Mad Men Makeup and Hair…Done Naturally

Life got a little bit better a few weeks ago when I noticed that Mad Men had become available on Netflix Instant. I love television. From Breaking Bad to Boardwalk Empire, I think that the little box often has movies beat these days. But nothing is as close to my heart as Mad Men.

Part of it is that I’m an ad gal myself, so I get excited around that creation process. But what gets me even more is the women: Joan, Betty, and Peggy, in all of their outward beauty and inner suffering. As I rewatch the early seasons I catch myself constantly pausing to take a picture of the screen to capture a look, a moment, a color—all of my senses being satisfied at once.

This gave me an idea:

What if we tried to recreate three big beauty trends from that time—with natural products, of course—that also happen to be hot right now?

A quick cross reference with Elle’s Spring Beauty Preview proved very fruitful indeed, so here goes…

1. Top lining: I’ve always loved heavily lined eyes, but as I get a little bit more mature I’ve become a bigger fan of the top-only line. There’s something classy and clean about it, though a lot of women are intimidated because the mags make it look like this. If you look at Betty’s eyes here though, you can see that there’s a much more subtle version of this style—one that doesn’t even require using that pesky liquid liner! Instead I use my basic Jane Iredale Eye Pencil in black, which is way more forgiving if you don’t have a steady hand. The trick is running the pencil right at the lash line. I start toward the middle, getting thicker as I go.

2. Bold lips: Still in in a big way: Elle may be calling it red, but really the word for lips is bold (whatever your color choice is).

Since nobody needs a lesson in lipstick application, I’ll just say that  if you have yet to try the pretty and poppy hues from Ilia, or the seriously strong colors from W3LL People, you are missing out. Find our full favorite lipstick recap here, then share your own in the comments.

3. Hair with height: High retro hair has definitely gotten a modern makeover. I told you a few weeks ago how I made a blowout last for days with dry shampoo, but the best kept secret about this stuff is the height it can give to hair. It’s so easy too: Simply shake a little bit onto the area you plan to raise, and then fluff and move it around with your fingers at the root until you can’t see the powder (you’ll start seeing volume immediately). Then, using a comb, tease the spot just a tiny bit and see it rise to the next level. Now take the piece of hair right in front and smooth it over the little mound for a more finished Joan-type look.

Questions? Comments? You know what to do!

9 Responses to “Mad Men Makeup and Hair…Done Naturally”
  1. Miranda says:

    I absolutely LOVE Mad Men!! You put it perfectly when you mentioned the juxtaposition of outer beauty with inner turmoil. I think I’ll put on some eyeliner and lipstick today just because you posted this :)

    Now what I want to know is how to recreate all those amazing outfits they have without looking too kitschy? I know Banana Republic had a Mad Men line but I think it’s out of stores now. Guess I’ll have to go vintage shopping!

  2. Rebecca says:

    These chicks are hot. I can’t see myself wearing makeup or hair in that way though…perhaps I’ll come up with a halloween costume along those lines for fun.

  3. Alexandra says:

    @Miranda: My new obsession is the jewelry. It’s all big circles and square earrings. So fun!

  4. Avalon says:

    I have always loved the 60’s look! I use the Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner – but it doesn’t have the best consistency. I would love any recommendations for a good clean one. I also like using Alima Pure shadows wet to draw a thin line. For hair, nothing beats a teasing comb, although dry shampoo helps too.

    Thanks for the post. It’s great for those of us who want natural products without a natural makeup look!

  5. Elena says:

    I actually decided to do a Mad Men inspired ‘do for school (I’m a senior in high school–and a Catholic high school with a strict uniform to boot). I just dampened my hair a bit, flipped it over, blew it dry for a few minutes, and pinned the front pieces back to give a little more top volume (my hair naturally falls into retro-waves, bwahaha), put dark brown eyeliner on my top lids, and some burt’s bees on my lips and rolled with it. First period, my English teacher complimented me on it and the compliments kept coming all day, so I guess it’s a good look.

    Also, I just want to say your blog is awesome and has helped me a lot. My hair has never been better thanks to you guys (I just baking soda wash every ten days or so now, and I don’t have all the frizz and damage that I did before). My skin also thanks you, I never would have thought that not using my “moisturizing” (and definitely not green) shower wash would make it softer and smoother, but it did! and not using harsh cleansers on my face has left it a lot less irritated, and don’t even get me started on stopping the use of salylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (no more weird dry patches and flakiness or redness! huzzah!)…sorry for the essay of a comment.

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