When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

Let’s get a little corny!

We’ve been wanting to ask you this question for a while, in part because when we posted What Do You Love About Your Looks Right Now? the answers completely bowled us over. Also, there were 107 of them, and they were all so sweet and many were quite unpredictable. It was cool to see you publicly and positively take stock of how you feel when you look in the mirror. Many of you also seemed to note a change in your looks after switching to naturals—and a change for the better.

That’s not necessarily because naturals work better (though they do). We think it has more to do with what happens when you stop chasing the beauty dragon, as we like to say; when you stop believing that your skin/hair/thighs/lines need improvement in the first place and that positive changes can only come from pricey products that ultimately don’t deliver on their promises.

So you stop doing that, or you try to stop doing that, and voilà: You maybe feel a little better in your own skin. I know I do.

Now we want to take that conversation up a notch. Instead of telling us what you love about your looks (though, please, if you have not yet told us, do so now on the other post), we want to know…

What makes you feel beautiful? Who makes you feel beautiful? And when do you feel it the most?

Have at it, ladies and gents. We’ll weigh in, too, in the comments.

Image via this cute site. Idea from the You Are Beautiful campaign. If you haven’t checked out the latter, you should.

29 Responses to “When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?”
  1. christina says:

    I feel most beautiful right after a yoga class or a CrossFit session, even though I look like a sweaty beast. Probably because this is the main time that I acknowledge my body and what it is capable of doing. I love how gaining muscle has changed the shape of my arms and legs. It fascinates me!

  2. christina says:

    Ha, I just went back and read what I posted last year. I guess this really is what I find beautiful about myself!

  3. Lola says:

    Oh, love it! I feel best and most beautiful both after a run and after a shower- running makes me feel beautiful and strong, and I love the rituals of nighttime showers, plus there’s something about being fresh and clean and in just my own skin that makes me feel so feminine and sensual! There’s been a gradual and persistent shift in my self-image since I started using pure products- and perhaps part of it is just “growing up” (I’m in my early twenties), but I care far less about being glamorous and far more about loving myself, which is easier to do when you start paying attention to what goes in and on your body and quit looking to product ads to define what is or isn’t pretty. Like most (if not all) girls, I fought with all kinds of self-esteem issues in high school and even early college, and it’s only been in the past few years I’ve learned to love myself for what I am, rather than hating myself for what I think I’m not. I’m not thin, but I’m not overweight, and I love my bod! Of course, it’s wonderful to have a husband who loves it, too :) I can’t wait to hear what others say, thanks for starting this discussion!

  4. Rebecca says:

    It’s fun to look back a the comments on the old post! Still rings true for me. (and, @Lola, I bet your boobs are awesome)

    What/When: Getting up early, doing yoga and then some tougher exercise (walking/running hills or biking), topped off with some meditation, a honey mask, and a shower.

    Who: The people who acknowledge me for the things I am most proud of (helping others and contributing to a cause). These are primarily my students and the people in the NMDL community. Also people who compliment my style! I often say I’m way past young and pretty, shooting for old and stylish. ; )

  5. QuiteLight says:

    I was surprised at what popped into my head; when I’m getting off my motorcycle at the end of a ride to somewhere. I feel strong & brave, confident. I hold my head up high. It took a lot of guts to persist & become comfortable riding my bike, and I’m proud of myself. People are still a bit surprised & often impressed to see a woman get off her own bike. I like that I’m not thinking much about how I look, it’s how I Feel!

    That being said, I usually look like a train wreck! Hat head is NOTHING next to helmet head! Flat & crumple-haired, with shiny skin (I need a lot of oils to counteract the drying wind) & no remaining makeup. Clompy boots & big gear. (Often men’s gear; I’m 5′ 10″.) (& If any other riders have clean suggestions for fixing helmet hair, please tell me! Mine is straight & fine & gets flattened & crumpled.)

    But my fiance is looking at me like I’m a goddess, and bystanders are shooting admiring looks, sometimes even telling me how cool it is that I’m riding. I feel like an Amazon!

  6. Sarah says:

    I feel most beautiful after a healthy plant based meal or when I’m wearing a pretty vintage dress <3

    Xoxo Sarah

  7. therese says:

    I have to say I feel beautiful after yoga too. All that shared energy. I feel beautiful just waking up too. I think it’s all the possibilities of a new day ahead. Some of my clients often make me feel beautiful just for the fact that they come in and share their lives with me. Makes me feel like I have been a positive person in their day.

