Product Reviews: Intelligent Nutrients New Hair Shine (Plus Two Other Leave-Ins I Love)

In my good-hair-day arsenal, there are three products. They each serve their purpose, and I use none more than the other, so I’ll tell you about all three at once!

One is sort of new and achieves such a pretty air-dry that it makes me want to do so even when it’s cold out; and the other is an old favorite that I buy over and over again; and the last one is brand new and so versatile that I use it on my arms and legs, too.

Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner

What it’s good for: Bounce, waves, air-drying, styling when you have to use a really crappy hotel hair dryer, and for smelling really good when you go in for a hug.

This is my go-to guy for air drying and for those days when I only have time to blast my roots and the strands around my face before I book it to work. It brings a nice shine, a soft, kind of sexy bounce, and it weighs nothing. It leaves my hair not piecey but with a nice texture, and like the shampoo and conditioner from Yarok, it smells divine, and the scent lasts. Last week I spent the night in Pennsylvania for work and I was traveling super-light. I knew the hotel hair dryer was going to suck; they all suck. So this was my product of choice. I had a nice, relaxed-looking hair day and despite the unseasonably high temperature that day, my hair didn’t get gross.

Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray

What it’s good for: Fuss-free styling, hold, adding texture to thick long hair, defining curls and waves, and also smelling really, really good when you go in for a hug.

No stranger to regular readers, this product is still a favorite of mine. Has been for a few years (years!) now. It’s a little boosting, volume-wise, but the real reason I love it is the fact that when I use this with my amazing hair dryer my hair just ends up looking super done with very little effort (that last part is key). Work’s been crazy great (and crazy busy) lately, so looking put-together—or at least more put-together than I looked all summer—is important. This product is my secret weapon. It also helps you hold a style or wave. Love.

Intelligent Nutrients Hair Shine

What it’s good for: Everything. On wet hair before you style, on dry hair what needs texture, shine or control, on curly hair, straight hair, and African American hair, and on color-damaged hair. It’s also great on your arms and legs as a light body oil, and it smells like lemongrass. Yum!

This is the new kid in my caddy. It’s a new product from our friends at IN and I absolutely love it. I discovered it when it was sent to my job and another editor stopped me in the hall and said, “You’re going to freak out.” She handed me the bottle, I fell in love with the look of the thing, took one whiff—a combination of non-skunky lemongrass and something else—and, well, I freaked out. I sprayed a little on my hands, ran my hands over my poofy hair and spent the rest of the day admiring the subtle sheen and insanely good smell (I’m an inveterate hair sniffer). Since it’s made of several light oils, it occurred to me it might work as a body shine too, so one day I sprayed a little on my arms and legs and loved that too! It’s subtle, non-greasy, and makes me look like I am much better about applying daily body lotion than I am. Heh.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your favorite leave-in?

14 Responses to “Product Reviews: Intelligent Nutrients New Hair Shine (Plus Two Other Leave-Ins I Love)”
  1. Lolly says:

    Ok, so… I hate, hate, hate being a grumbler and I LOVE the product reviews on your blog, but I have a bit of an issue. It seems to me that the products you tend to review the most/most frequently are hair products. The reviews are actually super-helpful and I found all three of the shampoos I use (Rahua, Yarok, Acure) through your website. But it sometimes seems to me that the reviews are only written for women with thick, dry, voluminous hair. This is not so bad for shampoos because a lot of the natural ones actually work great for people like me who have fine, thin, greasy-bally hairs of doom.

    The issue is with styling products. Styling aids manufactured for thick/dry/full hair really, really doesn’t work for hair like mine. So, for example, the John Masters pomade that so many people absolutely swear by just makes me look like I dunked my hair in French fry grease. So no, the IN Hair Shine will not be good for everything or every kind of hair. I cannot use oils on my hair at all, unless they are part of a wash-off, DYI hair mask. And, of course, I have a crazy-sensitive scalp, which means conventional products are out too. I managed to find something like a solution in Serge Normant’s pomade. It mostly uses clays and natural butters like shea and although not really clean, it does not have petrochemicals or other nasties (angry scalp alert!) or silicones (greaseball city!). It still makes my hair look a bit on the greasy side, but it’s subtle enough to be called “shine” and call it a day.

    I’m not sure what the solution is, but it would be nice to have an acknoledgement that not all of us are blessed with thick, lovely manes. Perhaps there are others out there who have found non-gross solutions to thin hair styling or even DYI trick. OK. Sort-of-rant over. Sorry :(

  2. I have not tried this but may put it on the list! I really like Abbas leave-in conditioner. It is not a spray but a cream that leave your hair super soft without much scent though. A bonus is that this conditioner is sulfate-free and paraben-free. Another great plus about this conditioner, it is not very expensive and a little goes a long way :)

  3. JeanineD says:

    I am in search of good leave-ins as I have not yet found an organic one that I am truly in love with. I have been using Dr. Bronner’s styling cream (quite good and just $8!) as well as Weleda’s rosemary oil, which I also quite like. I still have to try Acure’s and maybe this one, although I am not sure if either of these will be heavy enough to kill some of the volume in my curly hair. Have any curly girls tried it?

