Product Reviews: Studio 78 Paris Makeup

Here’s a happy winter surprise: a new clean makeup line we’re seriously crushing on!

We were introduced to the line by our friends at NuboNau, which has an exclusive on the line for now in the United States. We fell for the packaging first. So chic! So retro! And most is made of cardboard, which is nice. With one sweep of concealer, though, and one finger-smear of blush, it was love.

I’ve tried three products so far—the undereye concealer (the lighter one), the blush (shade 2), and the black mascara—and I like them in that order. The concealer is a stand-out. It’s in a small pot with a flip lid that has a tiny mirror on it, which is genius. It’s a powdery matte cream, which RMS fans might find alarming at first. It’s a whole different look, but bear in mind it’s not meant to be used in the same way, either. Formulated to correct blueish undereye circles, it’s a boon if you, like me, haven’t been sleeping the best lately. I also love the blush. It reminds me a little of my old Nars favorite (“Orgasm,” naturally) but it’s a little quieter. I’d say it lasts a good half workday, easy.

Now, the million dollar question: How is the mascara?

Two-part answer: The brush and formula look and feel great. They create a sort of thick, inky, slightly-clumpy-in-a-good-way lash.* Unfortunately, though, it smeared on my face within a few hours. I tried it again with a coat of waterproof Dior on top to “seal” it, and it worked. But since I don’t want to wear Dior every day, I doubt I’ll be wearing the mascara all that much. Which is too bad! But I’d love to hear if you guys have other experiences.

Any new makeup lines  you’re loving? Have you tried this one?

Concealer ingredients: Squalane, olive oil decyl esters, silica, copernicia cerifera cera, triticum vulgare germ oil, butyrospermum parkii butter, cera alba, squalene, sesamum indicum oil unsaponifiables, citrus grandis peel oil, limonene, linalool.

Blush ingredients: Mica, zea mays starch, squalane, zinc stearate, sodium riboflavin phosphate, cocos nucifera oil, helianthus annuus seed oil, alumina, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, persea gratissima oil, chamomilla recutita flower extract, parfum, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, limonene, linalool.

* A and I love clumpy lashes!

50 Responses to “Product Reviews: Studio 78 Paris Makeup”
  1. Stephanie says:

    Tarte – don’t know how new it is, but love it and have switched most of my products to it, except for my Jane Iredale liners (eye & lip).

  2. KammyH says:

    I neeeeeed you guys to try the foundation! I’ve been contemplating trying it for a few months but am hesitant to shell out the $50 with no reviews. Pretty please?

  3. Audreiana says:

    How cute! I’m loving the packaging of their makeup. I had never heard of this brand until now, and I find it hard to find a good natural mascara as well. Thanks for introducing some of us makeup fiends to a new brand. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

  4. NuboNau says:

    Happy Friday guys! We’re SO pleased you are enjoying Studio 78! Thank you so much for featuring it – it’s a young, dynamic brand and they are trying hard to be different, better – they are a lovely team too!

    The pigmentation is amazing and we are still amazed by their bi-phased foundation! ( we’re so with you on the concealer Siobhan…lifesaver after a hectic holiday season…

    We would love more feedback on the mascara though, it worked well for two of us, but it would be fab if we could get three followers to review a mascara for us to see how you guys like it?

    So, three of you can have a Studio 78 Paris Mascara – FREE…one condition…try it for a month and then you tell us how you got on. ( don’t post your personal details here, just your screen name) we will email you and send one to you FOC.

    We LOVE getting the NMDL teams feedback – and you guys are so fab with feedback too – it would be great to hear how you like it….

    Have a wonderful Friday!! NNx

  5. Jade says:

    Not so new a line, but Lily Lolo is such a standout. It’s a UK-based all organic brand. They do mineral powders that are amazing. Foundations, blushes and eye shadows alike are highly pigmented. There is a wide variety of colors and they are sublime. And on top of it all they’re affordable.

  6. Emma B says:

    Another million dollar question, how is Ilia Beauty’s new mascara? I’ve been curious about it.

  7. Katie says:

    I would LOVE to try the mascara!

