Mary Louise Parker’s Hair Fell Out From the Brazilian Blowout

What’s that rule about things always happening in threes? Well, first the Department of Labor issued a warning about the Brazilian, and now California is preparing an injunction, both of which are covered in TIME Magazine (where we also weigh in). But the thing likely to get the most attention is this: The treatment made Mary Louise Parker’s hair fall out.

In this Q&A with T Magazine, Parker talks about how she’s become more conscious about what goes in and on her body. She’s eating a primarily vegan diet (veggie glow much?) and being careful to avoid parabens. Oh Mary, if only you knew what else was in there! (Can someone get her the book?)

But in a statement that will likely get a lot of traction (we hope), Parker is advising women against getting a Brazilian blowout.

T: Have you had any beauty mishaps lately?

MLP: Yes. Not trusting my instincts — letting my vanity take over — and having the Brazilian Straightening Treatment. I’ve experienced hair fall-out in the past, and it is not fun. This treatment resulted in more. My advice: don’t do it!

Halle-frickin-lujah. It’s great to hear a little straight talk from a celebrity, and she’s not the only one. Last week Lady Gaga divulged how frequent bleaching and styling is making her hair fall out, and we did an interview with Bliss Tree about natural remedies for it that went up today. Hair, hair, everywhere.

Have you experienced hair loss? Do you know the cause?

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  1. candace says:

    Dear MLP,
    Love, Candace. I am glad to see that more people are speaking up about the price they physically pay for beauty. I used to BURN my scalp (and sometimes my forehead!!) with relaxers so much that it just became part of the process of obtaining beauty. Um, my hair still looked bad after two weeks and I was left with scars. Let it go ladies. the damage is not worth it.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I started having quite a bit of hair loss post-baby and again with perimenopause (obviously hormonal). But, I’m sure using anything toxic wasn’t helping. In the last couple months I switched to all clean (and gluten free )hair products, and I’ve already noticed less itching and fewer red bumps. A patch that seemed to be thinning is on it’s way back too, hopefully that will keep improving.

  3. Autumn says:

    I only recently found out that traction alopecia is a problem for women who repeatedly get weaves–all that tugging can make hair fall out. I’m hoping that non-chemical abuses of hair continue to get, um, traction in the media along with this heightened chemical alert–it comes from the same root, a lack of open education about the price we pay for beauty.

  4. Therese says:

    I started going all clean last summer thanks to NMDL. I am also pre-menopause and my hair is actually thicker and shinier. My Hair stylist even noticed the difference. It kind of sneaks up on you. I expected my hair and skin to look better but not this much of an improvement. I never had to straighten my hair but I did notice that my salon gave up the Brazilians early on after they started to hear about the side effects. Very cool.

  5. Jordana Lorraine says:

    Why is it that Brazilian Blowout is catching all the heat on this? She didn’t even say Brazilian Blowout (a trademarked brand name product,) she said Brazilian Straightening, which is not an actual name and usually refers to a stronger treatment. BB doesn’t even call itself a straightener. MLP, like many clients, may not have even been told what actual product was being used on her hair. I’ve seen websites and signs inaccurately advertising “Brazilian Blowout,” and even once saw a video in which a blogger was given the “Brazilian Blowout” (as she was told by the salon and as was stated in graphics on the video) but it clearly showed a different product being used.

    Why is this a big deal? Because each product has different ingredients and processes, and almost all EXCEPT Brazilian Blowout are left on the hair, rubbing against the skin, etc. for 1-4 days. The real Brazilian Blowout is removed from the hair while still in the salon. But for some reason, perhaps because it is the most widely-known brand name, Brazilian Blowout gets all this backlash when other products/treatments may very well be worse.

    I get calls every week, many of which turn into new clients, because people are confused and/or realize they have been lied to or misled. Unethical hairdressers will just call a treatment “The Brazilian (not an actual product)” or even straight-up lie and call it Brazilian Blowout, then do something else.

    Some hints for hose who aren’t sure:

    If you left with the product flat-ironed into your hair, you did NOT get the real Brazilian Blowout.
    If you have to wait AT ALL to wash your hair, you did NOT get the real Brazilian Blowout.
    If the special shampoo/conditioner you were sold says some other brand name of keratin treatment on it, you most likely did NOT get the real Brazilian Blowout.
    If you did not see Brazilian Blowout logo materials and/or bottles, it was probably not the real Brazilian Blowout.
    If the product was applied to your scalp, it was done wrong.
    If you were not protected and treated in a way to prevent the product from touching your skin, it was done wrong.