    @rebecca, I think the older and stylish time of life lets us be free to be more beautiful. I hope the younger girls find this out sooner from this site.

  8. Jaime says:

    I feel beautiful right after I wash my face for the evening! Refreshed and glowing!

  9. Emma B says:

    I feel beautiful when I relax and live in the moment (which is why yoga also helps me). As a PhD student, I often spend way too much time in my head, obsessing and worrying about things. Whenever I manage to lighten up, I then notice how beautiful I look when I smile! Overall, I love and respect my body far more now at 29 years old than I ever did 10 years ago. I also take much better care of myself, inside/out.

    I also wanted to thank you guys for recommending the book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. What an eye opening book! While reading it, I had a dream about a woman (though it was me actually) rocking myself to sleep as my mother did when I was a child. I believe it represents my nurturing feminine side, which tends to be very soft and caring toward everybody, except myself!

  10. Fern says:

    LOVE this. I know this is not the best answer, because it comes from somewhere outside of me, but I feel most beautiful when my fiance tells me I’m beautiful. I will never actually believe him, but sometimes, when I take my makeup off at the end of the day or I wake up after a good night’s rest, I do believe him, if only for a short time. When my skin is calmed down and not greasy, I can see what he means. Those moments are what keep me going when I just want to give up and do horrible chemcial-y things to my skin – my skin still looks better since \going naural\, even with small amounts of acne, than it did when it was dried out and irritated by conventional dermatological acne solutions.

  11. Siobhan says:

    Ok I’ll go!

    @Fern, I agree! When my boyfriend tells me I look nice I feel really, really amazing. I feel even better when he says “I love it when your teeth show when you smile” (which used to make me so self-conscious!). I think it’s fine to love that validation from the person you’re with (or, like, the construction workers on your walk to work). Truth is, I haven’t always felt beautiful (who has, I guess) so it’s very heartwarming to hear.

    I love that so many of you say you feel most beautiful when you’re a sweatbomb after exercise. Yoga does that for me, too.

    Beyond that, for me it really comes down to my vibe. When I’m stressed out or running on empty, I can get down on myself and that doesn’t feel beautiful—even though I’m learning it’s important to love yourself when you’re feeling amazing and when you’re feeling blah.

    But when I’m taking care of myself, when I’m centered and confident and relaxed, when I laugh a lot and I laugh easily, that’s when I feel my most beautiful. Also, after sex.

  12. shelby says:

    when i’m happy. i i feel the most beautiful when i’m super happy.
    i also feel absolutely gorgeous whenever i’m outside: whether i’m just walking the dogs or actually out in the wild

  13. Juliana says:

    I feel most beautiful when I’m horseback riding. On a horse I feel like I exist more as a force than as a person (if that makes sense), I never feel fat on a horse, I never think about how big my thighs are on a hose. When I’m riding a horse I feel strong and powerful and confident, I realize how amazing and strong my body is and the all the things it can do for me if I treat it right.

  14. Mercedes says:

    Ok, this is maybe a little weird but…I feel most beautiful when I’m ovulating! As in, I look in the mirror and I just *look* different – the irises of my eyes get lighter, my complexion looks nice, and….je ne sais quoi. Also, I really do feel beautiful when I go all out with glam makeup and a hot outfit for a fun night out – fake lashes, red lipstick and all :)

  15. Annette says:

    @Siobhan Glad you brought up sex! I feel really beautiful after sex too.

  16. Cori says:

    When my husband looks at me with that glow in his eye!

  17. Lola says:

    All of these answers are why I love this blog and what you both (Alexandra and Siobhan) promote! We’re pretty amazing, aren’t we? ;) I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels beautiful and powerful as a “sweatbomb”! Of course, glamming it up is super fun too… My wedding day (cheese alert… ;)) was the probably the most beautiful I’ve felt my whole life!

  18. Paula says:

    There a two times in the day when I am guaranteed to feel utterly beautiful. One is breastfeeding my daughter who always stops and smiles at me in the most blissfully peaceful way during feeds. The other is when my three year old boy insists on brushing my hair and always steps back and says ‘oh yes, that’s lovely’. I used to feel beautiful When I was dressed up and fully made up in some glamorous location. Now I can be in old clothes with the days mess all over me, and a look or a gentle, loving gesture from my children gives me a glow no blusher ever did. Cheesy, yes, but utterly true.

