Has Anyone Tried the Harmonic Line from Intelligent Nutrients? [UPDATED]

When my sister finds a hair product she loves she’s the type to seriously stockpile—I’m talking supplies for months! She’s no hoarder, though: As fellow curlies can attest, there’s just nothing worse than running out of your formula. It’s a habit that’s only intensified since she went clean, given that certain products aren’t easily found up in Canada. Knowing this, and also that we would be sharing a bathroom on a recent visit to our parents’ house, I opted to travel sans hair product.

I was surprised—but also excited—to see that she’d recently taken up with the new Harmonic Conditioner from Intelligent Nutrients. I was also surprised—but excited—when I read the ingredients label: The phenoxyethanol is gone! (The old formula is still out there though, so be sure to doublecheck when purchasing… That’s the update.)

See, we’d steered clear of this line at first because it contained the ever-controversial phenoxyethanol. We have nothing but the highest regard for Horst Rechelbacher—founder of Aveda, current head honcho at Intelligent Nutrients, and all-around genius; the man practically starred in our book! So we figured he had his reasons for going with phenoxyethanol and that we’d just have to live without this line…

Alas, good news for everyone: it’s out! I’m not entirely sure when they reformulated but phenoxyethanol wasn’t listed on my sister’s bottle, nor is it on their site. What’s more is that I absolutely loved the conditioner: It was just the right thickness for my taste, smelled great, and detangled brilliantly. At $24 it’s not exactly a steal, but it’s a big bottle and I think it will complement my more expensive but still beloved Rare Elements. I’ve copped to an expensive conditioner habit in the past—being that it’s pretty much my only hair product most days.

For the same reason (dirty hair) I also cannot report on the shampoo. We’ll have to get Siobhan to try it, but in the meantime: have any of you given it a whirl? What about the conditioner? Or were you, too, holding back on this?

If you’re wanting to try the line, you can often find Intelligent Nutrients products at Whole Foods (also know as our Sephora) and it’s available at NuboNau as well—regular partners in our Friday Deal bonanzas. Both NuboNau and the IN store also ship to Canada, just in case you’re wondering. :)

Image via Intelligent Nutrients

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19 Responses to “Has Anyone Tried the Harmonic Line from Intelligent Nutrients? [UPDATED]”
  1. Naomi says:

    Ooh, yeah! I tried the conditioner on a whim and was really pleased with it. I have fine hair that gets a bit static and “fluffy” (not curly or frizzy, just not smooth, a bit flyaway). I used a very small amount and only from about mid-length to the tips (my hair is a couple of inches past my shoulders). It left my hair silky and smooth, no static and not weighed down or limp at all. It’s not cheap but as with most of the clean products I’ve been trying, the quality of the ingredients means I only need a very small amount per application so cost per use is good value. I would suggest anyone looking for a new product try it!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I got this as a sample several months back, and I didn’t use it because I didn’t like the smell. But I am glad to see more gluten free options out there. The combo of clean AND gluten free is harder to find. And yay for getting rid of the phenoxyethanol!

  3. Cameron says:

    I have fine hair and found that my hair was very limp after shampooing with the Harmonic line. My favorite clean shampoo is made by Yarok, which actually does pump up the volume (as it promises), although there are certainly other nice brands out there. There’s also a volumizing spray in this line that I did stockpile — unfortunately, I later came across John Masters’s Sea Mist (sea salt spray with lavender), which gives my straight hair a little more oomph. For me, this is the clean formula that works (along with Yarok’s conditioner). This is as much as I can stand to do with my hair (besides getting a good cut, of course), so I don’t blow my hair dry, except on very special occasions in cooler temperatures.

  4. HD says:

    I love intelligent nutrients! Their hairspray is amazing too! I only wish it was easier to find….I end up usually getting John Masters hair products only because they carry them at Whole Foods and I don’t have to order online!

  5. therese says:

    I tried the travel size to fill out an order and I have to agree with Cameron. It leaves my hair limp. I also find the (peppermint?) very overpowering for the eyes. I really wanted to like this one but alas it’s not for me. I gave it to a friend to see how she does. She has thicker hair.

  6. Aileen says:

    I, too, have curly hair and have switched to no-pooing (aka dirty hair) and have found that I go through a TON of conditioner (I’m going on 2.5 months since I’ve used shampoo). However, I still “co-wash” – scrub my scalp with conditioner then condition all of my hair (I’m afraid my scalp will get itchy if I don’t…), and I think this extra co-wash is where I just about double my consumption of conditioner. Should I continue to co-wash or just put conditioner in the conventional way? Does it matter? Thank you!

  7. Lindsay says:

    I use it and I love it. I use very little of it and it works great for me. I have a gift certificate for the Intelligent Nutrients Salon here in Mpls., too. Can’t beat that!

  8. Michelle says:

    I’m wary… hair care has been the hardest products for me to find cleaner alternatives that I actually like. I’ve tried so many recommended brands and they all leave my hair greasy, dull, stringy – ick! So I always retreated back to my conventional, dirty ones. I asked the lady who works at my Whole Foods if she had any suggestions after explaining the bad luck I’ve had – she recommended Desert Essence Tea Tree & Lemon for oily hair. So far, loving it! and it’s only $9 for each at Whole Foods! Not sure if it’s the cleanest of the bunch, it contains phenoxyethanol too, but it’s better than the ones I was using. Baby steps, right :) I’m tempted to try since I LOVE the Intelligent Nutrients finishing gloss. Maybe I’ll have to give the rest of his products a try..