    I hope this helps.

  6. veronica says:

    thank u Mary Louise Parker, maybe people will believe the Brazilian Blowout is dangerous now. My hair has begun to fall out a lot too do to the blowout and I agree 100% with her comment!

  7. Siobhan says:

    Jordana, whether washed out or not, the trademarked brand has been used BOTH ways, which we know because that is the brand we had done a few years ago, and it was NOT removed at the salon. Regardless, you should have a look at this report, which examines the safety of brazilian hair treatments BY BRAND. Brazilian Blowout, the trademarked one, is at the top of the list and you can see for yourself what’s in there: a whole lot of formaldehyde.

  8. Jordana Lorraine, hair stylist says:

    Thank you, Siobahn. I’m sorry to advise that whatever you had done a few years ago, was not Brazilian Blowout if it was not rinsed out during your salon visit. Or, it was done improperly. As I said above, many salons offer “Brazilian Blowout” but don’t actually use that product. I won’t post a link to the other site where I’ve seen this done, but I can send it to you if you like. Unfortunately, it happens every day. Illegal? Yes. Unethical? Yes. Confusing to the client and the public? YES. As for doing a process against manufacturer’s instructions, if that’s what happened, that is risky and foolish on the part of the stylist.

    I am aware of the results you posted. I am also aware of the debate going on between chemists over its accuracy. And of the OSHA testing that shows the amount of formaldehyde that can be breathed in during the treatment, is well below the OSHA guidelines: If applied properly, Brazilian Blowout should not come into contact with the scalp or skin, which is why the air testing is most important. With other treatments, however, it will rub against your face, neck, shoulders, pillow, husband, kids, pets, etc. for 1-4 days before you can remove it.

    Because I do a lot of these treatments, I use a specialized air filtration system for my protection and that of my clients. I use the Chemical Source Capture System from Aerovex ( to vacuum and filter fumes as they are produced. Several clients who have had Brazilian Blowout or other treatments elsewhere, have been thrilled with both my initiative in implementing this system, and with the results of having the fumes removed during the service.

    But I digress. My original point was that MLP didn’t even say she had the Brazilian Blowout, but this (and other) articles have jumped to attack the company over her statement. Oh, and that there are other possible reasons that a middle-aged woman who has experienced hair loss before, might experience it again. What happened to fact-checking and accuracy in journalism? I would wait for confirmation of the product used and a Doctor’s diagnosis that it was the culprit before blaming a specific brand of product that may not even have been involved. Otherwise, I’d look over my shoulder for a process server to bring me a libel suit.

  9. jazzy says:

    I agree with Siobhan
    I think some hair dressers make there bread and butter in this slow economy doing th Brazillian treatment
    so better to not ask questions and rock the boat beacause its a money maker big time
    they are called many different things like keratin treatments,braziliian blow outs brazillian tec etc
    but even if now they are shampooing the hair before you leave the salon
    there is still a chemical reaction with the 400 to 450 degreee flat irons hit the formaldehyde
    or what turns into fomaldehyde when flat ironed it bonds with the keratin according to some articles

    hair dressers need to demand better products not just be blinded by the money
    peoples health are at risk !
    many people have complained of burning eyes during the flat iron process
    some have had compromised lungs for up to 6 months after!Flaky dry scalp that wasn’t present before
    hair falling out

    weakened hair over time according to one Dermatologist posted in the papers

    Why does a salon have to use special vents if it isn”t Toxic?

    masks,air vents come on???
    If all that is necessary what does that tell you
    just like the Japanese straightener craze fazed out after many people starting repoting hair breakage
    this one seems more dangerous becuase not only will the hair be weaked with repeated useage
    peoples health will also be at risk?
    not to mention where does all this formaldehyde and chemicals go as they gradually wash off?
    In our bath water ?Into our organs?
    In our swimming pools?
    Obviously some hair dressers were duped by many of the companys that lied fro the beginning when they said they were Formadehyde free
    ROtts FRuits And Acai berrys RIGHT???yeah right
    that would make so many people have adverse reactions including hair dressers
    I have heard that in some salons they use to call it the Keratin flu!
    Then there is always the one who specializes in them swearing she know so much
    yet probably would now have to back track on half the things she claimed
    good grief
    One woman even commented on line that she didn’t care if she got cancer just get rid of her frizz?
    well that is the mentality of some people a sadly enough
    I am glad Mary Looiuse Parker has spoken up
    good for her
    we need more people like this
    she isn’t the only one complaining
    and don’t let the spin on the ever changimg names of these things fool you
    do you own research and see what you think
    but all the special fans and vents should say a lot

