Product Reviews: Marie Veronique Organics

Every once and a while, I fall in love with a new line. This happens infrequently, because I’m very particular about what I’ll put on my face. But of the four things I have tried, I absolutely adore all of them. One in particular.

The line is Called Marie Veronique Organics, and I’ll admit that the little French school girl in me fell for the name.*

Once I tried the products, though, I fell for what was inside, too. They have a new line out called Pacific that I am getting ready to try. Stay tuned for that. But for now, here’s what I’m loving:

Anti-Aging Mist This one’s wild. It has turmeric on the ingredient list, and you can smell it when you spray it on your face and chest. I could see this not being everyone’s favorite scent, but I find it delightful. Surprising, unisex, invigorating. I love how it feels on my skin—not drying, like some mists, and not overly floral. I love a floral mist myself, but I know plenty of women (and no doubt countless men) who do not. Plus, it contains potent antiagers like elderberry and licorice root.

Cleanser I love this stuff. I’m still devoted to my Kahina cleanser in alternation with my Tata Harper, but lo! There’s a third favorite in town. This cleanser is incredibly gentle but effective. When I cheat and go Dior on my lashes, it doesn’t do the trick, but neither would, say, Neutrogena, if that was my bag (it’s not). So I forgive it, and any natural cleanser, for not being able to get conventional mascara off my eyes, but I give it a whole lot more: Sunscreen, makeup and crap from this dirty city I live in: Gone. Natural oils: Intact. Skin? Balanced! I love it. There’s a little geranium and vetiver in there, too, which smells divine.

Anti-Aging Oil There is so much going on in this face oil that it’s tough to know where to start, so I’m going to be brief for once: The first time I used this, I woke up glowing. During a northeast (admittedly mild) winter in a building as old as mine, where it’s hard to control the heat, dry skin is a problem. This puppy seems to have done the trick.

Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20 I am obsessed (obsessed!) with this product. Funny story: I thought it was just a sunscreen, and I’m already obsessed with another sunscreen, so it took me a while before I tried it. Then I mentioned the line in my morning routine, and one of you mentioned the tinted SPF. “Tinted?!” I thought. I have to get my hands on some of that. Then I realized I already had it in my bathroom. (Champagne problems, I know.) So the following morning, I put a quarter size dollop in my palms and spread it over my face on top of my go-to sunscreen. I’m a safety girl,** and there’s no such thing as too much SPF for me. I looked in the mirror and…whoa. The coverage is so sheer that I couldn’t spot so much as a streak of makeup, and yet my whole face looked somehow better. And more even. And more hydrated. I’ve not gone a day without it since, nor do I plan to. Huge fan.

Have you tried this delightful line? Any questions about the products I mentioned?

*We’re Quebecois, remember? We had to go to French/French-immersion school growing up.
** My undying love to anyone who gets the movie reference here without googling.

43 Responses to “Product Reviews: Marie Veronique Organics”
  1. Liz says:

    Alright, I’m sold on the tinted moisturizer. What shade did you get? I’m assuming I should get the light – my skin is somewhere between fair and medium so I never know. I’m not Ivory, but any shade with “natural” in the name is usually orange on me.

    Also, how big is the bottle of moisturizer? Their website doesn’t tell me.

  2. danielle says:

    I have been using the MV everyday sheer coverage for several years now and love it! It works best over a moisturised face ( a few drops of the anti-aging oil + ) I tried the cleanser and don’t care for it, I will stick to Kahina. The MV sunscreen is like a BB creme, makes your skin flawless. Pricey, but worth it!

  3. Greta says:

    Commenting just because your quote made me laugh, AND I didn’t have to google it! “Pick one. I got red, I got green, I got yellow…”

    Also, I checked out the site and am tres intrigued in this line. Thanks for the review!

  4. Krista says:

    Pretty woman, anyone:) Floss for all.

  5. Katie says:

    Movie reference is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Common, that’s an easy one! This line looks incredible. Hoping I can get it shipped to Canada without crazy shipping charges!