  9. Samantha says:

    Like Michelle, I’ve had trouble finding clean shampoos and conditioners that I love. Although I use several Intelligent Nutrients styling products–the hair gel and leave-in conditioner especially–I’ve avoided their shampoo and conditioner due to the undesirable ingredients. Glad to hear they’ve since removed the phenoxyethanol; perhaps I’ll give their S&C a try at some point. For now, I’m pretty happy with a few other (also expensive) options: John Masters Zinc & Sage (as you said in the book, good as a shampoo, not a conditioner), Yarok Shampoo, JM Lavender & Avocado Conditioner, and JM Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor. I have thin curly/frizzy hair, and these work well.

  10. Sarah Keeley says:

    I use it and love it. The bottles are quite large and last a long time.

    I have fine hair (shoulder length), but do not have an issue with it leaving my hair limp.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    LOVE IT! I have a very wavy, sometimes curly, thick and dense hair. I’m skeptical of just about every conventional product, and since you girls recommended the Volumizer so many times, I tried it and fell in love. I was using Catwalk ‘Curls Rock’ by TIGI, by which I (still kinda) swear. BUT I noticed that since I’ve made the switch, my curls are softer, last longer, seem cleaner, and my face has fewer breakouts. So I figured I’d try the S/C, as well, and I am VERY pleased. The shampoo does not leave my hair limp, but again, I have a lot of it – so maybe it’s a gem for us chicas with heavy top mops. Other than price, I have no real issues, and honestly I think it’s worth the extra expense. I’m interested in the no shampoo route, but very nervous. Any suggestions?

  12. Aileen says:

    @Elizabeth I recently went no-poo and it wasn’t really that difficult. For the first month or so, I used conditioner and then scrubbed my scalp with my fingers, then put conditioner over all of my hair. The oil production seems to have stabilized by now (after about 2.5 months), and my hair is great! Even when I blow-dry it straight (which I do once every couple of months) it it very soft and cooperates very well. :) No-poo has not eliminated my need for styling procuct yet, but the product I do use seems to work better. Good luck!

  13. eva says:

    I have shoulder length fine, Scandinavian hair – but in the last two-three months I’ve started losing much more than usual – about 300 hairs a day (the normal is supposedly 50-100..and yes, I actually counted the hairs that I lost…gross!).

    I’ve beefed up my diet, eat biotin, omegas, also omega 7, MSM, silica etc – and I’ve had my blood works done, no deficiencies of any kind, except lower range of B12 (which I am remedying now) – can ANYONE recommend a good shampoo and conditioner?

    I wash my hair about twice a week, having such fine hair (albeit usually a lot more of it) makes the no-poo impossible, not to mention downright rude to my nearest and dearest. My scalp does itch at times. I’ve been using John Masters Peppermint and Rosemary shampoo for a while (accidentally bought two bottles online instead of one) and doesn’t really love it.

    Does any of you have experiences with a shampoo taht might help against hairloss – or just be exceedingly mild?

  14. courtneymunson says:

    It’s great! They sell it in Houston at One Green Street. Love that store!


  15. MangoTree says:

    I recently purchased both the shampoo, conditioner and volumizing spray. I have long, fine hair. I’ve battled with my hair as I’ve aged .. it’s limp, dry. I’ve tried a zillion (not clean) products in an attempt to find something that would give me the results I was looking for… I needed to blowdry, straighten or curl to make it look even slightly presentable. And even after all that effort, it still didn’t look great. I was about to throw in the towel and chop it all off for good.

    I made the switch to clean hair products after switching to clean facial products/cosmetics with such good results. With clean hair products I am no longer battling with my hair on a daily basis. My hair is soft, shiny, volumnous and… wavy (who knew!) I only wish I had made the switch much much sooner. The Intelligent Nutrients products are great. The shampoo takes a bit of getting used to, I found that I really need to give it a good massage and rinse with plenty of water (keep massaging) to avoid the overly heavy feeling that some of the other comments have mentioned. But once you get that right, it’s lovely!

    It bears repeating that it will take your scalp some time to normalize when you “quit” non-clean hair products…be strong, don’t keep switching back… stick with it. You won’t be sorry!

  16. Erin says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the harmonic line. I just started my second bottle of both shampoo and conditioner, which I purchased from Garnet Hill because they had a 20% deal awhile ago. They don’t have it at my Whole Foods.

    I have not washed my hair regularly in years, because it’s curly and because I get the Japanese straightening treatment (I know, I know). When I did wash, maybe twice a week, I used the special shampoo by Crede – the ft or er kind. It is super expensive and full of crap, I am sure, but I can’t read Japanese.

    This shampoo is the bomb. I put it on my head and then put some in my palm or in a washcloth and wash my body with it. Then I rinse and apply the conditioner and shave or just hang out for a few minutes. They key is waiting a few minutes for the conditioner to start to feel like cool peppermint on your head. It’s the best.

    I now wash, or just condition, with the harmonic line every day, and it feels delicious and like I’m doing something nice for myself, too.

  17. Norman says:

    in Germany we loves Intelligent Nutrients and I like the pure natural conzept by Horst Rechelbacher.
    with best regards from germany

  18. ctay says:

    love these products. of course with there was a cheaper alternative, but haven’t found one to date!

  19. dcolumbus says:

    Just to let you guys know, Intelligent Nutrients now has an official Canadian location: http://www.purestembeauty.com

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