  10. jazzy says:

    further more funny that the filtration and vents were not used at all in the beginning
    the old blogs about how safe they were?? ahuh?
    and only became part of the scene because of so much negative feedback on the treatment
    also the companys started telling the hair dressers to wash out the product now because
    to many complaints
    but its just a song and dance to keep the treatments going strong because after all
    there is money to be made!!!
    so now how does one ever believe these companies again when they were found to have formadehyde in there supposedly formaldehyde free treatments?

  11. @Jazzy I have been using the air filtration system (linked above) for almost two years, first at a salon I worked at and now in my own studio. Many salons are thrown together quickly, without special consideration for exhaust or ventilation; this is not good for the staff, even with just the “usual,” “acceptable” chemicals we use/breathe in all day from bleach, color and perms. Add in keratin treatments, some of which emit formaldehyde gas, and those salons are really asking for trouble. But I agree that many just want to collect the money, and are not willing to make improvements to the salon or invest in equipment to make it safer for the clients, as well as the stylists to perform these services. This type of equipment is used in many industries that work with chemicals and fumes (nail salons, welding shops, etc.)

  12. Gina Dado, MD says:

    Had a BB two times, 6months apart and loved both treatments. Now with diagnosis of lichen planopilaris and permanent loss of hair patches, steroid resistent. Please comment if anyone with these same symptoms. I really think this is due to the treatment and chronic use ( over one year) of the BB shampoo, conditioner, and serum. Help! We need to stop the use of these products!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I had the Brazilian Blowout around my birthday May 14, 2011. Before the treatment I had very thick hair, which I loved. I had this treatment done because the humidity is so bad in the summer and causes frizziness. Now in September I notice my hair is getting thinner every day it seems. It’s scaring me because I don’t want it to continue. I noticed strands on my floor, clothes, etc. And now i’m actually seeing the damage of the hair loss thining my hair extremely. I even asked the lady when I sat in her chair if there were any downfalls and specifically asked about hair loss. She said no then made a joke saying “you can afford it anyway” which I found unprofessional because it was a serious question which in return deserved a serious answer. I want to know why 4 months later i’m still losing hair and if/when I should expect it to stop. I would have never had this treatment done had I read up on all the negatives before hand. The results were great until I am seeing my lifeless, flat hair that has thinned to the point that I can’t believe. If anyone can give some advice or tell me if there’s stopped falling out at a certain point, I’d appreciate any advice since I am very nervous about it continuing to fall out. Thanks!

  14. Alexandra says:

    Jennifer, this makes me so mad! I’m actually posting this comment into a new post about the Brazilian Blowout this morning. Hoping to get some advice for you from other readers too. It will be live shortly.

  15. Maria says:

    Jennifer I am having the same hair falling out four months after the brazillian. I hate this does anyone know how long this last. I am so depressed from this ordeal. I will never do this again. Good luck to all.

  16. Midge says:

    Unfortunately ladies, the hair loss will continue for a lonnnnng time. I had the treatment 13 months ago and my hair is STILL falling out. I went from extremely thick hair to a depressing mess. Nothing can fix it bu time itself from what i hear. So sad!

  17. Niki says:

    I had the Brazilian Blowout treatment done and I’ve had significant hair loss. Before having it done I did speak to a Brazilian blowout representative and they assured me that the treatment contained no formaldehyde and that it was made from the acai berry. The stylist also confirmed that it was completely safe and did not contain an ounce of formaldehyde, not even a derivative. I thought okay, I’ll give in a try, shortly after my hair started falling out and it was not breakage, it was falling out from the root!! I could not wear it down because the strands of hair would cover my back. Its been over a year and my hair is not like it was before. The part in my hair is very wide compared to the part I had before. Bottom line stay away from these treatments!!!

