Silvy’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Today, meet Silvy, another D.C. gal who is managing the humid and ever-changing weather there. And no, I didn’t just pick her because we have similar names (!), I picked her for her great routine and her unique style icon: Jane Jacobs.

Name: Silvy
Age: 23
Current Weather: Loony DC spring- mostly extra humid, with some drastic temperature fluctuations and lots of rain.
Hair: Recently chopped to chin-length (I did it myself!), straight, and prone to dandruff and the greasies.
Skin: Quite sensitive (to lack of sleep, processed foods, humidity, you name it!), breaks out easily, some enlarged pores around the nose, mostly dry.
In the shower…
I don’t shower every day and generally avoid putting water on my face, but in the shower I’ll do a good cleanse. I either massage some coconut oil on my face before getting in the shower, let it soak, and then massage off with a washcloth in the shower, or I’ll use my Pangea Facial Scrub and let it sit for a bit like a mask. For hair, I struggle with dandruff, greasy roots, and dry ends, so in the winter, I’ve actually found that it’s best to skip conditioner (in fact I’ve banished it completely!), and just use Kiss My Face Big Body Volumizing Shampoo. To condition my hair, I rub coconut oil or Dr. Hauschka hair oil onto my scalp and hair about once a week before I shower. I do love me some Pangea, so I also use their shower gels. Body scrub is one of the easiest things to make, so I love to do that and use it about once a week or so. I use any sort of base oil, some organic cane sugar, and some essential oils or extracts (lavender/vanilla, rose/vanilla, or grapefruit).
Outside the shower…
Body oil on damp skin is just about the most amazing, luxurious thing on earth! I love to DIY my own, especially with sunflower oil as a base, and some essential oils (lots of ideas on the internet for scent combos!), but plain old coconut oil does the trick too. Whatever that oil happens to be, I’ll usually put some on my (moist) face and hair as well. For winter (or cooler spring days) face moisturizing, I layer that oil (or plain rosehip or Pangea Balancing Oil) under Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. For warmer days, I’ll do just the oil or Pai Geranium & Thistle moisturizer, which makes your skin really nice and matte. Don’t forget to give your ear lobes a nice massage as you apply facial moisturizer! Now, as a grad student with genetic eye circles, I must insist on an eye cream! Pai Echium eye cream is my favorite favorite for de-puffing, tightening, and brightening, and I use that once a day every morning.
Finishing touches…
I’m pretty low maintenance with make up, but my go-tos are RMS un-cover up (of course!), Dr. Hauschka volume mascara in aubergine, and Hemp Organics berry lip tint as blush, eye shadow, whatever. I also love Queen of the Meadow lip balm in glamour coral for a multipurpose lip/cheek sort of thing, (love all of her products, in fact! lovely ingredients, great price, and magnificent cleanser). Sometimes I line my eyes with an angled brush and some dark brown powder eyeshadow. Right now I have Benefit, which I’ve had forever. Finally, and this is as important as anything else, or more important really, I drink lots of herbal teas and water during the day, and make sure to take a great vitamin (MegaFood Women’s daily has zinc and herbs and has really helped my skin) and omega fatty acid (Udo’s oil blend is the best) to keep your hormones in balance. Shout out to Siobhan for her reading the Patanjali Yoga Sutras! I am also a perpetual reader, and I think that true happiness comes from the joy and peace of being with and knowing yourself fully.
Hear, hear! One more thing: Silvy added that she thinks it would be great to see a readers’ ideas for at-home facials. We agree–please share your DIY recipes! You can read your Sutras as you mix your oils :)
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12 Responses to “Silvy’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!”
  1. Naomi says:

    Awesome! I especially love that Silvy included her choice of supplements – I’m gonna check these out!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Great routine : )

    My favorite DIY for face is a simple honey mask. The fewer ingredients in my products the better! I use raw honey, the type that is solid at room temp. I massage a scoop into my face and neck and let it sit for as long as I can (anywhere from 5-20+ minutes) before massaging it again with wet hands and then rinsing (preferably in the shower for less mess). Sometimes I will pat on some finely ground oats and massage that in for a few minutes before the rinse for great exfoliation. I’ve tried mixing the honey with some clay too, which is pretty messy so that’s definitely a pre-shower thing.

  3. Ashley says:

    I love reading these routines!
    I’m curious to see if the supplements you mentioned will help with my current face issues so I just bought a bottle on amazon. :) Will also order to omega-3 oils you mentioned as soon as I finish up my current bottle in the fridge. Thanks for the all the great ideas!