  6. Katie says:

    Sadly a lot of their stuff isn’t vegan. A number of the products have weird animals based ingredients like emu oil and pearl powder. At least what’s vegan and what isn’t is clearly marked.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I had heard about this line (from my new NMDL pal Charlotte, I think) a little while back. Like @Katie, when I checked into it I was disappointed some of the products that looked promising have non-vegan ingredients. They do have a whole section on their website that highlights the vegan products though. The Anti-Aging Mist looks good – it has some of the ingredients I use in my skin lightening/brightening DIY (licorice and bearberry).

  8. Caroline says:

    I’m dying to see a review for their acne line!

  9. nancy says:

    I’ve kept MVO on my radar for some time, since reading a positive review from someone posting on the comments of an unrelated product review a while back.. Then, last week or so you mentioned it again on your morning routine and several more positive reviews on the comments followed ..
    I’m very keen on trying their Everyday Sheer Coverage and the Anti-Age face mist (and seriously their Pacific line)but cannot justify adding more products to my current stash without an enticing discount offer… so for now,I’ll sit and wait ..fingers crossed:)

  10. Charlotte D says:

    @Rebecca Yep, I probably mentioned this line to you, as I am OBSESSED with it! I couldn’t agree more with Siobhan about the Everyday Sheer Coverage. Your skin just looks incredible after you put it on.

    @Nancy As for the Pacific Line, I love the Pacific Oil. It has astaxanthin and red raspberry seed oil, which are both potent UV protectors. I use it everyday as a moisturizer, and my skin just adores it.

  11. Emma B says:

    I’m also very tempted by the everyday sheer coverage. My only question is, what colour? My skin colour is similar to yours Siobhan. Did you get the extra light or the light?

  12. Siobhan says:

    @EmmaB I have the light! It’s really quite light. You can see how pale I am, and it matches me well!

  13. Elena says:

    I am really excited to see here a great review about MVO line, which is a high quality skincare brand with excellent and versatile ingredients. The founder of the brand Marie Nadeau is a professional chemist, she is formulating all the products by herself in a very clever way. Today I am still testing the Sheer Coverage, but the products I am already in love with are: Anti-Ageing Mist (true 5 stars), Gentle Cleanser, Exfoliating Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Oil+. The latter is a very interesting oil with highly potent and rich composition making ingredients’ lists of very expensive face oils like Rodin Olio Lusso or ILA Face Oil look very ordinary.
    Keep up updating us, Siobhan, about your further discoveries of MVO!

  14. Reem says:

    I have been using MVO for over a year now and I am completely obsessed with ALL of their products. I refuse to go for a single day without their tinted moisturizer in the winter and moisturizing screen in the summer. The treatment oil has been the only product to treat my acne. Absolutely LOVE MVO and all of their products! It’s pricey but 100% worth it in every way possible. I just wish I found out about it sooner!

  15. Falon Jordan says:

    I purchased Marie Veronique Organic’s Acne Treatment Kit a little more than a month ago and my skin has never looked better!! I have extremely sensitive skin and most acne products dry out my skin and end up causing more harm than before I started using them. I’ve tried many expensive organic lines, but nothing has made my skin as beautiful as the MV’s products. My face wash started running low so I order the regular cleaner, but it dried out my sensitive skin so I’ll stick with the treatment cleaner. However, I did purchase the Anti Aging oil and it is wonderful! I can’t say enough good things about her products.

  16. Nancy says:

    @Charlotte D
    You are not helping:) I’m trying not to succumb here
    Thank you for the input.. Really appreciated!

    Please share which tint your are comfortable with& skin tone you have

  17. Charlotte D says:

    @Nancy I have very fair skin. For comparison purposes, I think I only have one friend whose skin tone lighter than me, and she’s a redhead :P I think I have red undertones, rather than olive or yellow. I use the light tint, (but I tested the extra light and it works as well). They are very forgiving, sheer tones. I hope that helps!

