Dawn’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Good morning, everybody! Meet Dawn, a bayou belle from Louisiana who isn’t afraid of using Apple Cider Vinegar on her face, has her own natural toothpaste recipe (Weleda + peppermint drops = genius!), and who is a self-taught hair diva. Check her out!

Name: Dawn

Age: 22

Current weather: Hot, sticky, mosquito-ridden, and generally pretty unpleasant (Sup, Louisiana?)

Hair: Fine and somehow surprisingly thick, wavy, boob length [Ed.: is that a technical term? :)], dark brown.

Skin: I have combination skin, with the oilier parts being my nose and forehead and the dryer ones being my cheeks and chin. For months at a time, my skin temporarily chooses to act right. Blemishes are the furthest thing from my mind, and my cheeks even manage to be rosy without the help of blush. Then, there are other times when one side of my face will turn against me and violently break out with little or no warning. It’s usually stress-related, and it almost always takes at least two weeks to run its course.

In the shower…

Thanks to Siobhan’s review, I’ve been successfully washing/conditioning my hair twice a week or so with Acure Organics Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner. For my body, I use whatever scent of liquid Dr. Bronner’s I happen to have (currently, it’s citrus). I wash my face with either Karen’s Botanicals Gentle Cleansing Lotion or Stark Skincare Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm. I love them both, but the latter is ideal for the days when my skin is feeling a little dry and/or dull.

Outside the shower…

Just after getting out of the shower, I pour a little Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar into the palm of my hand with a bit of cool water. I splash this on my face and allow to sit for around 15 seconds before moisturizing. To moisturize my face, I use Karen’s Botanicals Perfect Lotion on the days I cleanse with this brand and Stark Skincare Cypress Purity + Defense Oil when I’ve used the Grapefruit Balm. Regardless of which moisturizer I use on my face, I use the perfect lotion under my eyes because it tends to work best under eye makeup. I moisturize my body with Watts Beauty Organic Argan Oil, and occasionally I’ll add a drop or two to the ends of my hair as well. I brush my teeth with Weleda Calendula Toothpaste, to which I add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil. Without this extra step, my breath isn’t quite as fresh as I’d like (which is to say not at all). I’m still on the hunt for a toothpaste that manages to be both safe and a match for my morning breath. For my armpits, I use a Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone. Crystal stones are some of the only products I’ve found that I can use under my arms daily without developing a rash.

Finishing touches…

I tend to avoid most styling products simply because I don’t know the first thing about applying them, but I do regularly sleep with my hair sectioned and wrapped around a headband to achieve more defined waves ( (I used this video to teach myself)). It’s super simple, and I don’t experience the inexplicable guilt that I often do when I resort to heat-styling. I have a pretty sensitive nose, so I have to be careful when it comes to perfume. There are certain Pacifica scents that I can and do use in solid form regularly; Lotus Garden is my absolute favorite. Also, I’ve been trying my best to make my sample of Captain Blankenship’s Lila Perfume last, and I might’ve shed a tear when I used the last drop a couple of days ago. As for makeup, I always use 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Dark Chocolate or Blackberry on my lashes (depending on my mood), Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation under my eyes, W3ll People Universalist Matte Multi-Use Stick on my lips and cheeks (number 5), and Honeybee Gardens JobaColors Eye Liner in Smoking Gum on the outer corners of my eyes.

Thanks for allowing me to share! :)

Thank you, Dawn! Does anyone else splash their face with ACV to good results? Do you smell like an orchard after? Is it worthwhile?

9 Responses to “Dawn’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!”
  1. Votre Amie says:

    LOVE your routine, Dawn!! Thank you for the peppermint oil in the toothpaste trick – I am most definitely giving that a go today :)


  2. Heglaé says:

    I prefer my DIY Green Tea toner boosted with Tea Tree and Peppermint EO

  3. Rebecca R says:

    I’ve been to scared to try ACV, because the smell of vinegar literally makes me gag, ever since I was a child..don’t know where that comes from. Which is sad because I would like to use it to clean, but I just can’t! Is ACV better smelling than regular vinegar?

  4. nancy says:

    Thank you Dawn for sharing your routine. There is always something to be learned and just as you girls mentioned, the drop of peppermint oil on the Weleda toothpaste… genius! thank you!!

    On the AVC splash.. why did you start doing it? What did you do before it that make you change to AVC? Would that be your toning mist? Please share..
    thank you again,

  5. Lauren says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Gentle Cleansing Lotion from Karen’s Botanicals (because I love everything else I have), but was worried it may be too heavy for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Any advice? Currently using the Lemon Mint cleanser with pretty great results, but it can be a bit drying.

  6. Charley says:

    Yep, I’m an ACV addict and the smell fades really fast. The ACV I use is totally raw and filled with the mother, it smells and tastes really nice actually, bit sour on application but nothing that anyone would notice after 5 minutes orso.

  7. Dawn says:

    @Rebecca R: Charley is right; the smells fades really fast. Since we both use the raw and unfiltered kind it makes since that we would have similar experiences. I was a bit hesitant to try it at first too, but I can’t even smell the stuff as little as a few minutes after application. I’d also say the scent is much less offensive than regular vinegar.

    @Nancy: I’ve been using ACV on and off as a toner for a couple of years now, and it’s one of my favorites since it requires minimal ingredients and is so inexpensive. I initially used a green tea, ACV, and aspirin mix, but I’ve found that just the vinegar and a bit of water work just as well (plus, I think the aspirin irritated my skin). Before switching to the ACV toner, I tried and loved Karen’s Botanicals Melissa Rose Toner. I’d gladly use it again if I weren’t a broke college student. I recently took a break from ACV and tried a Rose Water, Glycerin, and Witch Hazel mixture. I didn’t hate it, but after a while I felt like the glycerin might be preventing my moisturizer from soaking in. Also, I just finished a sample of Stark Skincare’s Willow Bark Perfecting Tonic, and I was a big fan of that too!

    @Lauren: If you feel like the lemon mint cleanser is too drying, then you should definitely give the cleansing lotion a go! I had a similar experience with the lemon mint cleanser, and I’ve found that the less moisture I take from my face the better my skin looks. I’ve had acne-prone skin in the past (as soon as my current blemishes would start to heal, three more would take their place), and switching to a soap-free cleanser made a huge difference in the frequency and duration of breakouts. I realize that what works for me might not work for you, but I guess it’s worth a try?

    Thanks again for letting me share. I’m so glad you guys seems to like the sound of the toothpaste trick! :)

  8. Nancy says:

    Again, thank you for sharing. I’ll be certainly trying it:)
    and on the peppermint drops with my Weleda for the extra kick.. Already tried it and as said, genius!
    All the best,

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