Product Review: Lotus Wei Infinite Love Energy Mist and Elixir

Around the time I started spritzing my friends, suddenly and without warning, with this stuff, it occurred to me it might be time for a proper review.

Regular readers may recall us mentioning Lotus Wei and Wei of Chocolate in the past. I’ve since had the pleasure of getting to know both founders, and I now happily count them as friends. We also did a Friday Deal with them, and you guys seemed really pleased! But I can’t imagine anyone’s taken “pleased” the to level I have.

These days, I won’t leave the house without my Lotus Wei Infinite Love and Pure Energy elixirs, doling them out liberally to people I care for; one friend even accused me of roofying him recently, when I dropped some of an elixir in his whiskey at a bar. Still, I realize taking flower essences like they’re medicine for the soul—and I do believe they are—is not for everyone. You know what is for everyone, though? The Energy Mists (well, and the chocolate, obviously).

These days, the Infinite Love one is always crammed in my purse, and now that the line is sold at ABC Home here in New York (as well as on Spirit Beauty Lounge), I’ll never have a reason not to go without it again.

Why do I love it? For starters, it smells terrific. It’s light and fresh and feminine, not overpowering or perfumey. It’s delicate. And with one spritz, inhaled deeply, my mood changes. I feel lighter and sometimes giggly. Happy and relaxed. It sort of imparts a me-at-my-best feeling—and it seems to have that effect on other people as well.

I’ll allow, for the skeptics around here (we see you! we love you!), that this could just be placebo. I don’t think it is, but it’s possible that me thinking it will make me feel better…makes me feel better. Or maybe there’s something to the science of aromatherapy and flower essences—which are distinct, by the way—after all.

I like to use it on my hair after a long day, my skin post-shower, my friends, my pillows before bed. I also like to spray the entryway to my apartment when I’m expecting company, or in my office when I’m stressed out.

Have you tried these energy mists—or any others? Would you?

28 Responses to “Product Review: Lotus Wei Infinite Love Energy Mist and Elixir”
  1. Rebecca says:

    I use Pure Energy in mist and serum form, and Inspired Action in mist and elixir. As far as the science goes, smell is the best sensory trigger for the emotion processing parts of our brain. For me, scent is very powerful for altering mood. I don’t know about the flower elixir thing, but I’m willing to suspend disbelief on that part.

    Lotus Wei is overly expensive, in my opinion, but I love it. Now that would be a great Friday deal! It’s time for me to stock up again. I recommend going to the website and doing the “pick a flower” method.

  2. a says:

    I love them all. I spray Quiet Mind every night before I go to bed and it truly does just that – helps quiet the banter in my brain so I can fall asleep. I also particularly love Inspired Action – motivation and focus are what I lack the most.

  3. Rebecca W says:

    I have the mini-mists and keep forgetting to use them…not sure I’ve noticed anything when have I used them though either. But I just spritzed my workspace with Inspired Action and Pure Energy so….we’ll see!

  4. Kerry says:

    I love them all, but my wildest experience was using Inspired Action spray and going home and cleaning out a closet from top to bottom! It felt amazing!

    Infinite Love is my favorite, and I’m enjoying Joy Juice these days too.

    I got my sister the kit with 6 mini-sprays for Christmas and I’ve been sneaking some spritzes of Joy Juice!

  5. jen says:

    does anyone know what the relationship (historical, chemical, or otherwise :D) between perfume and aromatherapy is? I think the whole \Proust’s madeline\ side of scent is so fascinating . . .

  6. Jenny says:

    Amen! Lotus Wei is my most favorite habit! I use a combination of elixirs, mists, serums, and chocolates (while they last!) as my traveling medicine cabinet. It’s been about four months since I (somewhat hesitantly) started using just one elixir (Inspired Action), and I am amazed how much I’ve come to depend on all of them, and how much happiness they bring me!