  8. Susannah says:

    Thanks for the review Siobhan! Can you say a little more about the texture and the “powdery matte cream” finish of the concealer? Is it drying? Does it settle into fine lines? Does it stay put? I just checked out the description on NuboNau and I’m intrigued by the color options because they are differentiated by skin tone (olive vs. pink) rather than gradations of light to dark. As for other lines, I’m obsessed with the W3LL People Universalist 2 Multi-Use Color Pot I received in my NDL Quarterly package. It’s everything I always wanted RMS Living Luminizer to be, which is too silver for my skin. I will be trying more W3LL People products. Alexandra’s post on mixing RMS pots has helped me use my RMS staples in smarter ways, so I’m getting a lot of use out of those beauties. Mascara seems to be a toughy for us clean ladies. I found a pretty clean mascara that rocks my world. It’s luscious, stays put, and it’s dirt cheap. Try out Reviva Labs hypoallergenic mascara.

  9. Jill says:

    I would love to try the mascara–I’m a mascara junkie, and thus far, I’ve never been able to find a clean one that meets my expectations. Josie Maran’s is way clumpy, Tarte’s is a little too sedate, and I forgot the third clean one I tried…it was so long ago and I wasn’t a fan.

  10. Susannah says:

    NuboNau pretty please pick me! I would love to try and review Studio 78 Paris’ mascara. What a sweet offer!

  11. Melanie says:

    I saw this line on NuboNau and was very curious. Which of the concealers is lighter (numbers don’t always indicate that)? Thanks!

  12. Siobhan says:

    Sure! @Susannah I have “at dawn.” Answers below:

    —Can you say a little more about the texture and the “powdery matte cream” finish of the concealer? Is it drying?

    No, not at all drying. The texture is creamy, so you can apply it with a finger or a brush, but the finish is sort of powdery. It isn’t slippery or shiny at all.

    —Does it settle into fine lines?


    —Does it stay put?

    Yes, for hours. I reapply when I leave work if I’m going out.

  13. kristina says:

    I’d love to try the mascara!

    That undereye concealer sounds tempting. Once I get paid for my current freelance gig, there might be some new makeup in store for me…

  14. NuboNau says:

    Katie, Jill and Susannah…..Thank you for trialing the New Studio 78 Mascara for us!!

    Please email us at with your contact details and we will send your mascaras to you!

    Thanks again! NNx

  15. Melanie says:

    And I would be more than happy to try the mascara, too!!!

  16. DJ says:

    I saw that the anti-dark circle concealer only came in two colors.
    @Siobhan & @NuboNau, do you think either color will “work” on Asian/yellow undertone skin?

  17. Mira says:

    I had to look up the ingredient “squalane”. For those not in the know, from EWG—This ingredient is listed in the PETA’s Caring Consumer guide as primarily derived from animals, especially shark liver oil.

    So parabens and pthalates are bad, but shark liver oil is ok?

  18. Alexandra says:

    @Mira, we’ll have to look into this with this particular line but I know that certain squalene is not animal-derived. We should have checked with them before posting though—thanks for pointing out.

  19. Kalpana says:


    Have look at these products on Nubonau. I would love to try on the mascara. I have tried a few clean ones but always go back to Lancome just for the staying power. The blush colors look great too. The concealer sounds too good to believe esp about not settling in lines. I have tried multiple concealers but somehow all eventually settle into lines that I can’t even see when I am not wearing concealer.

  20. Rebecca Bailey says:

    I wasn’t looking into using this brand because it’s not gluten free – but since the animal ingredients question came up I thought I’d take a look. There is a website selling the brand that says it’s “vegan friendly” and does not have animal ingredients ( The site is in French, so I can’t tell what it says myself.

  21. Susannah says:

    Oh happy day! Thank you NuboNau!! And thank you Siobhan for the extra details. I am going to give the concealer a shot. It sounds lovely.

  22. Caroline says:

    @Mira Squalene can also be olive derived.

  23. JJ says:

    More than 95% of commercially available squalene is now derived from olive oil or wheat germ oil

  24. MJ says:

    Hello just curious if the parfum in the blush is okay and safe? The colours look great and would definately love to try them!

  25. Beth says:

    This line looks really pretty. Does NuboNau ship to Canada? Having trouble finding out on there site.