  18. Linda says:

    I have read and heard all reviews… I believe all chemicals from bleaching,peming with or w/out lye,hair coloring,keratin etc. are all extremely harmful. October of 2011 was my fourth Keratin treatment done and my hair for two years now has grown even thicker n shinnier, n longer. Before Keratin it had thinned out from straight perming n my very curly hair which become dull n lifeless is beautiful! I always shed a lot. That is exactly what it is shedding! We are suppose to shed thousands of strands of hair a day! But the whole keratin pandemonia had made us former or present keratin users freak out! If u are freaking out about hairloss or whatever go to any vitamin store and buy 5mcg’ of biotin n eat healthy! ;)

  19. Pam says:

    I too had a brazilian blowout and experienced a tremendous amount of hair loss. Also, my hair has never returned to its original state of waviness (which should have happened since it was one year ago). These treatments, while promising smooth, silky hair to those of us with wild manes, are definitely NOT worth the potential damage. My eyes burned and watered during the flat iron process. Anyone considering this as an option should seek out alternatives and a great stylist who can work with their hair, not chemically alter it.

  20. sonia says:

    In the past 7 years I had a brazilian blowout at least once a year. I did loose a lot of hair and had no idea why so thank you for your posts. My hair are very similar to my mom’s and she is 25 year older, never did a Brazilian blowout, and has lots more hair. These treatments will take you beauty away in the long run.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Here’s an update. It’s been 8 months now and i’m still shedding. It did slow down for a few weeks and I was getting hopeful thinking just maybe the worst was over. Today I noticed its back in full force as I picked up a clump of hair out of my shower drain. I’ve been noticing hair on my clothes, my floor..just about everywhere. I’m very aware that we lose hair daily naturally. But it’s funny that it appears to be so much more since I’ve had the treatment & visibly thinner than before i had it. I’m glad to hear you girls are taking action in bringing awareness to this situation..I know I would have appreciated a warning or heads up in advance! I’m just thankful that I started with so much hair. I was known in my salon as the girl with very thick hair and was content with that. I used to get asked if I had extensions and girls these days pay to have hair like I did. Now it’s still thick from what I hear but nothing like before. I’m just afraid by the end of this (whenever that may be) i’ll have thin hair. Only time will tell but I know I will never consider another one in the future or recommend it to anyone! I would love to know if it has stopped after a certain amount of time for anyone. I heard it could be up to a year and a half but everyone is different so we may never know for sure. It would still be nice to know if there is an average time or something along those lines. Try not to stress too much over it (I admit I do) and keep up with the biotin as long as you seemed to help me but it made my hair oily after a while. Good luck & I hope my updates and info helps in some way =]

  22. T says:

    Everyone needs to keep in mind that the average head loses 100 hairs a DAY. Which means some will lose more than others. This is normal. The Brazilian Blowout (and most keratin treatments) are not applied on the scalp, they are applied about 1/2″ off the scalp. It doesn’t touch the skin or the hair follicles underneath. You may or may not experience hair breakage but not hair falling out from the follicles. Everyone also needs to keep in mind that all chemicals can cause hair breakage as well as nature (ex. sun). I have very fine hair that breaks easily from blow drying. I had the Brazilian Blowout done over my heavily highlighted hair and did not see ANY breakage at all. None!

    For everyone complaining about hair loss happening 4months – a year later … That’s hard to believe it’s from the Brazilian blowout since it more than likely wasn’t even applied directly on your scalp. So how could it have caused damage to your hair follicles? I’m not even a fan of the Brazilian Blowout but these comments sound like a witch hunt. How is a chemical service that was done many months ago still causing hair loss? If you’re experiencing extreme hair loss a year later, go to your doctor, it’s an internal thing not a Brazilian blowout thing. Hair loss is caused by many, many natural things as well. As people get older, hair does tend to get thinner. Keep that in mind.

  23. Shanan says:

    For everyone that is doubting that a chemical treatment can make your hair fall out from the root, please think again and unless its happened to you, you have no idea. I didnt have a keratin treatment done but I put a color stripper on my hair (one n only colorfix) and my hair has been falling out with the white bulb attached ever since (sept 2011). I also have a really itchy scalp. I have had all blood test done and check up and nothing wrong with me at all. Went to a dermatologist and he had no idea why my hair was falling out from the root, except that he thought it was telogen effluvium (TE) and that it would stop within six months. But if you look it up, it says TE occurs 3 months after a traumatic physical or psychological event happens in ones life. Well my hair began to fall out the day I put that treatment on my head and really started rapid shedding about 2-4 weeks later. I believe there is more to what happened to me and everyone else when that chemical came into contact with our hair and/or scalp. I also found the Material Safety Data Sheet on the product I used and it has formaldyhyde releasing agents in it. I cant find any other stories like mine and doctors dont have anwers. The only stories that come close to mine are these, even though we used completely different products.