    I have the Inner Peace elixir on my nightstand — I take it before bed, before naps, if I wake up in the middle of the night — any time I’m feeling extra stressed (as a doctoral student, the stress is pretty much constant). Inspired Action and Infinite Love I have on my desk — I gravitate to Inspired Action frequently when I’m working and Infinite Love when I’m cranky (and also often when I’m on my way out the door somewhere). I’ve been known to put Infinite Love in drinks at parties, and to slip it into my husband’s coffee in the morning (haha!). It makes me utterly giddy. I don’t have the Joy Juice elixir, but it is next on my list–I can’t imagine what it will be like!

    I’m all out of Wei of Chocolate, but I loved loved loved having it with me. I liked to carry around the mixed selection, along with the card with all the flower choices–I’d have friends and colleagues pick one when they were getting on my nerves. The results are pretty fabulous… One particular colleague was in a terrible mood, but humored me on the “pick a flower” game. His response to the chocolate was “I don’t know what’s in this hippie chocolate, but it is extremely delicious.” Five minutes later, in response to me asking me how he felt, he started to tease me only to stop in the middle and say “you know, I do actually feel really relaxed and great.” Victory! I’ve given them to my students on big exam days as well. Such a fan! I wish I could afford them more often.

    I love the mini sets of both mists and serums! I always have a couple with me to spritz on myself and others. I use the Joy Juice serum in particular all the time now that it’s cold—mixed in with my foundation, rubbed on my hands at the library or on the train. People are always asking me about them — I like the minis because I can also give them away to interested friends! And it’s also really interesting to see which I gravitate towards (Joy Juice was the first to be finished!).

    I realize this basically of makes me seem like a fanatic, but…I just feel these moments of joy and enjoyment are so special! It’s lovely to have the reminder to do something nice for yourself, even if it is just smelling or tasting something delicious for a few moments a couple of times a day.

  7. Samantha says:

    Wow. I’ve had such a different reaction to these than everyone else. I’ve been a huge fan of aromatherapy and flower essences for more than a decade. (For example, for many, many years I’ve relied on Rescue Remedy to help me fall asleep every single night; without it I can’t sleep!) So, based on reviews here and elsewhere, I was quite excited to get the mini-mist set from Wei. Unfortunately, I find each one of the mists quite sweet and fake smelling. They smell like artificial candies to me. Oh well–different strokes, I suppose.

  8. christina says:

    I haven’t tried this line, but I have started to use a few essential oils recently, and some of them definitely do lift my spirit. I really love peppermint oil. & I, too, have been ingesting the ones that are recommended. Haven’t noticed anything really huge happening to me yet, but I do enjoy the experience. And besides therapeutic uses, I also like that they are a non-carcinogenic way to smell pretty.

  9. @Samantha Gotta say I’m surprised – have you tried misting over you and letting it fall softly on your face and shoulders? Lotus Wei mists are about the *experience* and how it feels rather than just the scent. Though honestly, in the literally thousands of people I’ve seen experience them (yes, I’m the chocolate part of the team, and see a lot of flower essence action), women, men, children and animals revel in the scent as well as the experience. I agree everyone is different, though, and taste is a personal matter. To quell any doubts, however, I know that Katie of Lotus Wei uses absolutely nothing artificial or fake in anything she makes. Her integrity with clean ingredients is complete.

  10. Sarah says:

    They sound really amazing, and lovely. Would love to try a few things from the range. I like the Mist Essences from Australian Bush Flower Essences. They remind me to slow down and take a breath.

  11. B says:

    I especially love the Inspired Action and Infinite Love mists and serums. In the morning, I like to do a quick spritz with a mist on my face after I’ve applied mineral makeup (Jane Iredale). Besides feeling and smelling great, it has the added bonus of giving a great finish to the makeup.

  12. Naomi says:

    I love them. I have the little set of minis and I rotate depending on my mood and plans. I mostly use the Inspired Action and the Infinite Love as those are two areas right now I need a boost in life (and work). Totally agree – excellent idea for a Friday deal!!!

