Product Review: Tammy Fender Moisturizers

I guess I have Gwyneth Paltrow to thank for our latest infatuation. A little while back  she wrote about her favorite natural products, and among them was a skincare line we had yet to try called Tammy Fender.

Well, I am now certifiably obsessed with this stuff, and here’s how you can tell: I’ve already told six friends about it, and have twice lugged the not-so-small travel kit (featured above) to girl dates in order to make people try it. Evangelist much?

And while all the products in this kit are special (as is the packaging), it’s the two moisturizers—the Intensive Repair Balm and the Antioxidant Creme Neroli & Orange—that are truly blowing my mind. The repair balm, which was apparently created as a post-op healing cream for Fender’s fancy Florida clients, is like nothing I’ve ever felt before—it’s a kind of very-rich-and-creamy-meets-weirdly-yet-satisfyingly-gummy texture. Maybe it’s because the first ingredient is “Aqueous Extracts of Chamomile Flowers” or maybe it’s the marshmallow (which according to Fender’s site improves wound healing). All I know is that when I put it on before bed I wake up with skin that feels incredible. Or as Siobhan put it: “That cream melts my brain it’s so good.”

As for the Creme Neroli, it’s my current go-to day moisturizer and I’m convinced it’s the reason (along with the balm) that I’ve had a few random positive remarks on my skin this past week. (Especially since I’d had several late nights and engaged in some decidedly skin-unfriendly behavior.) But it’s one of those creams that seems to instantly make you look better. It also plays very nice under makeup.

Of course, like many high-quality-small-batch things, the products do come at a price. But take note: These moisturizers come in 1.9 Oz. jars, which is about twice the size of most creams I own. And at $150, the travel kit—which features five products—feels like something of a steal.

Have any of you tried this line before? Now I’m just looking for an excuse to go to West Palm Beach so that I can get one of Fender’s much-lauded facials.

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19 Responses to “Product Review: Tammy Fender Moisturizers”
  1. Sam says:

    I believe in you and I am so going to try these products :)

  2. Arianne says:

    Wow these sound delicious. :) I have to try!

  3. KJL says:

    I have been using these products everyday since October 1, 2010. One word, Outstanding. I felt the skin on my face change the moment is was applied. I never give written opinions about things like this but Tammy Fender products have been a revelation in my life and I tell alot people the same…The value is there.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Wow, luckily for my wallet I wouldn’t use these because they are not gluten free, but otherwise sounds really tempting!

  5. Marci says:

    Is this better than Tata Harper? I just fell in love with that line and now you are flirting this Tammy Fender line in front of me…what’s good product loving girl suppose to do?

  6. Alexandra says:

    Welcome to our life! But you can’t make us choose between our children—we love Tata too. :)

  7. comagirl says:

    The LA Times reviewed this product line today: “Free Your Mane, an eco-conscious haircare line with major scent appeal”

    I’m not sure what you think of these products, but it was interesting to see this kind of product review in a major publication.

  8. Dr.MomTH says:

    How is it for seriously combination skin that is suddenly very prone to breakouts? I have been pregnant or nursing for 7 years and now that I have stopped, my body (I should say my skin) thinks it is going through puberty again! I am in desperate search of a clean solution and this line sounds delicious, but I am a little nervous to drop the cash then end up with another breakout!

  9. Stefanie says:

    @Dr. MomTH: The same thing happened to me!Had wonderful skin during nursing and when I stopped I had more breakout problems than ever before.I tried so many things and after 1 1/2 yrs I have found my personal solution. I use african black soap as a cleanser and the aloe vera gel (directly from the plant) as a moisturizer.It has antibiotic/antifungal properties and helps tremendously with breakouts and red marks left from them. Sorry I can’t help you out regarding Tammy Fender skincare, as I have never tried it out.

  10. Dr.MomTH says:

    Stephanie-thanks! I will try it! I have been washing with organic honey and using John Masters Bearberry serum…it is helping, but it’s still not my pre-baby smooth zit-free skin! Man, the things we do for our kids! Thanks again!

  11. pao says:

    hey alexandra,
    are you still loving these products as much after a few weeks? i logged on to purchase the travel kit and see that i have to choose between either the Intensive Repair Balm OR the Antioxidant Creme Neroli & Orange. Were you able to order both in the travel kit? What am I missing here?

  12. Alexandra says:

    Absolutely still LOVING. That’s too bad that you have to choose! I got samples sent from the publicist, so that’s how I got both. (Smart publicist!) I didn’t realize it was one or the other. :( In all honestly, they’re really both amazing. If you tend towards dry, mature or sun-damaged I’d opt for the balm. If you want something a bit lighter but still nourishing go for the creme.

  13. X. says:

    I’ve combination skin and i’m using the neroli cream right now. It’s great for my dehydrated spots even though it’s supposed to be for oily skin. One small problem. It’s kind of sticky. Does anyone else have that problem?

  14. Liz says:

    Best. Facial. Ever. Like life changing, beyond any other facial I’ve ever had. 100% worth a trip to WPB, and it’s right over teh bridge from Palm Beach so you can make a weekend getaway out of it.

    And I “borrow” my Mom’s Intensive repair balm every time I visit her, it is just beyond words for dry Irish skin.

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