  18. Chloe says:

    Emu oil?? Sorry ladies, but there is nothing glamorous, pure or natural about slathering the fat of an emu all over your face. I’m not even vegetarian, but there is no way I would support a company that uses this ingredient. A bit bewildered why NMDL, a book and blog that focuses on green products, would endorse this company? Especially after so vehemently defending Meatless Mondays?

  19. Chloe says:

    One more thing, how to spot a health fraud. Emu oil is the first one listed.

  20. Falon Jordan says:

    The website you listed about emu is referencing healthy claims like \ … extremely beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis … infections … prostate problems, ulcers … cancer, heart trouble, hardening of the arteries, diabetes and more. … \completely eliminating the gangrene …\… antibiotic, pain reliever … .\

    MV doesn’t make any types of claim like these listed above so this seems like an unfair comparison.

  21. Silvy says:

    They have a “shop for vegan products” function on their site, for whatever it’s worth.

    I think that link for the emu oil is for when it’s taken internally, too. I don’t want emu oil on my face, though.

  22. Chloe says:

    @falon- you are missing the point. Which is that any product which was random and multiple claims is most likely bs. And MV is using such a product so clearly believes it works. And come on people, it’s fat from an emu. Gross!

  23. Rebecca says:

    @Chloe, I agree on the gross factor of emu oil (I also think carmine, the ground up bug pigment used in many well-loved clean brands, is gross). And, for myself, I prefer to stick with companies that are completely vegan. But I’m not convinced that Marie Veronique’s use of emu oil, krill oil, or any other non-vegan ingredient, is necessarily saying anything horrible about the company. MV does give considerable attention to the vegan issue on the website, which is more than most companies do, and appears to be completely transparent about the use of all ingredients, including listing the benefits of each (and thus why they use it). I think it’s absolutely fine for any of us to say we wouldn’t personally use a product, or buy from a particular company because of their use of ingredients we consider objectionable. But I haven’t yet learned anything about MV that means it shouldn’t be covered in a positive way on this blog, especially when many of the other products reviewed positively here contain animal ingredients.

  24. Ann says:

    Intrigued by this! For a moment there I thought it was about Petite Marie Organics.
    P.S. Siobhan, I do believe that Petite Marie Organics would be another line you’d fall in love with…

  25. nancy says:

    @ Charlotte D,
    Thank you again:)

  26. Lauren says:

    This is green washing at its finest. People are defending emu oil. The world is going to end next.

  27. Sara says:

    No, not impressed at all. I had an opportunity to try out some samples. Another overhyped and overpriced line.

  28. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @Lauren, how does emu oil relate to greenwashing? Is it something in the manufacturing process? Is it one of those “likely to be contaminated” things? Other than being an animal product (and therefore I wouldn’t use it) I haven’t heard of it as problematic/toxic.

  29. Liz says:

    For anyone grossed out by the concept of emu oil, you should also avoid products that list lanolin. This is basically sheep grease.

  30. Chloe says:

    @Liz, thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware. It’s sad and bewildering to me that a company can say it’s organic and natural and use animal products. According to Jane Iredale, lanolin comes from the wool of sheared sheep, and they don’t kill sheep to get it, which makes a huge difference for me.

    As for carmine, (from JaneIredale website) the “red color exists only if the beetles die a natural death and this they do by the hundreds of thousands once they have mated. They are then vacuumed off the cacti and sent for extraction.”

    Emus are killed to get the oil, here is the process.

    Furthermore, there is no concrete evidence for any benefits of emu oil. The MV website lists benefits of emu oil, but they provide no research on their research page to support this, because there is none.

  31. Kate says:

    For anyone wondering about shipping fees to Canada, Marie Veronique Organics charges the same flat shipping fee to Canada that they do to the US!