  26. Lolly says:

    Ok, I need to say something: I love this website and I love the commenting community, but can folks please, PLEASE ease up on the self-righteousness and judginess? This is NOT a vegan lifestyle website. “Clean” living does not have to include veganism or even vegetarianism. Being healthy doesn’t either, nor does taking a back-to-nature approach. And yes, phthalates and parabens and petrochemicals are bad for our health because they are toxic and contaminated and carcinogenic. No, shark liver oil or emu oil or any other animal-derived products are not bad for our health. To quote Dr. Weil, they are bad for the health of sharks and emus and carmine bugs and it may suck, but that is a different conversation and ought to be had elsewhere. I am sure there must be plenty vegan-centric beauty websites out there. It is not Alexandra’s and Sibhan’s job to check the vegan bona fides of otherwise clean ingredients.

    I love that this site takes a holistic approach to beauty and I really appreciate the thoughful perspective of someone like Rebecca, who, while being a strict raw vegan, never comes off preachy, judgy or pushy. I also love Meatless Mondays. I mean, how could I not? Even a meataholic, offal fiend like Mario Batali believes in Meatless Mondays. And I actually got some great inspiration from some of the MM recipes (particularly Rebecca’s tahini post – apparently I have a blog crush on everything she writes). That said, I am still reeling from when A&S posted my own MM menu, which featured tuna and someone actually made a comment about having a moment of silence for the perished tunas. I mean… I can’t even. Honestly, I am still really, really hoping that was a joke.

    Seriously, guys. Don’t be “those people”. There is a way to be a clean-living, animal-loving vegan, without also being a Judgy McJudgerson Preachypants. We are talking about makeup here. A little lightening up juuuuust might be in order.

  27. Lolly says:

    MJ: European ingredient labelling rules are much stricter than American, so they have to list “parfum” even when a product has essential oils (it would usually be things like limonene and linalool). So yes, I would presume it’s safe, especially considering Nubo Nau’s strict ingredient control policy.

  28. Victoria says:

    Squalene is a natural organic compound and can be derived from plants such as olives, wheat germ, camellia seed oil, etc. As a matter of fact, most cosmetic companies (even the big bad wolves) used squalene derived from plants as its easier to obtain and less expensive. It’s great for your skin and known to prevent UV damage, promote cell growth and may help prevent skin from cancer. Squalene is found in our own bodies and in our sebum production, however as we age we produce less making our skin more prone to collagen loss and age spots. If you have oily skin you tend to have more squalene in your sebum and should be happy, it’ll keep you wrinkle free longer!

    No need to worry about it all unless you’re unsure of the provenance of your squalene since most companies don’t list it. Natural companies use vegetable derived squalene so I’m sure this company is cool for that.

  29. Rose says:

    The Studio 78 Paris Makeup website is also in English, just click on the Brit flag. They don’t give specific info, only stating “Our laboratory has selected natural pigments from vegetal and mineral lands, in order to offer a natural and ecological make-up range, protecting the skin and respecting the environment.” But it looks like you could contact them thru their website if you had specific questions.

    @Lolly: So very well said!

  30. nancy says:

    @ Lolly, well said!
    And on your crush… you will have to be second in line as I’m a self appointted Rebecca’s number one fan…since she first shared her DIY lighthning potion that totally rocks and erased my pesky brown spots:)

  31. Nicole Pittman says:

    Hi friends.

    I have an RMS uncover up question sparked by your under eye alternative above I’m hoping a kind soul can help with. I have been using RMS for about two months but have noticed a huge increase in the millia under my eyes. Do you think this could be the culprit?? It’s mostly on my left cheek on the outer edge of my eye. I’ve read that milia can be diet/cholesterol related and can be linked to excess cholesterol and vitamin D do which I’ve been consuming lately. I’m ver careful and clean about my applicator tools. Thoughts?

  32. Lauren says:

    The only judgmental and self righteous post I read is from the one accusing everyone of being judgmental and self righteous.

  33. chloe says:

    I think it’s great that people are questioning the use of squalene. It just goes to show that we are educated and we won’t put up with any crap! I’m at a point where I won’t make any assumptions about a brand as I’ve been duped one too many times. It sounds like this brand is indeed vegan friendly, so good for them for stating it. As consumers become more educated, companies are forced to do what we ask for. I really appreciate it when a company lists the ingredients and explains it’s use and where it’s from.

    I tend to ignore tantrums, but I will say that I’m not vegan, but I understand that many of us are, and it makes perfect sense to state what ingredients are and where they are from. Get educated, and then make a decision on what works best for you. Are ingredients toxic, gluten-free, vegan, do we have allergies to something—it’s all tied in.

