says:

    As I recently lamented in the “what green products are you still looking for” post, I have found a lot of natural perfumes to be pretty boring. So much vanilla everywhere! Vanilla+patchouli, vanilla+rose, vanilla+musk, vanilla+whatever… I understand that the warm, comforting, gourmand scents sell very well, but boy do I wish they didn’t dominate the market quite so much.

    A couple of these intrigue me, though, and when I next have money to blow on beauty, I want to try the Ambrette, and maybe the Honore des Pres green scent. So far, nothing has thrilled me like my Mona di Orio perfumes (Cuir and Vetyver), but I won’t be replacing them, and I am certainly willing to keep trying things.

  7. Beth says:

    @ Mellissa-I looked at the Alkemia shop and now I want to buy some of their perfumes just from browsing all the wonderful pictures and reading all the wonderful perfume names and poetry.

  8. Alicia says:

    You must be reading my mind, as I have had fragrance on the brain lately. My issue is that I can’t seem to find a place that I can physically go to and smell an array of natural fragrances, such as those listed. They all sound so great on paper, but I could find them stinky in person. I don’t really feel like forking over the dough to have a dozen or so samples mailed to me (which would add up pretty quickly), and so I have just gone without. I really miss having a fragrance! Anyone aware of any San Diego, CA places where I could drop in for a sniff?

  9. Elle says:

    Do any of these stay on though? I have been sample testing natural perfumes forever and cannot for the life of me find one that lasts longer than an hour! I get so jealous when my friends wear Chanel and you can smell it in their hug at the end of the day!

  10. Rebecca Bailey says:

    I never end up liking anything in a base of alcohol, so some of these are out for me. The first two look tempting though…are those roll-ons alcohol free?

    One fragrance I will always use is Hope Gillerman’s Stress Remedy. Also Evan Healy is my favorite magical alchemist. I’m in love with her Madagascar Ginger Attar and Rose Attar. They do last and last. I’m smelling the ginger on my scarf right now, and it will still be there, though fainter, tomorrow. I use just a tiny drop at a time. I’ve found that with the pricier Rose Attar, I can even add several drops to 15-30 ml carrier oil to stretch it out, and the scent is still very present.

  11. Megan S. says:

    La Bella Figura Paris is beautiful. And it actually lasts, which I agree with @elle can be hard to find in the natural perfume world. Barcelona is night too and would be perfect for summer. I’m used to spritz ing perfume, but I’m starting to enjoy the roll-on. I enjoy that you can strategically place the fragrance magic. Seedtoserum.blogspot.com

  12. jen says:

    Oh, wow! I didn’t realize that Olivia Giacombetti was behind Honore de Pres! Now I am excited to check those out…I love some of her perfumes…I am wearing Dzing right now!

  13. nancy lili says:

    Do these need to be re-applied often as the scent will fade? That’s been my experience with all natural perfumes, but I’d love to find one that’s scent lingered..

  14. Sofia says:

    Perfume oils are the best and I love almost all the Rich Hippie scents I have on my vanity. I’m going to have to try a few on this list, but I have tried Barcelona and love it. @Megan I’ll take your word that Paris is just as good. I actually think oils last longer and are better tor you than spraying alcohol on your body.

  15. Audreiana says:

    I actually like perfume oils too because they last so so long on me. My favorite perfume oil is Egyptian musk, every time I wear this scent people always want to know what I’m wearing. Can’t wait to find a natural perfume I love though. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Natureg

  16. Emma B says:

    @ Alicia
    I am also annoyed that we cannot smell and try perfumes on before buying.
    I feel like that would be a great reason to organise some informal meetups, as a way of smelling different fragrances and/or seeing the colour of different products on others.
    I also have many full-size items that don’t work for me (colourwise) and that I would be happy to swap (I am in Montreal).

  17. Victoria says:

    Thanks Megan and Sofia for trying our perfumes! I can guarantee Sofia that Paris is a very beautiful, complex scent that lasts a long time and unfolds with the wearer. It tells a story and all you have to do is wear it to find out.

    The reason a lot of natural perfumes don’t typically last more than 2-3 hours is we don’t use chemical preservatives or other toxic ingredients to make them last and just like a vase of fresh flowers, scents tend to fade. I actually think that is more luscious and romantic than the scents that stay on you from the evening before. People are more likely to remember you when you wear something unique and lovely.


  18. Bee says:

    @ Josephine – I really love the Green fragrance from A Perfume Organic! I got their sampler pack – they were all lovely, but when it came down to the matter of taste I loved the juicy scent – maybe a little musky / floral on top! I’m not really a vanilla gal myself when it comes to fragrance (too cloying for my tastes) and of the sampler pack, that was the only one that wasn’t spice / vanilla heavy or overly sweet-citrus (something else I generally dislike). A+ for the Green!

    Their perfumes definitely don’t “exude” as much as a traditional fragrance (nor should they) but I appreciated the light touch – ever since giving up alcohol-based perfume, I find that smelling it on other people can be pret-ty overwhelming. From time to time, I like to make my own perfume from essential oils – easy as pie! Just a little carrier oil, maybe some sandalwood or jasmine, and voila!

  19. Michele says:

    Yes, there is a spot in San Diego. You can stop on for a sniff at Ms Vintage in North Park.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Great topic! One more to add to the list ~ Drift Perfume. Handcrafted solid perfumes in *wooden* cases. We offer vegan liquid perfumes too (no beeswax). NO synthetic ingredients & very eco-friendly. And, we sell samples. @Josephine (laughing) ~ no patchouli in our perfumes EVER and only trace vanilla ;) http://www.driftperfume.com

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