  13. Samantha says:

    One more note–I just sprayed my boyfriend with Inspired Action. He’s got a lot of work to do and needed something to rev himself up for it. Of course, he loved it! So I’m definitely the exception that proves the rule–everyone else loves Wei. Oh, and I’ll be getting him some Inspired Action for xmas. :)

  14. anna elise says:

    I have all of them! My favorites are Infinite Love and Quiet Mind for the sprays. I have the Inner Joy elixer but I would love to try others. Katie and the team at Wei are AWESOME! They are so personal-so helpful. I am thrilled with this product and the company! I found Wei through NMDL-thanks for posting products that you believe in!

  15. Karen says:

    I haven’t tried these, from the reviews they look like they make a great job. I look forward to try the Infinite Love, thank you for posting about it. I use the ones from Alaskan Essences, my favorite one is “Calling all Angels”, I spray it on me and around me all the time. I like spraying wherever I am the “Lighten Up” , “Guardian” and “Sacred Space” ones. They have many more and I think they are having a sale now.

  16. anna elise says:

    ps. after a long flight where the turbulants were too rough for us to get up for the bathroom all of the ladies went running to the bathroom in the terminal-while standing at the sink I began washing my face with some organic products and all the other passengers immediatley began asking me about my switch! I got to tell them about NMDL, spirit beauty lounge and I passed along the Lotus way flower card that came with my purchace (it had the contact info as well) to a lady who was interested-great feedback in that bathroom-so fun!

  17. cara says:

    I would encourage people to try them, but like Samantha I also found them to smell a bit like flavored candies. I have the mini-set of the serums. I like quiet mind and inner peace best, but I don’t find myself using them that often. I’m clearly in the minority, though, so definitely try for yourself! I don’t really like perfumey smells, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  18. therese says:

    I bought the mini set mists and so far love them. I have been using the Infinite Love and Quiet Mind the most depending on my mood. I did think they were a different smell at first but have grown to love it. I haven’t tried the chocolates yet but intend to soon. I love chocolate so kind of scared to get addicted.
    Thanks for this recommendation.

  19. Heartfelt thanks to NMDL for reviewing our products, and thank you to every one of you who comments. I learn so much from all of your feedback. We are a small company, so every comment is heard and taken into account in an effort to improve the experiences that we create. I love that this is an open dialogue and that we can create and improve collaboratively (as women are so great at doing)!

    @Siobhan, @a, @Kerry, @Jenny, @B, @Naomi, @Anna Elise, @Therese, I am so touched and honored by how you weave the flower essences into your lives in all different kinds of moments. We are all walking tuning forks, and when you take flower essences regularly, it creates a resonance of positivity that ripples out from you and touches others–it’s an amazing feeling to think of each of you out there spreading that goodness and joy everywhere you go. @Anna Elise, I love your airplane flight story! It’s one of the best places to share them with strangers.

    As for the scent, we are super strict about ingredients, never ever anything artificial. When I designed the line I wanted it to be fun, and most everyone likes fruity citrusy scents. For those of you who do love the scents we’ll be launching corresponding natural roll-on perfumes in a week!!! AND, next spring we’ll be coming out with more natural perfumes that paint from a totally new palate of oils. (@Jen, traditional perfumes were always essential oils/aromatherapy in alcohol or water. Only in the modern day have they become a soup of chemical synthetics. Several companies out there make real true natural perfumes, we’re launching some as well!)

    @Samantha and @Cara, if you’re not so hot on the scents I understand. In that case, I would just stick with the elixir if you still want the mood and mind-enhancing benefits. (@Samantha, Quiet Mind Elixir is amazing for sleep!) That’s what we originally started with–flower essences are traditionally taken internally. (Or at least until next spring’s new perfumes.) You can either put 5 drops under the tongue or in your drinks, or put all 25 drops in your water bottle and drink throughout the day, and you’ll feel a difference within 3-5 days. @Rebecca W, we find that if you use one 5 times a day regularly, you’ll definitely feel a positive difference in your mood/mind. There are a couple free journals that you can download off of our site to track your experiences.