    I even saw a homeopathic doctor to see if he could help, but not as of yet. Ive done a lot of reading and really dont know what else to do. I began to make my inside as healthy as possible by eating very healthy and taking vitamins to give myself the best chance of stopping this hair loss. I have also began to use all natural products that are really good to my scalp. I dont use anymore hair products with chemicals in them.

    So I know first hand that a chemical treatment can make your hair fall out from the root, not just break off. I hope everyone suffering from all the hair loss and heart ache recovers and will have a full head of healthy hair again with time. My hair has been falling out for 5 months tomorrow, mainly in the shower and I can see my scalp in front and other places. I am constantly trying to hide my thinning mess. I feel all of your pain and its so upsetting to go through this. I also hope that doctors can catch up to what is going on and help some people heal and get their hair back.

  24. Devina says:

    I had thick curly hair with loads of body my entire life, The only problem was the frizz – loads of that, also. I researched different options to control the frizz as I was going on a cruise and would be a total frizz mop the entire time. It took me a long time to save up for the cruise and I adjusted my spending money to allow for the $500.00 fee for the BRAZILIAN BLOW-OUT…….







  25. Nat F says:

    Wish I could post pictures of my hair before and after! I had the Brazilian keratin therapy done in dec, it is exactly 3 months later and wow! Will never ever do it again, or reccomend it! I’m balding! Losing chunks and chunks of hair from the root with the white bulb sill attached! I am devasted!! My once thick lucious culy hair is now a mess! Lesson learnt: never again! :( it is more unmanageable now then I thought it was when it was curly! I can see my scalp where I shouldn’t! Tempted to just shave it all off and buy a wig! :(

  26. askvivi says:

    This is why I prefer the Cocoa Keratin System, it’s a Brazilian keratin treatment that comes with the pre-treatment shampoo, smoothing treatment and daily shampoo and conditioner. I like it because the treatment lasts up to 5 months and its very safe on my hair, giving it nutrients, moisture and smoothing it down. The protein and argan oil help immensely and strengthen my hair while making ir super shiny. I recommend it :)

  27. Susan says:

    I started with thin hair and a high forehead to begin with – and boy, what a nightmare. I had this done in Feb 2012 and it’s now 6 months later and it’s getting worse by the day. It’s limp and lifeless and falling out all around my face, and with an already large forehead it looks atrocious. I am depressed and I don’t know what to do. I wish I would have never been talked into this horrendous treatment.

  28. sierra says:

    I did my second Brazilian blowout almost 7 months ago and my hair is still falling out. in the beginning I noticed that more hair than usual was falling out but i thought it was gonna stop right away. a month or two later people started telling me that my hair looks a lot thinner. I flipped. I spent so any hours trying to figure out what it was but nobody had the answer- not the dermatologists I went to either who told me to use Rogaine which I heard makes your hair fall out after you stop using it. I’m still losing hair I hate brushing and washing my hair because that’s when it falls out the most AND THE HAIRLOSS STILL HASNT STOPPED.
    if anybody knows when it stops and if your hair grows back to the original thickness please let me know.
    and for all you people who say its not the Brazilian blowout or chemical things that does this you guys got really lucky that this didn’t happen to you and yes it is the Brazilian blowout.
    what infuriates me also is that the company keeps telling you that your hair won’t fall out.

  29. Tara says:

    I am going on 9 months and my hair is falling out more now than it did in the beginning. OMG. I am severly depressed over this which is probably making it worse. My once thick gorgeous hair is absolutely hideous and I am heartbroken. I keep wondering if it could be anything else at this point, like stress but I know my hair was super thick and barely ever fell out before I had the keratin treatment done 9 months ago. I am afraid to wash, brush, or even touch my hair. Its very sad. I am devastated. If anyone want to talk about this, please email me at tlg531at

  30. 007 says:

    Has anyone recovered from the post brazilian blowout hair loss? I had it 4 month ago and have lost about 30% of my hair and doesn’t stop. For those shedding over a year now have you seen any growth? Mine was applied at the scalp which is why I am losing my hair. Can anyone who has recovered report please?