    The only DIY face mask I use is the one listed above– raw honey. I usually put it on an hour before bed so that it has quite a long time to stay on. And as long as you moisten your face with water beforehand and only use about 1.5 tsps, it won’t slide off (this happened when I tried a tablespoon once).

  4. Helen says:

    Is the Queen of Meadow coral lip balm shimmery??? I’ve been searching for a matte (shimmer-free) coral/peach colored lip balm/gloss for EVER and I’m so excited that I might have found one, but I need to know if it’s shimmer free or not hahaha :)) Great routine!!!! It’s always so exciting to see something I’ve never heard of.

  5. zimt-peppermint says:

    Could you share some tips on how to get rid of dandruff? Please :)

  6. Liz says:

    Yay, comments are now working! Glad to see a fellow DC gal on here. Also glad for the sunflower oil suggestion – I’ve wanted to try the oil mixing, but didn’t know what one to start with. I’ve been meaning to get sunflower oil for cooking, and now it has a dual purpose!

    Also, I just bought grapeseed oil yesterday on a whim, and used it on my face and hair this morning, and I have magical springing curls. Amazing.

    Question for Silvy: have you found a good place for buying oils in DC? Yesterday I searched Whole Foods and came up dry, and found a nice little section in a Yes, but most of the oils (including the grapeseed oil bottle I bought) were not organic. Any hints?

  7. Rebecca says:

    @zimt-peppermint, my husband has the worst dandruff I’ve ever seen, and I believe what he really needs to do is address food sensitivities. But he won’t, so I try to find topicals to help him. The best help I’ve found is coconut oil massaged into the scalp on a regular basis. If you don’t mind essential oils, try adding something anti-inflammatory/anti-fungal to the coconut oil. I’d go with lavender, or maybe rosemary.

  8. Annette says:

    Grapeseed oil is great for the face. I decided to use it for cleaning my face when I read the ingredient list of several high priced cleansers and realized that they all used it. A little goes a long way, and for me, I need a touch of a clean face wash on my forehead and chin or I am too oily in the morning. Liz, I’m going to try it in my hair. I could use some magical springing curls!

  9. Silvy says:

    Hey, guys! Yay! Finally some comments!

    @Helen: The Queen of the Meadow lip balms all have a little bit of shimmer to them, but nothing too glittery. They are quite oily though so they won’t go on matte at all. It is a really lovely subtle color though, and I use this on my cheeks too. Zambeezi have a very nice matte balm, but I don’t think they come in any colors. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Good luck!

    @zimt-peppermint: Disclaimer: I haven’t really gotten completely rid of mine, but I feel like I have it under control! I find that stress and lack of sleep make it act up. Otherwise, I’m usually ok when I stick with the Kiss My Face volumizing shampoo (only! no conditioner!), and weekly oil massage with the Hauschka oil. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, and that seems to be a good frequency (definitely not every day!). Occasional AVC rinse (dilute about 2 tbsp in big glass of water) after shampooing also helps with flare-ups.

    @Liz: Hey, fellow DC lady! I’m from Colorado, so I usually stop by this place when I go back:
    The easiest thing is probably the cooking oils section at Whole Foods. It’s much cheaper than the stuff marketed as beauty products anyway, just make sure you go for unrefined. They’ve got loads- avocado, olive, coconut, sunflower… So exciting to experiment and find what your skin loves!
    This place looks kinda cool too:

  10. JK says:

    Hi Silvy!

    I love your enthusiasm and honesty! Its wonderful that you are so open and comfortable and real! I think when we take ownership of our less than perfect skin or hair it can be so empowering!!

    Rock on :)

  11. Lydia says:

    @zimt-peppermint: For what it’s worth, I have scalp issues too, and although I’m not sure if it’s dandruff or just an extension of the psoriasis I have elsewhere, it’s flaky, itchy, and just generally gross, so for all intents and purposes I think it counts. I just started using Beauty Without Cruelty’s Rosemary Mint Tea Tree shampoo (with my previous conditioner, the Acure one in the orange bottle that smells like marzipan), and even after my first wash I noticed relief. No more itchies! Plus, in my opinion, it smells absolutely amazing, although everyone likes something different in the scent department, so take that with a grain of salt.

  12. Amy says:

    ahhh Silvy, I live in Boulder and Rebecca’s is my favorite!! I buy everything there.

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