  4. Rebecca says:

    I love GreenBodyGreenPlanet Revitalizing conditioner as a leave-in. I also use John Master’s Shine On, straight argan oil, or even Lotus Wei serum. And various combinations of those.

    @Lolly, that was hardly a rant : ) Maybe the GreenBodyGreenPlanet Energy line would be for you – the conditioners from that brand can be regular conditioners or leave-ins. The Energy line does almost nothing to my thick hair, it is so light, but possibly would be just the thing for you. Here’s a link:

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have very fine hair (though a lot of it) which can look greasy if I don’t take care of it. I have recently been using the Yarok line. Hipapotheca had a future favorites set that wasn’t too expensive (and if you give them your e-mail list they’ll send you an e-mail when it is back for sale) that included the Feed Your Volume shampoo and conditioner and then I also bought Yarok Feed Your Roots. It isn’t too heavy and really does seem to not weigh me down at all, and even when I air dry, it looks as though it has a bit of volume.

  6. mangomadness says:

    I really like Alba Botanica Leave In Conditioner. It’s moisturizing yet ongreasy and it smoothes my super curly hair like a dream.

  7. Lolly says:

    Rebecca: Thank you! The thing is, I don’t even do conditioner, since my hair is so fine. Also, it’s super-short, so I don’t need a leave-in – my issue is really creating texture. I think I complained about this already in the comments and got a bunch of great suggestions, but I do think my hair needs are annoyingly specific (fine, thin, oily hair and a pixie cut). I did discover the Philia De M spray recently. It’s actually a treatment and I started using it because my hair was falling out in clumps, but, amazingly, it also works to give me just enough texture and volume. And it’s practically water, so no risk of weighing down. And I have to say: I’ve used it for a little over a month and I seem to be shedding quite a bit less. So yay!

    Jennifer: I do love my Yarok shampoo. I have been considering getting their Feed Your Do paste as it sounds like a possibly good option, but I am just really worried that it will be too greasy/heavy. Unfortunately, a mousse-type thing like Feed Your Roots wouldn’t really work for me, as my hair is so short.

  8. Rebecca says:

    @Lolly, glad you have found something that’s working for you! I just thought of something else – have you used a shampoo bar? The ones from Rose of Sharon Acres may be great, since you are not into leave-ins but want texture.

  9. comagirl says:

    I was really glad to read all of these. My hair is an absolute wreck right now, (over processed by an over zealous stylist who could not leave my color alone and ended up having to “correct” it over several months). Essentially, my fine hair is dry, lifeless and lacks any type of shine. I think I would eat these products if that would help fix things. I’m doing an avocado mask on it today (messy and not so joyous smelling). Thanks for the reviews. Oh, I must have a crap hairdryer too, because mine doesn’t even work as well as the hotel dryers do. Any recommendations on dryers. I’m willing to pay for quality.

  10. Naomi says:

    I would love to see a review of a product that addresses flaky scalp / dandruff! I have used the CTONICS which was quite effective, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere now and am looking for something to replce that shmpoo. Any suggestions?

  11. Valerie says:

    @Lolly – you’re not alone! I have plenty of hair, yes, but it is definitely very fine, straight and oily. Any kind of leave-in conditioner or other styling products invariably leave me looking like I need a shower (heck, even by the end of the day without any styling products, it’s beginning to look greasy).

    My hair is shoulder length, layered and I air-dry most days. I would love to find something that would give a little shape and volume to my hair, but like Lolly, I’m afraid to put product in my hair for fear of looking like a 50’s greaser. And I really don’t want to blow a bunch of money having to try things out, just to find most of them don’t work.

    Maybe this would be a good article idea for you – styling products for those of us with straight, fine, oily hair! I know Lolly and I aren’t the only ones!

  12. Oana says:

    Dear All,

    First of all excuse me for my poor english, i am not american, though, like Valerie and Lorry, i am getting crazy with trying to find a good shampoo and conditioner for my fine oily hair. I just found this site by chance and it’s the very first intelligent site (and comments)i am reading for beauty products in years. Anything i use is getting my hair worse and worse. I just realized that my hair is tired of so many chemicals. I am looking for organic ones. I know we cannot expect miracle, but at least i don’t want to wake up in the morning with the feel of my oily strands on my neck. Any review or recommendation? Thank you so much

  13. Laurel says:

    I just started using Dr Bronner’s conditioning rinse and creme. Amazing. And for a bit extra I do an organic argan oil treatment once a week using Sevani’s Organic Argan Oil. Both brands are vegan, cruelty free, and organic. And, both support GMO labeling and other charitable causes I believe in.

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