  34. JJ says:

    Sorry Lolly please try again and thanks for playing.

    There’s nothing clean about cruelty.

    Testing and animal-derived ingredients aren’t clean.

    Alexandra and Siobhan know that and have made an effort to make sure the products they recommend are clean in every sense of the word. By your logic Lolly we might as well go out and buy a tub of Eucerin and call it a day.

    You’re like one of those people who gets offended when someone says “I don’t drink alcohol” It’s not about you, it’s about their choice and they can share it. Their not drinking doesn’t “judge” your choice to drink. A majority of the readers on this site are interested in knowing about the provenance of a product’s ingredients in addition to said product’s testing status.

    Don’t let your choices get in the way of others’ morals. You are more than welcome to continue buying your CVS garbage,

  35. Mira says:

    @JJ—so very true.

  36. staygold says:

    That’s a pretty nasty reply, JJ. Sorry, but your logic is flawed and subjective. I agree that “clean” does not have to mean vegan, at all – but I can agree that there is nothing wrong with transparent information. Lolly’s comment was appreciated, and I too find the implicit AND explicit moralizing around vegan lifestyles to be….just obnoxious and misguided. I mostly just ignore it, but wanted to back Lolly up. Meatless Monday and all that is fine, but this whole eating a plant-based diet stuff is becoming redundant and un-nuanced. I hope the next wave of the food movement focuses on people dedicated to humane animal husbandry, and the importance of traditional diets, a la the work of the Weston A Price foundation. Anyway, absolutely love this site and appreciate the community! xo.

  37. Anne says:

    There is a kind of a mean spirit running through here. People need to educate themselves and make their own decisions, and let others make their decisions. There isn’t always a black and white , right or wrong, unless you’re a part of a religious sect that doesn’t allow you to think for yourself!

  38. Dear All

    Sorry for the delay in posting ( I was having a day off!)

    To confirm – Studio 78 use a vegetal derived Squalane.

    By way of background, my understanding is that in 2006 the EU imposed far reaching, deep shark fishing limits in the North Atlantic to protect the endangered species of sharks killed for the squalane produced in their livers ( estimated figures state that 2.7 million sharks were being killed annually – primarily to meet cosmetics industry demands.)

    This ban prompted environmental groups to begin pressuring many of the large cosmetics companies to cease the use of shark liver derived Sqalane – and the good news is manufacturers also started trying to develop effective alternatives. And they did it. And it’s a better, more stable and more affordable product – and rare, previous sealife is protected.

    EcoCert ( encouragingly) accepted a vegetal derived squalane for certification in 2010 – from the literature I have read it appears to be derived from various plant matter – including sugar cane, yeast, and olive oil distillates.

    Following your questions – I also revisited our consultant chemists report on the Brand ( we commission an independant report on all ingredients before we add any product to the portfolio) and the report states the squalane as Eco-cert approved.

    I have also contacted Studio 78 directly and asked them to specify which derivation of plant matter their squalane is produced from ( just incase anyone is interested to know!) As soon as they advise, I will post here.

    Once we have the full details we will also post the derivation in the INCI ( ingredient) list online – to help others know how the ingredient is derived ( for example Vapour use squalane in their lovely night serum – as the product is not certified by a certifying body – we checked the derivation – and it is vegetal ( they even sent me a sample of the squalane – super super silky! I could see why products that use this new ingredient are so beautiful on your skin)

    I do understand the passion in the debate here – I have been a vegitarian for thirty years now – it’s just so fantastic we have an opportunity to discuss the topic, and also raise awareness.

    May I suggest some further reading if you are interested in knowing more….

    Happy Sunday all,


  39. Hello All

    To answer a few additional questions for you –

    Melanie – At Dawn is lighter – If you go to the website the concealer page – On the ‘choose color’ tab, click it and choose – one of the colors – you will then you will see a big image showing the color, it’s so much easier to decide when you see the larger image. ( I’m very fair and use At Dawn) The larger pictures are available for all the products when you choos to click the actual color tab – it’s much easier to see and choose.