  31. Mellisaa says:

    I can definetly relate to the breaking of the hair. My hair has never been so thin. Each time I comb or wash it, it falls out. Its really scary. Its no coincidence cos my daughter and I had it done at the same time and hers has also broken off. BB was suppose to be a miracle for my hair. Instead its a nightmare.

  32. Pia says:

    I had the Brazilian Blowout 2 months ago. It is the one where the mask is applied at the end & then rinsed out. After 3 days I washed my hair and I could see that the treatment had not worked. I went back to the hairdresser & asked her to redo it. She said with my hair, she needed to wash it with peroxide 1st, then start the Brazilian. The second attempt worked. However I started to noticed my hair falling out. When I wash it handfuls of hair come out & when I brushed it. I have noticed my hair is much thinner. I am sure it is because I had 2 Brazilian Blowout’s in 1 week. My hairdresser does not agree???

  33. MG says:

    To Pia,
    I think your hair dresser doesnt know what she is doing. I have been losing my hair for 9 months now after a brazilian blowout. The treatment is extremely toxic and it is not supposed to touch the scalp (now I know why it is because you will lose your hair). I wish the bottle would say with bold letters that “YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HAIR IF PRODUCT COMES IN CONTACT WITH THE SCALP” because this company and all keratin liars would go out of business. I had a lot of beautiful long black hair and decided to get the treatment to control the frizz but my stylist didnt know what she was doing even if she was pretending to know it all. She applied it to the scalp and now you know my story. Dry scalp, tight scalp and burning for many months. My scalp flaked in big chunks right after. The hair loss started immediately. I lose about 200 when I wash and 150 throughout the day and lost 50% of my hair. My temples are gone as well as one of my sides and have overall thinning. I have seen 5 dermatologists and none knows anything about keratin hairloss nor attempt to do some research to try to help. They just dismiss me as having female patter balding. Very sad, I never thought I would lose my hair,

    Your stylist did a lot of damage to your scalp by doing two applications and also by using the peroxide. You got a triple strike. Some people use aloe vera to calm the burning. I would go see a dermatologist right away to make sure your scalp is okay on the surface. ASk you stylist if she kept the product off the scalp. If she did you are in better shape to recover. I dont mean to scare you but please see a doctor to make sure you are not having burns or an allergic reaction.

    My hear is with you and all of you who have lost your hair due to this poison.


  34. MG says:

    Thank you for keeping this website it is super informative. I also read your book which has changed my whole approach to using cosmetics. As I mentioned above, my hair was messed up by the brazilian blowout. The makers blame the hairloss to the stylist for not knowing how to use the product but would you agree that if a hair product makes you lose from 50% to 70% or maybe all of your hair and compromise regrowth this means that the product is really bad for your hair??? Any human being can make the mistake and apply it to the scalp. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic gas which means its particles are really small and can penetrate the skin. Also, formaldehyde is used to preserve dead bodies. It does so by killing all cells or any sort of life left in the tissue of the corpse so organisms dont have any food to live therefore wont decompose the corpse? What effect does the brazilian blowout have on the scalp? Why is our hair falling out after so many months? I have some regrowth but is super thin and not like my original hair.

    I have seen 5 dermatologists and gotten no help. This hair loss does not fit in the medical diagnosis that doctors are familiar with. You as a pioneer in creating awareness of the dangers of this product, have you been able to figure out why the hair falls out after having a brazilian blowout? How long does this loss lasts for? Will the hair come back? What kind of scalp damage does this product causes? What can you do to make it stop or not make it worse? I take hair vitamins, prenatals, collagens, omegas, dont blowdry, dont color, cut my hair short but nothing seems to help. My scalp is dry, thight an itches on and off. Doctors either prescribe cortizone or dandruff shampoos that i dont use because they contain sulfates which make my scalp itch more. I use Max Green Alchemy scalp rescue shampoo because it is the only thing that doesnt make my scalp itch. I lose on average 150 hairs a day and 200 just from washing and detangling.

    I would beg you to share any information you have because there are hundredths of women out there losing there hair from this poison and dont have any answers. I beg you to please use your influences or investigative influences and tap into this issue to bring some light into our loss. Thank you.MG

  35. Susanna says:

    I was terrified reading all this… Poor girls, I’m so sorry about your hair loss! I’m making keratin treatments (only those that can be washed on the same day, just because its convenient) for myself and my five friends during last six years every four months, and our hair become only better. We buy them on Ebay and “keratining” each other, it’s much cheaper that way.