    ***For those of you who LOVE our products or who want to try out something new, here’s a 25% off coupon code that will be good until Dec 31st of this year–just for you: NMDL25

    And if you haven’t yet tried the chocolate, ya gotta. It’s totally guilt-free–@Therese, you never have to worry about getting addicted, ever. It’s so balancing, with flower essences and Ayurvedic & Chinese tonic herbs, it’s like a vitamin. 2 grams of sugar, 30 calories, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, guilt-free. ; )
    AND pure chocolate that’s dairy-free is also amazing for your skin (yes!), your waistline, your heart, circulation, cholesterol levels, UV protection, and stress reduction. Check it out at

  20. Melody says:

    Within the past couple months, I purchased the Infinite Love Energy mist, and absolutely love it. I can’t imagine life before it! (I’m excited to get more mists, and even more excited to try the elixirs.) I got the Infinite Love and Inner Peace energy mists for my mom for Christmas too :) Anyways, since I’ve started using the Infinite Love energy mist, I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my life overall. I’ve been doing way better in school and at work, feeling less stressed out, more joyful and appreciative, and feel like I am more able to savor the beautiful moments that often fly by way too fast. Coincidence? I think not! I am feeling more inspired overall, and have finally started doing what I need to do in order to achieve my life-long dream (one which I’d always thought would be nothing but a dream, but am now confident that I can actualize). Many thanks to Lotus Wei; I really think these flower essences have helped me a lot this year.

  21. Victoria says:

    I have used the Inspired Action Serum for some time now and I can’t say enough good things about it. Its perfect for studying and creating, both of which I do as a college art student (by the way, I have to say their packaging is amazing…very well done, guys). I absolutely love the way it smells and makes me feel. If I had more money I would definitely buy the mists because I feel like they probably work just as well and are obviously just that little bit easier to apply. But back to the serum, its pretty long-lasting and I feel the effects of it for a good three to six hours. It feels like waking up to the freshest, most positive day that is just overflowing with possibilities and opportunities. I feel confident in the work that I’m doing (something I rarely feel otherwise) and have such a serene attitude that clears my head and makes it easier for me to keep working throughout my day. I’m so glad I found Lotus Wei’s stuff…they’ve made such a positive difference in my life. Thank you!

  22. Rebecca says:

    I will definitely be stocking up with the awesome deal. Thanks Katie!

  23. Danielle says:

    I adore Lotus Wei! Im a veterinary student. Whenever I feel stressed or before an exam I use “Quiet Mind.” When I just dont think I can get through another hour of studying I use “Pure Energy or Inspired action” When my classmates around me are cranky, I attack them with “Infinite Love or Joy Juice” I have the people who sit around me, asking for the “magic serum stuff” periodically. and these are evidence based medicine scientists.
    I have the travel kit of serums with me always.
    My animals at home will even come over when I use the serums. Even my cats who are normally totally repulsed by any and all perfume-y body products, will stiff my hand then settle in next to me for a nap. One dog in particular will beg for it. When I put it on, I have to give her her own pump of whatever I am using.
    Will they cure infectious diseases? no. Will they cure cancer? not likely. but they make you feel better and decrease stress and lighten your mood by whatever mechanism (be it biochemical, endorphin release or placebo) YES!
    Wonderful product, and Wonderful People. Just the kind of company that you can feel good about supporting!

  24. Caitlyn says:

    I am so grateful to have taken the Lotus Wei challenge, if you haven’t already, download journal #1 and #2. Take the time to write out and record your experiences with the products.

    My challenge: Inspired Action.
    Personality type: hyper and active, always have a list and a million things to do.
    The challenge: take Inspired Action at least 5 times and a day, observe.

    Day 1: all I wanted to to is chill out, how can these essences be working, I thought I was supposed to me “inspired” into “action”

    Day 2: the ball is rolling again, it is easy to do the things on my list

    Day 3 to Day 7: easier to do high priority items with less anxiety of the little things to do. I am able to focus on what actually needs to be done and not all the little things around it. Ie. If I want to take the rug outside to clean I don’t need to take the table, chairs, or anything else. All I need is the rug!

    I will continue to make observations. I plan to try all the Lotus Wei formulas in this manner. I am shocked by the change I notice in myself and the journalling helps bring it all into perspective and allows me to see subtleties I may ignore otherwise.

    Thank you!

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