The Clean-Makeup Challenge: The Results Are In! (And We Have a Winner)

Bunch of stunners, no? Thanks to all of you who submitted pictures. We see lots of red lips, pretty eyes and great liner—among other things—and most of all, we have the proof we were looking for that naturals can be JUST as glam as conventionals, without any of the tradeoffs. Here, your many lovely mugs. And the winner is……. Rebekah Meyer, from Caldwell, Idaho!!!!! Big congrats Rebekah, we will email you with details.

Row 1  (left to right): Santana Benitez, Kaiserslautern, Germany / Sara Reistad-Long, New York, New York / Lauren Vandenberg (aka Siobhan’s cousin), Ottawa, Ontario /Autumn Whitefield-Madrano of  The Beheld, New York, New York

Row 2 (left to right): Elizabeth Duszynski, Chicago, Illinois / Kristen Arnett of, New York, New York / Emily Southwood of, Los Angeles, California / Rebekah Meyer, Caldwell, Idaho

Row 3 (left to right): Katie Becker, New York, New York / Chatney Auger, Gaithersburg, Maryland / Taryn Wieser, Santa Barbara, California /Virginia Sole-Smith of New York, New York

Row 4 (left to right): Kristen Tischhauser  and Rebekah Iliff of talkTECH communications, Los Angeles, California / Alyssa, Montgomery, New York / Helen Jung, Aliso Viejo, California

Row 5 (left to right): Jessica Lee Lafleur, Montreal, Quebec / Siobhan O’Connor, Brooklyn, New York / Anna Singer, New York, New York /  Elizabeth Wegmann, Denver, Colorado

Row 6 (left to right): Anya Sarre of, Los Angeles, California/ Tosha Arnout of, Midway Utah / Karen Behnke of Juice Beauty, San Rafael, California / Kate Watson of Juice Beauty, San Rafael, California

Row  7 (left to right): Jalila Bouchareb of / (On right) Alyce King, Vancouver, British Columbia / Molly Steele of, Los Angeles, California  / Liza Vadnai, Brooklyn, New York

Row   8 (left to right): Shelly Bulkley, Copperas Cove, Texas / Caitie, Toronto, Ontario / Kate Bowdren of towardsatori Tempe, Arizona / Amy Fulton, Salt Lake City, Utah

Row 9 (left to right): Stephanie Barrette, Toronto, Ontario / Emma Grady of, New York, New York / Melissa Lombardi, Fort Collins, Colorado / Hannah Sjostrom, Stockholm, Sweden

Row 10 (left to right): Lisa Jung, Aliso Viejo, California / Tai, New York, New York / Regan Herald, Thousand Oaks, California / Annie Newhouse, Dallas, Texas

Row 11 (left to right): Rebecca /Jenny Berglind, Uddevalla, Sweden / Kristen Cook, Tucson, Arizona / Aimee, Montreal, Quebec

Row 12 (left to right): Melissa Jochim of Juice Beauty, San Rafael, California / Alexandra Spunt, Los Angeles, California / Pleasant Wayne of, Los Angeles, California / Jessa Blades of

8 Responses to “The Clean-Makeup Challenge: The Results Are In! (And We Have a Winner)”
  1. Autumn says:

    We look fantastic! Glamorous in my favorite sort of way–alluring, not off-putting. How fun!

  2. Kris says:

    Gorgeous ladies! :)

  3. Spirit says:

    WOW!! Such amazing, glamorous, clean, green beauties! I’m so proud this moment has arrived. I spent my life dreaming of better, more natural, non-toxic, ethical beauty products that WORKED. Clearly my dream has come true. Love you all! xo Spirit

  4. Beka says:

    Yay, I won! Thanks ladies! And everyone looks so beautiful in their pictures, just as pretty as regular makeup! Thanks for this challenge, it was so fun!

  5. Siobhan says:

    Amen, Spirit. I’m a cornball anyway, but these pictures got me so excited. Love the enthusiasm, love the faces, love the movement! You all are beauties.

  6. Contesa says:

    Awww beautiful ladies and I’m so proud to have been one of them! Congratulations to the winner:-)

  7. Alexandra says:

    Congrats Beka! And I’m with Spirit and Siobhan—it’s so cool to see all of you ladies in your natch makeup. We’re at the start of something special!

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