    I found this article just because we’re in a constant search for a newer, better treatment. Which would last longer, straightens better, shines brighter, makes hair even more softer, etc. We’re aware that formaldehyde should not be inhaled, we ventilate well, but I’m quite sure it can’t cause hair loss, it’s a gas .. and methylene glycol itself is safe for skin. Anyway, again, I;m very sorry!

  36. Missy says:

    I’m looking for help with the same situation. I’ve done Keratin in past, but this was the first time with the Brazilian Blowout. Same as these other girls- my beautiful, thick hair is falling out after only a short time later. My scalp is flaky and itchy. Same thing. I’m sick from this. Just nauseous. The worst is reading how many have continued with this without improvement. That’s what’s really freaking me out. I don’t know that any dermatologists around here know about hair loss, but I’ll try to find one. It’s discouraging to hear how they don’t know what to recommend or that there’s a solution. I’m so sorry I ever did this and now I’m afraid to color my hair although I’m gray and need it. This is awful. Thankful for blogs like these.

  37. Tyra says:

    Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian blowdry, keratin treatment so many names brands and products all offering you the ultimate fantasy of magazine like luscious locks.. My story begins 5 years ago when my hairdresser who is a good friend of mine introduced me to the Brazilian blowdry I thought he had answered all my prayers having moved to Dubai my hair was always frizzy and dry due to the humidity it has also been colored since I was 10 as i went grey at a very early age.. My hair was so thick tht 2 hairdressers would blowdry it and was like this till my first Brazilian blowdry, on the day of the treatment it was put into my hair and I add not on my scalp.. It was straightened with hair straighteners the fumes were so bad my lungs started to hurt at tht point I thought how could this be good for the hair but I trusted my hairdresser and let tht slip. The treatment was left in for a few days once washed wow wow a dream come true soft, silky, shiny frizz free hair couldn’t be happier this lasted for about a month and the effect started to ware off I had been told would last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.. About 2 months later I noticed hair on the floor in my bed in the bath that I had never noticed before I wasn’t worried as I didn’t like having such thick hair as I couldn’t manage it without a hairdresser. This went on for a year and I still had super thick hair but had to Hoover twice A day as we had white tiles and the floor was covered.. I know an average person can loose upto 100 a day but this was not an average fall out I asked my hairdresser about the hair fall and was told it was seasonal and at this point my hair had become much drier on the ends than before My next treatment was a year later and this was a Brazilian blowout which means it gets washed and blowdried at the hairdresser. Again walked out feeling a million dollars only lasted one month and hair still falling out the same and after 4 months getting drier and limp.. After that I had 1 treatment per year as my hair lost all its shine and flow and the only thing tht brought that back was this treatment. So 5 years on and about 6 treatments later I have bold patches more at my temples and my crown dry limp lifeless hair no style stays in curls drop out instantly where as before my blowdry used to last 1 week.. Had all the tests done no deficiencies I am 42 years old and I understand hair can start falling out but this is obscene amounts so any hairdresser who says if this treatment is done properly. And the right products are used is only saying that because it’s their industry.. Please do as much research as possible. BRAZILIAN BLOWDRIES BLOWOUTS SHOULD BE BANNED

  38. Charlotte Hornsby says:

    I have been researching looking for a solution for my hair loss since I had the BB treatment. I have always had a nice full head of hair, tons of volume but humidity brought on the dreaded frizz and I let vanity lead me to the stupid decision to have this BB applied to my hair. Now I live in a state of panic over the how much I am losing daily. Not only that, I hated the results from day one! What have I done?

  39. susan says:

    “I too had Brazilian blowout 6 months before and loved its look and with in
    no time slowly I noticed hair fall which is not getting stopped after having
    taken many hair fall treatments.”

  40. serena says:

    “I had Brazilian blowout 12 months before and with in no time slowly I noticed hair fall which is not getting stopped after having taken many hair fall treatments”.

  41. Taylor says:

    All I can say is me too. Hair falling out from the root, it’s only been two eeeks. I’m terrified of what’s to come, my hair already looks much thinner than what I started with. Here we go. A road to thinning hair.just read all the comments so at least I know what’s to come, should’ve done the research before my stylist convinced me to do it the same day. I told her I’d rather reseach first, but she assured and persuaded me

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