    Nicole – Re your RMS – really, the only way to figure it out is by a process of illimination – I would suggest you keep to your usual routine, but stop using your RMS product for a week and see if there is an improvement, if there is, continue not to use it for another week and review the appearance of your skin. Our aesthetician advises that this problem can be caused by over use of products in delecate areas where the skin is particularly fragile and thinner – so try to limit yourself to only specific products in the problem areas – so only eye cream under the eye for example, not moisturizer, serum and eye cream – in that area. Hope that helps a little.

    KammyH – and MJ why not order a sample – have a look here…

    Emma B – ILIA mascara is now a best seller for us – Nightfall is number one…and customers are now coming back after trying black…and buying additional colors – that tells us they must really like it!

    Happy Sunday and thanks for the great questions!!


  40. Ashley says:

    OMG I’d totally love trying the mascara!!! :DDD I’m currently trying to find a perfect mascara for myself :))

  41. Melanie says:

    I think a clarification is required: squalAne, a synthetic, is not squalEne, an organic derivative. So no worry with Studio 78 mascara, ladies!

    Thanks, Hazel, for the colour explanation — I adore all French products (“clean” and “dirty”, sadly) and look forward to finally placing an order with NuboNau!

  42. KammyH says:

    Hazel- Thank you for that link! I’ll definitely be ordering a sample!

  43. Hi Melanie – thanks so much for posting – I’m sorry I didn’t explain the difference between squalene and squalane – here you go….my précis of the (extremely complicated) file we have…!

    Squalene is found in nature – sharks livers, plant material and even in human sebum ( human sebum is about 10% squalene)

    Squalene is pretty unstable – whatever its source – as it can oxidize quickly ( meaning it can break down when exposed to air) so it is altered, ‘hydrogenated’ ( in simple terms – adding hydrogen ) which improves the performance and makes it more stable. It’s important to know that ECO Cert certify that the squalane ingredient used in Studio 78 is vegetal derived and has been processed according to their Organic standard. If you want to be certain your squalane is from a plant and not a shark – go for a the certified Brand ( or ask the Brand who use it – asking raises awareness and shows it matters to you)

    So, the thing is – squalane – is simply an ‘altered’ form of squalene – whether it be from sharks or plants – it’s the hydrogenation process that turns it to squalane. That’s why it’s very important to know the actual derivation if you don’t want to use animal derived squalane.

    Squalene from a shark, when hydrogenated, becomes squalane. Squalene from a plant, when hydrogenated, becomes squalane.

    Studio 78 Paris uses squalane is which is derived from Olive ( in fact they very kindly emailed the certificate of authenticity and the manufacturer source today and asked us to advise you they had done so – they were SO impressed by you guys knowledge and passion too!)

    I do hope that helps to explain a little better – I am happy to advise on the actual chemistry aspect, but you need to be a bit of a rocket scientist to understand all of it! Er…please note – I’m not a rocket scientist – which is why we have a consultant chemist who checks everything for us!

    …. and I am so sorry for the typo’s in my last post….Sunday mornin’ slumber eyes I say ( was going to blame spellchecker…. but I think it was me!)

    Happy Monday folks – Haze

  44. I’ve been dying to try this brand. Finally some lust-worthy packaging from a natural makeup brand!!!!

  45. Katie says:

    Uhm…got the foundation and concealer yesterday and just want to say…AHMAZING!

    More to come, but one thing I was really having a hard time giving up was my Cle de Peu concealer (sooo expensive and not “clean”). The Studio 78 is the exact consistency and is fantastic. I, too, love the little mirror.

    The foundation is super cool as well…just becomes the skin. More later, but thanks to NMDL to introducing me to this brand with this post and NuboNau for sending it so quickly!

  46. Jill says:

    I was one of the three readers chosen to test drive the mascara, and so far, I am liking it. It doesn’t have quite as much oompf as I like (I prefer a thick, kind of clumpy lash), but it definitely adds length and depth to my lashes. And my eyes are a bit sensitive, so a lot of mascaras flake off and make me itchy. This one stays put and doesn’t itch! It’s been less than a week, but am I quite pleased thus far!

  47. Kelsey says:

    Hi! For those looking for a great ‘clean’ mascara see if you can find a stockist (online or otherwise) for Claytime Australia Mascara ( – I’ve been using it for about 2 years now & I’ve never had an issue with it – long wearing, doesn’t leave me with ‘racoon’ eyes or clump :-) I also love how the brush is double sided with ‘top lash’ & ‘bottom lash’ length bristles :-)

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