  19. zimt-peppermint says:

    I feel most beautiful when I laugh and smile and my boyfriend just starrs at me and tells me I’m beautiful. Because it’s unexpected and I know I was being myself and not trying to impress him or anyone, what he says then has a meaning.

    I also feel beautiful when I’ve taken care of my body, when my skin feels soft because of my favourite lotion or I look at myself in the mirror and suddenly burst into smiles.

  20. Victoria says:

    I feel most beautiful when I am surrounded by people I love and I’m laughing and telling jokes. There is just something about being confident with humor that really makes me feel vibrant and happy. I tell really good jokes!

    I also feel beautiful when I am on the dance floor. Last month I went samba dancing with some friends and as soon as that music came on and I was deep into it, I felt beautiful, powerful, and full of energy. Dancing and the way I control my body makes me feel fantastic.

    I am feeling inspired by all the answers. I love that women feel beautiful for different reasons other than what a tube of lipstick can do! Bravo!

    La Bella Figura

  21. Bee says:

    I feel most beautiful after a warm shower, when I feel cleansed and energized and pure.

    Also, after sex with my amazing partner.

  22. sallie says:

    I feel really beautiful when my husband and I are sharing a really beautiful, decadent meal. Eating really fresh, and artfully prepared food and enjoying an interesting wine or complimentary drink is one of the things that my husband and I bonded over. We don’t get to do it often (very rarely in fact) , but when we do I feel like I glow! Its a little silly, but I find that some of those more self-indulgent times are when I feel most alluring.

  23. Genny says:

    I feel beautiful when I am working out as many of you have mentioned. When I get done I love knowing what my body can do. I also feel beautiful sans clothes when it is just me with nothing else on…which could be when I wake up, after I’ve showered, or as a couple of you have mentioned, after sex :)

  24. Dr.MomTH says:

    Occasionally my sweet 8 year old son will look at me as I am getting ready in the morning and comment something along the lines of “Wow Mommy, you look really beautiful today!” There is something so honest about my little boy noticing how I look and actually telling me. I know in those moments that I am so special to him and that makes me feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world!

  25. Brinklen says:

    I too feel beautiful after working out, and sometimes while, like when I’m running or doing that neat jab-hook-uppercut so smoothly. It’s at those times I am in my own little bubble of awesomeness and NOTHING can make me feel the thighs jiggling or the sweaty hair looking oh so fine in its matted glory! I feel raw and in an east sort of control of my life in a way no map or self-help book can guide me.

    And, ironically, after all the cleansing and makeup and hair primping ridiculousness I put myself through every day to get ready for work, I feel beautiful MOST when I am not in front of a mirror. When I think I look great anfd my hair is swinging and even if I have my bikini on and the rolls are rollin’, I feel like I look great! Okay, well most of the time anyway! :)

    Oh, and I also feel beautiful after sex! Nothin’ like a little \after\ hair, blush and love-drunk \wow\ eyes (often with the smudge) to make me feel like a woman ought!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Confidence makes me feel beautiful. Also, my nieces, in particular when they ask my opinion on their outfits. They are such beautiful girls with such great style already, yet they are so kind to include me when looking for a particular outfit for an important event in their lives. They make me feel beautiful!

  27. Beth says:

    In the middle of the night . The bathroom mirror. No make up. I stop looking for beauty and see instead everything that is interesting and compelling about my face. I see myself instead of who I think I should be and in the end I find it comforting. I like myself and I guess for me that is beauty.

  28. Anaiah says:

    I feel most beautiful when I wake up after getting enough sleep and feeling refreshed. Of course, when I look in the mirror and see the state of my hair, the feeling diminishes. But that is when I feel natural, relaxed, and a little sexy. Also, sometimes when I am camping, and I have stopped worrying about how I look because there is nothing I can do about it. I always end up feeling like I’m glowing.

  29. Shentel says:

    I just found this blog post, and I know I’m way late on the commenting, but…

    I feel the most beautiful when I catch my husband checking me out. Sounds silly, but right now, I’m 8 months pregnant and have gained nearly 40 pounds, and he still gives me that look he has that shows me how much he desires me.

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