  32. Rebecca says:

    @Chloe, the info that Jane Iredale lists is different from anything else I’ve seen on carmine (and I’m a fan of Dr. Weil). If JI is using a different method that involves the bugs dying a natural death, then good – and I applaud Jane Iredale for very clearly listing on their website which products have carmine, wheat, etc., so that people can make a choice. The choice to avoid cosmetics products/companies that use animal ingredients is a valid one (it’s one I make myself, though I do use bee products) and I’m glad that more and more people are making conscious decisions. There are many companies in the “naturals” arena using animal products like carmine, pearl powder, silk powder, etc. So there are several things to consider if animal products are a personal concern. In any case, I hope people think about it, whatever decision they ultimately make, and I’m glad to see the subject raised here.

  33. Chloe says:

    @ Rebecca–I think it’s a really important topic too. The emu oil did not even come up in the review, only in the comments section. It feels like an odd, and big, omission to not mention it in the review of this company.

    I’ll have to go back to the NMDL book to see if animal products were covered. I don’t recall reading it, but I feel like I”m missing something here. Maybe a separate post would be interesting about the use of animals products, and the research (or lack thereof) to support it.

  34. Rebecca says:

    @Chloe, I don’t recall animal products ever being covered formally, but it’s come up in comments multiple times, I think. Lots of times products have been reviewed that I wouldn’t use because of an animal ingredient, so it’s never been something that keeps a product/company out of the realm here. I’ve been thinking a lot about different people and their criteria for what is “clean” or acceptable in whatever way, and how we choose what’s okay for us personally. I’m definitely pondering a post about this for the future!

  35. Josephine says:

    I would welcome that post, Rebecca, particularly since you seem to have a pretty balanced approach to the topic. I always want to know if something contains animal products, but that’s because I want to know as much as possible about what goes on my body and what it does. If emu oil is bunk ingredient, I want to know about that, not because it comes from an animal, but because it might be bunk! Animal-sourced does not necessarily equal evil or harmful, in exactly the same way that plant-sourced does not necessarily equal hypoallergenic. The sets of concepts are logically distinct. For vegans, that may not matter on the animal product issue, because their personal decisions about lifestyle are already made, and would preclude use of these products to begin with. However:

    We’re not all vegans here, and, for clarification, “vegan” does not always mean “clean,” by any means. I like to have as much information as possible about my beauty products, and the presence of an animal ingredient will not always put me off. Silk powder has been a gift from the heavens for my skin, which reacts very poorly to a lot of powder formulations. Ghee has been used for skin care for ages. Anyway, it often starts to feel very judge-y in here whenever animal products are mentioned, and I’d love for that to get addressed head-on. If what people are actually saying is “omg, I can’t believe you’re not vegan,” then let’s be clear about that.

  36. Danielle says:

    Any Friday Deal in the future? :)

  37. Catherine says:

    Thanks to everyone who brought up the issue of the use of emu oil in these products. I ordered the Anti-Aging Kit a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t realize this ingredient was being used. Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed that a company like this would use it and I’m returning the items.

  38. katie c says:

    How do they call themselves organic with a preservative like cosmocil CQ as listed on their website?? Despite other nice ingredients that cancels out all the good stuff for me, sorry.

  39. Viv says:

    I bought the Moisturizing Face Screen Light Tint SPF 30 awhile back. I used it a few times only to discover it had emu oil!! ” Marie Veronique ORGANICS. Intelligent ingredients™ ” There’s nothing intelligent about killing emus. So disappointed with MVO.

  40. shelby says:

    Siobhan – What is your go-to Sunscreen??

  41. Holy Cow! I just bought the acne relief travel kit from Lilou Organics (ships within Canada) to try. I used it for the first time last night (treatment cleanser, treatment oil & treatment serum) & woke up this morning to better skin than I did the night before! Well, if I’m going to see these kinds of results every day I know I’ll soon be buying the full sized products. Now if only Lilou Organics would also carry their eye serum & masks!

  42. Crap. I just saw the emu oil ingredient. :( Not sure I can in good conscience keep using this.

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